Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 31

Thirty-First Episode〜 Fort City Hector ※

Translator’s Corner: I’m so tired today. I got it in my head after finishing yesterdays chapter that it was a good idea to keep translating. So I stayed up later. Translating like this doesn’t work, so I apologize for any drop in quality today. First chapter of the new Arc, Enjoy~

Coming down from the small hill with the popobumu’s reins in my hands, I immediately see the small stone pagoda emitting a pale light.


Does this pale light act as a boundary?

Monsters do not appear around the light…


Well, from here it is the reentry to the “Magic Fog Forest”

Monster reaction suddenly appear in the area beyond the pale light.


It shows a reaction like so many fish caught in a net, a mass of magic essence.

There really are a lot of monsters here.

Just to be safe I should exterminate the monsters in this area.

It will make traveling easier for Yui…

Besides, it is a good opportunity to test out the power of the ancient dark magic formation.

A little I play with the magic formation.


“Rollo. I’m going try out some experiments, so keep watch.”



Rollo does not seem to be interested in my experiment.


She begins fixing her hair after answer with a throaty sound like it is troublesome.

Stretching out conspicuously on the back of the popobumu’s head she stretches her legs out like a ballerina and begins licking her stomach before moving the lick her legs.


The gesture of her cleaning her leg fur, *pero-pero* is heartwarming.

I begin the ancient magic while watching the figure of such a Rollo.


Focusing mana in my hand I begin drawing the magic formation-

A scattering type, the scale is small. Constructing a magic formation different from last time, it comes together.

I insert an equation to reduce the mana consumption, this part…changing the written formula, I use the matching § and Ο characters to expand it, and I finally let it materialize.


I add an addition formula in Japanese as an experiment.


I am surprised.

Strange, the mana efficiency seems to increase when I use kanji.


Is it because it is easier to imagine?


The circular magic formation is fringed with a pale dark color.

Various kanji were written in with various symbols.

Will it to trigger and activate.




To be able to easily create magic formations like this, it feels somewhat good.

I tamper with the contents and complete an original magic formation.

Moreover, there still seems to be a way to go to improve it.


※ Pikon ※ Magic Crest Construction ※ Permanent Skill Acquired ※


Wao, yata. I acquired a skill.

Is it because I tampered with crest magic? I move the magic formation with such a dark color high above my head and move it all around.


“Magic also has such a use…”


It is also possible to hold them on standby without activating them.


Yosh, I will bring it back in front of me.

While I was slowly and carefully observing the magic formation there was a magic essence reaction in the area.



The timing is good, and there are even several of them.

I closely watch the direction the reaction came from.

A big white foot moves out of the brush and steps carefully on the grass.


There is one, two, three of them.

The blue and white tigers appear


When the blue and white tiger that appeared first makes eye contact, it opens its mouth to threateningly display its fangs and makes a savage voice characteristic of beasts.

And then, the characteristic flesh gills on the nap of its neck transform.

Those black gills. Similar to the other day, the sarcoma splits from the middle and a sharp bone tusk like a snake sword protrudes out. (TL: A sarcoma is a type of cancerous tumor.)


With the bone tusk extended it charge strait forward.

The ones behind it also charge forward.


Sitting on the popobumu I was deliberately.

I wait for the howling blue and white tigers to come into range of the magic.

Turning the black spear to the charging tigers I aim the tip at the head of the tiger, using it like the scope of a gun.


I confirm that the tiger has come close enough.


Now 《Dark Shot》

The moment I think it- the ancient magic is fired according to plan.


The magic formation expands from the spear tip instantly.

Because the magic formation is a circle, it feels like it became the scope of a really big gun.


Mana is expended.

A countless number of small black masses appear from the magic formation in a tenth of a second, the moment the black masses stop appearing.


-The group of masses bursts open.


With a sound like an exploding gas can, innumerable small black masses burst forward like a shotgun. The exploding sound resounds twice.

It seems to be enough to ruin ears- the ringing in my ears continues.


