Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 30 (Part 2)

Thirtieth Episode~ Intermission-Yui

Translator’s Corner: I finished it! This chapter took me two days to completely translate. This is also the last chapter of the Arch. A reminder, this chapter is from Yui’s perspective. Enjoy~

I was born on a cold winter night.

I seemed to be born with strange eyes.


Unique eyes, with no pupils.

I was named Yui.


My eyes hid a special power.

<Eyes of Beikala>


Commonly known as Death Eyes. They hold the power of Beikala, the god of death.

It is thanks to a special skill called an “Extra Skill.”


My house holds the family name, Furgman.

It is a small noble family that has been serving Samaria Kingdom since ancient times.


We seem to have descended from demonic beings.

So those of the Furgman lineage possess special skills by out nature. and using this power have become distinguished through military service over many a battlefield.


However, the glory did not continue for long.

After repeated wars with 【Terramay Kingdom】 the head of the Furgman household was sent by 【Samaria Kingdom】 to advance on the large country, 【Osberia Kingdom】, when suddenly they reconciled with one another.


When the war that had worn on for countless years finally ended…

The small military noble family loses their important post and declines.


The Furgman’s territory was small and they were not a rich family.


The family’s finances declined during father’s generation, they called themselves nobles but they lived a life full of poverty.

Still, Father Karudo and Mother Saki worked desperately the revive the Furgman family without complaint, acquiring the daily necessities.


At such a time they received a good sign.

Father is employed for his martial arts prowess by a great noble family.


It no different from the old days when the Furgman family was a small noble house.

However, the lineage of the military family has been passes down.

In fact, To-san received it strongly.

Exceling in martial arts, he trained me since I was young.

I say that, but I am also smart and tough. And yet, the features are handsome.


Indeed, my father is attractive. Although his personality is a bit feminine no one says that.


However, the good times did not last forever…

My mother collapsed unexpectedly and died of an illness.


My father had no time to grieve, he became busy with his new work and was spending increasing amounts of time away from home.

Even if my Father’s work was favorable the Furgman house’s finances was in a terrible state. Our condition of being one step away from losing their gentry granted by Samaria Kingdom.


Always living on the edge.

The circumstances are so severe, but To-san continues teaching me the basics of the Furgman style sword play.

It is a military art that adopts the beneficial aspects of the three big schools, Flying Sword Style, Absolute Sword Style, and King Sword Style.

It may be mocked by the swordsman practitioners in the area, but those people understand nothing.


These days, the faces the instructors and Father surprised by ability is increasing, the joyful expression are increasing.

I was happy to see the figure of my father being happy.


Once, father returns to the house covered in blood, causing me to panic.


To-san has a serious expression and begins to explain.


“Yui, do not speak until I am finished I entered the dark guild, I dyed my hands with unknowable darkness through assassination work.”


To-san talks, unusually upset.


“I have dyed the proud Furgman family is darkness.”


Hugging me, he explains while crying.



I entreat him strongly “It’s okay. No matter what happens, I will not come to hate To-san. Instead, because I am strong, train me even more.”


To-san nods in silence and accepts my desire.

And, when the work with the dark guild is finished, severe training begins


I am very happy because the time I am able to spend together with my father has increased.


To-san is very strong and strict.

Injuries are a daily occurrence.

However, I desperately continue the harsh training.


As I continue the severe training to-san is amazed by my growth.


It appears that the lineage of the Furgman house has a strong influence on me.

The battle occupations Soldier, Swordsman, Dual Swordsman, Heavy Soldier, Light Technique User, Bow User, Light Soldier, Sword User and Assassin are acquired one after another.


And, I learn the special secret art of wearing mana, “Fighting Moji.”


This grants physical ability.

I had trouble at first because it uses mana, but how great is it that it can increase a soldier type’s speed?


I was happy once I wore Fighting Moji.

In this way, the art of the sword and assassination is instilled strictly by Father and my talent blooms.


-Innate talent.


My father looks at me, and about the time three months has passed I begin training with genuine swords.


In the middle of training, my eyes repeat a shaft of light.

<Eyes of Beikala> – I use them.

The <Eyes of Beikala> is a skill related to the god Beikala.


The other person I look at becomes bordered in red, they become “marked by the god of death” and it does not disappear.

When fighting someone who has that mark, every aspect of my physical abilities doubles.


My father has a stunned face, and opens his mouth to talk.


