Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 21

Episode 21〜 Arrival of the Savage Rabbit

Translator’s Corner: LADY ELF.

I wake to bird song the next morning.


Is it already morning?


Provoked by the bird song, I raise my eyes.

Birds are flying amongst the tree tops and the song of their chirping echoes about.


I stretch out a finger to the surface of the big tree in front of me while raising my body.

A strange smell emanates from the tree.


This big tree, could it be around a thousand years old? Unconsciously I think about the mind boggling time this giant tree must have live for.


Big fern-like leaves grow around the base of the big tree.

A drop of morning dew drips of the end of a leaf ad creates a small puddle in the depressed ground. There is a small line of ants nearby.


With only this line of ants, I am able to tell that this land is brimming with vitality.


“Are you awake?”


Raguren asks me.

It looks like Raguren just got up, too.


“Yes, just a moment ago.”


I feel refreshed even though I only slept a little.


“I’ll settle breakfast with this hard bread and what’s left of yesterday’s meat.”


“Still, I thought the debonchitchi spirit children appeared here, but they didn’t.”

“Ah, the one that make the mysterious sound?”

“Yeah. It’s a sign of good luck if it appears during Shuya’s journey. Ey?”

“Can they be met if you travel for a while? Rollo is here too.”


There’s no grounds for it.


“Hahaha, I guess Divine Beast-sama can gather good fortune too.”


A beckoning cat?

Breakfast is finished quickly while having a silly conversation, and I replenish my blood with a sip from the corresponding water flask. In the meantime, Raguren gets on his popobumu.


“I’ll go ahead a little.”


He takes the reins and quickly goes ahead.


The black cat Rollo also seems to have finished her preparations and is sitting on the back of the popobumu’s head.

I hurry to get onto the popobumu and chase after the back of Raguren.

Whilst I am complaining in my head about Raguren overdoing it this early in the morning I see him moving leisurely in the trees up ahead, illuminated by the morning sunlight.


“You came? We’re getting closer to the elven territory, but we still have some way to go. “Let’s go.”

“Got it.”


Raguren is plowing through the undergrowth of the forest.


The footing under the popobumu’s feet changes to thick mud as we enter a valley between two cliffs.

Then we are attacked by a mosquito monster. But even though it sucks blood it is only a mosquito so it is easily defeated and we pass through the muddy area.


We encounter a bear monster bigger than a degozabear in an area where dark green forest spreads out. Its face is obviously furious, but Raguren ignores it.


It seems to have judged us as dangerous.

It avoids me same way. I keep the popobumu moving forward for the time being while being careful.


When the forested land turns into a slightly uphill slope I fight some forest goblins, but they are defeated with no difficulty and we arrive at the hill.


Even if I say hill of the forest the trees are in the way and there’s no view.

Without saying anything Raguren continues ahead down the hill. I continuously direct the popobumu. I keep going while avoiding the trees.

Then, Raguren who ran ahead stops his popobumu.


There’s a presence of magical essence, when I move to Raguren’s side, and looks back at me with a stern face and talks.


-From here onward “everything is the domain of the Elves.”


When I weave my way through the trees.

Until now we’ve only passed through overgrown dark green forest, but now there is a path of compacted dirt between trees.

A soil highway. The popobumu snorts softly and takes light steps. It seems to be comfortable with this.


Our traveling speed is able to increase and we advance ahead smoothly.

It suddenly changes from a path of dirt to a path paved with stones.


As a result, sparks begin flying from the hoofs on the ground, and from above-




We are called out to in a loud voice.

What? I look around for the voice.

There in one of the big trees is a lookout constructed from wooden boards.

Two soldiers wearing helmet are standing guard. The two soldiers are carrying bows and pointing arrows at us.

Raguren easily locates the outpost and opens his mouth to talk.


“I am horned person of mountain.”


In the babble judged to be Elven, he talks.


“What! You are one of the mountain people? Then why are you accompanied by this ‘human!'”


The words are different than Raguren’s, but I can understand them…

This skill is helpful.


It seems that Raguren’s Goldiba are called the mountain people.


“This human, good guy. Friend of mountain people. This human wants go south. This human to country, I give passage.”