The blue and white tiger running at the front takes the brunt of the attack, losing its head, and its shape is warped…

The body is in a condition with various small holes perforating it.


On the other hand, Rollo and the popobumu and surprised by the sound and Rollo jumps up and down.

The popobumu has lifted its upper body and is standing on its hind legs.


I jump off in a hurry.


I looked at the tiger that received the magic while touching a foot to the ground.

Judging from the condition of the damage I think its life should have ended instantly.

But, the other two tigers that were running behind are slightly injured.


There are two slightly injured blue and white tigers. On the inside of the left and right.

The tiger to the left has injuries on its chest and foreleg equivalent to being struck by some rocks.

As for the one on the right, it is bleeding heavily. Its foreleg is hanging limply.

Judging from the state of the three wounded, I am able to see the range of this magic is like a shot gun, I can tell there is still some way to go for aim and precision.


The surviving blue and white tigers are staring with blood-thirsty looks.


Then, I will kill them normally-


While putting power into the hand holding the black spear, I thrust.

I first aim for the one suffering only slight wounds.


I make the blue and white tiger on the left receive a normal spear stab to the head. (TL: Consecutive Normal Spear Thrusts?)

Continuing, using <Thrust> in a flash-I unleash it.

Using the speed of the thrust skill, the holes are created in the blue and white tiger’s head. It collapses while flesh and blood sprays out.


The last one two the right that has an injured foreleg from the magic does not try to move.


I calmly ascertain the movements of the blue and white tiger.


Without assuming a stance, as I advance forward- I reach out my right hand holding the black spear with no motion, and pierce through the tiger’s neck. (TL: No motion is in katakana. I don’t know why.)


Yosh, I caught it off guard with a sneak attack.


The fleshy gills of the blue and white tiger move with a *piku* and shows a slight reaction, but my spear is fast.

The gills at the base of the tiger’s throat are destroyed by my piercing black spear, crushed from above. A bone splinter juts out to side.


When I pull out the black spear blood spouts from the hole left behind.

The blue and white tiger collapses to the ground with a blood stained mouth as if dead, but it is still breathing a little.


Its state is on the verge of death.


Turning around the spear, I light poke the head with the butt end.

Tsuntsukutsun** Surprisingly tough. This guy.

It seems like the ancient magic from earlier succeeded.

If feels like one that is only useful for short distances, maa, I was clearly able to improve the effect by meddling around with it.

Compared to the first time the crest magic was used the mana consumption is reduced, and there is less fatigue too.


It could be said to be a world of difference.


But even if I say the mana consumption and power was reduced, the amount of mana the ancient magic used fires similar magic regardless of power, if it is the present me, I can tell that 3〜4 is my limit. Thus the current magic is not effective for playing.


Now, I should use soul sucking.


I bite the collapsed dying tiger.

I use “soul sucking” while sucking its blood, giving it the finishing blow.


I get the blood and soul. So,


※ Pikon ※

※ Conditions for Dark Magic Spearman Met ※ (TL: The more literal translation is “Magic Spearman Dark Warrior” which has no flow in English in addition to sounding redundant. So the Dark isn’t saying his magic is dark, although it is.)

※ Battle Occupation Class Up ※

※ <Magic Spearman> and <Magic User> Fuse and Class Up to <Dark Magic Spearman> ※

※ Pikon ※ <Dark Drill> Skill Acquired

※ Pikon ※ <Dark Drill ・Magic Break Spear> Skill Acquired※


Ooh, Class Up.

I obtained skills…should I read the details of the occupation?




Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: Divine Beast Contractor

Race: Rusivault (TL: It occurred to me that Lucivault makes more sense but I’m not changing it.)

Battle Occupation: Dark Magic Spearman : Chain User

Physical Strength 18.8→19.0 Agility 19.8→19.9 Stamina 18.0 Mana 22.9→23.0 Dexterity 18.0 Spirit 23.4 Luck 11.0

Condition : Calm


I touch the Dark Magic Spearman Battle Occupation


※ Dark Magic Spearman ※

A master of the spear and possessing mana and spirit beyond magicians.

