Some Changes

Hey everyone! I have been translating SMBC for over a month now. The other day the view count for the day surpassed 10,000 for the first time! I have really enjoyed translating and getting feedback from everyone. Going forward there are going to be some changes coming to the sight, some soon, some in the future, and some have already happened.

The first change is one most of you already noticed. Birdy Translation is now its own domain! It took a couple of weeks, but I finally got everything in order. Along with the new domain I am receiving ad revenue from the cite. This should not be any significant amount, but it will give me a little money in my pocket.

If you guys would like to support my translations I would appreciate people turning off their ad blocker for this site. However, I will never require this to read the translations.

In the future there will be a few changes in how I release chapters. Starting March 21st I will be taking Mondays and Fridays off. Because I usually translate each chapter the day before release there will be no new chapters on Tuesdays and Fridays. I usually release about five chapters a week so there should be no change as far as that’s concerned.The reason I’m taking days off is to avoid burning out while also giving myself more time to study Japanese. I managed to memorize the Hiragana and Katakana by spending two hours a night with some notes cards over the course of a week. However, learning anything more in-depth will require more time. My goal is to improve the quality and accuracy of my translation moving forward, so please understand.

Now for some upcoming changes. I am looking into some ways to make a little money from this. Two plans I have are sponsored chapters and Patreon. Sponsored chapters will allow people to donate money towards having an extra chapter translated. So, in addition to the regular five chapters per week, everyone can get an extra chapter! I will likely put a cap at two extra chapters per week, since I am not physically capable of doing more than that. I have not decided how many donations an extra chapter will require yet, but feel free to comment your opinions or contact me in our discord server.

Patreon will mean access to chapters sooner. Right now I finish chapters the night before I post them, but I plan to shift it so I am a few days ahead for the sake of my editor and anyone else who comes on in the future. People who make a monthly donation through Patreon will get earlier access to those chapters, and possibly other things as I think of them. This will not affect the release rate of chapters for everyone else. I have had a couple of points where there was a backlog of three chapters ready to post in the past. It means I will be forcing myself to translate more than one chapter a day for a week or so.

6 thoughts on “Some Changes

  1. I would like to turn my adblocker off for you. I tried and got one video popup. Are you able to choose ur ads? It is quite ok for me but it is one of the reasons some people block ads. Oppatranslations for example limited their ads to pics and fixed ads. No annoying popups. But gratz on the new site!


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