Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 41

Forty-First Episode~ Clues & Spies

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Sabido’s figure appears from behind the throne with his distorted six eyed face. His black mantle bordered in purple is draped over his purple carapace armor.


The mantle flutters dashingly as he walks.


“Was it you who killed Kuna?”




Six eyes flow over Henkai, Rollo, and me.


The shape of his eye sockets is complicated and I cannot read his expression.


Henkai stares at the demonic being, Sabido.


Rollo’s hackles rise and she raises her bone swords in the air in precaution.


“Hou, I was suspicious when Kuna’s thought waves were interrupted but it seems she really did die. You who defeated the Kushanan race, known for being very cunning even amongst demonic being, are you really human?”


“I wonder?”


Then, I turn the black spear point to Sabido.


“Fumu, you suddenly wish to fight me?”


His six eyes twitch.


“I don’t have to fight?”


“Fuu, you said something funny. Didn’t you come to fight? I am good either way.”


Then, I guess I will give up on fighting him. Henkai does too.


Thus, I loosen my posture with the black spear.


“Well then, I’ll stop. I only came to get my things.”


“Oh? Fu, fuhahaha, you didn’t come to fight. Interesting. After all, you aren’t normal. I like you. Would you tell me your name?”


“Shuya Kagari.”


“Shuya… Shuya. I am called “Sabido of the Purple Darkness” one of the seven demon commanders of the dark god. Would you make a contract with me?”


Seven Demon Commanders of the Dark God?


Is it like the Four Heavenly Kings? (TL: Wikipedia)


I don’t tsukkomi.




“That’s right. I have contracted with human magicians in the old days.”


“N~, I’m not interested.”


“You decided fast. Would you like a magic tool?”


A magic tool, something in the same class as this ring…


It would be bad if I got cursed so I will decline


This ring is enough.


“I already have ‘this” so I don’t have a particular need of one.”


Sabido’s six eyes notice the ring on my hand.


“Hou, that reminds me, you have the magic tool ring. The shape has changed…it looks like you managed to master it…”


“However, are you the master of this labyrinth? Is it okay to let us go after seeing you?”


In response to my question Sabido opens his mouth.


“-I surely am the master of this labyrinth. I am the ‘manager’ here. I have certainly slaughtered people before, it ‘won’t become hunting’ if from the perspective of a demonic being. Yet, that is the official stance. You, I understand that Shuya in particular is not normal. …I can judge that there are no guarantees to my safety either. I don’t want to waste my life? Besides…the purpose of the labyrinth has already been achieved enough. There’s no need to overdo it.”




“What purpose?”


“…Offerings to Rivguraf, the god of darkness. To nourish the labyrinth, not only that dwarf there, but other humans have contributed greatly.”


Rivguraf, God of Darkness.


One of the gods living in hell.


At any rate, this guy is different than how he looks, he is wary and prudent…


“…This is surprising. I thought I would be attacked with no discussion.”


“Hah, if it was other demonic beings, it would be like that. Still, there are other reasons. Do you have a stone ball of return? Because that is here.”


It is natural, since Kuna sold them.


“This stone ball?”


“Fumu. With that you can return instantly.”


“I’ll do that. Well then, I guess if I return now that I’ve retrieved my favorite black tanza spear. Let’s return, Henkai. Take a stone.”


“Understood. I’ll take it-“


Henkai disappears the moment he grasps a stone.


Quickly, I as well.


“I’ll be going-“


While Sabido’s voice sound I grasp the stone.


The moment I store mana in the stone-the sense of air in my ears.


I return to the labyrinth entrance suddenly.


It seems I could return to the surface safely. It is still bright outside.


Henkai is looking around the area restlessly.


I am right in front of a stair case descending into the labyrinth.


“It seems you’ve returned.”


“Aah, I’m back after a long time. But, the six-eyed demonic being from earlier surprised me.”


“Well, it was my first encounter with an intelligent six-eyed being. But, as boss like character, his actions were understanding…”


Henkai’s temple twitches.


“Huh? Boss Character? Maa, there are various kinds of demonic beings. When I fought against the Elves, we were thoroughly deceived…that demonic being is scrap.”


Henkai talks a little about the demonic beings.


