Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 27

Twenty-Seventh Episode〜 Bath x Cooking

Translator’s Corner: We now have a discord server.Another shorter chapter. Some ero developments with Yui. Also, some background on Zoru and Theta. In other news, I am looking for an editor! Learn more here or click the recruiting tab at the top of the page. Enjoy!~


When I return to the storage shed, Yui is trying to move her body with a frantic expression.


“Rest in bed.”

“Ku, un.”

“I’ll help you.”


I pick up Yui’s body and lean her against the wall next to the bed.


“N, thanks.”

“Good. There’s no need to thank me every time.”



Rollo licks Yui’s arm in concern.


“I guess I’ll check this house. The owner was like that. There should be something valuable here. Besides, wouldn’t there be another recovery potion to cure Yui’s body?”

“That’s right. If you find anything bring it to me, I can distinguish between medicines.”



I go into the next room after covering such a Yui in a blanket.


The room Zoru and Theta talked in is a room fusing magic and pseudo-science.

There is a big bookshelf set up in the bottom left corner in an “L” shape, and on a nearby shelf is a big ceramic pot, along with things like medicinal plants and minerals like magic stones also on display.

There are a lot of ceramic potion bottles lined up on an oak desk, and a powdered aluminum-like substance is spread around where an azure mortar and pestle are placed.

Ceramic bottles similar to round bottomed flasks are lined up around and connected to a black triangle shaped apparatus with cracks in it.


There is a bed in the middle of a rectangular magic formation.


There are apparatus and equipment used for some kind of procedure or ceremony, as well as something like a black hearth made of metal.

However, they do not feel like they are used for blacksmithing.

A magic formation that has lost its light is written nearby on the floor.


There is a study desk in the right corner, and placed with it is a high quality chair that looks comfortable.

A small treasure chest is also underneath.


-Treasure chest.


I stoop down and open the lid of the treasure chest.

It is not locked. It immediately opens with a *paka*


Inside is one of Zoru’s black robes, several silver and gold coins, multiple rings, white chainmail, and black boots.

Packed into the right corner of the box are a bunch of bundled papers written with magic characters.


All of the articles seem to contain mana. (well this change should be okay)


This is treasure. Since I will inspect all these later, I close the treasure chest.

When I stand up, a book with a leather cover comes into view.

In addition, on the desk as well is a high quality quill pen with a metal handle engraved with antique designs in a ceramic case. There is also an ink plate.


This book, nothing is written on the surface of the leather, but it is pinned shut. Maybe this is a diary?


I sit down in the high-class chair, then open the book and turn a page…






○ Month ○ Day



Theta has fallen ill.

I will buy one of the purple flowers Theta likes tomorrow.

I only study by myself.

I will spend time with my wife in the future.



○ Month ○ Day



My wife has surrendered to her disease; her stamina is gradually declining.

Her face lit up and looked so happy when she saw the purple flower.

She needs to be cured soon…


It has been several days, but she hasn’t improved at all.


It is strange. Medicine and recovery magic do not work.

Why, why must my wife suffer!

Is it my fault? Is it because I have devoted my whole life to making magic skill rings?


Alia-sama, god of love, please, cure my wife!

Spirit of light, is Ilodis, the god of light, really looking over us?



○Month ○Day



Shit, shit, shit, no (TL: Someone help with this: ぐいfsーあふぃdさえいふじあ)


…Theta died.


Don’t fuck around. Too heartless. This world is cruel.

After all, a good god, wouldn’t…



○Month ○Day



I will take back my wife.


A container can be made with magic gold workings to preserve my wife’s corpse.


It could be a god, it could be a demonic being, but I don’t care.

First of all, I need to collect information…


I am the eldest son of the Gustaves family. And, Zoru Gustaves is a first class magician of the magic guild in Hector.


Using this background, I collected information from every corner I could find.


I checked with the head of the Gustaves family and was able to get strictly prohibited secret documents about Magic Wogan Dolls.

Ma, my own family has massive pull with the secret art magic engineers who use magic ore to create magic dolls.

I paid a large sum of money for information and searched the magic shops in 【 Hector 】.

I was able to acquire several documents about using summoning magic to forcibly obtain a departed soul.


Thinking about it now, I have been making rings as a magic goldsmith since I was young, studying the magic and skills related to being a magic engineer handed down in the Gustaves family, it may have “all” been for my wife.


Letting a mineral and a high-density crystal core fuse as a body’s core, dissolution is stimulated and a weak spirit can be sealed.


This skill is inherited from generation to generation and the person with it has a special mark on their forehead.

I have hated the mark since I was born, but it is different now. Thanks to it, I can save my wife. Things like the glory of a magic goldsmith no longer matter.

I shall use the skill with all of my heart, soul, and mana to save Theta.



○Month  ○Day



I was finally able to get the foundation for the technique of the magic spirit doll.

