Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 36

Thirty-Sixth Episode~ Alcohol, Information, Butterflies and Flowers.

Translator’s Corner: Hey everyone! Short-ish chapter but longer than yesterday’s. Enjoy~

Editor’s Corner: I am sorry if I missed anything. I ended up having to replace some pipes in my upstairs bathroom and I was supposed to meet someone today so I was somewhat busy. Haha, Anyways… Stay beautiful my friends and Enjoy!


I walk a little more with Quiche like that-

“Oi, Quiche Bakunda. Who is the man next to you?”

I was planning on watching carefully from the side, but since I was addressed I turn to look at the owner of the voice.

“Haa… Lazu, this person is the benefactor who helped my group.”

Quiche lets out a sigh as soon as she sees the figure of the man.

The beautiful woman’s face twists in disgust, then puts on a look of being fed up.

This guy is the magic essence I felt behind.

It is an elf with the same hair as Quiche, but a face like a horse.

Their frame surpasses rectangular.

“What? Your benefactor? Well then, I must give my thanks. You there, Thank you. It seems my ‘fiancé ‘ has been in your care.” (TL: I have so been waiting for Shuya to trounce some jack ass.)


“-Na, didn’t I already decline? You’re too persistent, Lazu. You are from the same town, but I never ‘recognized’ as my fiancé and don’t want to be related. Frankly, it’s annoying. Now, don’t follow me anymore…”

Quiche sends a clear message of refusal.

At any rate, Quiche is blunt.

Yet, in response to Quiche’s biting words, the man Lazu seems to have a feeling of “it can’t be helped” as he furrows his eyebrows. His thick lips begin moving as he extends his arm in a gesture.

“Eh…it is regrettable, I like you. Is the reason not because you like the raven-haired man? …Perhaps, did you fall in love?”

Lazu glares at me…

“Wh, what are you saying?!”

This guy has a bad feeling.

How could, ma, like this, I can shamelessly make a move…

Quiches long eyelashes are shaking like she is upset, blinking repeatedly. Her face blushes vermilion when she looks at my face.

Why, Quiche-san. Blushing so much…


However, is this skit from a theatre soap opera?

Half shocked, I strongly throw out my words.

“Is this a lover quarrel? Work hard. Bye, then.”

I do not want to get involved so I begin to quickly walk in direction of the inn.

“Ah, Shuya. Wait-“

“Quiche, wait. That man said so, too. A lover’s talk together-“

When Lau tries to embrace Quiche, she kicks at his crotch.

I just ignore it and continue walking.

“Sorry. Shuya. I showed you something unsightly.”

“No, I don’t mind, is everything okay? That man you left behind.”

“It’s fine. We happen to be from the same household, our only relation is that we moved to the same village.”

A childhood friend…

Considering the feeling of that man would make me sad.

“…Is that so. Quiche should be popular like that.”

However, I will definitely get involved later.

That man Lazu…

I stepped on a strange flag.

“Aah, forget about such a guy…”

Seeming to want to forget Lazu, Quiche shakes her body like she felt a chill.

And, to pull herself together,

“I want to return the favor properly. Saying so, Shuya. Will you let me treat you to a drink?”

Quiche has a smile on her face and with a *kui-kui* she makes a drinking gesture with her hand.

“…Oh, sounds good.”

A bar date with a tall elven beauty.

…It would be my pleasure and since it’s a bar, I should able to get some information.

I can her a lot of stories.

“Fufu, the debt can be paid with this. Let’s turn at that side street over there.”

The small restaurant street I found the other day is that way.

Quiche leads me to one of her favorite bars in the area.

The name of the tavern is “Reuby” and the interior is constructed cozily. There’s a small counter of four desks line up and chairs line up in front.

The atmosphere of a well-known store in a back alley. (TL: Feels like a reference to something.)

There are customers with a goblet in one hand, filled to the brim with alcohol.

Joyful conversations are unfolding.

The smell of grilled fish is appetizing too.

Rollo having smelled this too is wriggling her nose in response.

Anticipating the smell of fish, she looks at one of the customers eating before turning her red eyes to me as if to say 『Eat』

She is alternating between the fish and me.

“Ora, Quiche-chan. Welcome~”

The barmaid looking woman that spoke is a beautiful onee-san.

She is shorter than Quiche. She has brown, semi-long hair.

Her hair style is naturally wavy and black eyes tinged with brown.

Her cheeks are freckled and she gives off the feeling of an innocent child.

Despite that, she has a plump chest.

“Cherry, I’m introducing a new customer today. This is my friend, Shuya.”


Is this my first time being called that since I came to this world?

