Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 30 (Part 1)

Thirtieth Episode〜 Intermission- Yui

Translator’s Corner: Hey everyone, chapter 30 is super long so I’m splitting it into two parts, but don’t worry, each part is still the length of a normal chapter.Also, I added the names of the next five chapters to the ToC for anyone who’s interested. Enjoy~

Author’s Note: This is Yui’s perspective. It will return to the usual story after a little.





The assassin wrapped in black clothes, in pursuit of the Spearman, pauses in front of the Magic Fog Forest.

The Magic Fog Forest, it is a place filled with dense fog, and there is another name for it in the area, the 【Surface Labyrinth】. Not only travelers and caravans, but even thieves avoid this famous area where monsters appear.






I have to the front of the forest where the thick fog spreads out.

Here is the Magic Fog Forest


I turn my eyes between the thick towering trees.

A red line is clearly visible.


My <Beikala Eyes> extra skill, I never lose my prey.


I am certain that the “Spearman” went into this forest.


Hewso gave me an order, telling me to “kill” the spearman.

At the same time, it is an order from the dark guild the 【Shadow’s Right Hand】.


It is dangerous but I no choice other than to go. However, I feel uneasy.

The strength of that spearman was not ordinary.

At first he appeared to only be an ordinary vagrant…but when we fought, I quickly lost.


That experienced handling of that man…

A little, I remember that way of walking from somewhere, but he was too strong.

The two people the spearman killed in 【Senapa】 were reputed master assassins.

Named after the Nebulous water dragon that savaged seas of Samaria they were called the 【Three Best of Nebulous】 all having mastered fighting moji, Zeefu the Reclusive Sword, and Apo the Flashing Prison.


These masters were defeated in an instant, and I too was dealt with easily, in the end I was sent flying with a kick.

I fight him again, but my arm is broken and I lose.

I have failed twice now.

Moreover, he gives me mercy there saying life comes first.

When it is discovered that I am a woman my chest is groped and I am made sport of.


And, that man, said I am “beautiful”…

Aah, already- to forcibly forget, I shake my head side to side.


I must not mind it forever.

I need to get a grip. I slap my cheeks.


Kill order. The orders of the dark guild are absolute.

I must kill that spearman or I will not get a big pay day.

Without money I also cannot acquire my father’s medicine.

Again, I look up the forest covered in fog.

The red line marking the spearman spreads out inside.


Even if it is the “Magic Fog Forest” it does not matter.

Engraving such resolution into my chest I plunge into the Magic Fog Forest.

Using the <Eyes of Beikala> I chase after the red line.

The forest becomes foggier and the white fog obscures my view.

The noises also become terrible.

As I advance though such a forest- in the hazy fog in front of me, did something move?


That moment, a blue and white tiger with fangs attacks me.

Hurrying, I block the bite of the tiger with a sword.

I perform a kick back from the tiger and immediately withdraw.


However, there is the figure of a monster I ran from earlier, the silhouette of a huge mantis ripple in the white fog, waiting.


The sickles of the big mantis are big.

Aiming for the feet, I go down the notched blades of the mantis descend.


Hurry to the side I try to dodge the sickles but I am not fast enough.

The sickle grazes my right foot.

From the calf of right foot blood dances.




Ku-The sickle is sharp. It attacks again.

My foot hurts, by I run away.

Without thinking about the direction I desperately run through the fog.

I see a thicket so I jump into it to hide.


I look around the area from the thicket.


Fortunately, there is no sign of the monster chasing me.

Ku, as soon as a feel relieved there’s a *zuki* pain from my right leg…I can kind of see the bone from the wound.

The wound is deeper than I thought…I need to take medicine soon.


I choose a high-quality heal potion that is placed in my bosom and bring it to my mouth.

Gaku, gaku, I drink it down and the wound on my leg is immediately restored.


This medicine is high-class.

This is special medicine provided by the organization for work.


However, this was my only bottle…

I cannot be injured from now on.

At any rate, the visibility in this forest is bad and the monsters are strong.

No, it is not only that, without resting for too long, I need to continue chasing that “spearman.”


Was my choice a mistake…

That moment-with a sound of pushing through the trees from behind, a blue and white tiger appears.




I am pushed over onto the ground by the tiger.

Again, this is the tiger from earlier.

Without howling it widens its mouth.


It has sharp fangs like sabers.

Saliva drips from the fangs.


The tiger growls and moves to bite the scruff of my neck.


I cannot be eaten- hurriedly, while keep the sword in my right hand level, I push it into the tiger’s mouth.