He seems to be negotiating…but when the story gets complicate it becomes difficult.

I’ll entrust it to Raguren.


“Understood. I am not able to judge this. Wait here. Mountain person.”


When one of the Elf soldiers says so he jumped back and disappeared. However, the other soldier still has his bow drawn and pointed at me.

When Raguren sees that he whispers in my ear.


“Now he will get an associate and ask for judgment.”

“So, wait patiently.”


After I wait for a little, the soldier who disappeared early returns with a female Elf with long bright golden yellow hair on the lookout.


“Person of the mountain, I am in charge of this area, I am called Lanfa Seyaruka. You seem to want to pass through here, but are you also one of the mountain people?”

“No, I’ll stop here.” (TL: Thank you Yukine for this fix.)


The female Elf introduces herself to Raguren is broken words, moving the long golden yellow eyebrows, her eyes becomes sharp as she opens her mouth.


“What? Only the human wants to pass through here?”

“That is right.”


The Elf women looks closer with her blue eyes.

There are feelings of doubt and discomfort written in her eyes.

Hesitating, the silence grows.


“…The people of the mountain are acquaintances through trade. Also, there is the acquaintance of the elders. I can’t do it flatly. I will probably be okay. But, you cannot go through to the south. Because the eastern exit is closer, I will guide you there.”


The south is impossible. The east…


“Is that so, Elf. Thank you.”

“…Good, person of the mountain. It is because we are taken care of in our trading.”


Raguren turns back to me with a smile.


“Okay, it looks like everything will be alright. They’ll only take you to the east…”

“Ah, it’s fine. As long as I can leave the territory for now it’s all good.”

“That’s right. Then, I have finished guiding you… to here. I’m returning home.”

“Nn, Nya〜 N, Nya!”


As Raguren is about leave Rollo seems to hear and jumps onto Raguren’s popobumu with an unusually long cry. She quickly jumps onto Raguren’s thick shoulders.


“Divine Beast-sama?”


Raguren pulls back in surprise. Indifferent to his surprised, the black can Rollo touches a feeler to Raguren’s cheek.


Rollo shakes her whiskers and feels a little.

Raguren begins to blush and show a face no one has ever seen before.


“Yes. Divine Beast-sama, you also take care.”


Raguren and Rollo’s gazes mix together.

It is a kitten and a very big man, but somehow the atmosphere is peaceful.


Satisfied she had conveyed her feeling to Raguren, Rollo jumps back onto my popobumu.

Uneventfully, she sits down with her head up and her chest pushed forward to display her fur.


“Did you give you good byes Rollo?”


I pat the small head and neck of Rollo before she starts trying to fix and groom her fur again. While stroking her fur, I turn to look at Raguren.


“Raguren, thank you for guiding me. Also, give my best regards to Shisho as well as Refaa and Rabbi-san. And, Raguren, la kerlada.”


Imitating Shisho, I place my hand to my chest in a mark and say la kerlada, expressing my thanks.


“Ou. I pray for your safe trip Shuya, la kerlada!”


Raguren smiles back and placing his hand on his chest in the same manner says la kerlada. Turning his popobumu around, he shows his big back and departs slowly.


Raguren. He has a simple personality of a man among men.

For this past year, thank you-


I natural lower my head to Raguren’s departing back.


When the Elf woman confirms that Raguren is leaving, she talks to me.


“…Human, come here. It is not possible to pass through the south boarder. Even if I say that, you won’t understand what I’m saying.”


Saying so the Elf woman lifts her arms above her in a gesture waving to come to her.

I can understand. Understanding implicitly, I tap the popobumu’s side and move his reins, and I approach the elven lookout.


Looking, again I can the form of an elf nearby.

There is a tattoo on the soldier’s cheeks, some kind of animal or creature is drawn in a seal.


The two people have two different patterns.


Is it a faction mark?

I do not mind the tattoo mark… staring down the Elf soldier looks at me dubiously. That’s how it looks. Words,


As expected, the one who understood the conversation is comfortable, and speaking of the other-


“-I understand your words. Lanfa-san? Thank you, my name is Shuya Kagari. It’s fine to call me Shuya.”

