Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 37

 Thirty-Seventh Episode~ First Party
Editor’s Corner: GrumpyWerebear here! As a test I am going to add in tables and such for Shuya’s Status, Guild Quests and other applicable things. Please let me know how you feel about the changes in the comment section after reading. So depending on how you guys feel about the changes will overall effect future chapters and whether I go back through the older chapters and add in similar changes. Anyways! Stay beautiful my friends and Enjoy!
Early in the morning a lone person walks down a back street.
A rooster is crowing.
However, when I arrive at the main street facing the guild, I see the traffic. There are big horse-drawn carriages and travelers. Merchants are pulling carts and adventurers are passing as well.
It doesn’t matter if it is day or night here, it really is a big city.
After walking some more I finally return to the cheap inn.
Placing the black cat on my shoulder, I quickly go into the door-less room in the back.
Now that I am back I should take a bath.
I use life magic to pour hot water into the tub next to the bed.
I am reluctant to part from the smell but I should bathe.
I finish properly washing my body and soak in the hot water.
-Phew, I take a breather.
Rollo soaks comfortably in the bath with me.
I wash her with gyuza grass then I scrub and massage her paw pads.
“Nyaa, Nyaa
She gets angry, but I forcibly wash her body until she is clean.
Eventually Rollo escapes from the tub and shakes her body like a dog, splashing water around the room.
After I dry Rollo off with leather she immediately escapes outside.
Aah, I washed her so carefully…
Maa, it should be fine though..
I dry my own body off and put on some cheap everyday wear and then like that I dive into bed.
I use my arms as a pillow and while staring at the ceiling, time passes dreamily.
I should look for a request in the guild today.
I can easily move around with the metastasis formation.
Ah, speaking of metastasis formation, receptionist-san told me about Kuna-san. They are the magic user with the space-time attribute and a shop.
After resting maybe, I should go to Kuna-san’s shop.
But first, Status.
Status Window
Name: Shuya Kagari Title: Divine Beast Contractor
Age: 22 Race: Rusivault
Battle Occupation:

Dark Magic Spearman: Chain User

Condition: Excited
Physical Strength 19.0→19.1 Agility 19.9
Stamina 18.0 Mana 23.0
Dexterity 18.0→18.1 Spirit 23.4
Luck 11.0
Skill Status
Acquired Skills:

<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Hidden Body>:

<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:

<Blood Banquet>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:

<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:

<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:

<Fairy Moji>:<Summoning Magic>:<Ancient Magic>:

<Crest Magic>:<Dark Drill>:

<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>

Permanent Skills:

<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:

<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undying>:

<Darkness Person Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:

<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:

<Fighting Moji Knowledge>:<Guidance Moji Knowledge>:

<Spear Sparring>:<Thought Guidance Chain>:

<Magic Crest Construction>

Extra Skills:

<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:

<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


As always, I wake up early in the morning.
After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I slap my face and get myself fired up.
I get dressed in my equipment and leather clothes then I fix my hair despite there being no mirror. I then leave the inn like Rollo.
I understand the general location of Kuna’s shop, but I might get lost so I leave hurriedly.
Wandering about I explore the city.
Then crossing the street and after traversing several byroads I arrive on a wide plot.
A horse enclosure surrounded by a fence.
There is a curtain of various sized tents on the plot and there are horse traders with bad expressions. They are looking at the horses, magic beasts and other riding steeds that are being sold.
Speaking of magic beasts, I left the popobumu at the guild.
I should go visit it.
The horse fence leads to the upper right corner in a circle.
As I walk next to the fence Rollo jumps on top of the small fence and dexterously walks along the bobbing rope like she is walking a tightrope.
I pay careful attention to Rollo. (TL: D’aw, he’s worried about her.) I was going to say something, but then a conspicuous magic beast standing along the wall catches my attention and I stop.
Is that a griffon?
It has a big brown beak and wonderful bushy feathers.
The brown feathers continue over the head and mix with white downy feathers at its chest.
Oh, it spread its wings. It is a cute gesture. (TL: Aren’t griffons meant to be intimidating? Shuya has weird tastes. Like peeing cats.)
Its wings are milky white and they have beautiful horizontal stripes.
Its neck, chest and the lower parts of its body are covered in brown fur and thick with muscles.
It really is a griffon. If I can fly through the sky while being buried amongst such soft looking feathers on its back… how much fun would that be?
Oto, it has two dinosaur type legs so this one looks like an ostrich type.
It is a magic beast that appears in a certain fantasy game from Japan.[ED: Final Fantasy-> Chocobo.]
There are various magic beast mounts so a dragon rider may exist too.
I can see some big building to the right of the fence.
There is also a signboard on the front of the building “Present Magic Beast Firm.” So they are a firm that deals in magic beasts…
Now then, Kuna’s shop is this way.
I gently grab Rollo by her scruff and move her to my shoulder.
Then I begin to move away from the magic beast fence and go to the left.
Kuna’s shop should be around here… Oh, here. A signboard. Kuna’s Magic Tool Shop.
Is that thorny whip actually a thorned tail? The wooden signboard has a mark like that carved into it.
There are two large men wearing leather armor standing on either side of the magic tool store like guards, looking around the area with severe eyes.
It is early in the morning but the shop seems to be open.
There is a magic essence reaction coming from the magic tool shop.
Other than common people, there is an extremely large magic essence reaction.
I also get a reaction with Pheromone Touch.
N…there is a woman, but it is a little different… why is that?
I do not understand it, but it cannot be helped even if I worry about it.
I continue to this side and stealthily look inside to see their figure.
The men standing on either side of the store are glaring at me threateningly, but I ignore their looks and check the interior of the shop.
Inside I see the back of a woman with beautiful fair blond hair.
There is a large staff on her back attached with metal fittings to a belt slung over her chest.
The woman is writing a letter with a quill pen on a desk.
I check again with magic observing eye.
This woman’s magic essence is big.
The magic essence is spreading out from inside her robe.
As I am staring at the woman’s back inside the store, the woman turns around with a smile, and approaches.
“Eto, are you Kuna, the magic user with the space-time attribute?”
“That’s correct,” they replied with a monotonous voice.
This woman is Kuna-san? She is a cute beautiful woman.
She is inside the shop, but her long golden hair shines like gold silk.
Quite a mysterious beauty.
Her hair is pushed back behind her ears, emphasizing her small lovely ears.
Thus, I follow her thinly drawn golden eyebrows. The pupils of her almond eyes are yellow, and her nostrils spread out cutely from the bridge of her nose.
Red lipstick shines on her small lips. (TL: Shuya has yet to meet a woman without small lips.) [ED: It is more likely the author’s personal tastes.]
She has a beauty mark to the lower right of her lips that gives of a slight devil-like impression.
“…Thanks, I am an adventurer.”
Kuna turns a smile to the mewing.
“Ara, an adventurer accompanied by a cute cat is rare. However, rather than out here, why don’t you enter the shop?”
“Ah, yes.”
At that moment, Kuna sends a sharp look to the men on both sides of the shop.
The two guards of the shop that receive those eyes lower their heads with a feeling of “understood” in silence.
The rugged pair turn to face a different direction as if nothing had happened.
Was there some kind of eye contact?
I enter to shop while suspecting Kuna’s behavior.
“Now then, how can I help you?”
“Eeh, I am looking for some magic tools.”
Then, do Kuna-san’s eyes shine?
Looking at those eyes carefully, did the shape of Kuna-san’s pupils change?
It might be my imagination…
“There are a lot of things. There is a ‘recovery pill’ with a higher recovery effect than the healing potions sold in more common shops. There is also a high-quality expensive ‘Mana Amplification Medicine” that won’t lose out to smoking. There is also a high purity mana restoration ririumu potion in stock. There is a ‘illusion perfume’ magic scroll that blunts the movements of demons with low intelligence. There are also other useful ones for dungeon capture.”
Kuna-san emphasizes and explains the popular items.
The atmosphere of a magic-related store.
“…There are a lot.”
“Of course. Even though I look like this I am also an adventurer. Also because I have good connections I am confident is the selection of goods. There is actually more to the collection. However, there are things not placed in the front of the store because they are too high-quality.”
“I see, I would like to look at some goods now.”