“Seems like it. What will you do from here on out, Henkai? I’m returning to 【Hector】”


When I casually mention to name of the city, Henkai eyebrows scrunch up and he makes a confused face.


“Huh? 【Hector】? That battle ground…it became a town?”


“Aah, wait a moment. I’ll show you a map of the area now and how things have changed to save the explanation.”


Saying so, I take a map out from behind and show him.


“I understand…the big river is Haym River extending in south Maheim, 【Mount Burdock】 is the same. The topography doesn’t seem to have changed much. However, that battlefield is now a fort city… the cities to the north and south both have different names than the major cities I know. …There is no place named 【Rock City Yogoru】 or 【Langur Kingdom】. Everything from the past seems to have fallen to ruin…but, the blasted elves seem to have fallen equally too. The Elven 【Great Empire of Befarittsu】 country is gone too. I remember the 【Tower City Senaapua】 and the 【Labyrinth City Pernette】, Elven territory exists here. Is there a country? After all, the Elves are divided inside…”


According the Henkai’s explanation, the country in the mountains and rivers is in ruins. Such a word floats by.


Was Henkai trapped for hundreds of years?


He seemed to have fought the Elves in the past, but if he saw the present condition of Elves and Dwarves he would be shocked…


There is a Dwarf Empire underground. So…


Should I say like it is no big deal?


Ma, even if I, an ordinary human says that, he may not be able to believe it.


However…I might give him a hint.


“There is a rumor, there is a Dwarf country underground…”


“…Hou. I will remember that.”


Ah, did you already know about it?


I will try asking.


“Henkai, bringing it up now might be in bad taste, but have you heard of ‘Genju’s Sake Ball of Light’ or the ‘Wisdom Tree?'”


“N? I don’t know about the ‘Wisdom Tree,’ but I have heard of a legendary “Sake Ball of Light.” Isn’t it the Sake of Life? I’d like some of that. From what I’m told, isn’t it originally a ‘fruit of sake’ that grows from a huge tree? If you eat it you’ll receive power, and any wound will be healed, amongst other things. I think the story goes that it was created by the gods ‘Arotoshu, god of life,’ ‘Gaia, god of earth,’ and ‘Sateyura, god of plants?'”


Hooo. This onion oyaji is excellent.


Clue Get!


“Ooh, you know about it? I’m looking for it, do you know where it is?”


Rollo seems interested too, and leaning her small body towards Henkai while she sits on my shoulder.


“You want to know? Ahaha, searching for it? It’s doubtful whether or not such a thing exists. It’s a legend, a fairy tale. As for where it is, I don’t know. To start with, it’s something I heard about when I was young.”




“Is that so?”




Rollo raises a small voice too, and crawls into my hood looking disappointed.


“Crap. You seem to be seriously looking…”


“No, it was difficult to even hear about this story. Well then, I’ll return to 【Hector】.”


“Is that so? I’ll return this map. It’s bad, but… will you take me to 【Hector】? I’ve been under your care, and you’ve taken good care of me.”


“Aah, it’s fine. It’s right here…come on.”


“Right here?”


I say so to a confused looking Henkai while coming down the stairs.


“Into the labyrinth?”


“Yup. Don’t be surprised. There are a lot of adventurers.”




When we come down the stairs the crowd is the same as before.


Henkai looks surprised but says nothing and follows.


When I appear in front of the magic formation that leads to the guild, the adventurers are jumbled together.


“When you walk into the magic formation you will appear directly in the city’s adventurer’s guild.”


“Ooh, it’s surprising a metastasis formation is prepared. Was is that Kushanan’s doing?”


“Aah, it seems so. Kuna died, but the magic formation still seems to be functioning.”


“I see. There humans standing around together with Elf shits, is it because they can enter the labyrinth?”


“Kuna was an adventurer too. -Ah, how do I explain to the guild that I killed her…”


“You should say she was a Kushanan demonic being.”


Henkai talks while he crosses his arms across his breast plate, floating a questioning expression.


“No, that Kuna woman was a B ranked adventurer? Like that, I teamed up with her, with the woman who built the metastasis magic formation? How do I face the guild and explain that the human who contributed was a demonic being? My words are only that of a mere adventurer, will they really believe me?”


