Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 22

Episode 22〜 He that Fights and Runs May Live to Fight Another Day.

Translator’s Corner: Here is today’s chapter! I am going to make it my goal to post a chapter almost every day. To do that I will need to create buffer a of a few chapters in case something comes up. Anyways, we get some plot development in this chapter!


Weeds and flowers growing along the river side a buried underfoot.

The popobumu’s heavy footsteps firmly step on the flowering plants making a footprint.


The wind and weather is good.

A refreshing wind is wrapping around us.


Approaching a small hill near the river, the view spreads out more.


A branch of the Haym river.

I am able to confirm to confirm the area around and see stones of various scattered around and covered in moss that have gathered together to form the steam.




As I enjoy the scenery I detect a magic essence.

There are multiple magic essence signs…and they are coming from the river.


Because I detected magic essence coming I back away from the Haym river cautiously;


Coming down from her favorite place on the back of the popobumu’s head Rollo changes into her panther form to be safe.

It feels like they’re jump out at any time.


I can hear bubbling sounds coming from the river.

The sound becomes larger.


Cautiously, the source of the sound appears.


It is a large crab.

With bubbles foaming out of its mouth it rises out of the river.


The source of the bubbling must be this…


At the ends of five pairs of crab legs are twin pincers.

It looks like it will hurt if I get hit by that.

Before long, one of the bubbles floats towards me.


Immediately it attacks. Because I move while getting on popobumu, the attack natural does not succeed.

There’s an evaporating sound in the place where the bubble lands.


A rotten sulfur smell drifts up.

Poison type? I don’t want to receive that bubble…


Only one of the big crabs is releasing bubbles and is approaching from the side.


A bit more…coming closer.


“Rollo, separate that crab from the river a little.”


Rollo remains silent and wags her tail to say “Got it.”


I watch the condition of the big crab as it walks away from the river.

Then Rollo attacks it stomach with her feeler bone sword.

When her attack lands there is a *busu* sound like soft leather being punctured.


From the hole a bit of fibrous white crab meat protrudes.


The big crab desperately resists as it tries to repel Rollo’s bone sword with its pincers but the bone sword penetrates its body multiple times.


The grab seems to be becoming angry, and furthermore, it is being drawn toward Rollo.


Haha, stupid crab.


I get down from the popobumu with a smile and move to flank the big crab.

I thrust out the black spear from the side while the big crab is being distracted by Rollo.


From a normal stab-<Thrust>.

It received my attack, but there is little response. I felt soft to the touch.


Going by the sensation I was able to stab the big crab’s body twice, but it is still able to move.


With bubbles gushing out of it mouth it twists around with its pincer hands.

Without bother to aim it tries swinging at me from the left and right, but because I am already outside of the range of the huge claws its attack fails.


Again Rollo’s feeler bone sword pierces the body of the giant crab.


The bubbling from is directed in Rollo’s direction but she simply jumps out of the way and they are only harmlessly scattered about.


The big crab tries to move sideways so that it chase Rollo with rustling motions.


This crab is tough; it is a good thing it is stupid.

Again, it is being drawn in by Rollo.


Now, should I aim for the mouth? I hold up my left hand. I eject <Chain>.

The chain cuts straight through the air. Through the bubbling mouth of the big crab it penetrates out the back of the crab’s shell.


The grab twitches and falls back.


I run there fiercely.

I jump a little – and swing down the spear length-wise.


All of the pincer are severed and a huge part of the head is cut into. A yellow past like fermented soybeans hangs down from the section.


Ooh, isn’t like miso mixed with crab meat.

The claws are filled with white flesh.


It looks tasty.

But, as I saw the poison spurting out I will leave it be…


While thinking about the poison Roll howls with a “Garururu.”

She reveals the shining fangs in her mouth suddenly begins to tear into the leathery stomach of the giant crab.

Thus she begins to energetically consume the white crab meat.


“…O〜i, is it tasty, Rollo?”


Hearing me Rollo turns around to face me in the form of a kittens and goes “Nya, nyaa.”


