Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 24

Episode Twenty-Four 〜 Master-less Land x Forest of Magic Fog x Assassin ※

Translator’s Corner: This chapter is longer than yesterday’s! Yui is back, and Shuya sees some of the darker parts of this world. Enjoy!

Enjoying the cool wind of spring, the popobumu steadily advances south west through the burn ruins of small towns, scars of war.

I come across a monster in the form of a goblin.

Other than that I encounter no other monsters.

I can see huge jellyfish floating in the sky, but there seems to be very few earth bound monsters.

I want to plunge into the huge jellyfish in the sky, but what do you say, when you see something really strange…I can easily accept it.

However, in place of the monsters…

There are a lot of thieves in this area, it is dangerous.

Exactly as the sour oya-san told me.

Ma, there is nothing to be done about it.

There are no adventurer’s guilds in the post stations around here.

There are tattered homes, dirty bars, small stores, pawnshops and cheap inns, but I cannot make money so I can use those.

A store may be able to break one of the coins Achilles-shisho gave me.

In the first place, the towns and villages around here don’t have the proper atmosphere to talk about gold coins.

Fighting and stealing are everyday occurrences in the streets of these towns, when I step a little into a dark alley I also encounter a fight.

When I found the body of a child and adult…I was really upset.

Aside from the body, it was my first time seeing the body of someone who had been killed and left alone.

Even when I ask the people in the area about the body they acted like they didn’t know anything.

“Are you an official of one of the barons?”

“Fuun.” “Ah, they’re dead.”

“…I dunno.” “What’s it to ya?”

Like that…

If the wind blows the bucket makers prosper.

Saying that, there do not seem to be any businesses making a profit from building coffins.

I pray that they will rest in peace.

This world is harsh…this area is very different than the one I was in after leaving the Elven territory.

So, maa, let us talk about the limitations around here.

-Naa? Unusually Rollo has gotten down from the back of the popobumu’s head and is walking around the area.

While walking Rollo goes “Nya?” lightly, before returning to the back of the popobumu’s head.

On such a dangerous highway, the merchants travel in groups with adventurers, and the scene is normal in the area.

Someone traveling alone like I am seems to be unusual. But, the thieves are attack without exception.

-They attack while taking me for granted.

I defeat all the thieves I come across, I know them out and leave them on the ground, then escape again.

It seems that there some merchant caravans that quietly pass through the highway at night with adventurers for protection to protect them from bandit attacks.

However, something like that does not seem to bother the thieves, it can happen at noon on the highway but it normally is at night, when a target is found they can defeat they attack repeatedly, looting as much as they like.

The methods they use to win are dreadful.

Not only the merchants and coachman are attacked, but also women, children, all are murdered without overlooking the adventurers meant to be guarding them.

…It is horrible. I heard it was a Barony but I can only think of it as a “Master-less Land.”

When the thieves are stronger than the adventurers, it becomes like that.

Under a cloudy sky I push popobumu over a slight hill along the highway with a gloomy feeling, and then I come across a scene that disgusts me.

Many bodies have been hung by their necks, dangling from a big tree on the hill.

I am stunned. The body of the child I saw in the town the other day was only just the beginning.

Once again, I realize how cruel this world can be.

To intentionally be hung from such high branches…they look like prey impaled on thorns by shrikes, that is probably the intention. (TL: Shrikes impale their prey on thorns and barbed wire. This serves both to make tearing their prey into edible pieces easier and also for a male to demonstrate their hunting prowess during mating season.)

These were bandits, not thieves.

At first I overlooked it, but when it comes to this, do you have to completely abandon your optimism?

I feel indignation at the bandit’s actions.

I check the surrounding area for magic essence of bandits.

Because the bandits’ behavior stands out I follow them immediately.

I tail them from behind without being noticed. In a position where I could attack, I wait for the bandits to move a little.

Then, the bandits begin to move.

The group of bandits seem to be aiming at a caravan.

In the form of a raid, I attack the bandits.

Then…I knowingly kill a person for the first time.

Any sensation of regret passes after a moment.

How should I say it, killing is not good. I understand that, but I feel no revulsion from my actions.

Rather they only felt like fodder, I guess this is evidence that I became a monster.

And, I need blood, so finally like the vampire I am, I catch one of the vampires alive.

