Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 28

Twenty-Eighth Episode〜 Magic Characters

Translator’s Corner: Discord. Still looking for another editor. Go to the recruitment page for more details. Anyway, Rollo is really cute in this chapter. Enjoy!

In Zoru’s study, no, I should call it a magic laboratory,

I have returned here.
I could be said that I escaped from Yui.
I put Yui in the bath like yesterday, and afterwards she was in a bad mood and grumbling during breakfast.

Because of that, I ran away to escape and have come to this room.
Ma, I also came here to get medicine for Yui.

There is some medicine placed on a shelf.
Her mood will probably improve if I give her this medicine…
Alongside the medicine there are a lot of magic books piled up.
The books are full of thick parchment that looks to be high-quality.
There is a book that was sticking out of the shelf and fell to the floor.

Because I discovered the thick book was a commentary I placed the book on the stand holding the medicine and return to Yui.

“Is this enough for the medicine?”

I have Yui smell the bottle and confirm it.

“This is right.”
“Drink up.”

Like the other day I insert the mouth of the bottle between her two small lips and have her drink.

“Thank you.”

Some liquid is dripping from her lips. Erotic.

“That appearance. Since there was a magic book I brought it.”

I show her the book, but she doesn’t seem interested and returns a short answer.

“You don’t seem interested. I’m excited though.”
“You’re weird.”
“True, other than that are you feeling the effects of the medicine?”
“N, un. It’s definitely working. It’s just a little, but I can move my arms and feet now.”

Just as she says, joints have a much greater range of motion than yesterday.
Her arms and feet are shaking, but they are moving.

“Oh, good. Since there is still quite a bit of medicine we should be able to manage.”
“…Aah, looks like it.”

I am pleased, but Yui seems a little dissatisfied.

“So, since I am going to read this book, if your back becomes itchy tell me. Since there is also a bottle prepared for pee, I will help with that too.”
“-I don’t need to, I peed earlier in the bath. At that time…I will tell you if I want to…”

I speak bluntly.
However I am embarrassed.

Her face is flooded with shame, and after staring at her for a moment I put the magic book on the bed top.

On the cover “Complete Works of Magic Foundation” is written.
Reading between the lines I devote myself to reading.
The surface of the paper is rough. I take a look at the first item.
For magic users “regular training” is required.
If one has the aptitude to handle mana, they should be able to acquire the Battle Occupation, Magic User, even immediately.

And, I want to say to people who have publicly become magic users.

Magic User is the foundation for the “Great World of Magic.”

Daily training. Accumulation of varied experiences. The effort from acquiring the Magic User job will bring one a step further. Furthermore, if a magic book is read then the Mage, Dark Magic User, Magic Swordsman, and Apprentice Scholar Battle Occupations can be developed. This is dependent on the individual, disposition, and experience and if battle occupations fuse then they diverge even further.

The number of battle occupations is vast and infinite.

Someone who does not understand may ask a teacher. In short, you should learn it when you develop in the relevant Battle Occupation you trained for. This is surely a matter that lets you feel the favor the Refoto-sama, the god of jobs.
Shisho taught me most of this…
I turn the page.
For example, if it is for the Mage system one will diligently study and aim at Magician Apprentice. General, a Magician Apprentice is an existence equal to the students of Great Magicians. Of course, if one have the talent and ability, the apprenticeship can be passed using dark magic tools, then directly becoming part of the “magician” system. (I have personally seen students with the talent, and often of the magician system) Above Magician Apprentice is Black Magic, Magic, those who learn magic are often called “magicians.” It is only the Battle Occupation Magician being explained here, but magician is not the name of those individuals, Magic Scholar Teacher, it is sometimes recorded in battle occupation as Magic Bushi.

Mainly, a magician has a class.

A low ranking magician is third class.
An average magician is second class.
And a high-ranking magician is first class.

Many first class magicians are employed by royal families, or become knights, staff officers, or royal court magicians. (It is said that there some odd people among the last group) A job above such a magician would be a Archmage or a Great Sage. However,the power mana of Archmages is considered a threat by royalty and nobility. Because they have the power of magic there are many magicians murdered by royalty and nobility. This happens because Archmages are existences that can usurp the authority of a king. The organization that was established to prevent such reckless use of power is called the【Magician’s Assembly 】.