“Well then, I too…”


Taking one of the giant claws in my hand I pull out some of the white meat from where I cut it. It’s not animal meat, exposing my teeth I take a bite.

Mumbling I chew and taste it. This white meat is yummyyyyy. It is crab meat. Okkasan, this is white meat is crab. (TL: Don’t know why he says mom here.”


The tension goes up and even though it is strange this is proper soft crab sashimi. (TL: Sashimi means the meat, normally for sushi type dishes, is thinly slice. It has more to do with the presentation, I think, so this doesn’t make sense to me.)

It hasn’t been boiled, but honestly…it is really good… and there is a slight saltiness.


But because there is so much I won’t be able to finish it.

Chewing on the soft crisp meat, it is really tasty.


“It’s good, but I want soy sauce…I really wish I had soy sauce…but I’ll have to bear with it.”


Holding onto the crab claw with both hand I am sure to eat all of its slim contents.

Rollo seems to be eating the yellowish gunk and her lips have turned yellow.


Because there is so much white meat I am full in no time.

It seems to be the same for Rollo, she stopped eating and is now repeating the action of washing her face.


“Will you eat this, popobumu? Will you eat some of the white meat?”


I return to the popobumu with some of the game and try to press some of the white meat against its mouth.

Then, with a big snort it stretches out its head and takes a big bite.


*Mogumogu* it eats all of the meat and its small green eyes look bright and pleased.


We who have finished eat the big crab we caught hang around for a little while like this before we begin to head south again.


We travel across the grassland and hills while keeping the Haym river in sight.

After eating the crab meat, the popobumu seems to have become spirited. I can hear it going “bubobubo”


The scenery changes from grass-covered plains to dirt fields.

I can see a “person” plowing the field, and some sparsely dotted houses are visible.


The first human being- A human. (TL: It only took about two years.)

They look like a farmer.


There are a few wooden hills too.

And old man seems to be keeping watch from there and is sitting down with a book as he looks over the scenery.


Do they work on days with fine weather and read on days with rainy weather?


This area seems like a quiet farm village.

I see children playing with wooden sticks to the side. A cow that looks like a lunga is pulling a millstone to grind flower.


There do not seem to be any monsters or bandits in the area.

After I pass the quiet farming village I appear on wide road with ruts from carriage wheels.


The dirt here is appropriate for a highway. As I travel down the highway on popobumu, I pass people and carts transporting farm products.


In the carriages I can see humans, elves, and beast people riding.

The coachman in this case is a human and the other two are a “tiger beastman” with tiger ears and a long eared elf, there is a lot of variety. I prompt the popobumu to hurry up.


I get a strong impression from the face of the tiger beastman.


He has long whiskers like a tiger and tawny hair that looks really bushy.

The human is wearing short sleeves and a hat, and to be honest, because he is driving the cart to scene is a bit odd.


With the head of a leopard or tiger, well I am reminded of a famous protagonist from a long novel.


I continue to travel down the highway as I watch people come and go.

I am able to increase the speed of the popobumu thanks to where the road goes.


The road follows alongside the Haym rive so it is just right


When I cross over a hill, the river spreads out and becomes shallow enough the cross.


When I cross the shallows I can see a part of a big town.

And as the clouds clear up and I can see a high tower come into view.


Amazing, such a tall tower.


With my hand up to shade my eyes from the bright sunlight I take a look at the tall tower. The tall tower seems to reach the heavens.


Is it one of the dungeons? Possibly a space elevator? It looks like the Tower of Babel, but…It is extremely tall.


Possibly, is it higher than the Maheim mountain range?


My eyes look over the tower and I remember, I cannot seem to find a castle wall.

Maybe it is not visible from here.

On the map this is marked down as the 【 Royal Capitol Fadyke】 of Terramay Kingdom.


When one reaches the tower are they at the center of the capitol? The number of buildings increases the closer one gets to it, and I can see pedestrian traffic is able to come and go freely.


As I look up at the tower I push the popobumu forward, when suddenly, I hear a hard metallic sound nearby. I hear a rough male voice.


