Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 44

Forty-Fourth Episode~ Infiltration


The top of the desk is in chaos.

There are heaps of parchment piled up.

On top of one of the piles is a magic beast delivery list, and since it is written clearly, I turn through it lightly and take a look.

The names of various magic beasts are there, and there are monster names with an embargo mark listed, written they are being sent to 【Pernette】 【Fadyke】 【Gurmuheim】 and 【Tandart】, and finally the mark of the Present Magic Beast Firm is stamped.

It looks like a receipt.

Many of the documents are destined for 【Mine City Tandart】 and addressed to 【Shadow of Gaigal】.


There is something like a folded letter so I open it.








To Whom It May Concern, thank you very much for transporting all the enslaved monsters this time.

Thanks to Kuna-sama assistance, our dark guild 【Darkness of Gaigal】 has suddenly expanded our influence in the city of 【Tandart】.

Our master, Scorpion-sama was pleased as well.

We have enclosed a gold coin as thanks in the letter, so please confirm it afterwards.

Then, the article you desired for “Kureboni Shop” has been acquired, so I will write down the location.

This store will certainly become a foothold for 【Thorny Tail】 in Tandart.

Finally, in regard the cave’s mining rights, there is a the blasted antagonistic 【Shadow Wing Brigade】 in the hands of the opponent, so it will take time as we predicted.

Therefore, please wait a while longer.

And then when you find time to come to 【Tandart】 summon to “Three Fingers of Gaigal,” and this Senbi Makijio will guide you through the city.






According to this information… 【Thorny Tail】 and 【Shadow of Gaigal】 did frequent business with one another.


This house belongs to Kuna.

I find some messy handwritten notes.

I try reading one.






Is the tip of the human face shaped jar or bottle a key?

What on earth is this?


I have collected many ancient artifacts so far…to bottle moves in desire of blood, I have never seen anything like it. Does the spirit of a vampire dwell inside? It might be related to hell, I checked, but it doesn’t seem related. Of course, it has nothing to do with the god boundary.


A mysterious bottle.


Something different, an unknown kind of aburanamu, a divine curse of an old god, is it something related to those that live in the labyrinth? I think it is related to the labyrinth since it came from there. However, it is far from here, and a metastasis formation isn’t possible. The administrator Sabido-sama doesn’t know my true character because I don’t talk too much.


Aaah, not knowing is frustrating.


Mou, I shouldn’t have bought such a bottle or jar from the underground auction.

Those the gross big ears are unpleasant to look at, I should put it away in the item box for now…






Human Faced Bottle, Jar, Key? Is that what is looks like…

Did she betray Sabido since he did not know her true character?

Such fawning over him, she was a double or triple agent.


Kuna seems to have been busy behind the scenes.


When I move the piled-up documents, and old parchment book appears.

There are many books related to magic, and there are some books with romance titles too.


There do not seem to be any thin books.

It will not be so easy.


Next, I move my eyes to the shelves of the desk and open a drawer.

In the top drawer, there are of lot of “Stones of Return” for Sabido Kentsiru’s magic labyrinth.

The next drawer is full of various kinds of magic potion bottles.


Finally, I open the bottom drawer.


Wao- several gorgeous jewels, several gold and silver coins, as well as hundreds of large copper coins.

She said she was poor, but she has money saved up.

Humming, I go to count out the gold coins, when there is a sudden loud bang-


“Aniki’s kick is strong. This door…is it okay if we destroy it?”

“It’s fine. Kuna isn’t coming back.”

“But, that ‘Kuna of Darkness?’ The day hasn’t even ended, so she may still return.”

“But, we’ve come so far?”

“Iya, that’s right.”

“That’s right. I’d never. Kuna is definitely dead. Didn’t Takato loose contact with her?”


“That’s right. Those guys should have gone after that ‘spearman.'”

“Surely, after following his from the guild, there has been no communication.”

“Oh really? Shouldn’t they have come back immediately?”

“Yeah, that’s right. They should have.”

“…In that case, there’s only one possibility. Like Kuna, they were killed by that ‘spearman.'”

