Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 46

Forty-Sixth Episode~ Sebdola’s Picture Scroll

For several hours, I run around the alleys in the downtown area.

It should be okay soon. I stop when main street comes into view.

As I watch the people coming and going through the alley I keep my face hidden under my black hood for the moment.

The group walking along the street passes me while having a pleasant conversation.

I will slip in. Tagging along the back of the group, I walk along main street.


Rollo sticks to my feet as well.

It will be evening soon…I remember the person I fought while staying in the shadow of the people I am following.


Karii’s guidance moji and skill was highly refined.

With an injured arm, he was still able to demonstrate such skill with the dagger. It may have been technique from the flying sword style school or perhaps one unknown to me.

Then, my stomach rumbles.


“I’m hungry…”

“Nya, Nyaan.”


Rollo seems to be hungry too.


I did too much today. I feel hungry now.

The last thing I drank a long time ago was liquor so I should look for a shop.

Near the inn, I head down the back street with all the restaurants.


When I enter the back street, I see the bar where I indulged myself in Quiche and Cherry.

It is doing good business. There are so many customers that there is nowhere to sit down. The freckled face of Cherry the barmaid is treating the customers to pleasant smiles as she works.


…They seem busy.

I should say hi… no, I look for a different shop today.

I am hungry and feel like eat some meat.

So, I do not go to a pub. Like that, I walk along the street.

There seem to be a lot of people eating right now.

It is crowded like in front of Shibuya station or Ameya on New Year’s Eve. (Shibuya station is the 5th busiest station in the world. Here is the Wikipedia article on Ameya)

Walking alongside the people on the street, I try looking at the shops for somewhere with good food.

It is easy to tell when there are sample dishes at the entrance…

…Watching the people walking by, they all seem to be looking for a shop that looks good.


There, the smell of grilled meat is drifting.

Oh, this is unbearable.

I am tempted by the smell and drift towards it.

As I approach the fragrant smell of roasted meat my stomach begins to ache.

*Goku* I swallow my saliva.

Saliva naturally overflows from my mouth. This is appetizing.


Meat, meat. Roasted meat. I poke my nose out of my hood.

I have decided on this shop.


The wooden exterior of the shop looks nice.

The shop sign says Lunga Specialty Shop and has a picture of yakiniku Lunga.

The shop has the appearance of a wooden house.

I move to the side of the street and immediately enter the shop.




I can smell the smoky scent of roasted meant and liquor coming from the shop.

For a moment, I am overwhelmed by the smell and stop at the doorway, but immediately sit down in an available seat before I attract attention.

I order roasted meant and liquor that are carved into the wooden menu from the sullen-faced storekeeper.

I also order some for Rollo.

After a short time, meat is brought out on an iron pan.

It a square cut of steak-like meat with a transparent oily face, the sauce is sizzling again to hot iron plate.


The sound of meat juices and the sauce sizzling is even more appetizing.

It looks tasty, the tension rises.


Rollo raises her upper body from the chair, places both paws on the table, and sniffs with her twitching nose.

Her face is almost shouting “Quickly.”

She seems excited and her pupils are dilating.


“Rollo, wait and I’ll cut it up into smaller pieces.”



I cut the meat up into small pieces and place it on small plate and eat while listening the quiet purring next to me.


“Haha, the food isn’t going to run away, you can slow down.”


I bring the cut meat to my mouth and chew on it.

I feel the thickness of the meat from the first bite.

This is tough. However, I chew the meat, twice, three times, and then the meat disappears in my mouth.


Kuaa, tastyyy.

Tender, the meat melts together with the sauce, it is also different.

The beat juice and saucy play together on my tongue in harmony.


The deliciousness makes me happy.

-The compatibility of the meat and sauce is extraordinary.

What is this? This sauce, it is a transparent oil-ish soup…the flavor of the sauce is not saltiness.

It is not lemon… Its rich taste is different than its sweet appearance.


There is a spicy after taste and I bring more meat to my mouth.

Since this is a different world, it must be an unknown spice…

A fairly spicy fruit wine make the meat taste even better, the meat on the iron plate disappears in no time.


I scoop up the left-over sauce on the plate with my wooden spoon and bring it to my mouth.

I thoroughly enjoy such a meat dish to the end.

It is different from the wild taste of the lunga meat Shisho and Raguren made.

Food shops in a different world are nothing to laugh at.

As expected when it is written as the Lunga special course.