“Yui. Those are ominous eyes. However, when you use the eyes, the quality of your movements changes. They become terrifically sharp. If you match it with fighting moji you will become one of the top-class assassins is 【Samaria】. As expect, my daughter is of the Furgman house.  Regarding the god of death, a benefit is a benefit. Yet, your eyes will become troublesome because of the Beikala fanatics. Be careful when you use them. Learn to control them better.”



To-san talks truly happily.


So. These eyes of mine are strange. These eyes have the power of the god of death.

When I come to master this power, the training with father becomes even more severe again.


-I feel scared…

At that time, I notice that my eyes changed on their own.


“N? Your eyes changed again?”

“Eh, oh, un.”


I am trying to control them, but for some reason they activate automatically when I feel fear.


But, this is convenient for the present me.

As much as my abilities become strong.

Training with such a father, we approach the verge of killing each other.


But, such a life does not continue for long.


My father, proud of his strength, is one day injured carrying out one of his duties.

The injury is a serious wound.

I get a heal potion and a priest at the church to look at it, but it cannot be completely healed with recovery magic either. The injury is not a normal cut.


Black flecks appear on his face and skin, there are things that look like countless tiny magic formations around the cut.


Such a wound…I have not seen…

It as if he has suffered some kind of cursed wound…


Surely, the duty my father received was no ordinary responsibility.


Because if it, To-san is suffering an illness.

Everyday his condition becomes worse…

At such a time, there was good news. I found a magic medicine that worked on to-san.


However, the price is abnormally high.


Regardless, it is the only thing I can rely on, so I have come to depend on the expensive magic medicine. Since he cannot go out to work, the Furgman house goes into decline. (TL: How much can they decline before they die?)


As a result, I followed the natural course of events and entered the dark guild in father’s stead.


And then I met Hewso-sama, a person from a great noble house in 【Samaria Kingdom】, I formally swore an oath of allegiance to the dark guild and arrived at the present.


Therefore, I must carry out my duty to save my to-san.


But, like this, it is impossible…

Mou…I keep going back and forth.


I need to pull myself together.






Seven days have passed living with Shuya and the black cat.

I am able to stand up now.


Shuya, these seven days…has truly taken good care of my body and cherished it.

In order to cheer me up he intentionally says playful things and does acts foolishly. He has cooked, and eased my body.


He is not only a gentleman he is also kind.

And he looks at me with tender eyes.


The cold eyes that froze when I first confronted him, without showing it entirely he not only hears my trifling story but he returns it with a smile, and treats me as a woman.


My obstinate posture begins to “warm up for the first time.”

One such day- I was talking naturally about my father.


I should be disqualified as an assassin-

However, he listens in silence, and “Understands” me.

He talks about himself too. There seems to be a Shisho-san.

They must be very strong. I cannot begin to imagine someone strong than Shuya.


I am able to pass time with the black cat peacefully. Rollo is cute, when she runs and plays she extends of feeler and conveys her feelings.


What a mysterious cat.


She seems to be a familiar. (TL: Yui has been introduced to Rollo at this point, so I’ll have Yui refer to Rollo as “her” rather than “it” now.) When the cat or maybe the magic beast conveys her feeling, I do not hear them…even if she’s cute, fufu.


And then, Shuya goes into the hut to the study almost every day.

He goes to look for a book.


I want to do something to help Shuya, so I talk about dried meat.


However, it is no use.

The air here is thick with fog and it is unable to dry. (TL: Okay, so I made a mistake in the last chapter. I thought Yui was offering to make Shuya some food from the dried meat, apparently she was offering to dry some meat to preserve it for him. Some of you may have caught that, but since I didn’t realize it the translation there is off.)

After a little while, Shuya returned.


“Ah, Shuya. Drying the food here isn’t possible. It becomes moist because of the fog.”

“There’s no helping it.  There’s no choice but to properly cook and dry it.”

“Un. “It’s easy if one can use magic.”

“A, speaking of magic. I discovered magic characters here. See?”


Shuya has a joyful child-like expression and shows me the book of magic


“N, this? I can’t read the characters, oh, I can feel mana in this. But, the contents are incomprehensible.  I can’t read these characters. It’s different from the elf language…and though it’s similar to ancient dwarf I think it is different. I haven’t seen these characters before.”

“Is that so, I’m able to read them.”



He can read this? This ancient language?


“I’m going to conduct a few experiments. You should back up…”

“Eh? Experiments?”



Since the black cat is also there, I pick up Rollo-chan and take some distance from Shuya.




Shuya returns a short answer-

Eh? The characters are floating…


I do not know about this. I have seen when magic characters are read and learned, but I have never seen the phenomenon I am looking at, the characters are shining and floating.