“Hehe, impossible…”

“…It’s already fine, so look-”



Then I hear sound of searching through the shelves.


“-However, there is only a little gold and items.”

“Aniki, that door.”



Are they coming this way? I instantly turn the spear to the door.

However, it seems to be okay. The handle turns noisily, but the door does not open.


“Oi, it’s locked?”

“Can you kick it down again?”

“I’ll give it a go-”


With a heavy thumping, the door is kicked several times, but it seems tough and does not budge.


In the end, it turns into ramming into the door.

However, the door does not move at all.


“Why? Even my power cannot open it…”

“Even when Aniki is a Lava Khan he cannot open it, so it will be impossible for me.”

“Kuna’s guys, get the key to the strong door.”

“It’s probably some kind of magic. Uh, ‘darkness.'”

“That’s also right. I’ll give up on this. Donpa, report this to the boss. This place was already destroyed ‘attacked and destroyed by the dark guild,’ got it?”

“I got it.”

“Hehe, there’s so little. It should all sell for good money. Yosh, let’s carry this stuff away. I have an acquaintance at the market nearby, I’ll return to the boss as soon as we sell this stuff off.”



For a short while, I listen to the sound of things being dragged off the shelves…

The shop has become quiet.

Those guys were from the same organization as Kuna. They do not seem to have been on good terms since they were stealing.

However, that door is solid. I use magic observing eyes to look at the door.

…I see. That is why it is so strong.

The door has traces of mana.

The mana is connected to something that looks like a magic stone.


So, this door, leads somewhere else?


Before I check the door, the storage of the item box.

From this drawer, I gather all the jewels, gold coins, silver coins, and large copper coins. I put them into the black window.

Oh, there are some documents wrapped protectively in paper at the bottom of the drawer.


I read the contents of the documents-

“First-Rate Slave Trader License” “Osberia Kingdom Issue”


A license?

She had such a thing.

I put it in the box for the time being.


Now then, should I go check on the other door that was on my mind?


“There are keys all over the place.”


Speaking of keys, there is the key wring Kuna used…

There must be key in that ring to open it.

Believing so, I take the key ring out of the item box.

One after another, I insert different keys into the door and turn them.




Oh, surprisingly, a key easily matched.

I put the key ring in the same small pocket as the twenty-four sides sphere.


And, I cautiously open the door.

On the other side of the door, there is a magic formation, and a set of stairs leading down.


This magic formation…

Since this is Kuna’s, it is probably a magic formation leading to Sabido’s magic labyrinth.

I am more interested in the stairs.


“Rollo, let’s go.”


Rollo is rubbing her face against a protrusion in a corner of Kuna’s room, marking her territory.


This is better than peeing to mark territory.




Rollo suddenly jumps to my shoulder and then returns to her new favorite place, my hood.


Feeling the weight of Rollo on my back, I leave the magic formation alone and go down to the stairs.


There is a cave dug out with a shovel at the bottom of the stairs.

Although dodgy, this is a passage. It is dark, but I advance.

I light the way with the light ball rather than using the <Night Vision> skill.


A little light leaks out ahead.

-Oh? There is a presence detection reaction.

There are multiple magic essence reaction coming from the direction of the light.

Is it a group of monsters? I should be careful.

I dismiss the illuminating ball of light.

I walk towards to the reaction while using the <Hidden Body> skill.

There is an arched entrance in the earthen wall with no doors.

I press my shoulder to the dirt wall and peek around the other side-


Multiple cages in a vast space?

And, there are sounds like monster voices.

Multiple magic essences.

They only seem to be coming from here.


Without delay, I advance into the wide space filled with multiple cages.

Magic beasts and monsters, I have never seen are kept in the cages.

It is a considerable number. Inside of the cages lit by torches, there is a monster with a pig’s snout, and reptilian winged monsters like small dragons.


It was mentioned in the list earlier, but is this the storage for all the magic beasts and monsters?

N- there are beast limbs illuminated by the light.

Dazzling light is being given off by its whole body and it also has a long thin tail.

Its overall form is like a streamlined horse.

