Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 23

Episode Twenty-Three〜 The Smell of a Woman

Translator’s Corner: Iya, this chapter is creepy. This chapter is also shorter than normal. Enjoy!

I do not want to get involved with that group of people.


I sit astride the popobumu, lightly clap my foot on its side and leave. I run to the highway from the back yard.


I return to where I came from and cross the shallows of the Haym River.

To get even a little distance between me and the outskirts of Fadyke, I run through the darkness.


I pass a few villages.

The morning sun eventually rises and my surrounding become bright.


Finally, I let the popobumu rest.


Which reminds me, I just killed someone for the first time earlier.

But, I feel nothing.

N? There is a magic essence reaction. I hear the sound of a horse as well.


-Is it a pursuer?

When I look back, after all it is the guy with the white mask.

That fellow, they seem to be running after me without learning their lesson.

Do they have a grudge from losing?




From now on, should I let the pursuer know what kind of existence I am?

Quickly, I grab the black spear from the popobumu with my right hand, and jump- when I fall to the ground I turn my spear around and assume my stance.


I will wait for the pursuer here.


“Rollo, watch for a little.”



Rollo the black cat cries in a light voice to say 『Understood』, and assumes a posture with both her back feet together on the back of the popobumu’s head.


After nodding slightly Rollo moves her crimson eyes and watches the pursuing party.

The white masked rider is standing on the back of the horse and holding a sword in both hands


She can stand and do that?



White Mask jumps while twisting her body, borrowing the momentum of the horse.

Her body spins like a piece.  Her twin swords spin out, borrowing the centrifugal force of her spinning.


A perfect ten-point score! Her physical orbit wants to say, and I move to ward off the slash which approaches me.


The rider less horse runs past my side.


I lift my black spear diagonally and receive the spinning blades. Sword and spear collide, and a harsh *kiin* sounds rings out many times, I handle the black spear in a circle and parry away the spinning blades.

Landing after White Mask’s spinning attack was prevented, advancing while slashing with a sword, they swing their two swords consecutively.


Watching without receiving the attack, I retreat and avoid the blades.


I also thought of it last night, these swords are extremely well forged.


The reinforcement of the mana used as fighting moji is smooth, a special weapon that seems strong and releases mana.


It must be a special metal.

However, it stops here.

I bend down to avoid an attack and kick out with a fighting moji enhanced leg.


I kick the ground to retreat back and take a distance from them.


Once again, I stare at the white mask.

I stare at the eyes that are slightly visible behind the mask.


At that moment, I smile-


I will go on the offensive for a while.


Head, neck, chest, thigh, knee, I attack with the butt end of the spear, aiming for the vitals.

For dozens of seconds, I continue wielding the black spear at high speed ever-changing up down left and right.


White Mask beds down to utilize their small physique, and turning the swords in their hands to repel, quickly avoid my lunges, about half are able to be avoided, a disheveled voice going “ku” and “ha” reaches my ears.


They begin breathing with their shoulders. Is anaerobic exercise hard?

I don’t use my spear martial arts in this high-speed battle.

The rhythm visibly worsens.


And, a gap is created.

I cannot over this slight pause.


-I aim at the right arm.


I shift to the attack and weave “the skill” and feint a stab to middle as I attack to the left and right.

I half step counter-clockwise on my toes.

I suddenly change the trajectory of the black spear, and hit the opponent’s right upper arm with the butt of my spear.

The arm breaks and bends in as a dull sound echoes.




The White Mask lets out a strangled cry in pain and drops the sword is their hand.

However, white mask continues to advance as if they were never injured.

Cutting the distance between us, they slash down with the sword in their left hand from above.


However, the attack is too weak to pass.


I elude the sword slash and catch the attack with the black spear held diagonally.

While absorbing the force of the attack with the black spear sparks scatter as the blade slides down shaft.

Then they approach deliberately, and lock our weapons together.


I meet the eyes of the white mask.

I look at the eyes of my enemy behind the white mask.