“Yes, thank you.”
Her bewitching smile is good.
This is a woman that seems to be popular.
I am nearly drawn in by her smile, but I look at the magic tools for sale.
While I am looking, I find an item called the return stone.
The stone seems limited to the 【Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kentsiru】. The moment you pour mana into the stone ball, the curious item seems to return one to the entrance of the magic labyrinth.
It seems usable without the space-time attribute.
Considering its function, it is a bargain at five large copper coins.
In addition, here is a rock jar using lorainto ore from 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 on sale.
The price is appropriate for the lorainto ore only gathered in 【Labyrinth City Pernette】. Its price is high at two gold coins for a single bottle.
However, it seems to be heat insulated.
It will be necessary for challenging the labyrinths and it will hold a considerable amount if I pour blood into it.
It really is a magic bottle so I will buy two of these.
It is a change from the leather water skin and then, I buy two of the curious return balls.
“Ano, I will take this and that.”
I pay the money and receive the items.
Kuna-san’s cold hands touch mine on this occasion.
Kuna-san seems surprised when she touches my hand, and she shows a candid reaction like that. After that she motionlessly stares at my hand… she stops moving.
“N? What happened?”
She reacted when she touched my hand…
“Ah, n- no, it’s sudden but would you tell me your name?”
What is wrong? Ma, I can tell her my name.
“…My name, is Shuya Kagari.”
“Is that so. Did Shuya-san buy the ‘Return Stone Ball’ intending the challenge the magic labyrinth?”
“Yes. I’m thinking I would like to challenge it.”
The moment she hears my words, Kuna puts on a bewitching smile that exerts a chill, and dimples appear on her cheeks.
This…I am almost drawn in by her indescribable beauty.
“Then, would you like to challenge to magic labyrinth together?” [ED: Trap card activated…]
Kuna’s red lips move and sugared words fall on my ear like an incantation.
I am suddenly chased after by her pursed lips.
“I’m okay with it, but will Kuna-san’s shop be all right?”
“I’m all right. The two people out front will deal with any customers that come. Besides, I said so earlier too, despite appearances I am a B ranked adventurer. I intend to go to the magic labyrinth today at noon.”
B rank…
Kuna-san’s bewitching atmosphere from earlier gradually softens. She soon returns to the slight devil-like impression.
My sixth sense aches. There is “something” about this Kuna.
I check again with magic observing eye.
She is not wearing fighting moji, but enormous magic essence is leaking out of the indigo robe.
The leaking magic essence seems to be swelling up…she does not seem to be an ordinary person.
“…I get it. I tend to be solo but more accurately speaking, my partner is Rollodinu. This one is Rollo for short…is that fine?”
“Yeah, it’s fine. I’ll be in your care, Rollo-chan.”
The black cat cries to say 『I’ll be in nyour care!』 and raising a leg she claps my shoulder with a *pon*
“Fufu, did you answer? Kawaiii!”
Kuna-san seems to be happy and in high spirits.
My tension rises.
A party with another adventurer.
This is my first PT.
Just to be safe, for now I will ask about it.
“By the way, I…this is my first time in the magic labyrinth, is that okay?”
Kuna-san nods strongly.
“It’s fine. I’m used to being solo, so I will “guide” you through the magic labyrinth personally.”
Removing the large staff from her back and bringing it in front of her with a *zun*. Kuna-san then extends the large staff out in front of herself.
“My battle occupation is a higher magic job called ‘Magician of the Dark Path,’ so rest easy, leave it to me.”
A higher job.
And leaving it to someone else…she is saying to let her be the vanguard.
It seems questionable, but…Ma, it is good she is confident in herself.
“…I understand. So then, how soon do you want to go to the magic labyrinth?”
“Any time is all right. We can even go right now.”
Spirited words. She is even winking.
Kuna-san is getting things in order with a smile and then looks at a strong door inside the shop.
After she locks the door she spins around and walks away from the shop smiling, without looking back.
I follow Kuna’s retreating figure.
When Kuna-san leaves the shop, she raises her small beautiful hands from her indigo mantle and dexterously spins the large staff as she holds it to the sky.
Raising her arms, a narrow line splits from the robe.. The indigo robe is split to the left and right along the breast, so the thin line appears and disappears from her full chest.
Her style is good.
She is wearing a sleeveless shirt under her robe and below she is wearing a tight mini skirt.
The black thigh-high socks are sexy and moreover, they look good with the yellow boots.
Noticing my look, Kuna-san winks at me again.
Oi, this is normal for a man, it is the feeling of recklessly going to a specialized shop.
“Fufu, Shuya-kun, your eyes are lewd.”
“Aah, uh, sorry…it’s because your thighs are plump.”
“Hahaha, straight to the point. Shuya-kun is interesting!”
Closing my eyes, I ask a question to divert her while scratching my head.
“Haha, well then, should we go to the guild?”
“…Yeah, let’s.”
She responds lightly to my words.
Kuna-san’s almond eyes turn to her store.
Is there something in the shop? Or, is she looking at the men guarding the shop?
While having such thoughts, I talk about something else.
“…Kuna-san. What do other party members do?”
“Eh, yeah, um. Okay, okay. You don’t need to be so serious. There’s no need to attach ‘san’ to my name so you can talk casually.”
“…Got it. Kuna. You can call me either Shuya or Kagari. No need to add to ‘kun.'”
Kuna makes a cute dimpled smile at my words.
“Fufu, fine, fine. Shuya.”
Like this, I go to the guild with the beautiful magician Kuna with a date-like atmosphere.
I head to the board to choose a request from the guild.
I choose with Kuna and select a request.
Kuna seems to know a lot about the magic labyrinth.
I am called a D ranked adventurer; so I consider the choices for the requests to choose.
I will do something amiable, dangerous so I might fall in love.
And so I choose such a request.