There seems to be a fight somewhere.


I get a reaction from presence detection too.

However, because there is a lot of magic essence appropriate for people in the area it is hard to distinguish.

When I activate <Smell Secretion Technique Pheromone Touch>…I am over whelmed by the smell of blood.


It seems like this area could be dangerous.

A human with a drawn sword and a beast person with a bloody axe are walking.


The body of the beast person is quite large.

His whole body is covered in hairy armor.


I remember a character from a famous sci-fi movie.


As I pass by while observing their figures, sure enough, I can hear the voice a woman being attacked.


Should I help?


I hurry and make the popobumu face the direction of the sound.

However, everyone is gone, so it seems the victim was take somewhere.


I do not pursue too far. I just advance.

And in the evening, the traffic dwindles down to very little.


It is already night. I look for an inn…but there doesn’t seem to be one.

I walked around, but there doesn’t seem to be anything like an inn. Only private houses and abandoned buildings everywhere…


Trying to find one is hopeless.

There are traces of the ruins of a large estate. Crossing the threshold, I’m coming in.


The grounds of the ruins have a lot of weeds and trees growing in the back.

It was adjacent and connected to the highway.


I hide the popobumu under a tree and stop here.

I give it some feed. After feeding some jerky to the popobumu I pat the rough skin of its neck.


Then, I explore the mansion a little.

I go into the ruins with the black cat Rollo.


-There is no one.

Since there is no one here I contemplate staying the night here.


After exploring the mansion and finding an open space between some pillar I decide to make my bed there.

I spend the night calmly, leaning against a pillar and chewing jerk. (TL: He’s so cool.)


At midnight while I a sleeping lightly-there’s a reaction on presence detection, I detect more than one magic essence signature as well as footsteps.


“Rollo, shhh…”


I place a finger to my lips and gesture for Rollo to be quiet.

I check with my <Pheromone Touch> skill.

Multiple humans are approaching.


Rising quietly, I watch from the shadows.

Roll jumps to my shoulder. Listening to my instructions she waits quietly.


The members entering the mansion are hooded robes so I cannot see their faces.

Some round sources of light illuminate the mansion along with the people.


Is that light magic?


The people cloaked in hoods look around the room.

Fortunately, they don’t come to where I am hiding.

Those who have finished patrolling gather in the hall.


“This is the home of a noble family who lost their position. It will be all right.”


A man speaks with a voice that carries the feel of an apprentice and pulls back his hood.


The face is middle-aged. White hairs are growing from the side of his head, the man is clear cut and his eyes are sunk into his cheeks.

He is wearing hide armor that is slightly stained around the neck.


Then everyone follows the man’s lead and remove their cowls. They all look like soldiers wearing steel helmets.

The young soldier opens his mouth.


“Captain, may I invite those people here?”

“Ah, make it so. …Please mind that you are courteous?”


The leader with the chiseled features reminds the subordinate soldier to pay special attention.


Courteous? Are there big shots here, too?




The young soldier nods and disappears into the darkness outside of the mansion.

After a moment I can see the soldier is guiding a group of people inside. Everyone is wearing a hood like those who entered earlier were.


However, judging from their attitudes and appearances they are clearly different from the helmet wearing soldiers.


They are delivering orders in a distinguished manner.


The soldiers respond to their orders and search the hall for a table and chairs before returning and setting them up.

When a desk is set up, one of the bossy people removes their hood, exposing their face.


The person has blond hair and blue fox eyes. A man with handsome features.


Tall and good looking.

His clothes look expensive, the fridge of his mantle is embroidered with gold thread. (TL: The RAWs say he is wearing a タブレット which translates to tablet, and the closest thing I can think of that makes sense is some kind of mantle.)

A fur cape is wrapped around his shoulders, and a black scarf substituting a tie is wrapped around his neck.


Something shiny is also attacked to his chest.

When I look closer at the shining object I can make out a golden hand-shaped broach.


A high-class accessary.