The 【Magician’s Assembly】 is a meeting of powerful magicians that manage the magic guilds that extend to every place.

However, I am afraid to say the group is not such a monolith. In reality, there a different guide lines for the magic guilds in each area of every nation. Is it a magician sense “freedom” or perhaps their “pride,” I do not know, but…among them, there are people living a life that belongs to their nations and are subject to the “ambitions” of nobles. There are also magicians that become outstanding adventurers and travel often. As a result it is questionable whether name of the Magician’s Assembly is able to function as an umbrella to shield Kings and Rulers.
“From an Apprentice Magician. Royal Court Magician, this my first time hearing about the Magician’s Assembly.”

Muttering I flip through the pages.
I pay attention to the explanation part of the magic book.
The next thing you should learn is magic characters.

Magic is learned when magic characters are read and understood. After being read magic characters will then instantly crumble and disappear like dust. This is known to all people using magic. However, not everyone who can read magic characters is able to learn magic. To learn magic a person’s mana and mental power is required.

If mana and spiritual strength are high, it is possible to read and understand advanced magic characters. Then “comrehending” magic may be possible.

There are also time when “comprehending” magic characters does not happen…this is another topic.

To create Magic Characters, with some funds and through examination by “Circle of Ernst” only those recognized by the circle’s “Magic Refining Teacher” are allowed to produce them. (Even if I say it is allowed, an exclusive Skill i required and it consumes vast amounts of Mana. Because of this the number is naturally small, but…here magic interests happen and noble powers are brought into question. )

The scroll is one particular way to produce them, and there are no special limitations on this method.

And then, when magic character do not exist, it is right, it should be not be magic learned from a book it is “using a magic construction book.” (What is called a Magic Construction Book…is a type of banned book, and because the Holy Church is annoying I cannot write about it here. Sorry.) Magic Character are the foundation, they are long-lasting, and the paper will not degrade until the book no longer reacts to mana. Even if a book that no longer responds to mana is read, magic cannot be learned. It becomes an ordinary book. No longer reacting to mana, they are mainly ancient magic characters.

However, about ancient magic characters, the stories about “Ancient Magic Characters” differ. There are magic character left over from the ancient eras that have not stopped responding to mana, there are still somewhere in this world.

At first glance, it only appears to be an old book, it is troublesome…

Excuse me, if some one acquired ancient magic characters was able to “analyze and comprehend” everything, the value of the “ancient magic” learned will be immeasurable.
“Note: Contact the person who understands at Ernst University, Pubramanti.)
Such ancient magic characters may be found in historic ruins. If discovered and verified as the genuine article it will be worth a vast amount of money. (By the way, it is to the extent that I who am writing want it. Note, If ancient magic characters are found contact Pubramanti at Ernst University.)
The classification of ancient magic characters is difficult, strange iron can be sold to a magic tool shop yet what about something so “rare.”
There are a lot of notes in this book from a person called Pubramanti.
He seems to really want ancient magic characters.

What I look at next is “The Difference Between the Language and the Crest,” it is about “Effective Magic Formation Construction” with crest magic.

I have heard about it from Achilles-shisho, but this is the first time the book has mentioned it so I will check it for the time being.
With Language Magic one gives praise to the spirits or gods, to use the magic one chants an aria.

Lower magi is classified into three kinds, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Higher magic is classified into four kinds, Powerful Class, King Class, Emperor Class, and God Class.

Low rank magic has little power, minute mana consumption, and the aria is short. Higher magic uses the power of multiple spirits and may offer prayer to more than one god, as the aria grows longer the mana consumption also increases.

The contents of arias are all similar but will change depending on the god and various changes. An unknown phenomenon occurs where power seeps across the dimensional boundary into this world, it is said the breath of the God of Magic “Shikishiki” is being used, but it is not known for certain.

On the other hand, there are neither low rank or high rank magic crests.

Crest magic is the concentration of mana in one’s fingertip which is then used to create the magic circle. With magic circles, by including complex systems like magic characters and symbols a magic formation is completed, it then becomes “crest magic” for the first time. Because of this the degree of difficulty is high and the power of the world’s “laws of nature” can be used to create big magics.