I will return the same inhuman treatment to the bandits.

It is cruel, but…this is a different world.

This is reality.

I stick the surviving bandit to a tree and start to do various experiments.

Honestly, the blood of human beings was good.

While being careful not to suck too much, I suck the blood little by little.

Sure enough I suck the blood, is this harmful to humans?

I suck the blood while wondering such a thing.

There is a bite mark on the back of his neck. Even when I drink human blood, the taste doesn’t give me a craving for blood.

And because there is nothing like a drug induced trip I am relieved.

No, is it dangerous when I get a taste?

I wonder inside, but because I am convinced it is inevitable I leave it.

When I am thinking about the blood, Rollo participates half-way through. Assuming her best form, she approaches the bandit while extending her claws.

She opens her mouth to deliberately show off her fangs.

The bandit becomes frightened and passes out.

After a suck a little blood I leave him be for a while.

There is no change in the bandit, even after he has been unconscious for a whole day.

When I suck someone’s blood they become a member of my “Family” and transform into a “Ghoul” becoming a monster, there doesn’t seem to be a novel or movie like even like this.

Even after waiting for two, then three days, he really is a normal human.

I also asked the bandit why he was running around this place like wild.

The group of bandits seem to be called 【Doldevi Gang】.

They seem to be part of a major dark guild in 【Imperial Capitol Fadyke 】for the 【Oath of Nocturne】.

“Only, just, we don’t hav’ that.”

“Beside, there are lots of rotten gangs.”

Even as thief has his reasons, he talks about it importantly.

Furthermore, 【Terramay Kingdom】, 【Samaria Kingdom】, and nobles of 【Osberia Kingdom】, some knights, when there are those in positions to obtain information and accept bribes, after a groups grows into bandits, there is also a huge group made from banished noble families.

This was all explained boastfully.

Talking and chattering and twittering.

The strong hypnosis effect from the skills appears to work.

Is it also related to permanent skill too?

The bandit man does not act like he is hypnotized, he is fully conscious and talking properly.

So it is the truth.

Ma, I can easily image this fellow’s story.

As for the thing about government officials, there seems to be some corruption.

The talking continues from there.

The intervals between the cities 【Fadyke】⇔【Hector】⇔【Holkerbam】⇔【Pernette】⇔【Gurmuheim】 make up the Haym River gold route, it is not only shipping groups that use the river, but also merchant groups using the highway, the trading groups travel a lot too.

Is it this?

What the sour oyaji talked about.

Because the 【Magic Fog Forest】 is in this area, it is easy to attack the highway here, and between 【Royal Capitol Fadyke】 and 【Fort City Hector】 is on the border of 【Osberia Kingdom】 and 【Terramay Kingdom】, all the more, it seems this area is easy to attack.

After the war the development of each country’s knights has been lacking as well.

However, do I need to be careful about monsters? Then the man exposes his dirty crooked teeth and talks in trivial tone.

In his words, “We’re all strong enough to fight monsters, ‘though the ‘venturers should do it.”

“We the pus that cum out from d’aventurers, normal ‘venturers don’t got much money. Even if dey strong, if dey want to take th’easy way, get drunk on power their skill, drunk on blood, drunk on killin’. Human trash fightin’ their own blood.”

“Besides, with so few monsters on the highway it’s safe, an as merchants come and the economy grows, prices go down. Ma, as the money increase, don’t the rivals increase too? Kekeke…”

If that’s the case, there is the possibility of conspiring with merchants to consider.

Most of the thieves seem to have been former mercenaries, adventurers, and soldiers.

Ma, various background…they do not have.

I did not hear too much about it.

Besides, I wanted to try the permanent skillwhere I share my blood to make faithful servants, if they were a beautiful woman I would make them my servant right away, I stop because I thought I should still able.

The bite mark on the bandit’s necks disappears immediately.

Oh, because I intend to kill you, there is no meaning behind it…

Finally, I suck all his blood and kill him.

The bandit man dries up, becomes bones, then disappears.

I take his soul with the skill .

The taste makes me feel refreshed.

But, honestly, the state of my mind is complicated.

Ma, I do not know about during a battle, but capturing and killing someone, even for a bandit, it bears down on my conscience to some extent.