It cuts through in a straight line from there and the tiger as if reading my movements, closes its mouth and blocks the sword with one of its fangs.


With its powerful jaws the tiger is try to bit through the sword.

The sword has been caught tightly between its sharp teeth.


If it was a common sword it would break. However, I look at the sword blade caught and being bitten by the tiger and feel relief.


The magic characters shining on the sword blade show white.

This sword is not an ordinary sword…appearing is Samaria legend, their names are from the twin demon grade demon beings Azeros & Vassage.

It was from the Samarian Merchant Fiver Fingers Drui Risaloma, I received them when I assassinated Drui at the request of the organization.


The blue and white tiger snorts violently, together with the shining sword, it hurries the defeat me quickly and attacks the sharp sword with its teeth greedily.

The smell of the beast is sent to my face with a *bua*

Then, the upper part of the gills on the blue and white tiger, transforms suddenly and splits- a slender shard protuberance protrudes from inside.


Eh-I quickly move my face to the side.

The sharp protrusion grazes my cheek, cuts my hair, and buries it in the ground.



This tiger does such a thing- moreover it stinks.


But, such a smell vanishes as a pain runs through my left shoulder.


The shard claws on the paw the tiger is holding me down with cuts through my black clothes and penetrates my chain mail digging into my living flesh.


I discover blood streaming down my skin.

I change the pain into my strength and counter attack without becoming flustered.


I hold my left-hand sword in a backhand grip.


I deal a heavy blow to the jaw of the tiger from below with the sword blade.

I kick the tiger’s body with a knee and make the tiger lean back. Using this moment I pull on the sword caught in the tiger’s teeth and slip it out.


-I strengthen my body with <Fighting Moji>.


I stand up and spinning my body to the right I activate the skill, <Dancing Decapitation>

The effect of the skill increases the speed of the revolving blade and it sinks into the tiger’s necks, burying itself in the scruff.

From there, the rotating slash continues through the bloodied blue and white tiger…and its head falls to the ground with a thump.

Blood gushes out from the severed neck like a spout and my whole body is sprayed with blood.


Ha, ha, ha, I am worn-out.

I must leave here quickly.


Not paying mind to the blood and dirt I leave the place while gasping for air.

I run into the fog, chasing the spearman. For a while I continue killing the monsters that appear while I wonder the forest.


At such a time, I finally manage to approach the targeted spearman.

The “red line” that leads to target thickens further.


-I approach with silent footsteps.


-I activate <Fighting Moji>

-Storing mana in my feet, I circulate and store mana in my hands.


Yosh, now!

-But, I am easily evaded and my sword only cuts through air.


“You. It’s been a while. And you’ve removed your mask. But, why is your beautiful face dirty? And aren’t you also injured and worn-out?”


To discover my position so easily…



“Quiet again?”


Confusing me…again this spearman talks to me.


I must not mind it.

I will “kill” this person.

I activate my extra skill, <Eyes of Beikala>

Again the spearman is bordered in red.


“What happened? Looking at a face such as this-”


In defiance of the spearman’s words I immediately leap at him.

I attack, swinging down with Azeros held in both hands to bisect him.

But, there is only the feeling of hard rock being cut.

A metallic sound rings out, both of my hands with their slightly raised physical ability are numb.


When my sword is easily stopped by the black spear my power is lost and I am mowed down.

The spearman pulls on the reins of his magic beast and escaped.


Ku, you will not escape.


I immediately run after him.

The place the spearman runs to is a dead end overlooking a cliff.

Was that guy waiting for me to come to the cliff?

Baka, to intentional wait. I will definitely kill this guy here.


“Yui, you look unwell? Are you okay?”


Again? This spearman…


“Why are you worrying about me in this situation?”

“Haha, that’s right.”


I push the <Fighting Moji> skill to its limits and slash out.

On the way I shift to attack with dual swords.


I slash diagonally from the right with the <Dark Feather Drawn Sword>

Eh!? It was easily dodged.

If that’s the case, attacking with a sword from each side, <Dark Bisecting Shadow>! Ku, I was dodged again-


This fellow, again dodges over and over. Why-how are such movements possible!?


“W-why, counterattack.”


I feel anger towards the spearman who does not counter attack.

But, none of my attacks are successful.


Even an attack using a skill cannot graze him.

I got the “Dark Dual Heavy Sword Master ” occupation, but this, my attacks…


I resolve myself.

I will use my secret technique.


The mana consumption is big and it places a heavy burden on my body.