The dedicated skills, high-density crystal, wood, metal, monster materials, all the necessary small articles.

Besides an enormous amount of mana, the person’s corpse and a soul all being indispensable requirements, Baikal the god of death and Milady governing over life are also related.


What I am doing incorporates arts that the magic guild and holy church consider taboo, unlike the Magic Wogan Doll.


Fortunately, the church in this city is small in scale.

There’s also only one bishop. But, I will have to fight against the magic guild and adventurer’s guild.

Moreover, I must gather information…right now, anywhere is good. I listen to rumors, dark parties, and maybe I should look into the dark guild in this city.



○Month ○Day



While collecting information from the dark guild as well as the thief’s guild I discovered that there is a demonic being in 【 Hector 】


Isn’t this laughable?


A demonic being has always been living side by side with people in this city.

I came into contact with the demonic being and established a relationship. Moreover, using this relationship I was able to directly make a contract with the master of the labyrinth.


There was an easy condition.


Information on the Magic Doll, summoning magic, instead of information about spirits, a ring of the Darkbone Helm, the item necessary for reviving a dead person, I was even able to get “Spirit Absorption” concerning gods. (Is it “For my information on the Magic Doll etc, I received a ring with the Darkbone Helm etc” something like a trade?)


The ring seems to be able to summon a decent soldier from hell.

But, the ancient charm is more important than the ring.


With this my studies will progress further.



○Month ○Day



I pray to Beikala with hatred and love, using my life, a soul is offered. (later on it’s said that he offered his own hatred, love and soul to Beikala like a sacrifice? “It was worth sacrificing my love, hatred and soul.”)

I give a portion of my wife’s body to Milady, and give it the blood of my relatives.

“Spirit Absorption” is totally different from the Magic Doll. By inserting a soul, it can be changed into magic essence to become powerful.


This is a magic tool related to Milady and Beikala.

There seem to be other evil god tools, but I’m unable to use them.

After studying in this condition for a while, a monster with bone wings sometimes comes to my room.


It is the master of the labyrinth; it doesn’t seem to trust me very much.


Fu. Shit, it’s a demonic being, but…fufufu, ma, it’s fine.

If it’s this, I can revive Theta.


My wife…endure a little longer.

When I next take out the preserved corpse of my wife, I will have to chop up Theta’s body. (guesswork but should flow as well)



○Month ○Day



It’s finally completed. Theta.


But, it doesn’t even twitch…


Rotten flesh and spirits are still required in large quantities for Theta.

The power to control the related attribute still seems to be insufficient.

I must be careful when using “Spirit Absorption”…it is brittle and fragile.



○Month ○Day



My research in 【 Hector 】 has been exposed to the master of the magic guild, Benji Zengare.


As expect of those impressive people who built the castle wall. It was unreasonable of me to expect to remain hidden.

But, when there was a fuss, I tricked and killed a number of the guild, including Benji.


Buahaha, ahahahahahahahahahaha.

Serves you right! This is what happens to those who interrupt my research.


My reasoning is steadily declining.

There is no one who is able to stop me. A dejected heart completely swallowed in darkness.

After that members of the guild have been attacking one after the other, but I have killed all of the would-be avengers.

Because I have the ring of the Raijuu I am able to handle them relatively easily. (TL: Raijuu, not Riajuu, is a mythical beast that descends from the sky with a thunderbolt. I choose to use Raijuu.)


Fuhahahaha, this is perfect, their souls and corpses are exactly what I needed.



○Month ○Day



Finally, yata. I did it.

Theta moved.

It was worth sacrificing my love, hatred and soul.


She has no memories of her life time…but my wife revived.


Although, we can no longer stay in our birthplace, 【 Hector 】

Because  having slaughtered the members of the guild I am going to be pursued by the holy knights and adventurers of this city.


I have been exiled by the Gustaves.

Somewhere, I must move my base…






Then, I close Zoru’s diary.


The man called Zoru seems to have become extremely violent.

In this disgusting diary, is it the violet, was it that love that drove him to do such things?

Sighing I shake my head side to side and stand up from the chair.


I turn my eyes to the bookshelf.

In the magic user’s room there are a lot of magic related books.


I am interested in the books, but for now,




While muttering quietly, overlooking the gold wrought items on the left side of the room I move to the front of the book shelf and the desk.


Potion bottles lined up in a row.


Now, which one should I take?

I return to the room Yui is in with the ceramic bottles.


When I return Yui is looking at Rollo with a gentle smile.


Her smile is cute.

Once she notices me her face turns serious again.


What, this gap. Smile at me sometimes too.

With a strange determination in my heart I approach her with the bottles I am carrying.


“-Yui, I brought a lot of bottles. Hey, these all look the same, but do you know which is which?”

“N, I can tell. Let me smell them.”