After complex conditions are met, one rare Battle Occupation may be met for the first time.

“Night Traveling Magic Army” is a battle occupation said in legends to have first been taken by the Magic Spear Knight Delaha Vurzey.


“Dark Magic Spearman…”


Rare. Further information is not given even if I touch it.

I mean. what will “Night Traveling Magic Army” be?

Who is the legendary Magic Spear Knight Delaha Vurzey?

Thinking of questions from the explanation I try touching the characters everywhere in the window but nothing else is displayed.

Since there is no helping is I check the new skills I seem to have learned, <Dark Drill > and <Dark Drill ・ Magic Break Spear>


Skill Status


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Secret>:<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:<Bloody Chain Feast>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:<Fairy Moji>:<Summoning Magic>:<Ancient Magic>:<Crest Magic>:<Dark Drill>:<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>


Permanent Skills:<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undying>:<Darkness Person Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:<Fighting Moji Knowledge>:<Guidance Moji Knowledge>:<Spear Sparring>:<Thought Guidance Chain>:<Magic Crest Construction>


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


I touch <Dark Drill>


※Dark Drill※

A skill automatically acquired after have the spear skill <Thrust> and the Class Up Dark Magic Spearman.

Its appearance is the same as <Thrust> but it has an added dark attribute and the physical power also rises.


I see, a new technique.

I will try looking at the other skill.


※Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear※

After unleashing the <Dark Drill> skill, the user has the option of instantly summoning a break spear grand pulse, causing the magic break spear to appear and begin attacking.


Reading the explanation, it seems to be usable.

Information about the break spear grand pulse does not appear if I touch it.


Ma, it is too soon to test it.

While climbing onto the popobumu’s back I mind the black tanza spear in my right hand.


―<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>。


I point the black spear forward and unleash <Dark Drill>- It resembles <Thrust>

But, that moment. The break magic grand pulse appears alongside the black spear with the sound of compressed air.

The Break Spear grand pulse spirals out with a force overtaking the thrust out black spear. It drills through the thin air.


This is Break Spear Grand Pulse. (TL: Writing that name give me cancer.)

A spear shining with the dark color of hell.


The Break Spear Grand Pulse looks like a tapered triangular cone.

It is bigger than the black tanza spear, and the thin spear blade look sharp.

The cone gradually widens from the thin tip, the dark lance’s form has peculiar design like steel wire and mother of pearl inlay along the outer edge giving it a refined appearance.


Still, it twirls like a rotary drill.

Its power is likely great than thrust.

I can use consecutive thrust if I use the normal <thrust> skill with <dark drill>, using the right timing the unleash break spear.


Is releasing it possible with subtle timing differences…

This grants a large advantage.


If my opponent is strong coping with them should become difficult.


Rollo has stopped fixing her fur.

Stoically, she is staring at the dark colored Magic Break Spear Lance curiously.


I try hold the dark lance as a trial.

Heavy. Very heavy. I may not be able to hold it; I try raising it forcefully the dark lance disappears.

It vanished. Ma, it is fine.

It seems to be summoned whenever I use the <Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear> skill.


Now then, let us move.


Grasping the reins of the popobumu and advancing there is again a monster reaction right away.

This place is called the Magic Fog forest, every time I move monsters really appear.


Then. Having already tested <Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear> once, I wait for a monster.

This timing is good, there is a magic essence reaction from the sky the is obscured by the fog.


I use the <Pheromone Touch> skill.

A strong smell of a bird beast-n, the enemy is a winged humanoid.


I jump off the popobumu to the ground.

Landing on the ground, I wait for a monster to appear.


The rapidly flapping wings of the magic essence reaction immediately appears from the fog, a humanoid bird woman appears.


It attacks by throwing out its two slender bird legs ending in hooked talons.

The talons look sharp. (TL: Everything looks sharp to Shuya.)

The talon- back step, I dodge.

