Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 43

Forty-Third Episode~ Zohedron Trap ※

“Why, you didn’t drink my blood or kill me…”


The woman ignores my proffered hand and glares at me.


“I have a rule against killing beautiful women.”

“…even though you’re a vampire, you’re trying to woo me?”

“I’m joking. You attacked me before when I tried to talk, you fancy me for a vampire, but I remove your suspicions.”


I have no intention of explaining the new vampire origin race.

Besides, I am not really a vampire anyway.


“Misunderstanding? What are you saying-”


The feminine voice disappears and her voice strengthens.


“Noisy-if it suits you, why don’t you try holy water or a light attribute attack to determine if I am a Vampire?”


I say it properly, but for a moment, I do not miss when the woman’s eyes go to the leather belt.


“If you have some, pour it on me. Ma, it will turn out the same as before.”

“Ku, wait a moment…”


The woman says so with a glare and slapping aside my hand she stands up on her own and reaches to the back of her belt.

From a case attached to the belt she removes a small bottle filled with liquid and opens the cover.


“Hahaha, stupid vampire. You’ll be sorry when your body burns-”


When the woman talks with a victorious smile she hurls the small bottle at me and the mysterious liquid comes out.


-Splash. This is cold.

It tastes like ordinary water…

Well, this is natural for me with my light attribute immunity.

…There is no reaction.


Such a liquid solution seems to be effective on vampires.

After all, this is holy water? Seeing my calm disposition even after being bathed in the water, the woman’s expression changes.

The blood drains from her face.


“Do you understand with this?”

“Eh, eh, eeeh, it’s true…”


I can see that the woman is upset.

Her eyes are swimming and she is breaking out in a cold sweat.



Ugh, so- sorry.”


The woman earnestly lowers her head in apology.

Should I take a little revenge?

It seems appropriate for the “vampire” lineage.

I wear a wicked smile on my face.


“E~to. My leather clothes have gotten wet. I was suddenly attacked with a sword, and if I had been an ordinary person I would have died…”

“Au, I’m very sorry…”


The woman says so as she quickly takes out a clean cloth and begin to wipe my body.


“Yeah, I got wet, more-”


Things begin to go in a strange direction so I use “self-restraint.”


“Yes, further down…”


Haa, this woman heard me.

The woman is going to wipe my crotch but I hurry and back away.


“A-ah, this is good enough. The bottoms didn’t get too wet.”



The woman’s expression seems to be slightly relieved.


“A, ano, I am truly sorry. Such a thing has never happened with my skill thus far…”


She lowers her head again. This woman’s behavior and tone is different from before.

She has become extremely modest looking. She may be good at heart…

At any rate, there is a skill that can detect pheromone touch. I will need to cut back on its use in the future.


Oh well. I will try asking about the skill.


“Your apology is enough. For now, raise your head.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“And then, I would like to ask. The skill you talked about earlier. A response skill? An Anti-vampire skill? I think you mentioned the Egbain household…”

“That’s right. But I do not want to talk about the house hold.”

“Is it secret?”



A Secret. Even though she talked about it so easily…

I will ask about it a little.


“I would like you to explain if you can. If you explain I may forget that you attacked me. How’s that?”

“Ugh, fine, it can’t be helped. I understand. I’ll talk.

“Oh, thanks. Is it okay if we head to the room at the inn I’m staying at?”


The woman’s eye brows lower when she hears me.



“Iya, ah, it’s fine since I won’t attack you. If I was going to attack you I would have done so earlier.”

“…Okay, then.”

“Well then, let’s go.”

“Ah, un.”


My room at the inn is small, but it should be sufficient for a conversation.


I begin to walk down the small alley with the woman to the inn.

Rollo jumps onto my shoulder and I turn back.

She sinks into my hood without permission.

And, I arrive at Saika, the small inn on main street.

I hold open the door for the woman and enter. I am looked at coldly by the inn keeper, but I go down the small corridor without minding it and guide her to my room.


“Sa, it’s small but please come in.”

“It’s really cramped.”

“Aah, you should down on the bed while we talk. I will listen.”


I say so and lean my shoulder against the door frame with my arms crossed.

I look at the woman.

There, a black shadow- when I think it is Rollo.

Rollo who was in my hood jumps for the bed.



“Nya, nyaa.”


Rollo lands on the bed and turns in circles as if to say 『This thing is mine』 and occupies the pillow.


“That surprised me, but, she’s cute. Can I touch this child?”

“Go ahead.”


With hands big for a woman, she strokes the velvety black fur from head to tail.

Rollo purrs deep in her chest.

Having her whole body massaged, her eyes slowly close and she has a relaxed expression.

The woman enjoys herself as she pets Rollo, saying “Kawaii.”


Watching such a scene, I can see Rollo being petted by the woman.