Beautiful eyes- during that short moment, I feel the center of gravity of the white mask fall to the side.

The weight of the sword attack can’t resist sliding- the weight of white mask falls forward.


I let them lean forward, and half-turn my body while catching white mask’s body.


I take white mask’s back.


Grasping the left hand of the white mask while forcibly grabbing their elbow, perform and arm lock skill with the black spear.


This is another one of the variety of <Spear Sparring> skills.

I twist the left hand with the sword up forcibly and dislocate their shoulder.


“I, gaa kyaaa.”


Oh? A woman!? The white mask makes a shrill scream.


The white mask drops the last sword grasped in their left hand.

The sword pierces the ground.


I am surprised by the woman’s voice, and turn them around to check.

I put a hand on the black cloak, and grope their chest over chain mail, massaging them…Fumu. (TL: There are other way to check than groping the poor woman.) These are definitely breasts.

And they are soft. Dome–shaped oppai.

As a consultant for the breast research society, I am instantly able to tell the shape of the breast from grasping it.


“Ah, let me go…what are you doing.”


Since the masked woman is constricting her chest I give a weak sigh and resist.


I am feeling a “woman” after such a long time.

My crotch is hard; it is developing a peak like Mount Everest.


Because I am curious about this woman’s face, I immediately act.


I untie the mask’s string and remove along with the ragged black cloak.

I release her and step back.


And I see the woman’s face.

Oooh, surprising.

What a beautiful woman.

This beautiful assassin lady, is it ni○ta?


She seems to be wearing a chain mail outfit underneath the cloak.

Moreover, the length of the dress is shorter.

Her thighs are exposed, and soft look peach-colored skin is visible.

The black armor reminds me of a “kunoichi.” (TL: Female Ninja.)


Nevertheless, her short raven-black bobbed hair and black eyes have the atmosphere of a modern woman.


Rather than ni○ta, is she not closer to ○mika? A small face, this is a beautiful woman. Possibly the same town?


“…A woman?”


While I stare at the woman, using her broken hand, she holds her dislocated shoulder while trembling. (TL: Dude, you’re giving her some really rapey vibes.)


She is glaring at me with eyes clearly colored with contempt.

Sometimes, she looks over at the sword she dropped.


-Do you want your sword?

She is easy to read. Again, she is glaring at me.


“You, what is your name?”



Is she being silent? If I am not mistaken this one’s name is Yui…

At the beginning, before I was attacked, I remember the Marquis Hewso summoning her.


“You are called Yui.”



Oh, a reaction. So Yui really is your name.

However, you’re still giving of a blood thirsty aura.

Since she is releasing such a dangerous aura I glare at her.


“…Is Yui all right?”

“Na, why, did you stop? Why didn’t you kill me?”


Ma, more than her name, I am worried about one from that place.


“When I stopped, I wanted to talk with you a little…I think it was because you’re a woman? Because I heard a cute voice, I wanted to see what underneath the white mask. Honestly…I was really surprised to find such a beautiful woman.”


Yui’s dark eyes wavers at my words.


“Eh, na…”

“Also, I thoroughly enjoyed your chest. You also have a nice figure.” (TL: I don’t know what to say.)

“Y-you are trying to humiliate me, guaaa!” (TL: Can also mean rape.)


Yui cries out and forces her joints to move, picks up the left sword and takes a distance.


Ue, it is painful, you should not overdo it.

Using her fractured hand, she forcibly pops her left shoulder in… I mean, she can move in that condition, she must have gone through training to deal with such considerable pain.


Ma, it is a fair argument for such a thing.


“…Oi, oi, after you selfishly attacked me, are you going to run away without permission? Besides, you should have the resolution to yield after being defeated.”

“Shut up!”


Judging from this reaction, she had no intention of losing to me.


“Even your right hand is fractured? Your left hand is hanging down painfully with no strength, are you going to kill me like that?”

“Noisy, shut up, that’s nonsense.”