After the blond-haired ikemen sits down on the stool his subordinates prepared he taps his finger several times on the table.

And, raising his blue fox-eyes he begins to glare at the captain for before.


“Oi, Jared! Isn’t this different from what you said before?”


The blond-haired ikemen calls the captain Jared. (TL: His names in the raws is Garudo which sounds like Guard. I thought it was kind of funny.)

The middle-aged captain of the mercenaries wearing brown hide-armor seems to be named Jared.


Jared lowers his head in apology.


“Hai. I am sorry. There are circumstances…this was an order his Excellency’s ‘royalist faction’ to move, I had to act quickly after receiving the communication. From his Excellency… be extremely cautious, once here ‘all of you,’ stand by until you receive an order.”


Hearing this the ikemen is completely enraged.


“What? Do you understand the circumstances! Expressly, although the court came from Samaria… there is no banquet, we meet in these ruins… Am I not one of Marquises of Samaria? Who does Prime Minister Zamdo think he is?”


Not only is that ikemen a noble, he’s a marquis?

He is definitely a big shot. That explains why there are so many soldiers.


Thereupon, a suitably showy person takes down their hood and sits on another stool.

Long, swaying pure blonde hair. Judging from that appearance, a woman?


“Shall we hear the circumstances? You are suspicious.”

“Chardonnay. You say something. We, the secret bureau of the royalist faction, have already understood everything if that is the case…”

“Maa, ne. This is natural. So, is there any reason for us to be here? Prime Minister Zamdo is an insecure good for nothing. The subordinates of such a person…”


Prime Minister Zamdo?

The eyes of the noble woman called Chardonnay stares at Jared like he is garbage.


“Fu, surely, surely all of these guys can be used including for work so.”


The blond-haired ikemen talks with warped cheeks.

Jared’s complexion worsens as he is he being blamed by the two nobles.


“Hewso, do you really need to torment him so much? You might not think so, but he is a subordinate of Terramay Kingdom’s Prime Minister Zamdo.”


The Marquis’ name seems to be Hewso.

And then, the Prime Minister…


“That’s right. We are certainly in a different country, and then, although the armistice treaty has been signed, originally we are enemy nations.”

“Correct. We are here together because the relationship between the two countries is different now, will we be sharing each other’s fate?”

“Chardonnay, you are saying something like that…”

“Ara… are you surprised? Have I not invested considerable sums of money in this?”


Jared interrupts the middle-aged noble there.


“I apologize. Hewso-sama and Chardonnay-sama. The matter of this conversation…”


Hearing this the blond middle-aged ikemen, Hewso, opens his mouth and looks at him with eyes filled with fox eyes filled with unresolved anger.


“What is it?”

“Hai… His Excellency was concerned that information concerning Princess Narskeri-sama was leaked from the loyalist faction. He is concerned.”


Jared’s voice is somewhat tense.


“Prime Minister Zamdo is still worried about that matter? There hasn’t been any blundering of the details out of impatience? Even if the secret bureau has a leak the truth about the kidnapping will never come out because of all the gold…” (TL: I’m not confident in that last sentence.)


Wait, what? Princess? Kidnapping? Secret Bureau? Royalist Faction?

Did a lot of these words suddenly come out?


“The surrounding masked group… kidnappers, assassins, aren’t these back room dealings your business? Isn’t ‘Nebulous’ called the 【Shadow’s Right Hand】? No doubt they are all excellent people.”


Chardonnay says so and turns her eyes to Hewso.

She makes a bewitching smile while she plays with her blond hair.


The way this woman talks, for some reason I find it discomforting.

While unpleasant, the woman called Chardonnay is a beautiful woman.


Beautiful long blond hair and porcelain skin.

She has a well-defined nose cool blue eyes, a beauty that feels like high class furniture.


The clothes she is wearing serve to emphasize on her beauty.


From the opening of the coat the collar of her black dress has pink flower embroidery, the low-cut neck line is decorated with flowers to hide her exposed chest.

Surely the clothes she is wearing is not below a precious stone. Her legs’ figure is exposed by the pants is wearing.