Like this, I continue traveling with pheromone touch, presence detection, and using with Rollo, I raid thieves and bandits, exterminating them.

After exterminating today’s thieves who attacked a merchant caravan, I take a break.

I check right away. Status.

Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: Divine Beast Contractor

Race: Rusivault

Battle Occupation: Magic Spearman : Chain User : Magic Apprentice

Physical Strength 18.2→18.8 Agility 19.3→19.8 Stamina 17.4→18.0 Mana 22.2→22.9 Dexterity 17.2→18.0 Spirit 23.1→23.4 Luck 11.0

Condition: Calm

From facing the masked professional killers before, to now, my abilities seem to have only improved a little from kill thieves.

Then I close my status.

When I examine the money and bags left behind by the dead thieves and merchants, I am finally able to gather some money.

Because I got money from the merchant I helped too, I have gold coins, silver coins, large copper coins, thus my saddle bags and magic bags have become a little heavy. Because I hated my bags being too heavy I tried to return the money immediately, but the merchants I helped suggested I stay with caravan to guard it. However, I politely declined.

In the first place I have yet to become an adventurer/

And like that, I advance to the west.

All too soon, I leave the Barony and enter the Viscount’s territory.

I enjoy going to the village and staying in an inn, I buy a small backpack and jerky then squander and money and play with women.

I continue traveling happily like the past time of a noble. But thieves attack one after another outside of post towns.

Every time, I respond by slaying and exterminating them.

Then, in a bar of a certain post town, while enjoying my meal I sit next to a bar maid in a reddish brown dress pouring me liquor, and I hear a strange rumor.

“Sorgey, did you hear about the Spearman?”

“Yeah. What about ‘im?”

“These days the Barony is safe. The Spearman and the black cat, the Spearman with a black wolf companion, the wolf companion of the black cat, they seem to aim at thieves, hora, there are also people searching for the rumor.”

N? Is that us? The last “Wolf Companion of the Black Cat” name, it almost made spit liquor out of my nose and mouth.

“Ah, I heard, the Baron is searching for the rumor too. But, the owner of the rumor always seems to disappear right away and leave the area.”

“It seems like it, I want to see it. Won’t he come to this place…as a matter of fact it should be ‘you.'”

“Kakaka, and what if it really is myself-sama?”

“Eeh, that would be impossible. Baka.”

U〜n, after all if Rollo is with me…

This is becoming like a historical Samurai movie.

But, the samurai is those period dramas are always accompanied by children, and it is always one person wanting to be prudent.

Not worrying over the rumor, I pass through the town in high spirits and advance…

As I traveling along the highway and pass through a thick forest, without noticing I seem to have veered off=course, the area is becoming foggy and I am in a rocky place with moss growing.

The area is deserted.

As I pass through alone, I get a weird sign, the crows in the rocky place at stop cawing and fly away at once.

Is this a sign that something is about to happen? However, here is a small mountain? The fog is making it hard to see, I seem to have travel to a place with a valley.

The fog is thick…n?

Ah, perhaps this is the placed named for the magic fog?

Having such a question, I pick up magic essence behind me.

-I make the popobumu hurry up and run.

In the place I was before- a sword cuts the air.

The bearer of the sword is a beautiful woman. Ah, it is a woman this time.

She is not wearing a mask this time. Is it because I said so?

Ma, at any rate…this beautiful kill is Yui.

Yui is holding a sword with both hands.

Bathed in the blood of her victims, there are dirty spots of blood here and there.

N, were you injured? The black overcoat is torn at the left shoulder, and I can see blood stains around it.

Her eyes are vacant with a clouded expression.

“You. After a long time. You removed the mask. But, why is your beautiful face dirty? You seem to have been injured, and aren’t you tired?”


“Quiet again?”

Yui has appeared before me again after a long absence, and not answering my questions, stays expressionless and silent.

She is giving me a cold look.

Then, Yui’s eyes suddenly change.

Eyes like obsidian is grey from silver-white, again they return to black, the color of her pupils changes repeatedly, becoming like a shaft of wavering light, and then continues to change.

Again, innumerable small silver-white points appear moving in her eyes.

It seems like snow is scattered in her eyes dancing around beautifully in the open sky, the snow in the white of her eyes soon become pure white.