“Na…Elven language. Besides, that dialect, it’s fluent like an old noble of Befarits?”


Then, one of the male soldiers approaches the Elf woman doubtfully.


“Platoon Chief Lanfa, isn’t it fine to just let this human go as is?”


The platoon chief Elven woman named Lanfa hears his words and frowns.


“Letting him go, is there no helping it? Did I not promise the people of the mountain directly? If it is you, could you bluntly say so to the mountain people?”


She talks in an intense tone as she coldly admonishes her subordinate soldier.


“I would not be able to.”

“Exactly. From here isn’t the south but it is immediately the eastern domain from here. One human will be okay. And then…is it because this matter is a secret for the elders?”

“Haa, I understand.”


The Elf soldier man has a dissatisfied expression but answer in affirmation.


“You said Shuya of the Humans. From here on, you will go the way I take you. As much as possible, avoid crowded areas and villages, okay?”

“Understood. I will follow you.”


As for Lanfa, when we finish talk she looks back, and from down from the lookout point out of my sight. She seems to be running back to a stable.

When she returns on horseback, she directs me from on top of her horse.


“This way. Come!”


She declares it like an order.

Lanfa shifts on the horse’s neck and canters gallantly.




The horse Lanfa is riding moves steadily at first.

The mantle she is wearing fills wind and billows out.


I clap the popobumu’s side to increase speed and follow.


Then I hear a strange voice.

When I look at the back of popobumu’s head while running… Rollo has shifted to a position where she is embracing the back of the popobumu’s head like she is clinging to it.


It is an interesting posture. Furthermore, Rollo extends a feeler.


She looks at Lanfa riding her horse as if to say “catch up to it,” and uses a feeler like a whip to slap the popobumu’s neck.


If I had a smart phone I world take a video.

I remember the figure of a cat stuffed into the hand bag of beer.


When I remember such a video the horse Lanfa is leading from turns aside from the stony path.


We have to deviate from the path in order to avoid elf villages.


-I run off the side of the road into the forest-


I handle popobumu so as not to fall behind Lanfa’s horse, following.

Maintaining speed, I hurry to catch up, and approach the side of the horse she is riding.


I carefully look at the face of an Elf now. No, she is a beauty.

Rabbi-san was an adult woman too…


The Elf has long ears and beautiful bright golden-yellow hair.

Her eyes are blue. The tattoo of a snake stands out on her right cheek.


Are all Elves this beautiful…


At which point, perhaps noticing my gaze, she slows her horse down.


“What is it? N? You have a cat too…It’s cute.”


When Lanfa looks at Rollodinu I smile.

She muttered in a voice appropriate for a girl.


“N? Ah, this cat is Rollodinu.”


When I say that, Lanfa suddenly shakes her head and glares at me with unsparing eyes when she collects herself.


“…Really, strange human, the area of the human countries you are going to, aren’t those from 【 Osberia Kingdom 】on bag terms with cats and dogs? War has happened in the past too. There are skirmishes taking place there now. Ma, there haven’t been any battles that stand out in more than fifty years…”

“He, such a thing… I don’t really know much about this area.”


In response to what I said Lanfa raises her eyebrows in a look of surprise.

Hou, is a human like me unusual? Thinking about something like that, I look back patiently.


“…I may doubt what you say is true, before we continue east like this, I want you to make one promise.”


“Not only this eastern territory but that you also never return to the Elven domain.”


Elves are very insular.

Though only the Elves in here are not known…


“I agree. I promise.”


Lanfa looks relieved by what I said and begins to smile.


“Good. Then the conversation is to here. It will already take a while before we reach the eastern border.”

“Got it.”


As expected, Lanfa is a forest Elf.

She seems to know her way through the forest. While the trees grow think, we run at full speed through one animal path after another,

I speed up and somehow manage to follow her. But, I almost crash into a branch growing out from a big trunk-


I bend my head down and am somehow able to avoid it.


“Fuu, that was close.


“Are you alright? There are only animal trails in this area. We’ll slow down.”


Lanfa seems to understand my condition and slows down her horse to wait.


“It’s hard, right? As expected when there are so many tree this densely packed it becomes difficult.”