I eat it all. As I drink the remaining spiced wine I listen the conversation of the adventures that have finished eating like me.


“Oi, you heard? A group of wyverns appeared in Vallaida insect shrine, it looks like a disaster.”

“I heard about it. I’ve been hearing about it all day. The wyverns aren’t only killing ants; they’re going after adventurers too.”


A dangerous topic.

They are being loud so I do not have to strain my ears to hear them.

I continue sipping on my liquor and my ears twitch.


“I heard about it too. Part of the insect shrine collapsed, a bunch of adventurers got caught in it and died instantly.”

“The fight between the wyvern and the imperial ants was intense too.”


Fear is visible in the eyes of the adventurers.


“…I wish I had seen the fight between the wyvern flock and the huge ant swarm, but I’m glad I didn’t…”


I kind of want to see it.


“Pu, you’re saying, what the high-ranked adventurers are saying, you’re mean they’re saying things like pepe?”

“Even you would be surprised if you saw it, you’d bite your tongue off.”

“Gahahaha, sure.”

“So, is there an emergency request for the outbreak?”


It seems something happened while I was in the magic labyrinth.

Ah, that reminds me…the guild seemed really busy today, it was chaos inside.


“It looks like it. Several clans have already accepted the urgent request.”

“Then if they do, isn’t it rare for dragon types to group together and attack? It would be normal if it was just one of them…”


Wyvern? Dragon types and ants…

This might be related to the Dragon God Burdock from Burdock Mountain.


“The Dragon God of Burdock mountain seems to be rampaging again, this might the aftermath.”


It seems like that is the reason.


“That’s what’s most likely. There’s been damage in the non-search area around the mountain and fields in the neighboring towns and villages have been burned.”


Burnt fields…


“Huh. Sooner or later, the dragons following the Dragon King may at this city too.”

“Oi, oi, don’t even joke about that kinda shit. It should be fine though.”

“Oh? Bragging again? Kukuku.”


the bushy-bearded adventurer makes fun of his friend.


“No, no, that’s not it. This marquess-sama seems to be making the first move. Marquess-sama was at the guild. I saw her in the area. So, I heard the marquess declare ‘I will subdue the Dragon God.’ In the a few days, an army of soldiers with gather in the south at the ‘Square of the War God Vice.’ She seems to be taking part of the country’s Blue Iron Knights as well as some of the Magic Dragon Cavalry Company. She said it in an assertive voice.”


Evil Dragon King Subjugation…


“Hou, I haven’t heard that yet. The Magic Dragon Cavalry Company? Will they come from the dragon rider company or the griffon rider company? But, it’s incredible they are coming.”


There is such a military unit?


“Aah, surely.”

“However, why has the country decided to dispatch troops into the mountains that have been a non-search area for so long? 【Osberia】 did with the ‘Ruruzaku War’ but they have been fighting against an empire for over 50 years, can they afford it?”

“That’s why there must be room on the western front. Sacred Beast Protection, Magic Dragon Cavalry Company, and since there are the Nine White Dragon Knight, they aren’t worried?”


Sacred Beast Protection? Nine Knights?

I would like to see the dragon knights at some point.


“Fumu. But, they are moving part of the army. Since the marquis family is devoting themselves there must be some kind of reward.”

“Aah, that makes sense. There must be a reward for killing the Evil Dragon King…”


The bushy-bearded adventurer’s face has become somewhat slack as if he is imagining the reward.


“…I see. One will become rich if they killed that old dragon. That’s only a dream. Unlike Wyverns and Drakes, its scales, claws, horns, bones, meat, and organs will all be treasure. Spending all their time in the labyrinth, there are a lot of S and A ranked adventurers gathering.”

“With all the adventurers working in ‘Labyrinth City Pernette’ and ‘The Tower,’ the rewards should increase, right?”


High ranked adventurers.

They must be strong people. Something interesting showed up.


“Excellent ones are gathering, but won’t they be fighting those huge ancient dragons? How many will die…”

“It can’t be helped. If you and I participate, we’ll undoubtedly become one of the casualties. Gahahaha.”

“Pretty much, ahahaha.”

“…Still, what if? If we do an outstanding job then we’ll not only get money, we might be scouted by the country…”

“Ha, what are you dreaming about… you aren’t going to be scouted unless your strength is beyond B rank…”

“Oh, ore, If I participate in this dragon extermination and get a reward, I’ll finally marry Remy…”

“Haha, te, oi, oi, are you actually gunna do it?”