In the state where <Fighting Moji> is activated-

-I pour mana into the two swords, Azeros & Vassage.


Here, <Dark Henpenshi>-


Relying on the magic swords, a lunge of inconceivable speed.

This cannot be dodged- I did it; I could feel wounding him for the first time-eh?


This fellow, did he see the sword line?

The spearman moves his head slightly aside and continues dodging the lunge.

He avoided the stab from my secret technique- how?!


In the end he sometimes shows a smiling face.


S-such…avoided easily.

Towards the spearman whose movements have transcended those of a person, I fly into a rage and petition him.



“No, maa, I would say that was really close. -You should be happy.”


Be happy- he said something strange again!


“Ku, wha-what is it with you!”

“Mou, don’t swing those around so much anymore.”


I am upset by the spearman’s words. (TL: In the original chapter Shuya says “She seems to have been upset by my words here.” I thought it was funny.


This is the “first time” for me.

Continuously avoiding my attack like this, even avoiding my secret technique, I am even teased and attacked with “words” rather than with the spear.


As a consequence of using my secret technique my body loses its strength.


Oops My foot-snarled, by the time I notice it is already too late, as I fall from the cliff my view sinks.




I fall.

So-a sudden sock runs through my body and my view rolls.


Ite, ite…I seem to have hit my foot on a rock.

Ooh, I, here- At that time as I have begun to give us, I find that the spearman has grabbed my arm.


The spearman has a desperate look on his face.

However, he seems to be trying to save me.

“But, why, why, why-


The spearman not only grasps my arm; he holds my body close.

I unconsciously remember the figure of my strong father hugging me.


Again, I receive a strong shock.

Then, I lose consciousness.





When I come around the spearman is in front of me.

It seems like I was saved…and then, I lose consciousness again, the next I notice I laying in an unfamiliar bed.


Even though I am a hit man I was saved by my target…how worthless.


There is a small hole in my stomach, and my foot seems to be broken.

In addition, my whole body is creaming at me.


The spearman explains that he saved me, as I talked when I wanted to, after taking his behavior into consideration, I acknowledge it.

His goal is probably my body since he is a man. (TL: Well, you’re not wrong.)

But, the situation seems to be that I am pretending to be the lover of this spearman…there is no helping it since I cannot carry out my job with my body in this condition.


However, someone I am trying to kill is the one who is taking care of me. I am amazed.


Therefore, I endure being lovers.

Fufu, he tried to save me even though I tried to kill him, what a funny man.


“…I…I don’t mind it.”


After I consent a robed man who I think is the owner of the house walks in.


“Ah, your lover-san has come around.”

“Aah, uh, ya!”


At that moment, the spearman hugs me.

For an instant, I dumbfounded.

For some reason I hug the man’s body in return…I feel the warmth of this man.


“Haha, good, good. It looks like lover-san is able to eat now, but since she should stay in bed I’ll bring something to eat.”


The man who offered a place to stay has a shaved head.

N, is that a magic crest mark on his forehead? Is he from some noble house?

But, a noble would not live in a place like this.


His eerie eyes are bothering me.


“Ah, sorry. If it’s alright I will get it.”


The spearman separates from me.


“Is that so? Then, I will return.”


I watch the weird bald man walk away.


But, I…wonder what it is.

I was suddenly held a little while ago.


Such a spearman carries a meal.

Fuun, nevertheless the kill target has not changed.

But, I will express my thanks.


“”Sorry.  But, it’s until the day after tomorrow. After that much time has passed…my foot will be healed.”


The man’s eyes open a little wide. He is smiling.


“…Ah, understood. Then, would Yui like me to feed her?”

“Iii, the shoulder wound is okay. I can already use my arm.”

“Is that so, then I’ll go get my own food. I’d also like to ask about the area around here.”


The spearman smiles, unconcerned. What a strange man.

I begin to eat after smelling the provided meal.


It is delicious. A proper meal after such a long time…

After a short time, the spearman comes back.


“…Looks like she ate.  She should recover well.”


Ordinary. Don’t look at me with such a “smiling face”…it this fellow okay? Am I not the killer aiming for your life?


“…you’re here, I…”

“Don’t worry about it. Right now you are my lover. Since you finished eating I’ll take the tray.”


This man, is he joking?


“T, thank you.”


However, I still respond properly.

The spearman goes into the neighboring room to put away the tableware. His countenance has changed completely when he returns.


“What’s wrong? Why do you look like that?”


A strange face.

The spearman laughingly explains hurriedly, and as I listen I notice that my body is feeling odd.


My hands are trembling.