From her clothes give the impression of a bell rose.

She has the impression of an overbearing woman.


“That’s right. After Chardonnay, isn’t the person standing behind the same kind?”

“Ara, isn’t something like this natural. Do you think I would come to the ruins of this mansion with nothing but small fry soldiers?”



Jared then opens his mouth.


“Hewso-sama. Chardonnay-sama. Soon there should be contact from his Highness Zamdo… we will hear the details about the preparations for the surprise apology at tomorrow’s banquet. (TL: Surprise is in English.)


When the noble woman Chardonnay hears that she makes a satisfied smile.


“…Naturally. As expected. But, Prime Minister Zamdo is bad too. This is the princess of your country?”


Kidnapping a princess?

I should run away… (TL: This be some bad juju.)


I activate <Hidden Body> and retreat one step, two steps.


And then-


‘-Someone is there!”


Even though I am using hidden body I was discovered

The person who spoke appears out of the darkness from behind Hewso.


They are wearing a black coat and a white mask. White mask-san turns their blood lust in my direction.


“Oi oi, is there an outsider? No one should be here?”


Blond-haired Hewso-kun is furious. He glares at Jared with a flushed face.


“Hai. Naturally…is it true?”

“Yeah. Zeefu reacted.”

“Ara, ma. This conversation… does that mean the plan has been leaked?”


White mask seems to be called Zeefu, and the mask is turned in my direction.


“Come out from that corner.”


Acha, I was seen through.

Does the white mask named Zeefu have a skill similar to pheromone touch and presence detection?


No, because I was not noticed right away it must be a different kind of perception


There are multiple magic essence reactions from presence detection around me.

Is this midnight snack part open to everyone?

However, this situation does not really seem appropriate for a joke.


I am at an overwhelming disadvantage in numbers.

I need to be prepared to escape, although I was planning on leaving…I reveal myself.


Hewso looks at my suddenly exposed figure with his slitted fox eye.


“Where are you from. Are you actually from the royalist faction?”


He asks me calmly.


“Eto, I’m just a vagabond.”


I do not intend to try and deceive them.


“How long have you been there?”

“From the beginning.”

“Since this is just garbage there’s no reason to keep it alive? Hewso?”


The noble woman, Chardonnay.

Her pale-complexioned beautiful face, a cool feeling spreads from my stomach as she takes a cold attitude.


She just called me garbage.


She called me garbage while looking down on me.



“Understood. Zeefu, Apo, Yui. Kill him.”





Two shadows appear from the darkness and reply.


The two newcomers are dressed like Zeefu with black overcoats and white masks.

Two new people. The two white masked individuals, without making a sound come to a stop next to Zeefu.


Three people in total. And then, captain Jared whistles.


With that signal, the helmeted soldiers pull out their swords, and become a wall to protect the nobles.


Several of the soldiers are slowly approaching me.


I check with magic observing eye.


The helmeted soldiers are out of the question. There is also no sign of moji.

The problem is the three white masks dressed in black. All of them are concentrating mana in their hands and feet.


All three must be moji users.


However, their proficiency is clearly lacking.

The transfer of mana in their body is too slow.


N, there is one person who is awfully smooth.


To be frank, since I don’t want to fight…should I try talking?


“Wait just a second. Arbitrarily killing me like that, I’m unrelated. After this, regardless of what happens…”

“You know more than you need to.”


Hewso says so while looking at me with cold eyes.

After giving me that chilling look, he signals Zeefu and Apo to kill me with a look.


Chi, it cannot be helped.


It looks like there is going to be a fight, holding the black spear I make eye contact with Rollo.


In that instant, Rollo transform into her larger body and throws herself at two soldiers.

At the same time, the white mask that discovered me earlier steps forward.


Zeefu kicks the ground with fighting moji enhanced legs and comes at me.


-Quick movement.


Holding a long sword in their right hand.

Aiming for my chest, the black mask called Apo runs at me too.


Similarly, they seem to be using a sword.

The black mask is aiming for my neck.