After I dodge the humanoid bird’s attack it flaps its wings powerfully, climbs back into the sky and circles again.


-Easy to aim.


I eject <chain> at such a humanoid bird monster flying in the air.

It draws a spiral arc through the air like a tracking missile and the chain goes through a wing.


Manipulating the chain, I make it wrap round and around the body of the bird.

Once the chain has wrapped around the body enough it forcibly falls to the ground.

And, having the chain retract to my left hand without pausing, I drag it through the dust cloud created by the force of its fall straight to me.


I twist the chain to crush the chest of the bird woman.


As for this, it does not resemble the harpy from western fantasy very well.


Despite being a monster, its figure with a chain wrapped around its chest is erotic.

Its wing is broken, but the big breasts are emphasized like in turtle shell bondage. (TL: Yeah, I’m not providing a link for this one. You guys can search it yourself.)


But, because its face makes me feel sick, I decide immediately.

I dismiss the chain and unleash <Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>!

The black spear blade of <Dark Drill> goes through the harpy’s face with a twist, destroying it.

Successively, Break Spear Grand Pulse appears.

The dark lance falls down and easily drills through the upper body of the harpy, making a huge spear wound in the corpse.


Oooh, it is strong. This Skill.

The rotating dark-colored thick lance disappears immediately.

However, there are more harpies in the sky.

Should I defeat those guys?


I return to the popobumu in a good mood, and jumping a little, sit astride the saddle.

When I return to the popobumu, picking up a signs, harpies begin gathering in the air, perhaps companions of the one I killed.



Just like a moth to a flame. (TL: Like heading into your own peril.)

Come one, get me!

I will test it out even more.


While mounted I use the <Dark Drill>, <Thrust>, and <Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear> skills consecutively, slaughtering the raiding harpies with a feeling like a counter.

-However, there are too many birds. So in the middle Rollo begin hunting the birds too and I let her hunt freely in the fog forest.

While I am at it, I summon the black and red boiling knights from the ring and hunt with them.

The boiling red and black knight I summoned again are still strong.

Unexpectedly there do not seem to be any monsters in the area that can keep them company.


“His Highness. Please take a rest. Allow us the exterminate the enemies…”

“That’s right. His Highness should see the skill of my dark boil sword dance and shield…”


As they say these things they defeat a mantis, a blue and white tiger, and a harpy with long swords and shields that shine with a black luster.


So, I continue down the crossroad while taking it easy on the popobumu.


On the way, Rollo seems to be giving instructions the boiling knights importantly, it was amusing.

The “unique combination” of the boiling knights and the black cat, continue fighting the forest monsters for several hours, until the magic essence reactions in range final disappear they continue fighting.


Even once they finish hunting the monsters it is the same as before and it remains the dark foggy forest.


However, Yui’s journey should be comfortable with this.

Those beautiful eyes of Beikala, her round c-cup breasts and tight waist, her white peach butt that is slightly larger than her breasts, all come to mind.


However, we have already separated.

I pull myself together with a serious face, and advance through the forest, following animal trails…

Then, again, I find the small abandoned chapel.


It is a chapel similar to the one I saw when I entered this forest.

There is a small statue in the chapel made from piled up stones.

It is a goddess statue in a relatively beautiful condition, the shape resemble a clay Arahabaki doll said to be a symbol of faith in the Tohoku region in ancient times. (TL: Had a bit of trouble but here’s the Wikipedia about it)


There is such a chapel in this place.

Is this guy an indigenous god?

It has the impression of an abandoned Jizo-sama from Japan.

I offer jerky in substitution for a rice ball.

I bring my hands together and pray.


As I advance through the forest in such a condition the fog fades away.

The day light gradually strengthens.


Ooh, the fog cleared up.

The fog finally clears out and the light of the dazzling day stings my eyes.

Is it because I prayed to the god?

Further, I am able to appear on soil path like the highway.

Maa, I am still in the forest.

The fog has only disappeared, but I am grateful.

From here, I need only follow the earthen highway.