“What is…this?”


The characters then begin to vibrate and are sucked into Shuya’s head.




For an instant, is he okay? I am about cry out, but Shuya nods with a look of ecstasy, he takes a deep breath and seems to be okay.


Finally, the old ancient characters in Shuya’s hand disappear.

He then raises his right hands and tries to do something.


In front of his right hand, he draws a circle with his finger-



With the motion of tracing his finger with a trail of black light he constructs a magic formation.




This magic formation, is Shuya a “magician?”


“”The beginning is according to the basics in the book…”


Shuya mutters.


“《Dark Bullet》”


The moment the magic’s name was declared-


A lump like a distorted black stone emerges from the magic formation…

I have never heard of such a magic.

Let alone magic user, after all he was of magician class…

Dispelling such feeling from me, the black mass produced by magic collides with the ground- the earth is gouged out and a great gust of wind is produced as fragments burst out.


My hair sway from the shock of the wind.

Rollo-chan is surprised too. She jumps.

With such tremendous power, there is the collision sound of intense deep bass.

What earth-shattering power. That big hole…


“Hey, this is pretty powerful if it lands a direct hit.”


For a brief period, I am left speechless by the magic.

This power, I have begun to fear Shuya for a reason other than his martial arts.


And, I ask the question I thought of immediately.


“Shuya…you, who are you? Not only the spear, but to use magic…”

“Yui, your eyes…”

“Ah, don’t look!”


Oh, I am embarrassed.


“Aah. However, I’ve already seen them…”


Such eyes…


“My eyes. They are hollow and abnormally empty…”

“Is that so? It was fantastic and beautiful…”


Eh? My eyes, beautiful…

This may be the first time some has said such a thing…

Even To-san only called them eerie.


“…Only Shuya. To say such a thing.”


I am so happy that near naturally begin to flow.


“Beautiful. You showed me those eyes once before.”

“Un, thanks. That was for the sake of chasing Shuya.”


The fear from before fades away.


“Ah, they’re turning back.”



My heart is light. I feel like I can tell Shuya everything.


“In order to chase me, those eyes are special eyes?”


He asks with a smile.


“So. These are the eyes of Beikala. They are nicknamed “Death Eyes” and are good for tracking. The target I catch with these eyes once with be bordered red for ‘eternity,’ where ever they go I can follow. It’s a ‘game’ for me. Two times, three ties, every time I see the target again, my assassination ability improves.”


I naturally confess my most important secret.


“So, uh, do they change all the time?”

“Yeah. Most of the time I activate consciously, but sometimes when I feel fear it activates automatically.”

“Is that so. Then I scared you. Sorry. But, such important information…is it okay to tell me?”


Certainly…but, it is already fine.


“Un. I am already okay with the problem that is Shuya. Aren’t you… actually a magician?”

“No, n, well now I can’t deny it…I became a magic user. In other words, my foundation is well rounded?”


Just well rounded, it is not convincing.


“…It was a phenomenon I have not seen. I have not seen characters float when you learn magic. Such a phenomenon happens with neither language nor crest.”

“That’s right…


There is probably still something else.


“You’re hiding something?”

“It seems to be ancient magic.”

“Ancient Magic!?”


Ancient Magic-

I have heard rumors in 【Samaria Kingdom】 and 【Terramay Kingdom】 that such a thing really exists in 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 and the tower town 【Senapa】, is it something studied in 【Magic City Ernst】 to the far north.


I am understanding less and less. Shuya…


“…It’s a shock when the woman I love is afraid so many times.”


Eh? Eeeh, woman he loves?

My feelings of fear and the answer to my question are blown away by his words.

Love, hearing his words, reality all comes crashing down, and my heart swells.


“…You love me?”

“Aah, would I have nursed you if I didn’t like you?”

“That, well…”


I am happy. My heart might really break.

Doku-doku. What do I do? I…


“Yui, did you say that you grilled meat earlier? Now, let’s finish.”

“N, that’s right.”


Unintentionally, my words are tense.

It becomes awkward.


Shuya is roasting the meat without minding it…

I spend that day trying not to look at Shuya too much.






Every morning Shuya gets up early in the morning to train.

Always naked above the waist…he returns to the room to wash off his sweat.

He takes a bath even though I am here, but his muscles really are wonderful.


He is tall, black haired, and dark eyed.

His face is ordinary, but that is irrelevant.

On his chest there is a white cross mark coiled with chains.


There are two necklaces around his neck.

It is the same white star stone from before.