“N~, it’s impossible.”


He agreed quickly.


After all, this is how it is.


“…Right? Ma, I’ll make something up…that’s right. I’ll go with her dying after being surrounded by a horde of hoguts in the labyrinth. Henkai, make up something suitable if you’re asked about our relationship at this guild.”


“I got it. If the adventurer’s guild becomes troublesome, Shuya will be silent. Also. Because I was held captive for so long, serving as rehabilitation, if I enter the city… What happens to shit Elves, besides, I’d also like to see the outside world. So, I intend to disappear in the town immediately.”


Henkai’s eyes look dark for a moment.


Is he going to be okay? Ma, I am not worried…


“…Sorry. Thank you.”


“Fuhaha, isn’t it you who helped me? This doesn’t matter.”


“I guess so.”


“Well then, I’ll go first. I won’t forget your kindness. Shall me meet again? See ya.”




Henkai disappears in the magic formation, shaking his onion head and laughing.




He had a strange onion head, but he was a bold man.


Well, I already came up with a proper reason…


I will explain to the guild, but what if I am caught?


Will I be released if that happens?


Will the guild master come out, and have it turn into an investigation?…


No way, if it comes out that I killed her, the criminal information will be recorded on my guild card in real time-.


Ma, this is this, and that is that. As expected, things happen rapidly.


I can expect that won’t be on my adventurer’s card.


If something was going to happen with my card, it would have been my not being human coming out when I registered.


Blood and Mana.


It is related to Orimiru, the god of Order, perhaps, whether it happens…


Ma, worrying about it more will not help.


As I though before, should I say she died?


After collecting such a though, I set foot in the magic formation.


When I metastasize in the guild I cannot find Henkai.


He seems to have disappeared into the city like he said.


Being a little nervous, I start looking at the state of affairs around me.


The guild is more crowded than usual…or should I say, it seems to be busy with bloody adventurers, the guild staff is working.


And, adventurers carrying injured are appearing one after another from the metastasis formations.


While wondering, I got to a receptionist.


“I’m mad- Shark, Kiki!”


I hear a high pitched feminine voice coming from inside the guild, but I ignore it from now.


There is no available receptionist.


Something is going on.


The inside of the guild has been noisy since a while ago but there is no helping it so I line up.


I am waiting while leaning the spear on shoulder because there are so many people in the line.


While I am waiting, I produce the request items from the item box.


At this point I attract the attention of all the adventurers in the line, so I try to smile and gloss over it-


“Nii-chan, is that an ‘item box?’ Did you get it in Pernette?”


An adventurer lined up behind me talks.


I should make up a proper story.


“No, but it’s something like that.”


“I see. There are other labyrinth cities in Radford Empire, Hesfurato Holy Country…”


With such a feeling, the conversation continues safely with slight smiles.


After some minutes have passed, it becomes my turn.


The receptionist is not the middle-aged man Kuna that I saw before entering the labyrinth. Instead it is a pretty Nekomimi that attracts attention.


“Here are the request items and card.”


“Yes. I’ll take them.”


Receptionist-san receives the request items and my card before heading back.


After a few minutes, she comes back with my card and money.


“Um, you had a party?”


After all, the question came up.


“I did make a party, but Kuna was killed by a horde of Hoguts.”


As soon as I said it, the atmosphere froze-


Not only receptionist-san, but the surroundings become quiet.


“…Eh, did ‘that’ Kuna-san die?”


“Aah, I tried to help, but we were outnumbered, and the Hoguts also attacked me. I saw her die, skewered on the end of a huge sword.”


The nekomimi seems to collapse, and receptionist-san shakes her hands a little.


“…Is, is that so…if it was a swarm of Hoguts, one of the B+ ran Hoguts. You plunged deep into the labyrinth…”


“Aah, it was like that.”


Now that, how will this turn out…


Will it be the worst-case scenario where it is revealed that I killed Kuna?


If that happens, that means…


“…This is unfortunate. If it is that the collection of her belongings is impossible. I understand. Then, here is your reward and card.”


Oh, that was unexpectedly easy.


-But, why are receptionist-san’s eyes frightened?


Why? Ma, but, if everything is okay, am I good?