It makes me happy.

“…Thanks. I’m Shuya.”

I do not expression any deep emotions and thus I reply with a cool expression.


“Araa, although this man’s face is plain he’s quite good, and what a cute kitty, ne. I would be happy to keep you company with drink and conversation.”

It’s because I have a Japanese face.

“Haha, it’s no good Cherry. Isn’t it my treat today? I will keep him company.”

“I understand. Mou, it’s rare for Quiche to do something like this…”

“Listen to me, it’s booze and food.”

“Ah, will you also get Rollo some fish?”

“Hai, hai- wait, the “Reuby” fish is grilled.”

With this and that, the grilled fish arrives and Rollo takes a bit out of it.

She becomes absorbed in munching on her food.

Quiche drinks and eats with me as we are deep in conversation about different things.

First I try asking her about my biggest goal, Genju’s Sake Ball of Light and the Precious Stone of Wisdom. I ask her about the two names but she knows nothing.

It is unfortunate, but there’s no helping it.

And then, Cherry joins in eventually and then I hear about the situation around here from the two.

First, about this 【Fort City Hector】

This fort city was built in recent years by 【Osberia Kingdom】. It seems that for a long time, this area was a battlefield near the Haym River between 【Terramay Kingdom】 and 【Samaria Kingdom】.

However, over ten years ago the large western country 【Osberia Kingdom】 stepped forward.

It became a three-sided battle and although 【Terramay Kingdom】 and 【Samaria Kingdom】 quickly united forces, they were defeated and driven out by 【Osberia Kingdom】.

Thus, a cease-fire treat was concluded between the three countries with Osberia having the advantage. Afterwards this Hector region formally became part of 【Osberia Kingdom】.

From the merits of war, the late Zellar Fon Anaheim used to rule here. Now Marquis Chardonnay Fon Anaheim has succeeded as Feudal Lord being the daughter of the late ruler.

Heeto, I was not interested so I was ignoring it.

Next we talked about this 【Food and Drink Street】 in the middle of 【Central Market】. The street connects to the 【Pleasure Quarter】 and 【Gambling Street】 all the way to 【New Town】 spreading outside the castle walls from the port.

“Gambling, New Town and Pleasure District, although since Shuya-san is a man I should warn you about going to the brothels. The Thieves’ Guild is okay, but the dark guild has connections to the Whale Inn, the Braying Owl Pavilion, Moon Shell Pavilion, and the Bell Ringing Pavilion, so you mustn’t go to those.”

“Hou, thanks. I will remember.”

I will be careful not to approach the inn and suspicious stores with these names.

A dispute between dark guilds would be intense, commoners would be endangered too.

There seem to be territorial disputes between such dark guilds in other cities.

Does that mean this shop must pay gold for either protection money or bodyguards?

-I look around the small shop.

Of the customers, there is only one guys who seems to be bad.

There is such a person related to this…

This dark guild is like the mafia.

Such a conversation grows lively with Cherry.

The topic is changed and moves to 【Gurmuheim】 the capital of 【Osberia Kingdom】

【Hector】 is a big city, but the capital seems to be a greater city.

I am told that one must see the beautiful white “Osen Castle” before they die.

It must be exceptionally brilliant.

Then I heard about the bordering country, 【Terramay Kingdom】

The ancient tower in the capital of 【Fadyke Kingdom】which is famous for stretching into the sky is known as the “Non-cave of the Lion.” The tower is complex like a labyrinth, swarming with monsters and even treasure chests appear.

Adventurers challenge it and aim for the top floor day and night.

That reminds me, when I approached 【Fadyke】 I saw something like a tower.

Cherry chimes in lightly saying, “Uh, that tower.”

It seems that in 【Terramay Kingdom】 there has been a serious problem with kidnappings recently. Even the princess of the kingdom was kidnapped too.

When I hear this, I react for a moment.

I figure it was probably “that,” but I dismiss it and continue the conversation.

The next topic becomes about 【Samaria Kingdom】

The name of their seaward capital is 【Hallfanear】

There is a huge “Sepiton Light House,” it is said that its light reaches the end of the sea.

It is told in legend that the light house has the blessing of the sea god Sapentogarirazu. (TL&ED: Wtf.) Things like this are said.

Listening to Cherry, I imagine and amazing ocean city.

I remember Venice, but since this is another world it must be different.

However, while I being told about such an interesting place, I feel a little sick when I hear that “Mermaid Hunting” is flourishing in the city. An unpleasant topic.

I do not let it show on my face.

Mermaid meat is said to replenish a person’s youth, and their scales and other materials are used in secret potions. As if these rumors are true…Cherry groans that she wants some too.