His lover, what kind of woman is she?


Ah, Shuya’s butt, wonderful, coming up.

When he sees me staring he asks “Do you want to go in together?” I reply “I, am already okay,” rather stiffly, then I throw the paring knife in his direction.


It is easily dodged.


There is also a day where Shuya goes *kon-kon* with his nose and his eyes become bloodshot.

Honestly, I was scared.

And, all too soon the happy days pass, and ten more days are gone.


I have already healed completely, but I remain silent.


Eating together every day, happiness.

To change the mood, we can eat outside today.


I feel like I am living as a “woman” for the first time in my life.


His eyes that stare at me. His face is flat, but I think it is well proportioned.

I make a cute smile.

Shuya returns a smile too.

However, Shuya is avoiding my eyes today.


That moment-


That? Shuya makes a grim face and looks up at the sky.


Thereupon, suddenly, above, from the magic fog, a demonic being appears.

The demonic being comes down to the ground. The demonic being has wings of bone.

It is a gargoyle type; a kind I have not seen.


I am on guard. I grasp the leather wrapped handles of my swords and stand.

It has big black eyes on pale skin. It has legs like a bird.

The demonic being begins to talk.


“…Oya, it isn’t that magician.”

“Aah, what are you?”



While Shuya talks I activate the <Eyes of Beikala>.

I become battle ready to be able to attack with my sword at any time.


I hold a sword in both hands, adopting a fighting stance.

Shuya is talking, but not being careless since he is hold the black spear, so it is okay.


“The woman’s appearance is different too? What happened to Zoru Gustave?”

“More importantly answer the question. Who. Are. You?”


Shuya talks threateningly.

The demonic being is coming!




I activate <Dancing Decapitation> at the same time the demonic being is about to hit Shuya.

Aiming at the demonic being- it starts to attack first.

-Rotate and slash.


A revolving slash with a sword in each hand, <Dancing Decapitation>.

Tens of time, hard sounds- chi, it was defended against.

However, as I land and slash diagonally from the shoulder- I give it <Dark Feather>.


-<Dark Feather>


The sword like moves towards the neck but they are deflected by a bone sword,

With that timing I dodge the large bone sword.


-Again, it was prevented.

This demonic being is strong, I take a distance for a moment.


“You fight well for a human girl, no? However-”


The demonic being talks to provoke me.

As he said, the quality of his movements suddenly rise.

A bone wings extends out to the left and the right, and physical speed of the demonic being suddenly rises.

The demonic being with its sudden increased speed slashes out with its bone sword.

The bone sword attack in intense, fast- shit, there is no opening for me to counterattack-

-Ite, eh? This, this was the wing of bone?

My foot has been impaled by a bone spear. Too quick to follow the demonic being extended the wings on its back into a bone spear and used it to attack- I cannot move, the demonic being’s attack is coming!


The moment when I thought I would be pierced-


That, the demonic being, blown off!?

Aah, Shuya helped! -Rollo-chan!

The demonic being collapses to the side a groans slightly.



“You should regret that you laid a hand on the ‘woman I love.'”


Woman he…loves. The woman he loves. Waa…


Shuya extends a chain-like projectile from his hand, I cannot confirm it with my sight since it moves so fast, he attacks repeatedly, and easily kills the demonic being.


-Amazing movements. But, what was that chain?

Other than that, he said lover again…



“Yui, are you okay?


He loves me…




I approached the Shuya with a questioning face.

Hurriedly, I smooth over my dazed expression.


“Ah, aah, un. I’m fine. Thank you for helping me. Also, since my life was saved…kya, it hurts.”


Rollo is licking the wound on my foot.




Shuya got impatient.


“Ah, it’s fine. Fufu, thanks. Rollo-chan.”


Rollo-chan. Fufu, cute. I pet her.


“Rollo, licking her blood is no good. Rather, I…”



I? What is it?


“No, no, that is, medicine! I’ll go get a potion.”

“Ah, un.”


Shuya is strange.

But, he is kind. He has me drink a potion again.


“With this it should be alright. It was good there were a lot of potions.”


Other that, the demonic being came here intentionally, it seemed to have a relationship with the landlord here.

There are many humans connect to demonic being in 【Samaria】, but since I have the blood of a demonic being in me it is not a strange thing at all…


“…Un. But, the demonic being from earlier…it felt like it was an acquaintance of the magician that used to live here.”


When I tell him my casual impression he goes to investigate the body of the demonic being.


“…Dead men tell no tales, but there was a description about the bone wings in Zoru’s diary.  And then, the demonic being has no possessions. There is only a bone sword.”

