Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 42

Forty-Second Episode~ Dark Guild & Vampire Hunter

Editor’s Corner: I apologize if my edits have been not up to code (if they were ever good). I am getting ready for a big camping trip so I haven’t been home lately. I did inform Birdy of my trip already and I will work extra hard when I get back. Also I just got home today about 2.5 hours before this chapter posts So I am working as hard as I can!… I love you all! Remember to Stay Beautiful and Enjoy!


“Oya, you’re Clydosus. Why is the elf of the 【Blood Long Ears 】interested in this spearman?”
The gentleman with the hat says.
“Fufu, as for that-“
As the Elf begins to talk, the blue haired woman that has been silent suddenly moves.
She crouches down making her frilly skirt flutter and lowers her right hand. (TN: Okay, so I want to explain her clothing in this line. The author says パニエスカートをヒラヒラ, which translates literally as “Frilly Pannier Skirt.” A Pannier Skirt google image search brings up stuff like this. Searching the katakana パニエスカート brings up stuff like this. I personally think the author means something closer to this.)
From a white sword sheath hanging at her waist she pulls out a gorgeous light-blue long sword.
A high pitched *kiiin* rings out from her drawn long sword.
The sword itself is vibrating.
The light blue long sword is beautiful.
Then, the blue-haired woman begins to slash while glaring at the female Elf called Clydosus.
“So sudden-“
With an unconcerned expression, Clydosus steps away from the light blue sword flash.
The movement of the mana in her feet is smooth.
She has grasped the basics of Fighting Moji.
Light-blue panties, iya, nevertheless, that light blue long sword…
A special magic item? It shines whenever the sword is used.
Also, does the sword point bend? Is the warping metal soft?
“Ange, stop.”
“Ku, yes-“
The blue haired woman named Ange stops at the gentleman’s remonstration and immediately sheaths the sword before returning to his side.
“Oh yes, let’s stop ‘now.’ …Because I have business with this one.”
Un, what is this? Selfishly fighting as soon as she sees her.
There seems to be a quarrel between the organizations.
Should I escape-
“Well then, with this I…”
“Wait. Spearman-san.”
It is not the Elf who speaks, it is the gentleman from before.
He stands to block my way.
“That’s right. -Please wait a moment!”
With a loud voice, he removes his hat and lowers his head politely.
Raising his head, he continues talking.
“I represent 【Bell of Twilight】 and I am here to greet you.”
The Elf seems to hate the polite gentlemen and is directing a hateful glare his way.
“…I am here to greet you on behalf of the 【White Wale Blood Elves】. Rather than that hindrance, you should listen to me.”
She has a soft tone, characteristic of a woman.
Ange’ blue eyes squint and the middle of her forehead wrinkles.
She turns the point of her long sword to Clydosus with sharp eyes.
“Ooh, scary, scary.”
Clydosus approaches the long sword, laughing mockingly.
Raising both hands, she moves her arms back and forth, indicating she has no intention of fighting. She is making an appeal.
The gentleman’s curling mustache twitches and he calls the woman’s name quietly.
She makes an irritated face, and while pulling back her sword she steps back.
Really. That ice bell sword and hair color. You, Ange of Ice Bell, is it? You’re unexpectedly short tempered.”
Ange emphasizes her words but still does not grasp her sword.
“Clydosus. Please don’t provoke my servant so much…” (TL: VAMPIRE)
“Yes, yes, I understand. As expected of the right hand of 【Bell of Twilight】, I don’t care to fight ‘Porusen of the Sword’ and ‘Ange of Ice Bell’ at the same time.”
Fuu, for a while now, organization names and titles I do not know have been thrown around…
Even so, they do not seem to be attacking me.
Should I call Rollo.
-I whistle.
Rollo appears from behind me and returns to my shoulder.
The three people talking with a dangerous atmosphere all suddenly stop talking and turn eyes full of keen interest to me.
-What is this atmosphere.
The feeling of biting one’s molars. (TL: Gunna guess that’s a Japanese saying.)
To deliberately destroy that atmosphere, I talk.
“…Naa, I don’t really understand anything about these organizations, so what do you want with me?”