“crest magic” can be called a part of “free magic.”

(Being called free, there is a connection between ancient magic and crest magic…)

The time it takes to construct increases as the complexity of the magic formation grows.
The mental image of the magic formation needs to be flexible and mental power is needed as well as having vast mana consumption.

But, it should be simple as long as it is invoked once.

The rest is dependent of the person’s talent. Excuse me, if crest magic is used it will be magic much stronger than language magic.

Language magic is one’s own voice, using natural magic essence, spirits, and gods as a source of power, crest magic is magic that constructs a precise magic formation and absorbs the surrounding magic essence and one’s own mana. Consequently, crest magic is difficult.

There is a way to save time if a magic formation is prepared ahead of time using magic printing. However this is bordering on “enchanting magic.” So I will omit it.

Unlike language magic, crest magic directly interferes with to “laws of nature.” This “natural law type” is pure magic, those of the “spirit user school” love spirits, there is a three way factional struggles amongst those of the “holy magic school” that love the gods.
(A god school is a god school, because they are innumerable…it is a totally worthless story. Am I not in a school? Without undergoing strange influences would the students reading this be here?)
With both language and crest magic they will become useful only after growing. It is best the steadily training.
But, this is really a generaliztion. Skill, Spirits, Gods, it is good to remember the conditions for magic growth change with the factor of the dark magic tool.
After that i can no longer understand the contents of the book.

About how to draw out simple magic factors from the 24 dimension worlds, interference with the brain boundary and interference with mana collection conflicts. Among other things, it goes on to an astronomical summary and may as well be greek.

I quickly lip through the pages until I come to the end of the book.

There is says “Complete Works of Magic Foundation” written by the Sage Pubramanti of Ernst Magic University.

The Sage, Pubramanti.
At any rate…

“Magic characters disappear once they’re read…”
“For a while now you’ve been mutter, is that thick book so fun?”

Yui seems interested in the magic explanation book.

“It’s fun. Do you want to look?”
“A little…”

I go over to her side and show her the thick book I was reading.

“Mu, it’s too difficult. Yo- Shuya, aren’t you a Spearman, not a magic user?” (TL: Yui starts to call him “you” again but stops herself.)

Oh, this is the first time she said my name. It makes me happy.

I am interested in the difference choices I have. There are no shortcuts in learning a language, but even if I cannot learn it right away, I would like to get some information. I want to see it even if I can’t learn it.”
“There are no shortcuts in learning …I haven’t hear this before, but you’re greedy.”

Yui glares at me with scornful eyes.

“Yui, wouldn’t you work hard to improve you sword skill?”
“I would do my best…”
“It’s similar to that. In addition, Yui’s sword arm is considerable. You have been training hard.”
“…In my case I have been training since I was young…to learn the sword.”

Yui’s eyes seem to sink for a moment…was it hard?

“…Is that so. Sorry.”
“Why apologize?”
“I reminded you of something difficult from your past…”
“…Haha, such an imagination, truly a ‘odd man.'”

…Her eyes seem irritated.

“Your active imagination is bad!”

I laugh at the body of Yui being being poked.

“Nana, rubbing me like that, Aaan.”

Suddenly the breast saint appears.
“Ahaha, how’s that〜, making a fool of me, I’ll punish you with breast *pafupafu*”
“Hii au, bad…”
“Fumu. All right. I’ll permit it.”

Oh, a cute smile.

“That smile is nice. It’s cute.”
“Baka, don’t say that with a straight face…go away.”
“Ah〜yeah, yeah.”

Ma, Yui is in a bad mood so I will return to Zoru’s magic room.
This time I take out the equipment in the treasure chest.

I am able to get some things I can equip.

The black boots have metals fittings with a crow on both sides, and since they seem to be my size I try them on.

I wear the crow boots, immediately.
A purple light shines from a slanted quilting design.

These are magic boots. (TL: There’s a joke in here somewhere.)

The eyes on the crows also glisten for a moment.
Then, the quilting design disappears and they return to black boots.