It leads from the west to the east. Easy to understand.

If I follow this highway west, I should be able to get out of the forest.

I run west along the highway, kicking up a slight breeze.


…After a short time, I arrive at a small hill.


-The air is clean. I open my arms and take deep breathes.

It is completely different from the dense fog in the Magic Fog Forest.


A cool head wind runs over my whole body.

Several birds fly through the sky.


-It seems my body is being washed.

Rollo seems to be enjoying the wind too, with standing on the popobumu’s head with her two forelegs supporting her body, she extends out the two feelers from the base of her neck to the left and right the flutter like wings.

It’s just like the pose of the young man and the beautiful woman in the masterpiece movie where a luxurious passenger liner sinks.


She poses with the fur on her back swaying in the wind.




Makes an indescribably voice.

You are enjoying this refreshing atmosphere too.


It is a moment I want to take a picture of.


I go down the hill while enjoying such an atmosphere.

Before long the trees become sparse and I am able to see detail of the far-off scenery.


There, I discover a mountain standing far to the south like a marker.


This is the first time since I initially saw it that I am seeing it nearby.

The high altitude mountain, 【Mt. Burdock】.

How high is its elevation above sea level?


Burdock. Shisho told me a dragon lives there.

The distorted mountain face tapers out at its summit and contrasts beautifully with the white and blue.

When I lower my eyes I can see some branches that are part of the Haym river.


The Haym river, I follow the highway west in the same direction the river leads.


Weeds and small flowers similar to matrimony vines are blooming along both sides of the highway.

When I look at the small purple flowers I am reminded of Yui’s small cute face.

Dandelion seeds drift through the sky.


A short while later, I see a conspicuous signpost modelled after a chicken ahead on the highway.

It is a sign. I approach and check it out.


Is the sign a simple anemoscope with a model chicken on top?

Weather vane. The small feathers are shaking in the wind.

There are slats on the pole underneath indicting the direction to various places.


The top slat is to 【Fort City Hector】

Facing the opposite direction are the slats for 【 Magic Fog Forest 】 and 【 Royal Capitol Fadyke 】.


【Hector】 is in this direction.


So we will go this way.

I advance in the direction to signpost is pointing.


Before long I really see a city like 【 Hector 】 in the distance.

I can see huge ramparts in the distance.


It is a big city. My first city in this new world.

It must be 【Fort City Hector】.


The pedestrian traffic has also increased.

I lightly kick the popobumu’s side, and advance through the crowded highway at a regular pace.

As expected of a fort, the moat is deep. The water circulates around it since it draws water from the Haym River.


Drawing further attention to the fort are two large statues.

I can even tell from behind that they praiseworthy.

I want to see those huge statues up close sometime.


The mood is completed with the feeling of sightseeing. I have to visit before entering the city.


Because I am looking at the statues I have not moved to the huge gate bridge leading into 【 Fort City Hector 】 with its intense pedestrian traffic.


At the waterfront there are street vendors jumbled together selling fish and vegetables.



Since there is no helping it I go the river side from the harbor.

Looking up at the sky, I look at the huge statue figure again.


One of the soldier-like statues has a longsword stabbed into the ground, with his mouth open to release a courageous shout, having a shield on its back it cuts a brave figure.

Another statue looks like a young girl in prayer.


The two huge statues stand on either side of the Haym to protect the entrance of the city, a huge steel chain hangs down from the statue’s arm.

The set up seems to be such that the big chain leads to a huge water wheel that winds it up.

After the chain is dropped into the Haym river any boats passing will be stopped.


Is the purpose of this statue, rather than worshipping the gods, meant to function as a gate on the huge river?

The goal is the collect tax. An influential person in this city seems to be able to blockade.


If I had a camera I would definitely take a picture.


A huge statue in a different world. It is suitable to praise the existence of a god.

I fully enjoy the touristy feeling.

Pushing the popobumu forward I head back to bridge from before from the docks.


I think I am interested in a ship. A lot of large ships are stopped nearby.