“Ah, my…ah, my arm is numb…”

“As expected. Rollo, go outside and be prepared to fight at any moment.”



The black cat answers shortly and energetically runs outside.

I should have been more careful.


“Mou, the medicine is already taking affect.”


I seem to have somehow been poisoned by the landlord.

Not noticing something like that…I am not qualified to be a killer.

Before eating I can discern medicines from their smell.


The poison was an unscented type.


At any rate, it is a strange poison. Losing the sensation in my body will not kill but, besides, I can move my mouth. Is this a special paralytic poison?

I do not know of such a poison.


There should be some reason for giving us a special high-quality poison.


Yet, the spearman seems to be okay.


“…You, are you okay? I can move my mouth…but my arms are shaking, and there’s no strength in my legs…although this feels kind of funny…it must be a special narcotic…”

“I’m fine.  I just moved the food…I didn’t eat it.”

“There’s no helping it now.”

“Understood. Let’s leave here first. I’ll carry you.”


The spearman carries me.



“What is it lover? I’ll help. Don’t worry.”


Will my *doku-doku* be noticed…



“Oya…are you going somewhere?”

“Ah, Yui wants to go outside for a little while, feel the wind, look at the stars…”


The spearman moves to leave the room as he carries me.


“Is that so, ha, I guess our lies are mutually transparent. I can’t let you leave like this.  Theta. Block the exit.”

“Yes. Master.”


A robed bald man with a magic crest on his forehead.

He gives instructions while smiling.


The woman called Theta seems to have blocked the way in front of the spearman.

I am being carried over his shoulder so I do not know what is happening behind me.




The spearman cries out.

The woman called Theta seems to be fighting with something?


Taking this chance, the spearman jumps out of the room while holding on to my body.

I can see the Theta woman fighting with some kind of animal to the back.


-Ah, is it the black cat?


Does the spearman have a magic beast obeying him?

Or is it a summoned familiar?

The robed bald man shouts after us in a voice bordering on a scream.


“W, what?”


Such a voice quickly becomes distant.


The spearman has incredible physical strength.

He is maintaining this speed while holding me.


I am put on his magic beast and he immediately orders “Run ahead like this.”




I feel anxious and call out to the spearman.


“It’s all right. Believe me. I will not let them kill you.  I will call you back right away once I kill the couple.”

“Wait, you absolutely can’t die. If you do I will kill you-”


If I can move…






After about thirty minutes.

I learn the irritation of riding on a magic beast but since I cannot move my body there is no helping it, so I wait.


After a few minutes I hear a whistle.

The magic beast hears it and responds with a *bubo* before it begins to advance towards the sound.


Again, I hear it. The magic beast snorts and runs.

This child, it is an intelligent magic beast.


“Yui! Are you all right?”


The spearman is alive.


“…I’m okay. My body is numb and I can’t move…but you’re all right.”

“Oh? Were you worried about me?”

“Baka…if you’re like that, should I kill you?”


He speaks like he is bluffing.

Then, the spearman, approaches me while smiling, and running his fingers over the butt of the me who cannot move, he massages and rubs.


“Kya, he, hentai!”

“Hahaha, saying such a thing, aren’t you supposed to say you can never be a bride?”


Really…I can’t believe him. This man. A lecher.




We are returning to the shed from earlier while I ride on the magic beast.


“Yui, your body shivers when I hold you.”

“I. An. Baka.”


…Again, he touches my butt. Mou, this lewd man.

But, this man lays me in the bed gently.


“Which remind me, Yui’s important swords.  I left them here. I made sure to recover them.”


The horny man’s handsome face is destroyed, and smiles many times while talking, but rather than the swords that are my important weapons, my head is filled by this ero man groping my butt.




“Well then, Yui should rest her body. I’ll go put the bodies in order. The elaborate day that called him master is also torn up.”



My body is still paralyzed and I cannot move at all.

The spearman…does not come back inside until later.

I can hear the sound of intense battles…is there still someone there?


…Still, that spearman has not come back.


On the other hand, the black cat comes to my side.

-It licks my arm.


Seeing my expression, it seems to have made some kind of judgement.

Is this young black cat worried about me? It’s cute.


When the spearman returns safely he corrects my posture.


And, he seems to have gone looking for a recovery potion inside the house.


After a little while the spearman returns with some bottles and plays with the black cat.

I check them by their smell and take the medicine.


But…my recovery is slow.

The poison paralyzing my body seems special.

It seems it may take several weeks before the poison wears off completely.






When I wake up the next day the spearman is gone.