A death flag just showed up, but I will ignore it…


At any rate, the Evil Dragon King subjugation.

With her resentment, Quiche will participate.

The reward is good, so I might as well fight the dragon.

I wonder if I should participate in the ‘dragon subjugation?’


Having such a thought, I pay for the delicious food and leave the shop.


…After eating, I begin walking in the crowd of the night time bar street, when suddenly, I bell tolls in warning from far away.




“-It’s a fiiiiire!”


A man runs off yelling such a thing.

For an instant. The conversation from the bar passes through my head.

Could the dragons be attacking!?


“There’s a fire in the pleasure quarters!”


Only of fire?

I grab the person running away and try to ask him.


“What’s going on with the fire?”

“-Na? It’s a fight between the dark guilds. A bloody dwarf suddenly rushed into the shop…then magic fireballs flew into the shop too. There were several of them at the same time. My friend and I from the shop ran for the bell tower then, moreover, even if we won we’d eventually be caught, haa…”


Rush what? I am curious, but I ask a different question.


“…It’s unfortunate. Fighting?”

“Yeah. The gambling area is the territory of the dark guild. There is more than one of them, so the fighting doesn’t stop. This seems to be a fight between 【White Whale Blood Elves】 and 【Bell of Twilight】. It wasn’t a place for patrons like us, so we ran away without fighting.”


The fleeing man frowns in disappointment and leaves.

He waves his hand and runs off.


I remember correctly, the ‘Bell Tower’ is…

Cherry the barmaid told me it was a shop I should not go to.

I feel curious, but if I go I will likely get caught up in the rivalry, so I will stop here.

I leave the fire and return to the inn.


I have returned to the small room of the inn.

Rollo immediately jumps to the hard bed.

She claims the pillow and curls up on it.


While looking at such a heartwarming Rollo, I lean the black spear against the wall next to the bed.

I loosen to below connecting my waist to my thigh.

I also place the bags from my back on the lower corner of the bed.

I even bath in water. I remove my leather jacket and clothes, then pour hot water into the tub.

I get into the bath tub and clean Rollo too.

I get rid of the lingering scent of blood on my body and feel refreshed.


I sit down on the bed and wipe myself dry, then I see the item box bracelet again.


Now then, should I check Kuna’s item box?

I think it has treasure-ish items.

I activate the item box first. I press “storage.”


I remove the key ring and zohedron trap sphere from my belt pocket and put them in the item box.


And now-




◆:Person Mark:Storage


Item Inventory 35/85


Intermediate Restoring Potion×154

Intermediate Mana Restoring Potion x110

High-Class Restoring Potion x43

High-Class Mana Restoring Potion x44

Gold Coin x39

Silver Coin x310

Large Copper Coin x240

Large Staff of the Moon Spirit Tree x1

Priest Necklace x1

Mana Amplification Potion x3

Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall x1

Dress of Dark Shows x1

Stone Ball of Return x11

Crimson Shark Leather High Heels x1

Armrest of Lightning Magic x1

Ring of Dusk x1

Notes of Ancient King Permon x1

Peterson’s Passage Fragment x1

Socks of Varuda x5

Picture Scroll of Sebdola-kami x1

Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn x3

Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles x1

Ronto Manuscript x1

Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop x1

1st Paredes Mirror x1

Ring of Shadow Penetration x1

Ring of Fire Beast Stone x1

Ruby x1

Jade x1

Magic Stone of Wind x1

Magic Stone of Fire x1

Magic Sword Bitou x1

Key Ring x1

Zohedron Trap x1

First Class Slave Trader License x1




I take out the different items I find interesting.


The Notes of Ancient King Permon, Picture Scroll of Sebdola-Kami.

Petersen’s Passage Fragment, Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn, Ronto Manuscript.

Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall, the Magic Characters of Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles.

And finally, the Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop.


I lay them out on the bed.


The last one…is this.

I am quite curious about its shape, but…

The start with, I pick up the Notes of Ancient King Permon.

It is a note written on aged parchment with several pieces missing.






I a pre…su. Ancient…red…bow and blue hair…household.

…sword, but this book…bow…great lake…remote…place.






There is only this much.

This great lake place, and a bow and a sword?

This makes no sense…


I pick up the Picture Scroll of Sebdola-Kami first.


This book is surrounded by a whirlpool of mana.