“Got it.”


I open the ceramic bottles one at a time and bring them close to Yui’s nose.

I give her a little whiff one after the other.


“The one just now is a recovery potion. And I think the first one is a first-class recovery potion. The others are bad. Oh, this one. The next one is odorless. Hey, this might be the medicine that paralyzed me…the antidote is the next one.”


I smell it too…I cannot tell.


“Amazing. You really can tell by the smell.”

“It’s because I sometimes use them in my work. For assassination…”

“I see, that makes sense. So, will you drink this recovery potion with this antidote?”

“Ah, I’ll leave it to you.”



When Yui hears me she looks at me in confusion. (didn’t make sense to smile though…)



“It means ‘open your mouth.’”

“Hey, this is my limit.”


Being convinced, Yui opens her mouth a little.

She seems to be able to move the muscles in her face a little.

Ma, that makes sense if she can speak.


I tip the thin rim of the bottle to her tongue and pour the liquid into her mouth.


“Yosh, drink it.”



She nods in silence.


“Then, I’ll lay you back down…”


Holding Yui’s head, I lift her body and lay her on top of the bed.


After I put her down I leave the storeroom.

I will move the popobumu I had left alone.


Connected to the popobumu’s mouth is the lead which is tied to a tree next to the entrance of the storeroom.

And, I use the ingredients in the kitchen and mix together the potatoes and leaves to make feed for the popobumu and put it in a wooden bowl.


I do not forget to remove its saddle and carry the bags into the storage room.


Once I return to the storage room and the baggage in order Yui is already sleeping.


I appreciate Yui’s cute sleeping face.


Not making a sound, while walking slowly- sit on the next bed and appreciate her sleeping face again.


Rollo has also curled up and gone to sleep.


I lay down while being satisfied by such a figure.

I spend the night with my eyes closed for a while until I naturally become sleepy. (TL: I want to say something. It seems like Shuya doesn’t need to sleep and I am incredibly jealous. I hate sleeping, and being sleepy. It takes me one to two hours to fall asleep at night and that’s if I wait up until some ungodly hour to get tired. If I go to bed at nine I may not fall asleep until twelve. If I was Shuya I would never sleep again.)






The next morning-

I wake up early as always.


The usual way.

When I get up Rollo as always raises her face and looks at me.



Without me noticing she fell asleep under my feet.



I smile at such a cute Rollo.

Now then, I will get undressed. There is a hole in the leather clothes where the lightning struck with burns surrounding it. I remove the leather clothes that have become little more than rags.


I strip my upper body and carry my black spear in one hand and the kukri sword in the other to go outside to the front of the garden.

In the garden I do some light spear training exercises, finally ending the training by flinging the spear into the ground in a big attack.


After I am satisfied with my morning training I put out the popobumu’s breakfast and return to the storage room where Yui is laying.

She is already up and is trying to forcibly move her body while her upper body is trembling.


“Yui, you’re able to move a little now?”


She hears me asking about her condition and for a moment, has a joyful expression.


“…Ah! Ah, only a little. But, like this…”

“You can’t expect a full recovery in just one day, can you?”


I lean the black spear against the wall while talking.

Now then, I will enter the bath.


I look for a bucket in the room.



“Ah, I was training, oh, ata ata…”


There is a big pail sitting in the corner.

I carry it to the foot of the bed.


“N, what?”

“It’s for a bath. Bath. I sweat a lot.”


While I explain I pour water in with Life Magic and clean the pail.


“A bath…”


She mumbles. A bath shouldn’t be uncommon.

After I finish cleaning the pail I fill it with hot water and then strip down naked before putting a foot in the hot water. (TL: Okay, two things. First: Dude. Seriously. Second: I guess pail is more like tub.)




-It feels nice.


I wash my face with the water and pour hot water over my head.

I take some gyuza grass out from the bags and turn my back to Yui. (TL: Gyuza grass is soap.)


I rub it between my hands as I wash my whole body, starting from my face.


Rollo splashes the surface of the water *pasha pasha* and plays.

I catch Rollo by the scruff of her neck and her body stretches out as she is lifted, this is for the sake of making her nice and clean.


“Nyaa〜 Nya.”


Rollo calls out like that at first but then seems to understand and behaves herself.

She closes her eyes and is quietly washed by me.


When I finally say “done,” Rollo jumps into the hot water and begins to swim splish splashing.

Yui looks at us and talks.


“Is that soap?”

“Not exactly, but it’s similar. It removes dirt.”


With a smile I step up out of the tub and approach Yui, naked. (TL: Stahp.)


“W-why are you coming over here naked?”

“Well, Yui needs to take a bath.” (TL: No ulterior motives here.)



The nostrils on Yui’s face move making them kunkun.


“Don’t you smell a little? You won’t be able to get stains out if you stay like this.”