Both eyes take on a mysterious silver ting.

These beautiful eyes are wasted on this cold blooded killer.


Rollo also leans her head to the side questioningly, and calls out at the eyes.

But, did she react to the cat’s voice… her eye color changes and there is none of the blood thirst from the other day.

“What happened? Looking at a face such as this-”

Defending against Yui’s sword- a metallic sounds resounds.

The sudden flying cut.

I stay calm and handle my black spear, I shake of the sword and prevent it.

This area is still foggy, because I cannot focus on Yui I kick the popobumu’s abdomen, and decide to advance into the to escape.

However, I come to the top of a cliff. Dead-end.

Since there is no help it, I get down from the popobumu. (TL: It really bothers me that the popobumu doesn’t have a name.)

Dangerous. With the fog like this I did not notice the nearby fog.

There is a sign that Yui is pursuing me from behind.

“Rollo, since Yui is coming again, please stay to side and watch.”

After I tell Rollo I wait for Yui to approach from the back.

There, Yui appears like a ghost from the fog.

Her expression seems somewhat hard.

Her eyes have returned to black.

“Yui, you look unwell? Are you okay?”

“Why are you worrying about me in this situation?”

“Haha, that’s right.”

When Yui says that, she raises the sword with both hands.

Her inured arm from before seems to have already healed.

To deal with her dual sword style, I concentrate on dodging. (TL: Wait, I miss-translated something.)

Then, Yui stops swings her swords.

She crouches down and turns to the side to draw a sword, unsheathing it.

She pulls out the other sword at her waist with a quick draw. (TL: Okay, I understand now.)

She quickly shifts to attack with her two unsheathed swords.

But, I real her sword strike, and avoid it.

“W-why, counterattack.”

After all- the blade of Yui’s sword passes right in front of me.

Two sword streaks are seen, and-

She brings back her swords and crosses them for a slash attack.

Referencing my own sword play- once again, a drawn sword attacks from the upper-right in a line. I read the trajectory of the blade, look at the unique sword.

Such brilliant swordsmanship-

-N? It suddenly becomes sharp

-Did the sword shift?

Yui’s two sword blades move in with a blazing white light.

This seems to be a special unique stab skill’s payout.

Waeeeh- ku, my ear, iteee, I suffer a cut on my cheek and arm. My earlobe was cut and there is a small trail of blood down my cheek, but the wound immediately closes.

It is sharp, but I can still dodge it-


With tears in her eyes Yui appeals to me.

“No, maa, I would say that was really close. -You should be happy.”

“Ku, wha-what is it with you!”

“Mou, don’t swing those around so much anymore.”

Seeming to have been upset by my words, the point of Yui’s sharp swords are shaking. The sword attack goes wide and she completely over swings.

She keeps swinging her swords around.

Then, the dirt footing suddenly collapses.


One of Yui’s feet lose contact with the earth and steps into the sky. She quickly loses her balance.

She falls over the edge of the cliff.

-Shit, I strengthen my body with fighting moji and move

I jump over the edge of the cliff to help Yui. Yui hits a rocky protrusion and her body spins around once. Blood dances.


I was able to catch Yui’s stretched out hand and am falling upside down.

I can’t be concerned about whether this is a trick.

I tighten my grip around Yui’s hand while falling through the air I spin around and hug Yui’s body.

The cliff bottom approaches.

Not letting Yui’s body hit, I turn my back to face the rocky ground for impact.

My back smashes into the rock ground.


Too painful, a shock runs through the middle line of my back.

I am having trouble breathing. Apart from that- I am thrown into the air, and I continue falling, rolling down while smashing into rocks. (TL: I forgive you for the last chapter, Shuya.)

I reach the ground after smashing into rocks several times.

Meanwhile, I do not separate from Yui’s wrist and body.

However, I lose consciousness and Yui falls without me being able to completely protect her.

I am injured and my leather clothes are torn, but I am already recovering.

I am not in pain anymore. The jacket Shisho gave me is a little ripped.

Other than that, I am worried about Yui.


I hurry and call out, I pick up Yui’s body from the ground.

I look over Yui’s body dressed in the black cloak.

Her cheeks are bruised, the left shoulder of the cloak is torn away and the chain mail and black clothes worn underneath are also split.