I see he figures of people who get into a boat getting out at the port.


The ships vary in size from large to small.

The form of a large sailing boat makes me think of the Age of Geographical Discovery of the Middle Ages.

There are also a few big hulls like a galleon.


There is also a galley boat.

Oh, there do not seem to be any ships with the appropriate shape in this world.

There is gigantic galleass, a ship like a combination of a galleon and a galley, big oars extend out like hundreds of living thing at an angle.


Next to it with a keel and three conspicuous large mainmasts is a huge ship that seems to be meant for the open sea with one staysail.


However, no ship has cannons.

After all, is the substitute for cannons magic?


I stop looking at the ship and urge the popobumu forward slowing to look around the port.

The layout of the port seems reliable.  With a rope connected to a pulley the cargo on a ship is bound and carried from the ship to the ground.


Judging from the pulley an Archimedes-like genius has already been born. I nurse such delusions.


Beautiful houses stand out in the area of the port outside the ramparts.

However, when I move a little to the other side of the port…I catch sight of ragged huts and houses made with tin roofs.


The sudden change is somewhat intense.

Beautiful houses and run-down shabby huts stand next to each other.

Now, I guess I should return to the huge gate bridge at the entrance from earlier.

I guide the popobumu away from the port, pass through an alley street and head back.


This area is cruel as well.

This hardly looks like a place where humans can live.


Is this the poor district?

These kinds of conditions are a harsh reality.


I see demi-human children fighting over food-

An old man sitting on the ground weakly-

An old woman searching for scraps-


I wonder, is it the grandmother of Rashomon? (TL: Look up the movie to watch later, it’s cool.) I want to tsukkomi.


I see humans there, but the people are predominately demi-humans here.

Even if I saw demi-humans the race with their faces covered in scales is most of them.

Is it a humanoid reptile lineage?


Such a question does not matter right now, this cruel situation.

…At any rate the smell is bad and I am worried about the hygiene, it permeates my nose and I grimace unintentionally.


The sewage flowing into the Haym river makes it seem hardly drinkable.

While pinching my nose I return to the huge gate bridge through the alley where such poor live.


The width of the gate bridge is wide like the entrance of the fort city.

Passing in and out people are clustered on the bridge.

I am surprised by the numerous people, and above all the wall right in front of me.

I am fascinated by giant ramparts that surround the city.


As expect of a fort city.


The height of the wall probably exceeds ten meters.

The walls are decorated on both side of the gate wall with a horse holding up a blue flag emblazoned with a shield. The blue flag flutters in the wind. (TL: The design on the flag is wrong right now, but I’m too tired to figure it out so I’ll work it out later.)

Soldiers with bows are keeping watch over the crowded people below from on the wall from any irregularities.

I do not obstruct the traffic in search of identification papers.

Ma, though I understand it is common place during war, they are stopping traffic and confirming people’s identity’s one by one.

A soaring watch tower exists on the wall and soldiers in blue armor are hanging around there.


In any case, here I am able to hear the name of the fort.

If is here there will probably be any adventurer’s guild.


For me, this is the first big city.

The people living here are one body, it will be that kind of life.


I am looking forward to it.


I join the large number of people coming and going from the gate bridge, guiding the popobumu.

It steps forward while going pubopubo.


Inside the rampart walls the space suddenly opens.

There is an artistic object like a sun dial and many humans.


There are soldiers in the left corner, it seems to a post where the knights reside.

A line of five soldiers in blue armor appear from to garrison, and walking from the open square to the main street to make rounds.

A sign board written as proclamation ground stands in the open square, there are people blowing trumpets and yelling it loud voice, reading the news aloud to people in sequence.


-【Osberia Kingdom】 Overwhelming victory on the western front.

-It is likely a new work from the genius magic goldsmith Suveri Brossen on the Odabari House was announced. Those interest can go to the high-quality magic tool shop 【Odabari】 on the westerly end of main street.

-New shew store mermaid opens new store in central market.