After all, the adventurer’s card does not seem to be so almighty.


It does not seem capable of recording murder.


However, even if the Kuna that set up the magic formation is guild dies, I am not brought in for questioning?


I thought someone like the guild master and an investigator would show up…


Maa, in the first place, the guild is a neutral “brokerage” like existence that does not get involved between adventurers, so something like that may not exist in the first place.


I collect the money and my guild card.


I look at the card.


Name: Shuya Kagari Title: N/A
Age:22 Race: Human
Occupation: D Rank Adventurer Affiliation: N/A
Battle Occupation: Spear Officer: Chain User Completed Requests: Seven


The number of completed requests has increased.


After I finish checking in with the guild I quickly leave.


Taking the opportunity, I look at the stable next door.


Oh, there. The popobumu seems fine.


When Rollo sees the popobumu too she jumps onto the back of his head.


It goes “bubobubo.” Its small eyes are cute.


I feel healed, because of Kuna’s smile my body was aching with fear from her bewitching smile.


Time passes…


My thoughts are betrayed, with a *pyua* of my broken heart.


However, I am as proud as ever.


I stroke its firm skin.




Un, un. This is good. It seems it is being taken care of properly.


At this point, the manager walks over with a feed box.


“Ah, are you here to take your magic beast?”


“No, no, I just happened to pass by.”


“Is that so, good.”


“Why is that?”


“Ah, no, how do I say, seeing the face of this diligent person. Its small eyes, it’s strangely become habit, it’s also smart so it’s become cute…”


The plump manager talks with patting the popobumu with one hand.


This Pyutchi guy seems to be a good person.


It is good there is such a person.


This person is happy taking care of the popobumu.


“You’re feeding them now?”


I point at the box Pyutchi is carrying.


“Yeah, this one likes to eat a lot.”


“This guy is an omnivore, ah, is this enough for the feed?”


“Ah, it’s fine. You already gave me a silver coin the other day.”


“Well then, I’ve kept you for a while. Make sure it doesn’t get fat.”


“Yeah, leave it to me.”


Pyutchi happily lowers his head.


I return a smile and lower my head.


“Rollo, let’s go.”


Rollo runs after lightly slapping the popobumu’s head with a feeler.


After she jumps to my shoulder she creeps back into my hood.


The hood again. Maa, this is fine.


Her weight in my hood is a lovable weight.


I leave the stable.


Now then, I should return to the inn and check the contents of the item box.




Behind me there are four magic essence signatures, no six…


What? It increased…


I should check their appearances a little. Without looking back directly I test how far they will follow.


I avoid the inn and walk into an alley from the main street.


Then, I check behind me again.


When I analyze the guys following me…there are multiple untrained movements. But, there is a guy who is clearly better trained mixed in with those following.


“Rollo, it seems there is going to be a fight. Escape for now. Come back if I signal for you.”


Rollo shows her face from the hood and seems to understand without saying anything.


She jumps out and disappears into the shadows of the alley.


With this timing, it is probably related to Kuna…


When I begin to advance into a smaller alley- a duo runs up from behind.


When we meet-


“Oi, you- what is the meaning of this?”


“Why, only you returned, but ‘Kuna nee-chan’ didn’t.”


With a desperate look a skinny man and a muscular man talk.


Kuna nee-chan…these are the guys I saw?


-Ah, I remember. The men who guarded the front of Kuna’s shop.


Without mentioning her being a demonic being, I should tell them Kuna died.


“…Kuna died, done in by monsters.”


“Wh, what!?”


“You lie! You killed her. What organization do you belong too?”


Spitting saliva, he talks with a desperate face…


The skinny man and muscular man both pull out a long sword and a dagger.


“You…pulled a weapon? What do mean by organization?”


“Don’t feign ignorance, this assassin.”


Noisy…an assassin organization.


-Nevertheless, there are multiple magic essence signs behind me as well.


Since they are not interfering, after all… I am being watched?


“Telling a shameless lie, Kuna onee-san cannot be killed by a common monster. Onee-san is called ‘Dark Kuna.'”


Oh, Dark Kuna?


“She was called darkness like that? I had no idea. Ma, with this atmosphere you wouldn’t believe me no matter what I say…”


I speak my mind, and the duo in front of my do not seem to believe me.