There is a wound that looks like it came from big beast on her left shoulder. It still has blood coming out of it. A sharp rock the penetrated through the chain mail is stuck in her side.

The wound in her stomach is dangerous too, but the problem with be the lower part of her body.

The injuries on both of her legs are bad. They are bent in the wrong direction.

A bone is jutting out of one of her feet.

She is seriously injured.

Her head I was holding on to and protecting doesn’t seem to be injured.

I check her back. The bottle of recovery potion I took from a thief I killed is broken.

Shit, n, oh, there is a little of the liquid at the bottom of the bottle.

I can have her drink this, however, Yui is unconscious. (TL: No, wait, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you dare.)

Ma, first I’ll put an ear to her mouth a confirm that she is breathing.

Dangerous. She isn’t breathing.

She may not swallow it properly even if I soak it in her mouth.

I think it may have an effect if I just put on her face, but it isn’t a technical thing.

I decide to use the potion on the most severe wound fist.

When I pull out the rock stuck in her side blood pours out, and I pour a little bit of the potion there.

As soon as I use the potion the wound starts to look somewhat healthier, the wound empties a little.

I should sew it up, but I have nothing to do that.

There is no helping it so I wrap it with leather.

Other than that, since I can’t tell if she is breathing, she will need artificial respiration.

Lifting the back of Yui’s head, I secure her respiratory track.

However, if the wound to her chest is bad, will this only worsen it?

She also has wounds on her abdomen, and for a moment, I hesitate. Then, I lift up her torn chain mail and look at her chest, but the damage from internal bleeding can’t be seen, eei, I will do it.

I take her small lips send in air.

Because I am worried about a possible injury, I push down on her chest repeatedly like with a baby and continue.

Just after that-

“Cohohoho, goho, haa haa.”

Oooh, Yui is breathing again.

Good. I saved her. It was good that I learned EMT back when I was a student. (TL: I’m glad he has an explanation for knowing this. I know this because my Dad was an EMT and always points out what they do wrong on TV, but a lot of people don’t know.) A vague memory…anyway, she has resumed breathing.

Was the potion effective? Maybe.

“…ko, koko, Dad? Na…you.”

“Ah, it’s me.”


I am not paying attention to Yui anymore, once I noticed, she had already passed out.


I put an ear to Yui’s lips to make sure she is breathing.

She is breathing properly.

However, her forehead is too hot.

Is it because the wound on her shoulder and the one to her stomach? Or is it a cold? Which reminds me, she didn’t look well earlier. Even if I show her to a doctor at the bottom of this foggy valley…I do not understand the geography of this area well enough. In this world I should look for a magic user, someone with a healing potion, or someone who can use recovery magic, rather than a doctor.

Because the potion from the thief healed the stomach wound this is the last bit.

I look around.

Oh, I discover that the area is a scree slope.

Over the is Yui’s unique sword.

The sword blade glitters, shining white.

Since the black sheath with demon like design fell off the cliff with Yui I put the swords in the sheath and gather the two swords.

Then, I find several appropriately sized tree branches.

These seem usable.

I cut a tree branch and use it set Yui’s broken foot. I tie up her foot with leather cord wound around the waste.

First of all, I call the popobumu with a whistle.

Carry Yui’s body, while whistling, I walk.

After a few minutes,


I hear a snort. Fast. The popobumu seems to have found its way around from the cliff top.

However, Yui is light.

She ran after me with a body like this?

“Nya nya!”

It is the sound of Rollo.

When I return to the area Rollo cries at me, worried.

“Rollo, I’m okay, but this child is seriously injured. I am putting her on the popobumu.”


I handle Yui as gently as possible while I lift her onto the popobumu.

And, I check the baggage on the back of the saddle.

N〜, there is only the mana recovery ririumu portion Shisho gave me a small earthenware bottle wrapped in a blanket.

The bag smells of the spice of the ingredients and salt. This bag is only clothes.

There is no recovery potion.

This is because I was experimenting on the thieve and sucking his blood.

I should not have used it then; I should have kept more…

Damn it. Yui’s forehead is hot when I touch it.

Rollo licks Yui’s cheeks as if to nurse her.

First of all, should I try giving her the mana recovery potion Shisho gave me.

It may be able to restore her a little.