When I walk…the sound of my foot steps are gone. These seem to have a silence effect.
There is also a deodorizing effect so the smell of my feet is also gone.
Not that I think my feet smell particularly bad.
It’s because they are boots, I do not smell them intentionally.

Next, I look at the rings.
Didn’t this Zoru Gustave say something about being a ring craftsman in the diary?

…There are several rings.

There are several colored jewels in some of the rings.
I can cast magic without an aria using these rings, they seem convenient.

…A red, white, and yellow ring.
I can expect it to be fire and wind attribute, but I do not know anything more detailed.

There is no ring of the water attribute.
The only rings of Zoru’s I seem able to use are those of the darkness attribute.
I might be able to sell some of these rings in some town.

Only three of the collected rings are suitable.
I leave the white chainmail alone since it is not in my size.
I hold onto the black mace.

I put on the black robe with the boots.
I return to Yui dressed like that.

I activate the <Hidden Body> skill.

Heh-heh, I will surprise her.


When I appear suddenly Yui almost falls out of the bed in surprise.

“You surprised me.”

I help support the surprised Yui’s body lay her back down gently.

“I didn’t notice you. You’re wearing a black robe…”
“I took it from the treasure chest in the back room. Oh, do you know what this mark on the back is?”

I show her the back.

“It’s an exclusive symbol used by the 【Magician’s Guild】”

So the arms with the scales and staff really is the symbol of a guild.

“An exclusive symbol, thanks.”

According to the diary.
Zoru Gustave was a member of the Magic Guild.
So I throw off the robe I put on.

“Was that Hidden Body earlier?”

It must have been strange that I appeared without sound, so Yui asked.

“These boots helped. They’re something I got from the treasure chest.”

I show her the boots.

“Magic Boots. Such high-quality equipment…the person Shuya defeated was a powerful ‘magician’…”
“Seems like it. The guy used several different kinds of magic. Fortunately, he only fought with the magic in his rings.”

As I speak calmly she has a confused look on her face and her vigor fades.


In the end, she falls silent.
Lowering her eyes, a shadow falls over her face.

“What is it? Did Yui’s condition worsen?”
“-It’s different. Don’t come here. Don’t bring such an unpleasant face close to me.”
“I’m sorry you feel bad. What, I was worried and wasted your time. Suddenly become tsun, then I’ll look around the area, unless you need to pee or something, I’ll go outside to hunt with Rollo.”

What is it? She suddenly became all tsun tsun. (TL: Tsun as is tsundere.)
I will go hunting to relax.


Rollo’s red eyes dilate at the word “hunt” and quickly jumps to my shoulder.

I pass through the arched door.
The area around the hunt is still filled with fog.

The fog has not cleared because I killed the couple.
However, there is a dramatic part of me that expected the fog to disappear like that.

The circumstances do not seem to be so nice.

I walk down the hill while thinking such a thing.
Through the small lighthouse giving of the pale blue light at the bottom of the hill, I invade the forest.

I will start searching within a range where I will not get lost.
As soon as I enter the forest I feel a monster’s magic essence response with presence detection.

All of a sudden I am already approached.
I take up my black spear and stand calmly.
I wait for the source of magic essence reaction to appear.

Rollo jumps off my shoulder too.
In preparation for hunting sharp claws extend into the group from both of Rollo’s paws as she assumes her black panther form.

Then, the source of the reaction appears.
The figure of a huge mantis with weak mana.
It is a mantis, but the figure is slightly white.
Two big sickle arms like steel beams stand out.

The white mantis’ head is triangular.
It seems me with the compound eyes on the sides of its head, and then-the white mantis jumps at me.
-From overhead the two sickle arms swing down a “descending punch attack.” (TL: Punch is in English.)

Immediately, I I thrust out the black spear in response.

The descending sickles are repelled by the upper section of the black spear.
Without pause I evade, moving in a circle.

Chasing after my evasions, again and again the sickles are swung down.

The mantis’ sickle is fast-
I quickly move the black spear and parried the sickle at an angle.

Fast and heavy.
The weight of the sickle makes it feel like an aluminum bat.

The collisions make a dull sound, I hear a collapsing sound.
The mantis’s big sickles swing down one after another like industrial machinery.
One blow, two blows, gradually from the attacks raining down from the left and right I am forced to retreat.