“Really? However, your handling of the magic beast is good.”


Lanfa looks at popobumu.


“It’s because I’m ridden him plenty.”

“I see. It will be the ‘hill of the horned rabbit’ soon. After that is the eastern border to 【 Terramay Kingdom 】”

“The horned rabbit hill, are we already outside of elven territory?”



As Lanfa continues her silly talk I begin to focus more on the reins in my hand as the hill begins to slope steeply downward.


After about three hours pass.


As the sun looks dazzling shining in the grove of tree, the forest- suddenly opens up.

The giants tree feels like the gate of the Elven forest; I’ll be stepping outside the territory of the Elves.


I can see the horizon through the tree line, and a small hill right in front of me.


This seems to be the place called “horned rabbit hill.”

Since it mentions horned rabbit so that mean a monster called horned rabbit appear?


“We are here.”

“Lanfa-san, thank you for guiding me.”

“Ah, un.”


It looks like the first tie Lanfa was thanked by a human.


She is blushing red and judging by her short reply she seems to be having trouble coming up with an answer.

But, ma, she shakes her head and returns to her serious expression and says “Leave, Human.” before quickly turning back to the forest.


“Are all Elves like this?”


A reply with the amiability from the Elf woman.

I get such a cold feeling.


There’s something I would still like to but, but ma, there is nothing to be done about it.

Pulling myself together, I look at the hill in front of me.


The view from here is good too.

I wouldn’t say I’m on a mountain top, I’ll aim for the hilltop.

I direct the popobumu to the top.


When I arrive on the hilltop, a panorama spreads out in front of me.


Gently rolling hills extend out.


I can see traces of a decaying fort.

The horizon continues to a forest of broadleaf trees.


The rippling grass and flowers sway back and forth in the wind like a living creature.

There is even a signpost directing from hill to hill.


When I look up at the sky sunlight leaks through the clouds. Beautiful flowers and green grass color the ground.


-It is magical.


I haven’t been there, but it looks like New Zealand.

Splendid scenery spreads out.


The natural sounds of the wind weaves through the air. The sound of the wind is beautiful poetry. (TL: 天籟てんらい)

All of the sounds and smells made by nature are shown on this abundant land.


The image couldn’t be capture in an image or photograph.

My body aches as the landscape sinks into my heart.

With that timing, I pull the reins and begins to go downhill.

I open the map on the back of the popobumu’s head while advancing slowly.


E〜to, I’m now to the east of Terramay kingdom. (TL: I’m confused, I thought she said they were in the eastern section of the Elven Kingdom, but somehow he’s now in the east of Terramay Kingdom?) If it is like this, then when I go east…I guess Terramay Kingdom is closest to here?

From here, I should see the Haym river if I go straight.

While I am looking at the map.




Rollo makes a sound and poking her nose out from between my thighs she begins to look at the map.


Rollo stretches out one of her paws and presses her pads to a name on the map.


That is the place we should go now? I thought for a moment, but…


This time she begins to place both of her forefeet down at the same time.

Rollo plops her whole body down on top of the map.




She cries out in a small voice before calmly curling up on the map. She has occupied the map.


She is in the way, but it is kind of cute.


“O〜i, Rollo-kun. I can’t see the map?”


She slaps the map with her tail in response.

She is being cute, but there is no helping it.


“Does quality of the map paper feel good to touch? Ma, I want you to mind it. It seems like a really nice bed, but what happens when I put this map away?”


When I pull the map, Rollo moves her body, goes “N, Nya” and jumps onto my shoulder.


I put the map back in the saddle bag.

While smiling at the black cat Rollo who has returned to my shoulder, I move the reins and hasten the popobumu to hurry up. We come down from the gentle hill.


It may be called a hill, but grasses are growing here and there, and there are scattered trees growing here and there.






After traveling for several hours, the sun sets and night falls.


Just at that time I discover a hollow under a rock shaped like a fist striking at the sky.

The ragged stone pillar standing in the middle throws a long shadow in the moonlight.


I will make camp here.


The popobumu also lowers its head and comes inside before folding up and settling down on the rocky floor.


“Is it okay?”