Yui uses the hand of her dislocated left arm and forces her sword up. Because the trajectory of the sword is slow she cannot prove herself right.

I shift my body a little, avoid the weak sword, catch Yui’s left hand again, and rotate it behind Yui while twisting her elbow.


I pin her arm behind her back.

Yui again drops the sword she picked up through much effort.


“Itai, itai, let me go!”



While smiling I bring my face to her nape. Opening my nostrils, I smell the nape of her neck. (TL: Okay, uh, I don’t know where this is going, but I’m scared.)

Kuwaaaaa, I cannot take it. The amazing smell of a woman’s sweat. (TL: Yui needs an adult.)

Her height is about 160 cm. Again, I grope her chest and thoroughly enjoy it, and I stretch out a finger to her beautiful thigh and stroke it. (TL: Okay this isn’t what I signed up for.)


“You, what a fantastic woman…you smell great.”


Yui’s body trembles with a *buru.*

Activating <Pheromone Touch>, from the smell of her sweat comes a slight sense of fear. (TL: Well I think anyone would be scared in this situation.)


“This, teasing me, hentai!”

“What about it? I told you before, but after being caught by a guy you were doing something like that too, what did you think the outcome would be? Besides, you’re a woman.” (TL: No, stahp.)

“…Are you going to quickly “rape” me and then kill me?”



I scold her unintentionally.


I tighten my strong body around Yui’s tiny frame as I scold her, and then push her away to the ground.

The reason is not that I am not excited down below, and it also is not because I am a preachy character…




She glares at me, but it seems she has already lost the battle of wills.

Yui’s pupils turns grey and silver-white, but I ignore that and keep talking.


“You seem to be able to talk a little? So, the ones who ordered you to pursue me, were they the nobles who were in the mansion earlier?”


Yui does not answer. She is an assassin. I guess it will not be that simple.

I will ask about something more important than that.


“…suddenly, I have a slightly strange question. You, your name is Yui. So, it’s sudden, but have you heard the word Japan?”

“Japan? Is it a number?”


Oh, she is looking at me with confused eyes.

However, with this reaction, after all I am not reincarnated from the same place. By chance, is it the black hair and eyes?


“No, it’s the name of a country.”

“I have not heard of such a country…other than that, soon, kill me…”


Yui says that like is going to cry, with clouded expression.


“Is that so? But…I cannot bring myself to take Yui’s life. Though I think it is sweet, thanks.”


She is a cute child, but more than that, after such a long absence of people, let alone a woman, I was finally able to taste real breasts.

As a breast revolutionary I got really excited.


I would like a partner who would let me examine them more carefully. I definitely cannot bring myself to take this life.


As I look at Yui and contemplate, Yui’s small red lips tremble.


“…Mercy, it doesn’t make sense.”

“But, doesn’t life come first?”


Hearing my words Yui long eyelashes and dark eyes shake.

Her entire body begins shaking.

Yui has a childish impression, but she is a beautiful woman.


“…Is it okay? I you release like this…I could kill you.”


Haha, kill. But. Come at me with all your strength.

She will be given an order.


“…Ah, it’s fine. Run away like this. Does Yui want to kill me? Once you heal your wounds, you can come at me any time. Oh, if possible, show up without the mask on, and fight me with your beautiful face exposed.”


She is disgusted by my true intentions and stares at me in disbelief.

Hey eyes open wide and her mouth opens in a little “o.” It opened.


I climb onto the popobumu while ignoring a Yui with such a face.


“Ah, wait.”



I turn and give Yui a smile then wave my hand.

At which point I clap the popobumu’s side and leave that place.


Fuu, I sigh.


Since there is no sign I am being chased I can finally have some peace of mind.

I am all right because there was a beautiful woman.


But, having a meeting in such a place, talking about kidnapping a princess, a dangerous keyword appeared…


Ma, it has no relation to me.


I will not intentional pick up chestnuts from a burning fire.

The future will take care of itself.