Client: Present Magic Beast Firm

Difficulty: Rank C

Request Contents: Subjugation “Hoguts”

Subjugation Target: Five Hoguts.

Time Period: Indefinite

Home Area: First floor of Magic Labyrinth~

Reward: One Gold Coin.

Proof of Subjugation: Red Tail

Precaution: Uses metal armor and claw like weapon, Intelligent to some extent.

Note: Ordinary soldier-like existence in labyrinth. Confirmed large presence on first and second floor. May have magic stone located in heart.


However, Kuna has an amazed look when I choose the request.

The adventures in the area are being noisy…

Kuna’s golden hair, her cute face, and her outstanding figure.

These will make her popular.

From this “situation” I can guess she is an idol-like existence in the guild.

I do not need to hide that she is a beautiful woman. I also said so.

Nuo? It seems somewhat different.

These guys…they are looking at me with harsh glares.

They are way past jealousy and are leaking blood lust.

I cannot distinguish it with pheromone touch or presence detection, but the blood lust and jealousy mingling in these guys’ eyes is scary.

“Shuya, how about this next?”

Such as Kuna’s eyes show no concern at all.

She seems to be looking for the request without minding it, she is pointing at the board


Client: Present Magic Beast Firm Difficulty: Rank B
Request Contents: Subjugation “Godo” Subjugation Target: One Godo.
Time Period: Indefinite Home Area: Below Magic Labyrinth Fourth Floor.
Reward: Five Gold Coins. Proof of Subjugation: Oblong head with magic formation tattoo on the back.
Precautions: It is an existence with low intelligence but one must be careful because they have great physical strength. It can attack with a different weapon in each of its four hands so it can be a threat to adventurers.
Note: Having a characteristic split oblong skull, a distorted mouth exists on the chest between the head. It has a big body and four arms.


The reward for one is five gold coins.

“This, B rank…”

“I will be there so don’t worry.”

“Got it.”

I respond shortly and look around the area.

“You shouldn’t worry about the looks around you. It is only a party of two for now.”