“In short, this is an invitation to our organization.”
“It is the same for me.”
These people with 【Bell of Twilight】 and 【White Whale Blood Elves】.
Kuna belonged to 【Thorn Tail】.
In addition, they are dark guilds.
That moment,
“Don’t fuck around!! I have never heard of the hardened 【White Whale Blood Elves】 Elven guild inviting a human!”
Ange says in an angry high-pitched voice.
He beautiful long blue hair flutters as she glares at the Elf woman.
“Aree, was it exposed? Nevertheless, haven’t we employed people other than Elves recently?”
Even though Clydosus receives Ange’s angry voice and glare, she does not seem bothered by it, and returns an innocent look.
The oyaji gentleman with the black beard reacts to the Elf’s words.
His eyes narrow and he stares sharply.
Widening his mouth, he joins the conversation.
“Haha, that seems to be the case recently.”
“That’s right. As expected, Porusen-san. However, our foundation is a small party of elites.”
“I would hope. We have been fighting all of you for years now. I have ways of knowing-“
The black haired oyaji gentleman puts his hand on the top hat, and suddenly begins to walk up on the side of the wall.
O~i, what happened to the gravity?
I can see that mana is being abnormally gathered in his feet.
The soles of his shoes are faintly shining red, so maybe the shoes are special?
I can see that this is some type of magic…
A red blood-like footprint is left on the wall where he walks.
The oyaji continues smiling and talking with both feet attached to the wall.
“-Did you come to investigate the man who killed a leader of 【Thorn Tail】 to determine whether he will become a threat to the 【Blood Elves】? Or, were you going to ‘erase’ this man if he would join a different guild?”
E-to, erase me? (TL: That sounds dangerous.)
The oyaji gentleman talks with a composed atmosphere like the Elf and has a suspicious smile.
The smile does not reach his eyes…
The Elf looks at me and opens her mouth.
Just like this, but ‘either’ is okay for me, ne.”
Just like that, huh, this is troublesome.
I do not want to get any more involved-
“Well, this isn’t a good place to talk, is it? To start with, your invitation. It is unfortunate for the oyaji gentleman to walk on the wall, but I don’t have any intention of joining such an organization. And then, I am not interested in joining the Elf organization either. So since I have not been threatened and I am an ordinary person who loves peace, please don’t mind it.”
“…Hee, interesting.”
Clydosus mutters and falls silent, she gives me a look that sends chills down my spine.
“…Is that so?”
Speaking feebly is the gentleman standing on the wall in defiance of gravity.
Holding the tip of his curling mustache, he pulls it out and begins to look offended as his forehead wrinkles.
However, you killed ‘Dark Kuna’ and killed the members of 【Thorny Tail】 over there. You may have killed Kuna but the power of 【Thorny Tail】 is still much larger.”
So, I should join your organization, idiot…
This hairy faced man is fine; the Elf has a composed expression.
She is someone from the top of a dark guild, I should not offend her…
“Oi, oi, are you talking down to me? Surprise attacks are scary, so why don’t you enter the protection of my organization?”
“No, no, you’re strong. You won’t be under protection. This is the final invitation.”
An invitation. She says so, but her behavior seems to be appealing to the sense of safety.
Again, the gentleman stops on the wall and observes carefully.
His black pomade styled hair, a dark look.
There is a mark on his hair where the hat sat.
Dark brown sunken eyes and a glamour line cut in his forehead and cheeks.
From his wrinkles, I can judge he is between middle-aged and elderly.
His trademark mustache leaves an impression.
However, it looks like it takes time to style that mustache. [ED: Hell YA!]
Then, I look at the Elf.
Clydosus’ hair is a mix of green and silver, her hair is cut in a one-length bob. (TL: One-length bob cut.)
She has dark silver eyeliner around her eyes and the tattoo of a white whale stands out on her cheek.
Now, should I escape?
“…Is that so? With the way things are going, it seems like such a feeling…but, it’s impossible. I said it earlier, but I’m not interested in this discussion. For arguments sake, even if 【Thorny Tail】 attacks me, I will respond in kind every time. If they’re persistent I will crush them.”
When the blue-haired woman hears me, her eyes open wide and she laughs at me derisively.