However, as I retreat I keep hold of the black spear like a willow branch and aware of the semi-circle I deal the descending sickles.

Gradually, I become accustomed to the movement of parrying the big sickle.

The action of repelling the sickle becomes compact.
The sickles slash through the branches and leaves of the surrounding trees, innumerable leaves dance through the air.

With the timing, Rollo flanks the mantis.

A feeler bone swords pieces deep into the mantis’ abdomen.
When I let Rollo quickly strike with her feeler I move closer to the mantis’ flank and grab the claw on its forefoot, I run though the front cutting the mantis’ flank while making use of my physical strength. (TL: I’m sorry for this.)
The mantis’ body is slim.
The flank of the body is cut straight through.

Green blood and abdominal juices splash out of wound, and the mantis dies.

The abdomen is soft?
Kon-kon. (TL: Tap-tap) I tap the arm of the fallen mantis with the spear, but it does not move.
Unlike its stomach its sickles are hard like metal.

For the time being I retrieve it. I leave behind part of the corpse too.

Then I use presence detection. I sense the surroundings.

There are monsters’ magic essence reaction everywhere.
Furthermore, I also activate <Pheromone Touch>.
When I sense the smells I can understand the forms of the monsters I detected one after another.

A mantis, some kind of large beast, the figure of a small person, etc. All monsters.
There are also several winged woman-like monsters in the sky.
Of the various monsters in the forest the beast type monster seems to have reacted the the corpse of a mantis quickly.

Oh, roaring sounds are coming from all around me.

I make eye contact with Rollo whose feelers are swinging aimlessly.

“Rollo. You may hunt as you like. But don’t go too far. Come back here if you finish hunting.”
“Nya, Nyaa.”

Rollo calls back happily with a rumbling sound in her throat.
Being especially happy she extends a feeler to my cheek.

『Hunting』 『Hunting』『Fun』 『Play』

She communicates such feelings repeatedly.
With a smile, nodding with intention, Rollo runs off lively into the forest.


A pale-blue saber-toothed tiger appearance from the opposite direction Rollo left from.

It has long ears and the there is a pale edge around the tiger like face.
Its fur is white until blue begins to mix in under its chest.
Its tail is split into two.

The huge fangs under its lips look sharp.
Its size is slightly bigger that the Zerri tiger from the forest near the Goldiba home.
For a tiger it might be said that the color of its fur is beautiful.

However, the image is ruined by the black gill-like protrusions under its whiskers.
While the two part tail of the tiger sways back and forth.


It rushes at me with a threatening roar.
The gills split down the middle to reveal sharp thin bone tusks.

Are you going to stab me with that?

The crossed fangs leap out faster than a vaulting horse as it jumps.
It dodges the descending spear.

The blade of the black spear stabs through the back of the blue and white tiger and its charge adds to the damage, carving out meat and bone.
The back bone is cut so deeply that it is completely torn throught.
Even having its spine severed the blue and white doesn’t run out strength until half way through.

After coming to a stop and collapsing forward it no longer moves.
I confirm the unmoving corpse.
Taking out a knife I cut up the tiger meat and harvest it. I remove it’s saber-teeth.
I pull out the unpleasant bone blade from its gills and collect it.

Lastly, I active <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.

I make it easier to dismantle by holding its hind legs with the “distorted mana hand” and then skin the tiger.

While I work on dismantling I wait for Rollo to return with game.
Oh, a little surprised I admire her figure a little.

I do this because she has the corpses of two tigers hanging from the bone swords of her feelers.
She is carrying another corpse in her mouth.

The tigers seems heavy, she looks like she is struggling. (TL: D’aw.)

Rollo purposefully brings the corpses to me as the proud result of her hunting, looking at me with her red eyes.

Her cute red eyes seem to be saying “Praise me, praise me.”

“Good job, you did great.”

Delighted by my praise she extends a feeler to my cheek.
『Prey』 『A lot』 『Happy』 『Fun』 『Play』 『More』

Her feeling are conveyed in sequence.

The praised Rollo seems to be having fun, she is running and jumping round and around with her tail standing up lik the handle of an umbrella.

“…Haha, but we’re already finished hunting. Let’s go back.”