Yui is still in an exhausted state.

Mouth to mouth transfer, I give it to her little by little. (TL: I told you not to!)

There is nothing ero about it.

I appeal so to Rollo, but Rollo’s red eyes stare at me reproachfully.

While acting foolishly, we who placed Yui on the popobumu advance through the mist.

Even then, the fog around here is too thick…

We are lost. I aimlessly advance through the fog.

I can feel the presence of monsters all around us.

I advance through the fog while using pheromone touch and presence detection to avoid monsters whenever possible.

The area becomes dark in the evening.

Dangerous. There is nothing convenient like an inn.

There are still as many magic essence reactions on presence detection.

What is this forest, it is full of monsters.

Then I hear a howling voice call out.

Is it possible to avoid this time?

I do not want to fight because Yui is seriously injured…

Then, I discover the ruins of a small stone chapel. There is a small goddess statue inside, the neck is broken off and it also has no arms.


I pray to the nameless goddess for Yui’s safety.

So that Yui’s injuries may be healed.

Namu. For some reason I try Buddhism-style. (TL: Namu is in Buddhist prayer.

N, wait, I remember a certain skill.

If Yui finally become dangerous, should I use my?

Hm. If I make her drink blood and turn her into a Yui will be saved. No, that is no good. No matter how pretty a woman is doing it by force is no good.

If you want to do it, you should ask for confirmation.

I will stop thinking about .

While I think about such reprehensible things I pick something up with presence detection.

The magic essence is human sized. I can smell it with pheromone touch too. (TL: Are you a dog?)

This reaction is not a monster.

-It is the smell of a man.

To the side of the chapel, out of the thickets of the forest, all of a sudden a person appears.

Wearing a black robe like a magic user, and a black hood.

“Nn? That is…what?”

I can hear the robed man’s voice change in surprise.

Their appearance is strange, first of all they are a person. Lucky.

“Ooh, sorry. Have you seen my companion, Yui? If possible, could you please use recovery magic or a potion? She fell from a cliff and suffered an injury to her stomach and her foot is broken. She also has a fever.”

The hooded man who hear my appeals sees the figure of Yui lying wearily on the popobumu.

The man who sees Yui’s state is bald, their head shaved. A strange red and white mark stands out on the figure’s forehead.

What is on his forehead?

I can see that it has something to do with magic…

Mana is released from his forehead.

He looks thin and middle-aged, with visible smile lines.

Even though he is a man, there is a yellow earing attached to one ear.

“Surely there is a wound to her stomach, her foot is broken, and her arm is injured too…but she has no fever. It will be good. My home is nearby so I will guide you.”

The mark on his forehead rises from the skin.

“…Ooh, thank you.”

Though the mark on his forehead surprised me I do not show it on my face and act obedient.

“Nya, nya.”


“Oh, you own a black cat.”

“Yeah. Then, let’s go.”

The robed man doesn’t mind Rollo anymore and begins to walk into the fog.

He seems to be guiding me.

We seem to be moving uphill.

Oh? Just before the slope, a pale blue light begins to shine, and a small stone pagoda appears.

This looks like electricity.

What? Magic? There is a magic essence reaction. There is small stone stuck in the front of the stone pagoda, the pale light is coming from it.

When I stare at the artificial light the man showing us the house looks at me and prompts me “Saa, Hurry up…”

I hastily follow the man uphill.

Up the slope is a is prominent stucco house.

A hut is connected to it and the whole thing is big.

“A house in such a place…”

“It’s a small house. Now, please carry your lover-san over, then you can store your bags in the warehouse”

The robed man says this and then goes into the hut.

“Tadaima. Theta. I’m back.”

When the man calls out a name a beautiful woman emerges from the entrance of the hut to meet him.


Rollo is staring at the woman’s face, looking puzzled.

The woman called Theta has shiny raven-black hair.

A beautiful purple is displayed in her hair next to her ear.

She is beautiful, and her face is really place-n? What?

I look at the woman with magic observing eye.

Then I see a lump of dense magic essence sitting inside her chest.

I have never seen this before.

And, even when I use pheromone touch, the woman has no smell.

There is no smell of blood. Odd.

There is no sense of blood vessels? Why is this?

This woman, is she not human?…This is surprising.