I want to become an adventurer, travel to world at my leisure, find treasure, and do it with a woman, this is the main premise. (TL: I should make this the summary.)

Ah, but if a kidnapping happens right in front of me I will help. Since they are a princess they are sure to be a beauty.


However, I will not jump in after just hearing the story.


I will help those within reach with my strength, I will bring justice to exterminate enemies. (Just a thought.)


I would like to be pampered by a beautiful woman. Aside from living like that, my goal may change.


There is the promise with Rollodinu, too.


Filled with such greedy and impure thoughts, I run the popobumu.


Now then, where am I…

I ran the popobumu like a man in a trance.

I look around the area. I look at the distant surroundings.




Ooh, it seems to be a mountain high above sea level.


A considerable distance away I can see an especially high mountain range.

Since its position is opposite from the Maheim mountain range it must be Mt. Burdock in the south.

The Haym river is visible this way too. If I can see the river and that high mountain, then I can understand my rough position.


Thereupon, I see several carriages that stopped a little earlier.

They have a flag bearing a turtle insignia. Is it a trade caravan?


There seem to be multiple people as well.

I’ll approach and try to ask.


“Stop there, what do you want?”


When I approach the caravan I am stopped by adventurer-like people.

The other party is cautious, so I’ll speak honestly.


“I’m a traveler. I know nothing about this area, could somebody tell me where I am? I would be very grateful for any help.”


As I speak humbly the three young adventures keep an eye on me, observing me.


“…Is that so, and you are alone?”




The adventurers look at each other.


“Oi, for the time being, I will go report this to Broncos oji-san.”

“Alright. Go.”



Saying so, one of the adventurers runs to a carriage behind them.

After a few minute, he returns with an adventurer with leader-like manner.


“…What is the matter?”


The leader-like person who asks is balding.

The thin hair on his head is pulled back and looks like a bar code, he has a sour expression.


He has a strong personality and has the study build and looks of a strong mercenary.


“…This person is a traveler. But, he’s ignorant of the area and wants to hear what this area is called.”


He explains politely.


“Is that so? You an adventurer?”

“No, not yet. But because I am confident in my strength, I intend to become an adventurer soon.”


When the man hears my words he smiles joyfully.


…I see, I see. Iyaa, I’m sorry for these youngsters. So you only want to know what this area is called?”


“This is the southwest of Terramay Kingdom, Surbard’s Earldom. And, that far off mountain over there is Mt. Burdock, home of the dragon. The river in this area is Haym River.”


After all, this is Terramay Kingdom.

The name of the mountain is the same too.


“Is that so? Thank you for your help.”

“I don’t mind it particularly. Other than that, what is your destination?”

“I want to go to 【 Hector 】.”

“What, from here?”


He is surprised.  Where is 【Hector】?



“Stop it. Traveling alone by the Haym River gold route is to dangerous.”


Oh, it is…


“Eto, what kind of…”

“Don’t you even know that? If a Rich person is using the Haym River to get between cities, it’s safe. By all appearances, you seem to have no money, and you intend to go the land route? The land route is dangerous all the way. Besides, the barony and viscount territory are places are places where Terramay and Samaria have had tough battles in the past. Many years have passed since such a war was fought, but it is well known that the peace and order in this area is worsening by the day. Do you really know nothing about this place?”


The balding man seems sour but oya-san is a good person.

He warned me.


“Thank you. But it is all right. I am confident in my strength.

“Fu, is that so? Confident in your strength, then I won’t stop you. Well then. If you want to be an adventurer, go to 【Labyrinth City Pernette】. I run a bar owned by adventurers.”


A bar. The is this caravan bar-related work?

Ma, I did not hear something like that, and I am not interested right now.


Well then, I guess I will go.


“…Is that so? In that case, then-…

“Ou, good luck.”


I part from the bald fatherly character and advance to the south west of 【Terramay Kingdom】

If I follow the Haym River to the west, I will eventually arrive in 【Osberia Kingdom】 and come to the cities 【Hector】 and 【Holkerbam】.



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