She answers quietly like she is disappointed she cannot continue hunting.

“Rollo, please carry the corpses to the hut. Let’s surprise Yui.”
“N, Nya nya.”

Again, Rollo stabs her feelers into two of the corpses and after picking up the other in her mouth she walks to the house at a decent pace.

I return as well.

When I enter the room Yui is sitting on the bed with her mouth open in surprise.

She is surprised by Rollo’s figure…
But, her bad mood seems to be gone.

“Um, this black cat? Did it kill those tigers?”
“That’s right. This is Rollodinu. This is my partner as well as my pet.”
“Like a familiar?”
“N〜, something like that?”

When I incline my neck questioningly,

“It seems to be the case.”
“…When I attacked Shuya, why didn’t you make it attack me?”
“I had no intention to kill Yui, so I had Rollo watch. I gave Rollo an order at the start.”
“I…mercy from the start…”

Oh my, she became depressed.

“Don’t be so depressed. Do you want me to rub your breasts again?” (TL: Is that an offer or a threat?)
“Iya, ah, saying that, are gunna tickle me?”
“Oho. Tickling your breasts to massage them is supreme, even you, would want to taste the skill of the 156 hands from the breast research society?”
“What is the breast research society…”

Yui’s eyes sharpen for a moment but then she laughs.

“Don’t you know! Why I think breasts are beautiful? It is the romance of a man to pursue the holy meeting.”
“…My head is hurting, so go away now…” (TL: Haha. I love Yui. “I’m done with your shit for now, so go away.”)

Ku, narrow minded.

Like this our life as false lovers continues…
One week passes.
Yui is recovered so that she can walk. But, her physical strength seems to have fallen, her arms also still feel a little numb and shake.

Naturally, she is not even able to use her sword.

“You seem to have already recovered considerably.”
“Un. For all of you help…thank you.”

Yui’s expression softens.
It is different from the stolid expression she normally has, this one is a soft cute smile.

“Ou. That expression is good.”
“You, Shuya is kind…even though I’m an assassin…being so honest now…”

Even though you are praising me you are looking down.

“Oi, again? My gold finger…”
“-Stop it. I understand, haahaha, so stop. I’ll kill you.”
“Un. That’s better. That’s the spirit. Hahaha.”

After all, that smile is the best.

“Well then, I’ll go to that magic room.”
“I…will make some dried fish and the tiger meat Shuya ate the other day.”
“Got it.”

I return to Zoru’s magic room and begin to search through the treasure chest again.
I take out the bundle of magic characters that were written and look over them this time.

It is bundle of scrolls.
With only a little mana someone can use magic with this.
After one use they become dust.

Zoru seemed to have been a magician and there are various scrolls.
However…most are fire and wind, only two scrolls are darness attribute.

One called Reckless and the other black arrow.

I will use them one day, for now I’ll conceal them in my bosom.
However, if I keep them stored away I may forget to use them.
Next my gaze moves to the bookshelf, I take out one book after another and read them.

There are some documents about Dark magic Wogan Dolls and old golems.

A skill called Ore Casting seems to be required to make the a doll.
In order to make a magic doll various monster materials are required along with a crystalline lens, minerals, wood and leather. The technology the make ancient golem solders, among other things.

There is a memo Zoru wrote down in the margins.

A large amount of souls and magic essence is required.
Sacrificial offerings need to be made to Malady and Beikala.
Particularly, the key is large amounts of souls ad magic essence.

It is also written that “Spirit Absorption” is required.

There is a description about Spirit Absorption.

It is one of the magic tools introduced by demonic beings.
It is something that can gather a person’s soul and magic essence to create vast amounts of energy.
Using it is difficult. If it is damaged even a little the soul and magic essence will discharge out and it will stop. So it was written.

I remember a similar description in the diary.

I put away the book I read.
When I am choosing the next book I discover a book inserted deep into the bookshelf.

When I grasp the book in my hand there is a mana reaction.

Oh, are these magic characters?
The characters I read on the cover are different from those on the other ones.

The letters are different. It seems old, they are blurred and indistinct…
I can make out the title as “Black Lump.”
I check on Yui before heading to the garden. (TL: Yeeees.)



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