【Neutral Tower City Senapa】 which is surrounded by the three countries of 【Samaria】 【Osberia】 and 【Terramay】 also came up as a topic.

Senapa seems to be a city with superior magic technology on the same level as 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 and 【Magic City Ernst】. There are magic academies floating in the air and stone spires lined up in the sky.

The city seems to have another name aside from sky city and neutral city, crime city.

Located in the delta on the Haym river and not belonging to either of the three countries, it is a neutral city led by councilors.

However, it seems too be a hopeless, crime infested city with murky internal power disputes. The dark guilds’ haunts as well as brothels.

Then there is 【Osberia Kingdom】 who is fighting with the neighboring 【Radford Empire】 to the west. Osberia currently holds the advantage having gained a victory in the battle of larrasack one year ago and took back 【Larrasack City】.

Furthermore, we continue to drink, deep in conversation for an hour, and all too soon the customers around us disappear. It is because I have been monopolizing the beautiful barmaid.

And, when the topic turns to 【Mt. Burdock】…

“A dragon lives in Burdock mountain.”

Hearing those words, Quiches eyes change.

Her tone becomes angry.

“AaAah, that’s right. That “Evil dragon king.” It’s the head of the dragons that burned down my village.”

Oops, it looks like I stepped on a land mine.

“That…I’m sorry. You must not want to talk about it…”

“Since Quiche has become like this, why don’t we stop.”

“That’s right, that, err, dragon, it’s huge and frenzied purple, strong too. It’s said to be a disaster class monster of the S rank…since ancient times, burdock mountain has been a non-search area because of the dragons. Anyways, it keeps destroying everything around it… Besides, burdock mountain is full of all kinds of other dangerous dragons. There are flocks of wyvern and drakes…*goku-goku* mufu.”

Quiche seems to bear a considerable grudge against dragons and raises her voice.

She finally brings her drink to her mouth and begins drinking so forcefully that a sound is audible from her throat.

“Then…Together with Quiche, that 【Hino Village】 where those adventurers live in. It’s inside the forest near the mountain…isn’t it dangerous?”

Hearing what I said, Quiche stops the liquor in her hand and nods. Her eyes begin to somehow swim as she places the bottle back on the table and begins to talk seriously.

“There are a lot of people taking refuge in 【Hector】. Since you’re in the city you’ve probably seen the conditions outside of this city’s walls?”


Certainly, I saw when I entered the city.

“That’s right. Anyways, the 【Slums District】 of 【New Town】 is really bad. Those children do not want to come to such a 【Hector】. They would rather risk the danger and stay in their village. You can understand too when you see the condition of Hector】?”

The scene of fighting over food comes to my mind so I understand.

“…The elf village that was my home was burned to the ground by the Evil Dragon King and his dragon followers. Those of us Elves who survived were accepted into Hino village. So, as much as possible, I want to cooperate with 【Hino Village】.”

People driven from their home.

“So that’s the reason…between the labyrinths and the dragons, that area seems to be serious.”

Quiche’s face is flushed bright red and she is trying to bring a bottle to her mouth.

“That’s exactly how it is. Hic, Shuya. You drink too.”

Being urged on, I drink the poured alcohol.

“Aah, well then. Hora, let’s drink. This is delicious.”

Is it like thick dark sake…

These ingredients. It can’t be rice, so is it a type of potato?

“What are you thinking? Sa, sa, Shuya-san. Drink a cup from me.”

“Oh, thanks.”

Cherry pours out liquor from a wooden jar in a glass, filling it to the brim.

As expected, Cherry is a barmaid who knows how to properly pour drinks.

It may be the effect of the liquor, but this woman was already good from the start. The big breasts in front of me make her seem like a good woman.

This freckled woman is surprisingly cute.

I thought liquor did not work on me, but I seem to be getting a good feeling.

“…Cherry, I brought Shuya.”

Disliking the way I am staring at the breasts with ero eyes, Quiche pouts and talks.

“Aha, after all, it’s for work~”


Quiche moans and gulps down her liquor *goku-goku.*

“By the way, Shuya-san. Are you interested in dragons?”

“N, iya, you could I’m say curious. I want to hear about the conditions in this neighborhood.”

“The conditions around here? Now, there isn’t much to say about this area.”

“That’s right, Good liquor, good women, when it comes to those I want to hear about it.”

“Ara, good woman, you smooth talker.”

“Shuya, me too~”

-Thanks to the liquor Quiche’s face is bright red…

“Waa, Quiche, don’t bring your face so close. Isn’t coming this close for kissing?”