The mysterious charm of a cat. The essence of the cat, the cat is also a divine beast, but she is still cute.

Aah, I want to stroke her fur too…

I will endure it.


“Well, such a cute child…she was able to get bigger and attack with those feelers. Ah, that was rude. Black cat-chan.”


The woman seems satisfied after petting Rollo and talking that way. She places her equipment on the floor and sits on the bed.


“The one is Rollodinu. Rollo, for short. And, my name is Shuya Kagari. Either Shuya or Kagari is fine.”

“So. Rollo-chan. My name is Norah, Norah Egbain.”

“Norah, my greetings were late. Please take care of me.”

“No, I am the one who should be saying that. Thank you. Shuya.”


After such a simple greeting, Norah takes a deep breath and opens her mouth.


“…Now then, what do you want to know?”

“First, tell me about the Egbain household and vampire hunters.”

“Alright. The start with…I am the present head of the Egbain household and of the tenth generation. We are a small noble house from Oppeheiman, in southern Samaria Kingdom. And, the Egbain household is a clan that has raised vampire hunters for generations. That’s it.”


The whole household? Ma, I will ask for more details…


“Hee, so, being a vampire hunter-san is a tradition?”

“A little while ago, weren’t the members of 【Hector’s】 magic guild slaughtered? The culprit seems to have been a magician, but there were rumors that a demonic being and the dark guilds were related. Someone from Valmask household may have been involved too? I think. In truth, I am looking for my missing younger sister.”


Missing younger sister?


And, the magician Zoru Gustave?

Zoru did not write in his diary about a female vampire hunter or a Valmask person.


“…For your younger sister. You’re chasing after someone from Valmask who is related. Who are they?”

“It is the name of an old vampire clan that originated in Oppeheiman district. They seem to be a clan with ’12 branch families of the ancestor.’ They are two <Servants> accompanied by a family, famous for attacking lone humans. My entire clan fight such vampires. I can detect Vampires with my response skill. However, while my younger sister was investigating, she suddenly disappeared…when I was searching for information about her whereabouts, I discover a solitary vampire, and they were from Valmask.”


Heeh, she has such a story. This is like a movie.


“So. The reason you mistook me is the response skill.”

“That’s right. It was my fault. There is no excuse, but something like that had never happened up to now…”


Norah seems to have endured a lot, her face is hanging.


“Oh, you look depressed. It’s a waste with a such a beautiful face.”

“…Really, you’re the reason…”

“Ah, haha, that’s right.” It’s may be because of me.”



Oh, yata, she is smiling.

Her mature face is cute.

I will ask a little more about this beautiful woman…


“I want to ask about something else, are there vampire hunts aside from Norah?”

“Yes, of course. Or should I say, isn’t that a strange question?”




“It’s strange?”

“Yeah, after all, aren’t skilled adventurers like vampire hunters?”

“Aah, that’s right, but are there expert adventurers like you?”


Norah place her finger tip on her chin and talks.


“Well, certainly, there aren’t specialized existences like my family. However, there are far away countries. The representative one, is the Holy Church under the control of the 【Holy Kingdom Hesfurato】, their church knights are famous.  Therein, however the ‘Disorte’ is under the direct control of the Vatican and are famous as a ‘Demonic Being Extermination Organization.’ They are a specialized agency dealing with demons that appear from hell, demonic beings, as well as vampires.”


Holy Country.

I remember the conversation about the Popo and Holy Church with Shisho.

However, this is my first time hearing about the Demonic Being Extermination Organization, “Disorte.”

I should join the conversation properly.


“Disorte from the Holy Country?”

“You don’t know? Ma, that’s natural. Religion varies depending on the area, this is also an area that believes in multiple gods. Are you from south of here?”

“Maa, something like that.”

“So… from here, the 【Holy Country Hesfurato】 is north of the 【Maheim Mountain Range】 past the desert country of 【Holy Land Country Amefu 】 in a forested region, it is a far-off country with a big lake. As one would expect, the Holy Church’s teachings about Ilodis, the God of Light do not reach such a remote region. Though, 【Fort City Hector】 is a big enough city.”


【Holy Country Hesfurato】 has come up many times.

Just in case, I remember it.


“There is also a church here. Does it manage such a remote church of that size?”

“That’s right. If it is compared to the size of the Hesurifa Cathedral in the 【Sect Capitol Hesfurato】 then doesn’t it feel too small?”

“It must seem pretty small.”

“Yeah, however, it may be small, but there are still Priest and Bishops as well of Deacons that work for the Holy Church here.”


Battle Occupations related to light.

And a Cathedral, an image of the Notre Dame cathedral built in Paris, France around the middle ages.

Cathedral of Sera in a different world. I want to see it one day.


“…you want to hear about this?”

“Aah, sorry. Un. That’s good enough. Thank you. I’ll show you out of the inn, Norah-jyou.”