-A murder occurs inside on alley on second main street. (TL: Or the second murder has happened.) Anyone who has witnessed a suspicious person should quickly get in touch with the sentry corps or the Blue Iron Knights.

-Looking for a missing human named Tosseria. For more information, see Sahoi-san of Dokan fishing grounds.


Hoa, they have a good bold sounding voice.

There are people doing such work. Very much so.

Furthermore, when I look to the right, I suddenly see a cruel scene.


A well-muscled humanoid creature that seems to be an execution raises a broadax on the scaffold, and severs the neck of a convict.


Execution, disgusting.

This open square is next to an execution ground.


Immediately after the neck is severed, a large number of the gathered spectators raise a shout of joy.

There is an old man drinking something like liquor, there in a noble-like woman covering her lips with a folding fan, in high spirits like a child.


Furthermore, there is a line of street vendors and a stage for acrobats.

Because the flute is good and a pretty girl is dancing in time with the rhythm, the execution ground has an atmosphere akin to a small banquet room.

Since there is the unattended body of a criminal punished with death by hanging left hanging from the tree with rope, there is an indescribable atmosphere.


On a wooden stand, there is a priest preaching a sermon against heretical religions.


In this chaos-like life in another world, I feel like I have been baptized.


Two years have already passed since I came to this world…

If I include the time I lived underground, then two years might be too little.


Seeing a city scene of a fantasy closer to the middle ages than modern times, the carnal feeling I remember is steadily lost.


Ma, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Something like that.

I will understand the manners and customs of this culture.


Through open square filled with load noise I go ahead through one of the several street splitting off from the main street.

The scenery of the townscape changes. The building facing the main street become imposing. From western-style designs, the build of the crescent mon shape only seen in this different world.

In addition, I come across a growing number of demi-humans other than people.


After all it was not only humans.

As expected, the demi-humans of the beast system have a lot of hair.


Oops, over there, I see a cat woman, a female beast person.

Inside humans are jostling about…I can recognize the beastman instantly.


After all, the other world is not like that.


I nestle the popobumu behind such a beast person suddenly. Clinging, I stare *chiiiii* and follow slowly.


The hair at her neck shakes from the popobumu’s snort.

Stretching thin-


Realistic and seductive.


As I continue such a leering stare the beast woman spins around in response to the popobumu’s snort and says “What?” and I am glared at. I babble “N, no.” while behaving suspiciously and guided the popobumu to go.


It would seem that I was obviously suspicious.




When Rollo calls so she turns her red eyes to me wonderingly.


I ignore the eyes of such a Rollo.


I advance through the mains street as I continue looking around.

Thereupon, the building to the right disappear and my view opens up.

Space spreads out.



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    Then again, in his own way, he’s a chick magnet. Especially in a fantasy world where strength and talent = worthy male.

    More seriously though, it’s once again nice to see a protagonist who is so adverse to the new reality that they claim moral high ground instead of adapting.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. A better name for this [Break Spear Grand Pulse] is [Spear Break Grand Pulse] which makes more sense.

    murder [occurs] inside [on] alley on second
    this is said in pass-tense right? Since it already happened and the [on] is a mistake. I thinks this is a better word for it.
    murder [occured] inside [the/an] alley on second
    Either [the] or [an] see which is more fitting.
    Thanks for the chapter.


  3. Thanks for the chapter, that city sounds caotic, so what will he do with the popobumu, I hope he doesn’t guet rid of it.


  4. Typo:
    I see he figures of people who get into a boat getting out at the port -> I see the figures of people who get into a boat getting out at the port

    Thank you ofr the chapter.


  5. Of course a chick would be upset when you’re creeping on her out of nowhere, you idiot. Stop doing that, it’s gross. Well, I don’t like that rando cat girl’s attitude either so to hell with her. Also, Shuya, are you really one to judge others for executing criminals? You did the same damn thing to bandits on the way there. If anything, your treatment of them might be worse. You beat them up, tied em, hypnotized them, and sucked their blood and souls. That’s plenty fucked up.


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