“Ooh, you can do that.”

Quiche puckers up her small lips.

“Eeh, just Quiche? Me too, chuuu”

Cherry also brings her bushing red face with its puckered lips close to my face.

Even though they’re drunk, it is my first time being kissed by two beautiful women. (TL: No, it’s normal that you don’t experience that.)[ED:Die Shuya!  ಠ_ಠ ]

There are no customers around.

For several seconds, I am caught between the kissing fans society and breast lovers society.

In one go, I take the small lips of the two with a force that makes air leak out.

It’s overbearing at first…And then, gradually the lip gently overlap.

Putting tongue in mouth, tracing the gums.

Pulling apart a sticky string of saliva links us together.

To draw up the sweet nectar of Quiche and Cherry…I deeply kiss them in turn, over and over.



When I finish kissing the two people, Quiche and Cherry look at me with slightly blood shot eyes.

“…A good kiss.”

“Un, Shuya-san is ecchi, efu.”

Quiche and Cherry seem to have sobered up a little, while saying such a thing. They are staring at the tent in my area crotch in anticipation.

“Do you want to go to an inner corner of the shop?”

“Go, isn’t the bar closed, ne?”

“Let’s go.”

They quickly remove their clothes as they smile at each other.

And, for a moment, inside the closed bar…seductive voices hit my earlobes.

To the extent that Rollodinu is shocked, such voiced ring out for several hours.

“…You two seem to feel good.”

“Nau, moou, you’re just feeling our voices.”

“An…me too…”

The two women are giving off strong feminine smells.

Fortunately, the night is long on this planet.

The sexy loud gasping voices of the two women echo down the side street.

I am worried about attacking the two woman’s bodies too much, so we take a break once it has passed late into the night.

Still, I talk with the two seductive women while we drink.

“Naa, do you know a man called ‘Zoru?” I think he was a magic user, but he caused an event in the past.”

Cherry seems to know; she nods her head and her beasts shake with her long hair glued to them with sweat and other bodily fluids.

“-I know about it. Zoru Gustave, A famous criminal. He slaughtered all the members of the magic guild in 【Hector】. He was pursued by the adventurer’s guild and knights, but they were slaughtered one after another until finally, he disappeared. Have you heard that thanks to that there is now no magic guild in 【Hector】? That Zoru person, he seems to have been a magician so powerful that rumor spread about him not being human, but a demonic being. There is still an A rank subjugation request in the adventurer’s guild.”

Hoa, I looked at the bulletin board a little while ago, but did I overlook it…

It is an A ranked subjugation request. That explains why he was so strong.

“Hee, so there is such a criminal?”

“There is. There’s a group, however it is not in 【Hector】, that is made up of those chased out of the country called 【Shadow Wing Brigade 】 . The common name of the thief gang is ‘Black Wing.’ They seem to have less than ten people, but everyone is brutal, and they are a brilliant and furious group. Aren’t they rumored to be one of the strongest dark guilds?”

Then, country…how about that?

In the condition of being rampant…or is it war?

They may have no resources to spare as a country.

“…Judging from the name, they seem strong.”

Quiche’s C cup breasts shake as she nods to Cherry’s information, she answers while drinking liquor.

“…Aah, I’ve head of those guys too. They run wild in their territory in 【Osberia Kingdom】 focusing around 【Burdock Mountain】 and 【Tandart Mine City】. They have a lot of master martial artists.”

Like this an H discussion swells in the bar, feeling good along the way. The conversation is mixed with dirty jokes and we laugh like that and thus we keep talking while we drink.

“Hiku, Shu, Shuuya, the liquor here, too strong…”

“I have a constitution like that. Are you all right?”

“Imokay, ahahaha.”

She bites her tongue while she is talking…the barmaid gulps down to alcohol…

“I, himo, can drink~~since it’s like that Shyuuya, drink, hiku.”

Quiche is drunk and humming strange things.

Her well-shaped breasts press from the table, and naked like that she raises her head.

While looking at such a seductive figure, I am curious about her equipment.

“Soon the inn…Rollo, let’s go back.”


Rollo seems to have detected to pheromones of men and women and her whiskers twitch a little.

A flehmen response…huh. Sorry, Rollo-san.

“L, limit. Sleepy. Here, ne.”

“Quiche, sleeping is no good nyau.”

Quiche is talking sleepily.

It is completely because of the intense H and the liquor.

“Ahu, I’ll go back. Cherry, I entrust Quiche to you.”

“I got it.”

Cherry is unsteady too, I but I entrust Quiche to her and leave the bar.

When I walk outside I see that it is already near morning.


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