In those few seconds, I respond. (TL: I would like some help translating this phrase  “俺はゼロコンマ何秒で” this is the second time it has come up and I’m not sure how to translate it to English. If anyone has any idea, please leave a comment.)

I move the black spear in a figure eight and dodge the two slashing swords.


Both of the longswords miss.


I attack while their guard is down.


I point the tip of my black spear at the white mask first.

Zeefu can’t react to my counter attack with the spear.

They can only slightly shift my body.

Naturally, that is not enough to prevent my attack.


My spear counterthrusts like a drill deep into the pit the white masked Zeefu’s stomach, the sound of metal being torn. Blood gushes out from the cut in the cloak.


Zeefu groans “Gwo” and retreats back in agony.


Immediately, the black mask named Apo attacks again.


I remember Shisho’s words “When the spear is sealed an opening appears.”


Green eyes behind the black mask are visible shifting for a moment. Apo swings down their long sword and tip slashes across my right shoulder.


I move to give up-


I move in a circle with “tiptoe half-turn” and retreat half a step.

And lifting my elbow I lift the back half of the spear.


The long sword meets the butt end from above at an angle.


Then, with a *clang, * the sound of breaking metal.

The broken end of the sword flies of in the direction of the nobles, and pierces a soldier forming the wall.


-Hii, he screams faintly.

Fu, success. Alright, I broke the long sword.


This looks easy, but it was hard.

I had to make the butt end of the black spear collide with the middle of the sword along the edge with perfect timing. This is a technique Shisho taught me, “Sword Break.”


I immediately counterattack.

Disturbed by the destruction of their beloved sword, Apo cannot match my speed.


Circling in from a right angle, I come in with a battle cry.

It attacks straight as knife.


I enhance my legs with fighting moji and kick Apo in the pit of their stomach. The kick sinks into Apo’s stomach- a dull creaking is audible.




The black mask, Apo, cries out in pain and begins to lean forward like they are going to fall.

I pull the cloak wearing black mask falling toward me and hurl them to the ground in a back throw.


But I do not end it with that.

Looking down at the black masked Apo-


Right before Apo’s skull smacks the ground I swing up the metal rod of the black spear and kick.

The thrust out black spear cracks into Apo’s face.


The metal rod smashes their skull together with the black mask.

Apo’s grey matter splashes out.


After all, this is “Lightning Drop.”


This is one of the abstract <Spear Sparring> techniques, however I don’t remember most of their names. As for the fight with Shisho, most of them were used for actual fighting.


Oh, Rollo has finished biting the necks of the small fry soldier, the fight seems to be over.


But, there is another one…the guy with the black mask.

I can see mana gathering in their feet.


This one is the shortest, and their atmosphere seems strong than the other two.


Seeing how their other white masked companion was easily taken care of, being cautious and moving slowly, they pull two unique swords from their sheaths.


The sword blades are crossed in front of the mask.

A faintly shining white character emerges the sword blades.


Those words, they look like protection magic.

The two of them have mana.




In addition, those swords look something like a trench knife and a scull crushed for attacking with fists. (TL: You can see them on the cover art.)

Part of the sword blade extends away from the main blade and is designed in a circular pattern.


While looking at the unique swords, after swinging the black spear to remove the blood, I assume my posture with my spear directed at the eyes.


The white mask moves first.


This guy takes advantage of their small stature and leaning comes running fast with their swords swept out horizontally to the sides.


I quickly keep the back spear pointed at their eyes- I block their attack.


The black tanza spear collides with the unique swords.

With a high-pitched *kiwi* the swords are repelled, and I respond with a stab with the black spear at the same time.


But, it is easily avoided-


The guy leans their head slightly and dodges my black spear.

Without change they move their body forward and extend out their left hand, and the silver sword stabs at my neck.


-Crap, I was careless.


One stab, two stabs, aimed at my body, at move to the left and right, avoiding the slashing swords.

As if white mask never missed they swing at my torso with the sword in their right hand, slashing down again-


This fellow is really strong.