As I became a butler, I lower my head and hold out my arm.


“Yeah, yeah.”


Norah says so and waving her arm at my joke, leaves the room.


“Well then, I will go. I am sorry for attacking you.”

“Aah, it’s fine. Don’t worry.”



Norah nods, smiles, and disappears into the crowd.


Now, forgetting about the Vampire stuff for the moment, I should check my status and the contents of the item box.


I return to my inn room and quickly sit down on the bed.




Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: Divine Beast Contractor

Race: Rusivault

Battle Occupation : Dark Magic Spearman : Chain User

Physical Strength 19.1→19.2 Agility 19.9→20.0 Stamina 18.0→18.2 Mana 23.0→23.2 Dexterity 18.1 Spirit 23.4→23.7 Luck 11.0

Condition: Calm


My agility reached twenty.

I got stronger after absorbing Kuna’s soul.


Skill Status.


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Hidden Body>:<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:<Blood Banquet>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:<Fairy Moji>:<Summoning Magic>:<Ancient Magic>:<Crest Magic>:<Dark Drill>:<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>


Permanent Skills:<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undying>:<Darkness Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:<Fighting Moji Knowledge>:<Guidance Moji Knowledge>:<Spear Sparring>:<Thought Guidance Chain>:<Magic Crest Construction>


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


Once I finish checking my status, I check the bracelet.





◆:Person Mark:Storage


Item Inventory 28/85


Intermediate Restoring Potion×154

Intermediate Mana Restoring Potion x110

High-Class Restoring Potion x43

High-Class Mana Restoring Potion x44

Gold Coin x25

Silver Coin x88

Ancient Magic Book: Zohedron Trap x1

Large Staff of the Moon Spirit Tree x1

Priest Necklace x1

Mana Amplification Potion x3

Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall x1

Dress of Dark Shadows x1

Stone Ball of Return x13

Crimson Shark Leather High Heels x1

Armrest of Lightning Magic x1 (TL: I was translating this one incorrectly before.)

Ring of Dusk x1

Notes of Ancient King Permon x1

Peterson’s Passage Fragment x1

Socks of Varuda x5

Picture Scroll of Sebdola-kami x1

Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn x3

Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles x1

Ronto Manuscript x1

Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop x1

Ring of Shadow Penetration x1

Ring of Fire Beast Stone x1

Key Ring x1

Magic Sword Bitou x1




A window is displayed on the bracelet with an item list.


When I put all of the item back in the item box its storage number seem to be full.


It might be fine if I put everything inside it.

However, I should bring out a minimum of baggage, otherwise it might seem unnatural.

Ma, thinking about such a thing does not matter…


I am interested in the “◆” mark above the item column and the “Person Mark” and “Storage” written next to it.


What could it mean?

I will understand if I press it…

-I avoid it for now. The point right now is the check the items.


I am interested in the ancient magic book: Zohedron Trap.


I immediately touch it.

What comes out, is a book with an appearance like a blackboard.


I hold it. It feels like steel.

I place the steel-like board on my palm and look at it.

On the surface of the steel there are traces of hand written ancient characters.


When I read the characters,


“Paredes’ Twenty-Four Mirrors”

“Zohedron Trap.”

“Gate Magic”


-is written.

Oooh, gate magic?


Right away, I try placing my right hand there.

…And, there is no reaction. Only a cold tactile sensation.


“《Zohedron Trap》”


I speak the words written on the cover.

Then, the steel book immediately reacts.

Eeeeh!? The steel board is warping and turning into a soft liquid form.

My hand suddenly sinks up to its wrist in the liquid metal.


The steel book fuses to my right hand.

…I’m stuck.

I stretch out a finger on my left hand… and try tapping on the book where my hand is attached.


This is hard. It got hard fast.

Dangerous, dangerous. Do I have to use my right hand as a hammer from now on?

Aah, I cannot use my right hand to release anymore…I did use my left hand sometimes, so I must do my best with my left hand from now on, a revelation from god.

I might have to move on from the breast research society-


-Confirming Space-Time Attribute Organism

-Tone Correction.

-Gate Magic, Zohedron Trap Activating


Wao, all of a sudden, a mechanical voice sounds in my head, and a black crack are spreading out over the surface of the steel.


Gray light leaks out from the black cracks.


This, it seems to be breaking.

Is something being born?

It’s breaking easily.

The surface of the steel book rises and it splits in two.

From inside the broken surface, a sphere appears.


The polyhedral sphere suddenly floats in the air, from below the steel book is being sucked in.

The “steel-formed object” separates from my hand and steadily disappears into the floating sphere.

Before long, all the steel-like substance is removed from my hand.


-Oooh, yata. This is good.

All the metal seems to have filled the polyhedral sphere.

The many-sided sphere remains in the air, stationary.