Like that, she takes a small step forward and opens her small mouth.
“Eh, crush them? The organization by yourself? Are you stupid? Papa understands if that is the case, but isn’t it impossible for you? Papa has taken so much effort to invite you, yet you are going to decline?”
She has a flippant tone.
“-Ahaha, interesting. I like this one.”
The Elf woman spreads her arms and claps, repeating her words to dismiss the rough ones of the blue-haired woman.
Such a dispute is ignored.
“That’s right. The conversation ends with this. I will go now so do not follow me anymore.”
“-Is that so. That’s disappointing.”
“Eh, is it okay Papa?”
The gentleman puts his hat back on with a disappointed expression.
“Aah, it’s fine.”
It may not be very manly to give up, but I run away through the alley.
“As for me, I will not give up~, but, I am also busy. It can’t be helped. Bye-bye.”
From behind I hear the playful voice of the Elf woman and ignore it.
I head into the alley at a quick pace.
Rollo jumps from my shoulder into my hood and it seems that she wants to rest.
Now, I do not feel anymore unknown magic essence signs.
There does not seem to be anyone chasing me, but I use <Pheromone Touch> just to be certain.
Then- I catch the smell of a woman.
Continuously, within the range of presence detection is the scent of one person. Magic essence following me is detected.
Not again. I am being followed even though I told them not to…
Gradually, the magic essence approaches from behind.
It may be the Elf woman from earlier or the woman with the light blue sword.
“Rollo, someone is coming again. Just watch for now.”
Rollo appears from the hood and answers with a light “Nya.”
I intended to hurry to the inn, but with this,
This guy is probably related to the business from before.
Contrary to opening it more.
And, I decide to stop and wait for the approaching sign to appear.
What appears is a woman.
Ara? But, it isn’t the Elf or impertinent blue-haired woman from earlier?
A beautiful woman is glaring at me.
The woman approaches and she seems to be using fighting moji.
Mana is collecting in her feet.
The woman’s small lips move-
“You’re waiting? Monster.”
She suddenly calls me a monster.
N? Are? I saw this woman somewhere.
The adventurer like woman is tall and wearing black leather armor.
Ah, she is pulling out a weapon from behind her~
She is holding a claymore type weapon in her hands?
N~~, ah, I remember.
This is the woman who was glaring at me in front of the church.
The woman with the wavy hair.
She has white earrings and a high nose.
This is definitely that beautiful woman.
“…I wasn’t waiting. You pulled a weapon and suddenly called me a monster?”
“That’s right. You won’t deceive me-“
The woman declares coolly and turns the sword point towards me.
And attacks in the form of a sword thrust.
Suddenly attacking-“
I say those words as I move to the right.
At the same time Rollo jumps behind me, out of the hood.
When she lands on the ground her figure swells and she adopts a battle posture.
Rollo jumps and extends a feeler bone sword at the charging woman.
The woman reacts with surprise to the sudden bone sword.
She holds the sword in both hands in a defensive stance and dodges the oncoming bone swords.
“-A familiar!? Are you from the Valmask household?”
While saying something, I have never heard of, she blocks the elastic attacks of Rollo’s feeler bone swords.
However, how the quick attack cause the woman to completely lose her composure.
Maa, she moves the sword with her hands and somehow manages to keep blocking. This seems to be the limit of her physical strength.
The woman’s fight has become a defensive one.
Like this I continue observing Rollo’s movements for a while.
I want to get information from this woman now.
“Rollo, It’s fine now. Come back.”
“Nya, nyaa.”
Hearing me, Rollo withdraws her feeler bone swords and returns.
She immediately returns to my feet.
“Haa, haa, wh-why, retreat?”
“Well, why did you suddenly attack?”
“Because you’re a monster!”
-She is throwing a knife this time.
I knock down the thrown knife with the black spear.
“Rollo, it’s okay to move back.”
Rollo jumps back and leaves, per my instructions.
Suddenly calling me a monster is terrible. What basis do you have?”
Maa, what the woman is saying is true…
Perhaps, does she know about me?
“Haha, you’re still feigning ignorance?”
“That’s right.”