With the continuous fight of the white mask it becomes a defensive fight for me.


Dodge. Avoid. Shift. Continue dodging attacks.


Ma, this is on purpose. This sword is beautiful.


I do not need to use my trump.


I watch it slowly and carefully, and when there is an opening in the sword I counterattack.


As the sword slashes at my black spear I easily rotate it. I wait for the attack with the two swords where the guy over swings slightly.


In one strike to the eyes, without receiving the black spear, they barely dodge it. The movement pays out though as the white mask slips to the left a bit.

Swinging with the two sword, aiming with that timing.


-Here it comes!


I am aware of my grip on the black spear like holding a willow branch.

Gently, I receive the sword slash- and repel it. In an instant, the sword that collided with the metal bar is knocked away.

Without using <Fighting Moji> taking the opening in that moment, I kick down to the right of my opponent and hit my enemy’s foot.




The white mask falls off. Once again, I take once of the guy about to fall and thrown them backwards.


Like this, the nobles who were watching pleasantly suddenly stare wide-eyed.

Hewso looks at me in surprises and mutters.


“T-the three strongest of Nebulous, our 【Shadow’s Right Hand】 defeated so easily-”

“…I’m surprised. I want him as my subordinate-”


Is her, Chardonnay?

The noble woman says such a thing and blushes with a far off look in her eyes…


“Hewso-sama! Chardonnay-sama! Let us retreat now. I-”


The tattooed captain Jared, is it because of me? But, this guy must think it won’t be much different after seeing the soldiers killed by the black cat Rollo…


“Jared. It is impossible for you.”


Hewso talks. Seeing his subordinate defeated so easily, he seems to understand my ability.


“Th…This responsibility, is mine!”

“Jared, I said…did you, no, did Prime Minister Zamdo arrange this?”


Hewso glares at Jared.

Jared hurriedly shakes his head left and right and looks at Hewso.


“It’ different, completely different! I know nothing about it. It’s true. However, this fellow, they may be a talent who has been nurtures by the secret bureau and royalist faction…”

“Jared- you are an incompetent good-for-nothing. Yet, thanks to that I can tell that you are not an enemy…”


A white haired old man draped in a white mantle with a large sword strapped to his back appears. The old soldier with the big sword bows slightly to Chardonnay, and approaches her.


“Ojou, no, you Highness…”


The old man whispers to Chardonnay and talks in a low voice.


“So. Un. Ahuh. I understand. Right away, let’s retreat…Hewso. I am disappointed we couldn’t have our talk here; it will have to wait for another time…well then. Keeki, Same. Let us return.”


A beast woman quickly appears to follow Chardonnay, and lining up next to the old soldier, touches one knee to the ground.


“Ha.” “I obey.”


The beast woman and the old solder both lower their heads to Chardonnay and respond.




Are you breaking you promise with Hewso! Yelling as if to say that.


Besides, are there subordinates that seem to be strong. But they seem to have run away.

Good. As for me, I will escape.


“Then, I’ll escape to, so be relieved. I have to intentions to reveal anything. There was no meaning to my being here, best regards. Let’s go Rollo. Well, bye.”


Speaking in an easy-going tone, I bow goodbye.

Hewso and Jared glare at me, but the smartest thing to do in a tight situation is to beat a retreat.


“Hey, you!”


Strengthening my legs with fighting moji I quickly come to Rollo’s side and pick her up, and run away to where the popobumu is waiting.



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  1. “Then, I’ll escape to, so be relieved. I have to intentions to reveal anything.” In the first sentence, escape to -> escape too. In the second, to intentions -> no intentions.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😄


  2. he should have finsihed them as well.
    I also dont think he should have made that promise to the elf as hes basically immortal and may need to comback to that area or want to visit the family

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  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I think i know what anime that leopard beastman came from.. but i forgot the name..
    And is that sci-fy type of beastmen refers to starwars or startrek?


  4. With the head of a leopard or tiger, well I am reminded of a famous protagonist from a long novel.

    Guin Saga reference. Google it 😀

    Thanks for the chapter.


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