“Uh, but, no.”

“Arguing is useless.”

“Hii, i, iyaaaaa-”


Yui exclaims.

I remove her jacket by force.

I removed her black clothes and chain mail leaving her buck-ass naked.



“Shut it. I won’t deny it, up we go.”


I lift her light body and hold her in a princess carry.

I carry her like that to take a bath in the hot water.


“Do you understand that a body needs warmth? It may help the paralysis.” (TL: That…is actually a valid point.)


“Maa, maa, it’s fine. I’ll wash your body.”


I layer some leather clothes on the edge of the pail and lean Yui’s head against them. Stabilize. Using the gyuza grass I wash all of Yui’s body. (TL: Irredeemable hentai.)

Fuu, I am getting a little excited. Her crotch is fuzzy.


“Oi, there’s no ulterior motive, I’m not a monster.” (TL: 一物 can also mean penis.)

“N, hey, is that the important symbol of a man?”


Yui is clearly staring at my crotch.


“Are you going to attack me?”

“No, no, it’s not that. I won’t embrace a woman who doesn’t want it. So relax.”

“You, aren’t you excited though…”

“Hey, it’s a man absolute justice, an uncontrollable physiological phenomenon. I can’t help it because Yui is beautiful. It’s normal if I am rubbing breasts, this has been decided by the gods.”

“B-beautiful…because it’s like that, you say you won’t attack me?”


She seems surprised by what I said. She is quiet for a time and stares at me.


“What? Do you want to be attacked?”

“It’s absolutely different, I mean, bringing your face close naaaaaa”

“Shush, you seem to be fine. Either way, are you able to move?”

“What, the heck are you doing!”

“Even if you say that, oh, that reminds me, I never told you my name. My name is Shuya Kagari. -Your future husband, the name of your lover.”

“Bullshit, what husband, lover, hentai erection man!”


A〜h, she got mad. She is really angry.

Ma, that much is normal.

However, if it was not for me you would be dead you know?


…I do not say that.


You should hate me if you hate me.

I like this woman. I am just helping her.


“…Ahaha, fine. I’m a hentai.”


While laughing I carry Yui in my arms, “Baka, stop it. Hentai.” as she nags me I wipe her body down with some leather, and dressing her in some of my clothes I lay her on top of the bed.


When Yui finally seems to have become quiet she glares at me while turning the other way.


“Oi, don’t get mad at me. Now, I’m going to get us something to eat.”


Because there are potatoes and edible herbs in the kitchen I begin to cook something with those.

After peeling the potato skins she is still in the same state as before when I return for the seasoning in the saddle bags…


I go through the bags without minding it.


While I am going through the bags I come across some jerky, the rabbit meat I hunted, and the meat of the false hawk.

I am a little hesitant about the false hawk’s meat…

Though I will not know unless I eat. I will eat it. (some kind of idiom?)


I take the meat to the kitchen, beat the meat lightly, cut it finely with a knife, and lightly salt it.

Then, because I found something like an oil that tastes a little like white wine, I pour a little of the oil into a frying pan and place the finely cut meat in it, lightly frying the surface of the meat.

After that, I mixed the seared meat together with the potatoes and a garlic-like herb to take care of the smell, and transfer them from the big frying pan into a pot. (added hyphen, should improve readability)

In the iron pot I stew the meat along with the potatoes and vegetables after adding water and liquor on the fire-lit stove.

After a little while it is done, along with the lightly-salted soup made with jerk, the barbequed chicken, and rabbit meat.


The bitter flavor of the herbs mixes well with the meat in the soup.


I was worried about the liquor, but it seems to have softened the meat and taken care of the smell so that it tastes really good.

I share it out the wooden bowls and dishes and carry the food on platters.


“Yui, food is done〜”



She looks back but stays silent. She is still glaring at me.


“The taste is okay. It feels like a simple pot luck. For now, try and taste some, hora, open your mouth.”

“Fu, why, pot luck? N?- It smells good.”


She was still in a bad mood, but as soon as she smelled the meal her attitude changed completely and improved.

I bring a spoon to her small ero mouth and feed her.

I am relieved that she is hungry. She eats it with great relish.


“It’s good, but it’s hot.”


In the blink of an eye everything on the platter has been eaten.


“You still want to eat?”

“Uun. I’m already good, thank you for the meal. But, go away now.”


Go away…



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  1. Well at least he’s honest; he wants her, but is polite enough to wait until she gives in, rather than taking advantage of her while she’s unable to resist. Though he was pretty clever about bathing her and being able to feel her up under the excuse of both cleaning her and helping to warm up her muscles and nerves some.

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    1. He didn’t have a hard fight against them. He simply fought in the safest way possible. He knows nothing about most of the monsters he sees and doesn’t want to try and kill them impressively, only to get hit with some weird attack he wasn’t suspecting.


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