Hearing what I say it replies;




It breathes out from its nostrils as a response.


While stroking the back of such a popobumu I takes down the back of the saddle, and remove the dried venison from the bags and feed the popobumu.


Rollo suddenly comes around the head of the popobumu, and raising her neck 『What do you do? 』turns her red eyes to the popobumu She seems interested in staring at the dust and hair on the popobumu as it eats its meat.


I am hungry too so I eat some jerk and hard bread.


There’s no wood for a fire so the only thing I can do for now is fill up with this. I tear off some of the jerky and hard bread before giving it to Rollo. After eating I take out a blanket from the back of the saddle and immediately sleep.


I remember the ancient golden coin Shisho gave me.

If I arrive at some town could I exchange it for some normal coins…They should be valuable.






The next day, I am awoken by sounds of thunder. Thunder roars in the distance before the *biri* sound of lightning is mixed in too. (TL: I know thunder is the sound lightning makes, I considered changing it, but this is what the author wrote.) Dull reddish night illuminates the dark night.


Then a spirit child appears from the edge of the rocky hollow with the lightning.

…Dangling from the ceiling.




I see one for the first time in a while. The spirit child, debonchitchi.

But, compared to the ones I saw before, this one’s face is a little different. Its singing voice is quiet too.

Matching the roaring thunder and lightning, one, two, they keep appearing until there are five of them.


They are only a few of them. When I saw them before although they didn’t overflow.

Ma, maybe this is normal? This location isn’t as abundant with nature as the one in the vast forest. There also might be monsters here.


To such spirit children, Rollo looks like she wants to play.

But, the spirit children slip around her smoothly, and float up to the ceiling to taunt her.


“Rollo, they’re just spirits? It’s useless. They seem to be good luck so top pawing at them.”



Rollo’s ears lay down a little. She looks back at me with an 『Understand, nya 』face, and returns to the back of the popobumu’s head.


While chewing jerky I look outside.

The morning sun hasn’t risen yet. The rain has decreased a little. Little by little, does it look the rain is letting up?


Good. The rain seems to stop.


The rain water flows into ditch…

There are some puddles at the bottom.


A face appears from the rock of the hollow and I wait for the rain to stop for a while…I understand when the morning sun climbs from the other side of the hill.

Then, the time is just right. The rain stops and the weather begins clearing up.




Suddenly my natural voice leaks out.


A rainbow appears over the hill.

A rainbow makes a bridge straddling two hills, I feel like crossing it.


It is a beautiful rainbow…

A few of the spirit children celebrate the appearance of the rain by dancing at the edge of the rock.


After being released from the gloomy shadow of the rain I feel better.

I depart while staring at the rainbow.

As I advance the undulations of the hills become smaller. But, it seemed to take a few days before I arrived at the river.


As I advance quietly, I hear a high-pitched voice.

The voice is coming from up in the sky?


While looking up at the dazzling sunlight I shield my eyes with my palm.


Several hundred birds are flying.

Hoaa, that is a lot. Nn? Don’t those look like cranes? Are they heading for the mountain range?

N? There is a bird similar to a hawk too.


“Na!? It’s huge!”


The great bird spreads its wings a little more than three meters across.


It resembles a goshawk and a golden eagle. Is it a raptor?


N? It seems to be extending the sharp talons on its feet.

-Uo, it is making a nose dive for me!


Hurrying, I take the spear out from the back of the saddle and have popobumu run.

The legs of the Steller’s eagle are descending on me and flapping its wings, its eight sharply hooked talons set on the ground.


The flank of the Steller’s eagle is abnormally swollen.


I thought it was an eagle, but is it different?

The wings resemble an eagle but its bear is incredibly sharp and abnormally big from the body to the neck.

As for its color a portion of its chest in unusually red. On that part only blood vessels and muscles are swelling.


There’s a lump of flesh to the left and right, and there’s a lot of small red muscles intertwined grossly stuck the it.


Such a fake Steller’s eagle rises again. It is circling in the sky.


Somehow or other, after making a circuit, it again comes boring down.

Rollo’s black hair is ruffled as she looks up at the sky following the movements of the Steller’s eagle, and hisses “Shaaaa” in a threatening voice.