“It is impossible to believe you…”


“Aah, it’s like Luis says. You definitely cheated her. Oi! You guys!! Come out!”


N, they increased the number of people. The number increases by three people than five people.


They will not understand even if I explain at this point, just in case-


“For your information, I really don’t know about any organization, and Kuna was killed by a monster.”


Ma, the last part is a lie.


I lift the spear in my hand, and without adopting a fighting posture, raise my hands in the air.


With hands raised I sharpen my eyes, and stand at full height.


“Are you surrendering? Are you mocking us? Shit!”


Chi, the skinny man spits out swears, and having confidence in the speed of his dagger thrust, throws himself at me.


Surrender? This guy is too stupid.


Grasping the handle of the black spear, I suddenly separate, instantly move the black spear point in the area again and grasp it-. Holding the black spear I grasp briefly, I parry aside the dagger held in the skinny man’s left hand, and pierce the spear blade in my hand into his chest at close range-.




The skinny man collapses forward and hangs from the black spear.


“Wha- Luis!”


As the muscular man shouts and runs at me to attack with his long sword.


I use the black spear with the body of the skinny man stuck on it.


I extend the black spear to hit the body of the muscled man.


Maintaining his momentum, the muscular man collides with the corpse.


He falls rolling with the body.


He dies like that- when I pull the black spear from the body, I give a half turn and the knock the muscled man to the ground and his bounces repeatedly.


Probably because I flung him, the other three each attack with their respective swords and axes.


There is no need to use guidance magic chain for these guys-


The attacks of the muscled man on the ground is blocked and runs forward.


The reach of the black spear is long.


Despite running, I sink the black spear into the stomach of the ax wielding man with twisting lunge, defeating him.




I pull the black spear out a second time and I move it to the right with the smallest movements, piercing through the man’s skull.


Continuing, I draw a low arch with the black spear to the man approaching from the left and forcefully slam the butt end into his stomach.




Holding his sides, the man groans.


The man leans forward and when he lifts his face I deliver a knee kick to it.


Furthermore, to the man leaning back from the knee kick, I deliver a spinning kick with a fighting moji enhanced foot.


The man who is kicked is thrown away and goes through a wide wall, falling inside an old house.


After the spinning kick, there is an audible voice to the rear saying “help.”


It is the muscle man that fell before.


The muscled man was injured by the black spear, but he still seems conscious. However, the man seems to have completely lost his fighting spirit, he cries while raising a miserable scream.


I will try asking this fellow for more details.


“…Muscle-san. What organization was Kuna in, I really don’t know?”


I put away the spear and takes out a knife, pressing it against the muscle man’s neck.


“Hiiii, I, I understand. Y, you, you seem to really not know.”


“That’s right. You said something about Kuna and Darkness, explain.”


“…We are members of the dark guild, 【Thorny Tail】. Onee-san is a founding member of 【Thorny Tail】. She’s a leader of the dark guild.”


A dark guild…


“I see, so you thought I was an assassin from a different dark guild.”




The moment the muscle man is about to talk-several thrown knifes hit his throat and head, and he suddenly dies.


Out of place, someone starts clapping-


The ones who are clapping are a man and woman.


“Those movements. You seem to have killed ‘Darkness Kuna.’ Absolutely splendid.”


“Poru, Papa. This person’s movements earlier were really wonderful.”


“That’s right. Ange.”


The two have a mysterious atmosphere.


The man is wearing a tall top hat and his eyes sunken into his face.


He has a curling mustache and is wearing a man’s jacket resembling a tail coat and standing collar.


The woman has beautiful light blue colored hair and blue eyes, and she is wearing light blue clothing that looks easy to move in.


Going by their appearances, I need to be careful.


The two people seem able to use “Fight Moji” and have mana stored in their feet.


When I stare at two such people-


“Please give me a moment. Would you accept an invitation to 【Bell of Twilight】 at once? It won’t go so easy?”


From behind the man and woman who were clapping comes the characteristic voice of a woman.


A single person appears from the shadow with a *Suu.*


The figure of an Elf with long ears.


The Elf also has fighting moji in her feet.




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