It resembles a unicorn and a giraffe, though slightly different.

It three long horns that twist together to form one large horn.


The horn is strangely impressive.



“This magic beast is beautiful and attractive.”



This is an unusual magic beast.

Rollo comes out of my hood and moves to my right shoulder.


She stares at the caged magic beast with crimson eyes.


“Fuun, I know I’m beautiful even if I human doesn’t say so.”

“-Wao!? You understand human words? This magic beast, is this its own language?”

“Language? You’re funny. This human’s simple moaning, I shouldn’t be able to hear it… but, this human… do you understand my words?”





“Human, come.”


A goblin in a different cage raises its voice.

I hear it as “Gyagya” but can understand it with the skill.


However, I can understand the rare monster, but goblin could be profitable?

It was written in Kuna’s documents that they were going to be turned into profit.

Ignoring such a goblin, I check this space carefully.

In the other cages, there is a pair of golden griffons that look like parent and child, a magic beast like a popobumu, and I see the figure of a Hoguts from the magic labyrinth.


The horned magic beast of light that talked, and the griffons with this color seem considerably rare.

Its appearance is showy because of its coloring.


As I walk, the edge is becoming an underground monster garden, I discover a big slope connecting to the surface.

When I try to climb the slope-


“Human, wait.”



The talking magic beast has moved to the edge of its cage.

It is appealing desperately while hitting its foot against the edge of the cage.


Its limbs and eyes are flashing with light.


“So. Human, look at me!”

“What is it?”


Without climbing the slope, I approach the cage of the magic beast desperately appealing for me to look at it.


“Good, you came back. Human, you understand my words.”


The shining magic beast hit the cage with its foot and growls.


“Aah, it seems so. And you seem to understand human words?”

“Of course. Please get me out of here.”


Why does it understand me? I do not ask.


“How does freeing you benefit me? Besides, can you escape safely? Do you know this is a human city?”

“Moi. Don’t speak so harshly. I will be fine escaping from here. See-”


The shining magic beast that says so-

Big winds grow from its back.

Ooh, a Pegasus.

Rollo is surprised to, and goes to the bottom of the cage, approaching the shining horse.


“…You can fly?”

“Yes. I can fly so I won’t cause trouble for you. I can escape by myself.”

“How where you caught if you have such wings?”

“When I was eating the “azento super-fruit” I was caught with an arrow and net.”

“While you were eating?”

“That’s right! So, will you let me out?”

“I understand. I’ll let you out. You won’t act violently?”

“Really? Thank you.”


The shining horse magic beast stops neighing and begins to move excitedly.


“Back up a little.”



I look at the mechanism on the cage.

…There is a lever on the right side, and a key hole with a red mark.

It looks like it will work if I lower that lever.

I pull the lever down.

Nothing happens. I must need to place the key in the hole.

Should I try Kuna’s key ring again?

I take out the key ring and again try one key after the other.

Oh, bingo, I found it. I turn the key and there is a small *kacha* sounds.

The red mark has turned into a green one.

When I pull down the lever the cage door rises.

The shining magic beast begins to shake its head lively and walks out of the cage.


“Wa~i. I’m out. You are a kind human.”

“I’m not kind. I only helped you by chance. Aside from that, how about you escape now? That slope seems to lead to an exit.”

“Oh well, thank you-”


The shining horse magic beast runs up the slope.

I run after the shining magic beast after I collect the key.

The slope is wide; this must be so it can carry big magic beasts.

When I climb the slope, I appear somewhere like a big stage venue.

-No one is sitting in the seats. It has the atmosphere of a circus venue.

Is this an underground auction?

In such a venue, devoid of people, the shining horse spreads its wings and flies about.


“There is no exit here~”

“There should be. Look, there.”

“Ah, there.”


That magic beast seems a little short sighted.

And, I approach the large door that seems to be an entrance.

The large door is locked.


“This door, may I blow it away with magic?”


If there is such magic it will probably blow the ceiling off the venue…

I do not say.


“…Wait. Don’t be so conspicuous. Oi, I’ll remove it.”