I have to be careful…but, I will put on my poker face.

I suppress my surprised expression back to a normal one.

But, this is unusual…

I stare at the pale-faced Theta. (TL: There is something about eating her 食い I think it means he is staring at her intensely but I can’t think of an appropriate way to fit it into the sentence and I am impatient to keep ready.)

“This is my wife. I am sorry for my bluntness. Theta. Please go inside and bring out a bottle of recovery medicine.”

Wife!? You serious?

My poor heart, I keep being surprised.

I frantically control my feelings and do not let them show on my face.

As soon as I look, my eyebrows are twitching unintentionally.

The husband who is the master of the house gives an order and the pale-faced woman nods silently.

Theta goes into the hut without blinking her eyes. After her husband sees that he goes into the warehouse, and moves bags from the bed.

I carefully take Yui down from the popobumu”s back and carry her into the warehouse.

“Please lay her here. Then, I’ll go check on Theta. I’ll bring the medicine.”

Following his instructions, I lay Yui down on the bed.

He seems to be fetching the medicine

I must thank danna. (TL: Danna means master of the house or husband, I’m not sure why the author chose to use it here, although Shuya may be chastising himself for think the guy’s wife way beautiful and is now reminding himself of that over and over.)

“Danna-san. Thank you.”

“No, no, it’s my pleasure.”

When the shaved danna-san has an awkward smile, he leaves.

-I look around the barn.

There are only a few farming implements, most of it looks like tools related to magic. There are faded magic formations, medicinal herbs, and discarded phials…

To start with, why is there a bed in this shed?

As I am contemplating, Danna-san returns with a vial in his hand.

“Have her drink this potion.”

Opening several kinds of earthen bottles, I start by applying them directly to Yui’s foot and stomach.

Then I give the medicine to her lips. (TL: This is an emergency, nothing ero ero here.)

On the back of the Danna-san who gave me to medicine, there is an insignia of arm holding balance scales and a wand on the messy black robes.

Is the mark a symbol of an organization? (TL: I want him to ask, but I don’t want the guy to attack.)

Danna-san looks back and begins to talk with a serious look.

“With this she should already be okay. After she sleeps and gets up she should be recovered to some extent. However, the wound in the stomach is blocked, because time has passes and the bones in several places were broken, I think full recovery will take some time.”

Good. She is saved.

“Is that so. Thank you.”

I can relax for now.

The Danna in the black robes looks at me curiously.

“Still, why are is traveler-san here? Here is an area deep in the mountains, this is a place people do not drop by very often. Besides, isn’t this area called the 【Magic Fog Forest】 where fog is produced? Why are you out here?”

So this really is the mag fog.

Besides I am suspicious if I am in a place like this…

However, considering you “wife” from before, you are pretty suspicious as well…

Since I cannot be honest about what happened, I will make up a story.

“Eh, I heard about the magic fog and knew, but at any rate, Yui and I are in the middle of a trip from far away, so we are unfamiliar with the area. Once I had noticed we were already surrounded by the thick fog. Yui dismounted her horse and was walking care, when the ground suddenly collapsed…she fell down the cliff along with her bags. Quickly try to get help I moving through the fog, and then you appeared…”

Even though this is an emergency to story is not that great, but…

Does the Danna understand by motive? He nods in silence.

The dana’s eyes are still serious…he is also still watching me.

He is storing mana in his eyes. He seems to be looking over Yui and me with magic observing eye.

After looking over us the corners of the Danna’s mouth crack into a weird smile and begins talking.

“…Is that so? You’ve been through some hardships. You may stay here until your love recovers.”

“Ooh, thank you.”

“No, no, don’t mention it, you can rest using this bed too. The shed is normally a mess, so please pardon it.”

The nearby bed looks dirty, but it looks usable.

“No no, this is more than enough. Honestly, I am thankful for the bed. I will accept your offer.”

“Well then, I’ll call you to the hut when it is time for dinner.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

The Danna’s manner is friendly; I return a careful bow. After the Danna goes back to the nearby hut, I lay down on the bed next to Yui.

Rollo comes over and we curl up together.

Confident the medicine will help Yui, I sleep comfortably.

While looks at her cute sleeping face, I begin to sleep lightly.

-Several hours later, Yui woke up.

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