“Fuun, aren’t you using the <Pheromone Touch> skill unique to vampires?”
This is surprising. I did use it.
“I, without the adventurer magic tools vampire hunters carry, I can detect the pheromones unique to vampires. It’s a ‘Response Skill,’ characteristic of “Vampire Hunters,” especially of the Egbain house.”
H-how, there is a skill like that?
I am surprised again.
“…Vampire hunter?”
Although I am surprised, I return a question without showing it on my face.
“That’s right. Didn’t you use pheromone touch in the middle of the city? I’ve had you ‘marked’ since then. I thought it was strange that you could walk around during the day, but it is possible for Vampire Progenitors and Dhampirs.”
The woman talks boastfully.
“N, that’s it? Because it reacted to a similar skill by ‘chance,’ did you not think about anything else?”
The woman collecting her breath then swings down her sword.
I quickly lower my head and dodge the sword blade.
-There is a swishing sound as the two-handed sword passes over my head.
This girl is dense.
The woman puts emphasis into her arms and cuts down again.
-It seems she is set on killing me.
I back away and dodge the large sword again.
Even though I am dodging the woman’s attack, she tightens her grip without minding it and continues attacking.
This woman still has not learned her lesson.
This time I do not “dodge” but “meet” the strike instead.
I raise my voice and hit the middle of the approach two-handed sword with the black spear.
The two-handed sword is strongly repelled and a metallic sound resounds.
The woman’s face becomes ugly and she takes some distance again.
She then suddenly sticks the two-handed sword in the ground.
N? She is stopping?
When I think so-
She shoves both hands into her waist belt and removes something.
She throws it.
For a moment, is that a knife? I thought, but this is different.
It splits into multiple pieces in the air.
White lines like spider threads extends out all at once and it opens.
Adhesive thread falls onto my hands and feet and sticks to the ground.
“Your movements will be stopped with this. It’s an anti-vampire ‘silver light spider.’ You shouldn’t be able to move any more. I will work quickly and let you taste the blade of the saint sword ‘goldburg’-“
The woman’s face turns triumphant and she licks her lips.
She pulls out the two-handed sword from the ground and with that power, shouts.
I move my arms covered in the sticky threads and check if I can move.
This thread is loose; will it really seal my movements?
I tear away the thread forcibly from my arms and turn to the offensive.
The woman raises a voice of surprise and stops with a questioning posture.
-An opening.
I wear fighting moji over my entire body and swing down the black spear from above.
The woman quickly raises her two-handed sword to catch the blade of the black spear.
A dull sound of yielding metal-
She defended as I predicted.
She should be aware of her defense with this.
Later at this pace.
I flip the spear around and thrust out with the butt end.
The woman gradually cannot receive my attacks.
“Haa, haa” she breathes raggedly and her sword lowers.
-I will not overlook this opening and I “deliberately” shift close to her.
I aim at the arm of the disheveled wavy-haired woman.
I move the butt end of the black tanza spear in a small figure eight and catch her.
The woman’s right arm is twisted and she shows an expression of pain.
This will be an unknown pain for this woman. Furthermore, when I remove the black spear, she cannot withstand the pain. With this the two-handed sword falls from her grip.
Then I hook the woman’s heel and using a locking technique with the black spear she topples over.
Like that, I lean over the woman.
“Gu, kuso.”
“Now that I’m looking closely, aren’t you a beautiful woman?”
“Wh, don’t-“
“Oto, please don’t struggle?”
I restrain both of the woman’s hands and get into a mounting position.
“Nyaon, Nya, Nyaa.”
Rollo who was watching from a distance seems to come over and pushes a soft paw pad to the woman’s forehead.
She slaps the woman’s nose…
“Cho, the little cat is cute, but make the smell stop.”
“Rollo, she says your paw pads smell. Give her another whiff.”
Rollo pushes her paw like a stamp.
“-What, mou, the, the smell is becoming a habit…”
Has she become a member of the cat enthusiasts too?
It seems a new fetish has awoken but I am not getting a good feeling from this anymore.
“Rollo, you can stop.”
Rollo replies lightly and moves behind me.
“Now then, if I was like you, I would kill you. However, I’ll leave now-“

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