I remove the bar.

And, I open it so that the magic beast can pass through the doorway.


“Wa~i. It’s open. By the way, I have not told you my name yet. I am from the Haiserukon clan, daughter of Riijiin, my name is Mabaon. Please reach me your name.”


Mabaon of the Haiserukon clan.

It’s race name is like a cake.


“…I am Shuya Kagari.”

“I won’t forget it. There also seem to be humans that are kind at heart. I will remember the name Shuya. I will give you ‘this’ in thanks.”


The magic horse beast Mabaon lowers its heads and begins to extend its horn.

The tip of the horn begins the shine and a small bugle horn appears in the air. The bugle horns floats to me.


Are you giving this to me?


“This is evidence of our friendship. I will go now. -Thank you very much.”


Mabaon folds her wings and goes through the slightly opened door. I follow behind her.

Haeeee, Mabaon has already soared high into the sky and her figure has become small.

She is already the size of a pinprick.


Like this, after a while, the legend of the story of the so called shining legend of the wild beast Mabaon begins here.

Mabaon which runs out of the galaxy and beyond the universe… perhaps, she was an exceedingly rare magic beast…


Now then, I am having some strange delusions, but how about I leave here now.


First is this bugle horn.

This bugle horn, it does not seem like it will be useful to me.

I will put it in the item box.


Possibly, I may never take it out.


While have such a thought, I look at the stable in front of me.

There is a big mansion on the other side of the stable.

Several people seem to be walking around as patrol in front of the large mansion.


Fortunately, the watchmen are not looking in this direction, and they did not notice the magic shining horse escaping into the sky.

Before they come over here, I activate the <Hidden Body> skill.

I lean back into a blind spot.

From the blind spot, I look at the big mansion again.

I see a sign board for Present Magic Beast Firm there.

There is a mark like a thorny tail there as well.


That mark…it was on Kuna’s magic tool shop.


I see, it was like that.

This must be a front for the dark guild 【Thorny Tail】

I must look like an ordinary firm on the outside.

I exited the mirror to such a place…

I will return from here.

Aside from 【Thorny Tail】, even if they leave me alone from here, I imagine they will not let me pass so easily.


As I have the opportunity to come to this place.

I may as well sneak in to kill the head of 【Thorny Tail】 and wipe out the leaders.

I go forward while lowering the black spear in my right hand.

-Should I do it?

In the worst-case scenario, I will recover even I get hurt.

I prepare <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> to be safe.


However, even if I infiltrate as is, going through the front…

I will go around from the back of the stable. I crouch lower from my waist and race the back of the stable behind the big mansion.

I watch the mansion for any movement while I hide amongst the grass and bushes.


My movements when I use the <Hidden Body> skill have a ninja-esque feeling to them.


In front of the mansion there are various flower beds and garden plants.

There is a terrace with a small set of stairs leading to a platform with a door at the top.


There is a blind spot below the platform. Should I invade from the front?

I approach the back of the mansion while staying hidden.

I am easily able to sneak right in front of the mansion.

I pass the flower beds and garden plants, and look at the door with the small staircase.


This is the back entrance.


First, presence detection-

There are magic essence signatures, three right inside of the first room.

I have the pheromone touch skill to use with it, but I might be detected…

Eei, this is my chance. I will use it.


<Pheromone Touch>

-From the scent I understand they are all woman. They will be servants.

I ignore these people and go after the scent reactions deeper inside the first floor.

-There are multiple. Five men.

I use presence detection again.

-N? The magic essence is stagnating.

Pheromone Touch identified five people…

Being cautious, there is someone keeping their magic essence thin.

There is no reaction from the second floor.


“Now then, Rollo, I don’t know what is waiting inside so you stay out here for the time being on standby.”



Rollo is little shocked and raises a strange cry.

Reluctantly, she gets down from my shoulder and hides in a bush.


“Don’t be so timid. I will clean up and be back right away.”

“Nn, Nya.”


Rollo answers with a rumbling sound.

She seems to be permitting it for the time being.


Yosh, infiltration operation start.



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