Mysterious. What do I do with this multi-sided sphere?


I take the sphere with my fingers and hold it in my palm.

It is about ten centimeters; the surface looks like glass and is semitransparent…

It resembles to polyhedral dice used in TRPG. (TL: Table Top Role Playing Game.)


Or should I say, it looks exactly like those dice.


There are even slightly red figures and symbols engraved on this surface.

When I grab the sphere with my hand the surface of it begins to shine and it starts moving.

I become a little scared and open my hand. When I open my hand the sphere floats a little way from my hand, and suddenly begins to revolve around my head on its own.


Rollo immediately reacts to the globe.

She turns her head, following the revolving object without stopping.


Huh, I should not be afraid, it is just turning around.

Again, I catch the revolving ball with my left hand.

-Even when I hold it, the sphere rotates slightly.

I look at each of the face of the polyhedral sphere.


There seem to be 24 in total.

A different symbolic character is carved on each.

I try touch to small symbol for “one” on a face.

When I touch the symbol, it reacts.

The groove I touched begins to shine green instead of red.

Is this by any chance-

I trace the groove that makes to symbol with a finger.

From red to green- the color of the part I trace changes.

The moment all the characters turn green-

A gray light shines from the surface I traced.

The globe stops rotating and folds in on itself, the surfaces automatically overlapping. The object has changed from a sphere into of surface.


From all the surfaces gathered into one, a gray light shines again.

The light spreads above and below- it spreads outs.


Oooh, this is a gate? This is exciting.

In the small space in front of the bed a halo gate opens lengthwise.

It is big enough for one or two people to fit in.


It is exactly like a door of light.


One the other side of the gate in the room I can see view similar to a warehouse.

Should I go to the other side?

But, I do not know if I can return…

Maa, this is life.

I am a little scared, but it seems interesting.


“What will Rollo do?”



Rollo jumps onto my shoulder.


Hehe, you made up your mind to go too?

Now, new land GO!

With a small smile, I grasp the black spear and go into the gate.


At the gate, there is the feeling of peeping out.

It is a place that looks like a warehouse.


Rollo jumps excitedly from my shoulder and lands on the unknown floor.

She walks around the room taking in the new smells.

When she finds the corner of a bulky desk, she rubs her against it.

Doing that is marking her territory with her scent…


While storing the behavior of such a Rollo in my heart, I look back at the gate and find a mirror there.


Somehow or other, I seem to have come out of this rectangular “mirror.”

The mirror glows but I cannot not see through to the other side.

While I am trying to look through the other side of the glowing mirror, the light of the gate suddenly disappears and it blacks out.


-Pitch-darkness. I look around me.


I activate the <Night Vision> skill.

However, I immediately dismiss <Night Vision>.


There should be a source of light here.


Speaking of light, I have that ring.

I force the four-sided metallic ring onto my little finger.


I touch the ring and consciously will a “light ball.”

A sphere of light appears, like the one Kuna made.

Rollo turns to look and her eyes reflect the light, making them glow.


When I move the light source to the ceiling, the entire picture becomes clear-

The room is not so wide.


There are two doorways, one to the left and right.

A mannequin is placed by an old statue and expensive looking bottles.

There is a luxurious woman’s robe being displayed on the mannequin.

There are decorated weapons likes swords and shields scattered about as well, there are a lot of woman’s clothing scattered around and parchment such as maps as well as books and documents on the floor.


The owner of this room seems to be rich, although judging by this mess that may not be the case…


It is a room with a feeling of a “woman who cannot clean.”

There is no significance even if I profile it…


I am more interested in the “mirror” so I turn my attention to it.

The mirror’s frame is of a simple make.

There are circular decorations rising at the top, and in the middle, is the sphere that created the gate earlier.


The twenty-four faces fit in precisely.

When I see the sphere fitting into the mirror, part of the decoration opens.

Oh, the sphere comes out automatically.

The revolving spheres come out on its own, flying towards like it did before, and again takes up an orbit around my head.


…Is the sphere connected to this “mirror?”


I catch the revolving sphere and look at each of its faces.

If I trace this symbol, the gate connected to this side is activated.

When I touch the symbol only the part that makes contact turns green.


Another time, I will go through the gates that appear from two and three sides, but right now I want to look into this side of the mirror.

The special mirror is right in front of me.

Twenty-Four of these exist somewhere in the world.

After I am satisfied with the dice-like sphere, I put it away in a pocket my chest strap.


-I will take this special mirror gate.

Can I put something this big in the item box…

I press storage on the bracelet and the black window appears.


Okay, lift the mirror-

Oh, it enters smoothly.

It seems certain sizes can fit inside.


I should check the next room.

I look at the documents and books on the bulky desk.

What a mess…the owner here does not seem interested in cleaning.


I inspect the desk.



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