Fufu apparently…it seems he left me.

Aaah, shit, I cannot move my body. I…


Then the spearman comes back. Naked from the waist up…


“Yui, you’re able to move a little now?”

“…Ah! Ah, only a little. But, like this…”


Ah, damn it.

For a moment, I have I have a happy look on my face.


“You can’t expect a full recovery in just one day, can you?”


Noticing my expression, the spearman’s eyes move restlessly. He seems to be looking for something in this storage shed.



“Ah, I was training, oh, ata ata…”


N? Under this man’s face, there is a necklace covering his chest.

Furthermore, it is decorated with white butterflies.


-Ah, perhaps, that might be an ancient white star stone…one is given as a promise of love in an old Elven legend, the famous Nepua Highsent.


Why, it is a jewel that comes from the ancient Great Empire of Befaritsu…

Does he have an Elven love…?


Even as I look at this naked man he works without intention.

He drags a big tub out from the corner of the hut.


“N, what?”

“It’s for a bath. I sweat a lot”


The spearman seems to be taking a bath. He seems to be a tidy person.





And, after cleaning out the tub, while muttering “such a thing” to myself he begins to fill of the tub with hot water using life magic.


He really seems to be taking a bath one way or another.


He takes out a strange mugwort-like dumpling and as he rubs it between his hand it bubbles.

He also washes the black cat.


At any rate…his tempered body…

His chest is thick, and the muscles on his arms are big too.

The muscles on his back- N? What?

There is a small design on his lower back.


At first, I thought it was something like a tattoo…

The mark is a black mark with three black points like animal’s paw-print.

The one on his butt looks like light blue tears. (TL: So that’s why his butt was itching after he did it with that water spirit.)


Nevertheless, he is washing awfully carefully…


When I look at the spearman-


By force, I am bathed.

I try to refuse, but I am undressed and carried, naked, to the tub.


I see the pride of a male for the first time there.

The spearman must be excited; his penis is standing tall.

However, such a thing…the ero man washes my body, my chest is rubbed, and I am thoroughly washed down there.


At that time, he tells me his name, but he has a lover, and also because I do not want to be played with I respond with mean words.


…What a strange ero man.

He said I am beautiful, that I give him desires…

Maa, my face is a little well proportioned…

And this fellow, with such an ero expression, is a lewd man.


But, despite being lewd he behaves strangely.


At present by body is paralyzed and I cannot move.

Because of this, the spearman could attack me at any time and violate me.

Occasionally, he acts lewdly and does things like touching my breasts and hips but he does not act violently.


He does nothing like that at all.

Surely, it must be because of the feelings for the person of that necklace.


…He unexpectedly shows me a gentlemanly side.

Like this, he brings food and medicine to my mouth for me to eat every day, he also washes my body, and even helps me when I need to pee…


Judging from the spearman’s name, Shuya Kagari, he must be from a low class noble family.


That must be the case.

He keeps himself clean, and seems interest not only in the spear but also in magic.


He easily reads several books on magic that I cannot understand and find difficult, he lets me read the magic books several times but it was too difficult.

His intelligence seems to be high since he reads such difficult books happily.


Just who is Shuya?


He doesn’t seem to have an adventurer’s card.

Despite that he seems awfully strong.

When we fought, he showed me mercy time and time again.


I know that, so I become depressed and unintentionally begin taking it out on him.

It was decisive when Shuya came back from hunting.


I knew because I had seen it fight a little before, but when the black cat came in dragging the tiger corpses with on the end of its feelers I was really surprised.

If this black cat had fought alongside of Shuya when I attacked, it wouldn’t even be a fight…


The black cat is called Rollodinu.


It’s cute, round red eyes have small dark spots inside.

It is cute, it looks unexpectedly thoughtful and anxiously begin to lick my body, so I stroke its head.


It is a really cute cat.

However, when I saw its form as the larger beast figure, honestly, I was scared.


When I am becoming accustomed to such a life with the black cat and Shuya…

Little by little, my body becomes able to move, and begin to talk more and my smiling face keeps growing.


When Shuya approaches, my chest throbs.

I, this man…


But, it is different when it is time for the bath. I always become sullen.

My body is washed. I endure because I cannot move…but, that…I am so embarrassed I could die…


Maa, it is fine. If I completely recover…

Since I will kill him.

No…if I am honest, already…


For me…impossible.

Can’t kill…father…






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  1. Thanks for the chapter :3

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      1. Who gave it is the question plus if it had that can of meaning it can’t just be in passing it’s building up for the next heroine


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