Seeing my worry Kuna wags her finger in a “non-non” gesture and makes her face look a little upset.

Her face is cute and impish.

“Aah, sorry. I’m not used to being watched.”

“Right. Don’t worry about it-“

While Kuna talks their eyes return to being gentle.

She sends cold eyes to the people making noise.

Then, it became quiet.

Ooh, the impression of a cool beauty.

“These two requests. -Let’s go to the reception desk.”

Saying so, she turns around as if nothing happened.

A sweet expression.

Are those men attracted by the gap?

The gap in her expression is excellent.

I chase after the retreating figure of Kuna while thinking such a thing.

The person in charge of the reception desk is not receptionist-san but the middle-aged man.

I submit the wooden tag for the request and my guild card to the middle-aged man.

The older man seems to be an acquaintance of Kuna and they talk familiarly.

“The ‘usual’ party name is fine.”

Kuna says while winking at the reception oyaji.

“Understood. Then I will register it as 【Stinging Thorn】. Place your hand on the crystal ball.”

Kuna-san puts her hand on the crystal ball.

The older man turns to me.

“You place your hand on the crystal ball too.”


Placing my hand as I am told, the crystal ball reacts and glows.

“You may remove your hand.”

He says so and I remove my hand, then Kuna also removes her hand from the crystal ball.

“With this, your party request is completed. Please take care of each other?”

The request acceptance is completed like this.

My guild card is returned and I check it.

Name: Shuya Kagari Title: N/A
Age:22 Race: Human
Occupation: D Rank Adventurer Affiliation: N/A
Battle Occupation: Spear Officer: Chain User Completed Requests: Five

“Let’s go, Shuya.”




My first party.

Everything is indicated on the card, but there is nothing like an ally’s HP bar.

Does that mean anything…

“I’m a little curious, is there some significance to uniting as a party?”

“That’s a weird question. Of course, there is a meaning to it. It is recorded when people join as a party by the guild’s magic crystal. A party box can be used and then, developing from a party they can confirm they can trust one another before being invited to a clan. Later, what if there is a monster with a + ranking?”

Fumu. There surely were some in the requests.

“That’s right.”

“That is the meaning for promoting a party. So, it is natural that adventurers unite plus it may be required to form a party depending on the request. Besides, magic users also only give special support magic to party members. That way they can give priority to using their magic on their party members.”

“Heeh, there is such an effect, also another question, what about that party name you chose earlier?”

Kuna’s eyebrows twitch.

“Aah, sorry. I worried you, that is the party name I use when I team up with someone. Do you hate it?”

“No, I don’t dislike it particularly.”

To my few questions, Kuna acquire reddish splotches and answers as if displeased.

“So, you don’t mind it particularly. And then, a party sometimes isn’t formed depending on the request. Such as guard requests, emergency requests, and non-search area exploration. It is different if the quest is received together as a clan.”

“Thank you, I didn’t know.”

“Saa, it’s fine. This way, this way.”

Kuna’s face is tired from the explanation and begins to walk briskly.

We wait in front of the 【Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kentsiru】 gate installed in the labyrinth.

The metastasis formations installed for the 【Vallaida Insect Shrine】 and 【Greater Peru Heka Rain】 are nearby as well. There are adventurers appearing and disappearing from the magic formations one after another.

I take the wooden explanation tag of the labyrinth like the other day and read it.


【Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kentsiru】

This labyrinth is said to have been created by a demonic being.

The labyrinth extends deep underground. Magic beings and ghost type monsters occur inside.

The master of the labyrinth is Sabido Kentsiru, as it is name.

Their strength is estimated to be between A+ ~ S++. They are intelligent and their combat ability is also high.

Most adventurers who meet and fight the monster are defeated and do not return.



“-Shuya, even if you read it it’s useless. Let’s go ahead.”


With a bored expression Kuna quickly enters the magic formation and disappears.


“There’s no need to hurry, then, we should go too.”




With Rollo on my shoulder, I follow Kuna and step foot into the magic formation going to 【Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kentsiru】.




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