Then, the fake Steller’s eagle swoops down not with its talons but with its beak in a nose dive.


I will meet its attack.


While riding on the popobumu I study the Steller’s eagle and prepare my black spear.

I stand up straight, and jump into the sky so we’ll meet.


I swing up with the black spear from below and flash in a vertical line-

After having its wing cut the false Steller’s eagle loses its balance and crashes head first into the ground.

Because I jumped from the popobumu my aim was a little off but I managed to cut off one of its wings in two.

I land on the ground while feeling good about my ability.


Good, I am approaching the goshawk I cut.


Blood gushes out from where the false goshawk was cut, and the body is twitching in convulsions.

Let’s dismantle this fellow. I take out a knife and thrust out.




A, I thought the lump of flesh on the false Steller’s eagle was a lump of flesh but it is different.

Let alone a lump of flesh, it is actually a big aggregate of red and pink eyeballs.


This is disgusting, does it become nourishment…

When I remove it I must keep it. Will it be good if I cook it? (TL: Why does that idea even come to mind. That sounds like a TERRIBLE idea.)

I suck some of the blood before draining its blood and dismantle the meat. (TL: Maybe he meant eating the rest of the bird.)

I tie up both talons with strings and soak them in ice with <life magic> before storing them in a bag. I pile up ice in the bag just to be safe.


Dinner tonight is Goetz.  (TL: I don’t know.)


I can still see some false Steller’s eagles in the sky but they don’t come to attack me.


There’s a magical essence sign here-

It is quite small but there are multiple reactions in the area.


When I look the reason for the magic essence sign is a herd of rabbits.

The false Steller’s eagles seem to be aiming at them.


Rabbits… I remember the old black rabbits I used to eat when I lived underground. Several such horned rabbit notice me and attack one after another.


Are the rabbits in this world actually really cruel?

Its body length is bigger than a normal rabbit.

While having such a though I immediately react-


I thrust at a rabbit with the black tanza spear.


The rabbit lowers its head with its horn facing forward, but the black spear point skewers its body through the head. Shaking the rabbit stuck on my spear away, the rabbit is flung into the distance. Having shaken it off I rotate the black spear once- I use the butt end of the spear to deal with the nearby rabbit.


After connecting with its body rabbit immediately collapses to the ground.

Swinging the spear around to attack, all the rabbits around me stop moving.


Taking the chance, I use <Magic Though Guidance Hand>


I hold the Kukri sword in the air with <distorted mana hand> in order to protect popobumu.

After having fallen Rollo is sitting on the popobumu’s shoulder opposite from all the rabbits.


I enter the fight with the horned rabbits in earnest.

More than ten horned rabbits are in the area.


Saa, I will annihilate them.


I make the black spear revolve like a folding fan.

Once I cut down he rabbits surrounding me I drive them away. I spear the rabbits with the black spear multiple times as I continue advancing without rest.


Seeming to become excited halfway through the black cat jumps down from my shoulder to enjoy the hunting, I let some of the rabbits go on purpose and she runs after them and bites down on their necks to kill them. Like this I continue fighting the black rabbits until one last horned rabbit remains.


I’ll kill this fellow with a skill. -<Thrust>!


The black blade spirals toward the head of the charging horned rabbit. When the horn and black blade meet the back bone of the horned rabbit breaks at the skull and holds back. Meat and bones are all crushed.

The rabbit becomes minced meat strewn over the area.


I check the surroundings. There don’t seem to be anymore rabbit presences.

A weasel-like figure shows up in the distance but it does not approach after seeing fight between the rabbits and me and runs off. Do even rabbits have territorial disputes?


From that horned rabbit. Because they look nice could I sell them?


For now, I’ll harvest a little?

I choose a clean horn from one of the rabbit corpses rolling around and borrow it. When I tap the horn it makes a metallic *konkon* sound.


I also don’t forget to take the opportunity to suck some blood.

The soul can’t be absorbed once it dies, so the bodies are left behind. Rollo is also tasting the rabbits’ blood to get a taste of their meat.


Should I also keep this meat?


I begin dismantling the rabbit meat. I cut the meat into pieces and tie it together with a leather cord.