“We shouldn’t be attacked by a different one again, but…”

“Surely, the possibility is there. It may be better to immediately leave this place.”



Shuya looks over at me with a meek face.


“That, reminds me, wasn’t the sword handling a little while ago very sharp? Has your body already completely recovered?”


I have a bad premonition…


“Eeh, I’m cured…”

“Is that so…that’s good, you feel good…”


He seems to have the intention to talk about something that is hard to say…


“What do you want to say?”

“Since you have recovered, I was considering leaving here tomorrow morning.”


…What…Please do not say you will leave.

However, I cannot say such a thing…


“…Na…wait, are you saying Shuya will return to antagonism with me?”

“It’s up to Yui.”


Why, why? Unfair.

I, even I…Baka Shuya!


“…I must kill Shuya, it can’t be helped, but I don’t want to kill you, but even so, unfair, unfair, unfair!”


My feelings explode, I speak of all of my repressed feelings.

He looks at me with a gentle expression, and after begin to start talking.


“…Na, if that’s the case, why don’t you travel with Rollo and me?”



Travel together-


“I am look for a certain treasure artefact for Rollo. Well, Yui could travel. Wouldn’t it be fun if you were with us…How’s that? Will you come together?”


Treasure, travel…

It is hard work; I have never considered that until now.

I want to stay by his side. Close to Shuya…




“…I want to go. But, I’m sorry. It’s impossible…the organization won’t allow it.  I must protect the Furgman Family. For the sake of my father who is bed ridden with illness.”

“…I won’t force you.”


Shuya’s eyes look down with a regretful look.

Even I do not want to leave. The man I came to love for the first time.

But, he is the one I have to kill.

If we separate, finally…

There is Shuya’s lover. There may even be someone he loves.






I take off the black clothes I am wearing.


“Strangely I want you hear it without thinking. Before we separate, I want to thank you.  I’m not Shuya’s ‘loved one’…I know that. But, if it’s still okay…I want you to hold me.”


The words catch in my throat like lead, but I put forth my courage and confess.

Such an I, will he accept me?



Shuya…stares at my body.

I, my mind and body tremble with joy.


“…Yui, you’re beautiful. …But, I have no loved one?”

“Eh, but, the necklace…”

“Aah, this. I picked this up a while ago…”


So, that…



“Baka, did you misunderstand? Hora.”


Shuya pulls my arms and hugs me-

He holds me to his chest. His chest is warm.


“You’re cute.”


He says next to my ear. Happy.

The center of breasts ache.


Shuya undressed and hugs me strongly.

The muscles of his chest are wonderful too.

I suddenly look up at Shuya’s face and close my eyes.


I experience Shuya’s lips.

The gentle kiss focuses on the upper lip.


“N, for today, I’m your lover…”


I am overwhelmed by feelings for what cannot be,




Our lips again and again, my feeling are building up.

And, I am held so that it is not possible to think of anything.


But, the next day.

When I get up Shuya in longer there.


-This might all right.


Uun- actually sad-

I feel a gaping hole open in my chest.


I want to spend more time with Shuya.

-I hold to embrace more.


The feelings I had yesterday fill up my heart.

Suddenly bringing my legs together on the bed, I cross my hands between my knees. A tear drop flows from my eye down my cheek.

Before I notice the top of the bed is wet.

I want to see Shuya. However, our lives are certainly separate.


My hands are wet with blood.


I only obtained temporary happiness, I should be satisfied.

Surely, if Shuya stayed, I would behave like spoilt child to that man.


So, I lift my head and stand up.


N, a letter?


I see a letter written on a piece of parchment and a lot of money left small storeroom.





To Yui


This money is for your father.

It may not be enough, but this may help with the expensive medicine.

I also left ancient gold. It may be possible that it is worth a lot?

By the way, if you’d like to kill me, come again. Because I will always be waiting.


PS: Can you walk properly? Your agonized face was good, but haha, your sleeping face is cute too.






…Baka Shuya.


But, thanks.


…Let’s meet again. The task is failed. I am resigned to receiving to disgrace.

I am disqualified as a hit man and an assassin, since I love the man I am supposed to kill more, the order is impossible.


I do not know what kind of treatment is waiting for me with Hewso-sama and the 【Shadow’s Right Hand】 but I will return.

Beside, with this ancient gold, I may be able to save my father if it sells well.

Then I will wash my hands, Shuya…


Uun. I do not know yet.


I take these thoughts without and go.

I will return to Samaria.



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