The gathered rabbit meat could be frozen like the hawk eat. I finish harvesting put everything away in the saddle bag and after stroking the popobumu’s head I climb into the saddle.


I begin to advance along the hill.


Oh, a grassy plain…


After I climb the hill I am able to check the surroundings and confirm that the scene to the left was different.

The hills full of undulating hills changes into a plain full of green, the change is too sudden.


Should I see the Haym river soon?


I see a herd that looks like wild horse in the distance.

I watch the wild horses moving around while I climb onto the popobumu and advance forwards.


Over the next day and a half, the scenery changes as I gradually advance.


I can see a big river, the Haym river.

Is it the Haym river? I check on the map.


Many branches gather from the Maheim mountain range and from one big river, the Haym river.

The Haym River is big great rive to the south of Maheim and when it is mixed with a tributary is stretches all the way across the Maheim continent.


The Haym river really leads to the sea.


Seen from where I am, if I follow the Haym river south I will appear in a delta of three countries.

I urged the popobumu forward while constantly consulting the map.


The delta is to the south, the north east is 【 Terramay Kingdom 】 and to the south east is 【 Samaria Kingdom 】. Haym river leads to the Roderia sea beyond the continent.


The Haym river also leads west of the delta toward the Elven domain and 【Osberia Kingdom】 as well as 【 Fort Town Hector 】 and to the southwest is 【 Labyrinth City Pernette 】. If I go south down the Haym river, I’ll come to 【Royal Capital Gurmuheim 】of 【 Osberia Kingdom 】and eventually Haym sea…


Where I am, is about here…I tap on an area of the map. My finger is pointing to the east of the Elven domain.

If I follow the river south, I’ll come to the Royal Capitol 【Fadyke】 of Terramay Kingdom.


Looking at the map, I advance alongside the river.



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  2. Damn, I was lied to, my heart was screaming elves and I get more walking and running. I WANTED ANOTHER CHARACTER, A CUTE PREFERABLY ELVEN CHARACTER!!!

    Thx for the Chapter!!!


  3. I realize it’s been months since this was released, but I was rereading the series and wanted to comment on one of your TL notes. ^^

    — The next day, I am awoken by sounds of thunder. Thunder roars in the distance before the *biri* sound of lightning is mixed in too. (TL: I know thunder is the sound lightning makes, I considered changing it, but this is what the author wrote.) Dull reddish night illuminates the dark night.

    I believe these technically ARE both different sounds. It just depends on how you look at it. The “thunder” is basically the combined sound of the lightning as it MOVES through the air and strikes whatever it’s striking (it’s probably a sonic boom + shockwave and stuff, though I can’t say that’s the case for sure). The *biri* sound is most likely just the sound electricity makes in general when you see open current in the air and stuff (think tesla coils, I guess?).

    I’m guessing American English (not sure about UK English) normally uses the the *bzzt* onomatopea for this sort of sound, but I bet they both work. *Biri* is also the nickname the railgun/lightning chick from Toaru Majutsu no Index and Kagaku no Railgun gets because of her power. So…there’s that. ^^


    1. If you ever listen to a major thunderstorm directly overhead, you can hear the difference between the tearing crackle (direct-path sound) and the rolling boom (reflected sound filtered through atmospheric resonance). In some cultures, the whole thing is “thunder” and the visual flash is “lightning”. In others, there are different words for the different sounds, and (usually) yet another word for the flash.

      In practice, the noise is all the same at its origin. Sudden expansion of the air in the path of the electric discharge. The different sounds simply come from differences in the path the sound takes to our ear.

      For that matter, if you’re very near a cloud-to-ground lightning strike, there’s no “thunder” sound at all. Instead, it’s like being next to a large bomb explosion. The only difference is the source of the pressure wave. In one, air is super-heated and wants to take up more space due to thermal expansion. In the other, gas is generated by the rapid combustion of an explosive. Both result in a localized massive overpressure. Up close, the shock wave does “explosive destructive damage”. At a distance, it simply acts as a soundfront. This is why explosions in the distance sound “thunder like” but lightning strikes up close sound “explosion like”. They’re really the same, just triggered by different phenomena


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