The paper on the cover is not parchment either.

I looks to be made with some hard skin that I have not seen before.

The four corners of the book are tightly bound with a black metallic frame.


It looks like a grimoire.

The book’s standard is a dark black tone.

The title is written in blurred white characters.


“Picture Scroll of Sebdola-Kami” is the title.


I open such a picture scroll.

The beginning in a transparent blank paper like a think oil-blotting paper.

When I turn the next page, there is a painting of a child done with black oil colors like black smoke.


In the upper part of the black smoke the name of the God Rivguraf is written in purple graphic characters.


A dark red long sword is depicted sticking out of the middle of the black smoke.

A pair red eyes are in the background, as if staring in this direction.

The eyes make the person viewing the painting feel fear.

The two eyes are painted finely.


It strange because everything in the picture other than the eyes is drawn roughly.

Thinking the rest of the picture might be the same, I roll up to the next page, and find it different, to my surprise.


Drawn with a detailed brush, it is a beautiful picture.

A bleeding pair of pure white eyes. The silhouette of a beautiful woman with a black and white cloth around her head.

Only the vermillion tears are colored.

It is depicted with a refined touch, close to an India-ink painting.


Underneath is written Beikala, God of Death, with a Japanese flare.


This god, is it the source of the power in Yui’s eyes?

The white eyes are similar.

At any rate, this is an amazing picture. This one is the polar opposite of the one from before.

A picture with an old-fashioned painting style.

It looks like the Japanese paintings of the old Rinpa school.

This is probably at the level of being displayed in a museum.


Impressed by the skill of picture, I roll up that page.

The design of the next picture it completely different, it is cruel.

The form of an amoeba is drawn.


The name of Desarobia, the Evil God, is written in yellow.


It makes me feel revolted so I move to the next page.


Ooh, the next picture is a beautiful woman.

In black characters, Rebura, Queen of Dusk in written.


Queen is written, and it has the feeling of a gravure queen.

Is gold dust swirling around?

The queen is sitting on a cough with an Arabian atmosphere, I stare at the seductive and haughty figure.

She has long black hair, and her forehead has a hexagram blood symbol.

She has incredibly good looks and a bewitching smile.

A hexagram is visible in her eyes, with compound eyes of a spider, the darkness of the abyss and the glittering of the star is combined, the magic formation appears and disappears.

He smiling face almost seems to be moving-eh? Did her strange eyes move?


Her long hair in the picture is moving, fluttering subtly…


A long arm stretches out seductively, a large staff in grasped in the fair hands, striking a pose that releases magic.

A beautiful large jewel like obsidian is at the top on the large staff.


The narrow line between her breasts is drawn with a refined emphasis.

More, I feel like I want to look at this beautiful goddess longer, but…


I move onto the next while admiring the execution of the picture


Moving to the next, I find a picture of a man with a broad chest and a showy black lance in his right hand.

Name: King Boshiado of Tyranny.


It is a clear design; however, I have no desire to see a dandy mustached man in the nude.

My tension falls after seeing the naked man.


I have become bored, so I roll up to the next one.


The next is animal type depicted with thin brush strokes like pencils.

A centaur like monster is drawn. Huge moose racks grow from the sides of their head, and a spiral horn grows from the forehead like a unicorn.

The head has six eyes, the upper body six arms, and the horse body eight legs.


Its name is King Bofun of the Hunt, in light brown characters.

There is such a monster-like god?


With such a short impression, I turn the page.


Next is a roundish shape like an octopus drawn with a red crayon.

Is this a soft bodied slime?

The design has features like a bald man.

However, it has a pair of sharp yellow in the center.


Its name is Zea of Rage.

Going by the shard gaze, its name being rage is proper.


I go to the next page.


N, destroyed mountains are displayed, a cracked pitch-black world?

At the bottom the name King Rashinzu Rebioda is written in white characters.


On this much?

Turn to the next with such a question.

The name of this picture is written at the top.


King Totogudius of the Ten Layers of Sebdola.


This one, it has the feeling of a demon.


Sitting on throne of bones, laughing happily.

The base of his form is humanoid, but long curving black horns grow from the sides of his head, and his eyes are completed black, cold and brutal looking.

Its skin is a deep crimson, and it give off the impression of strength and brutality.

He is wearing a robe the same color of his skin from his back.

He is holding a long yellow staff in his left hand, and in his right, he holds a golden book dripping with blood.


Is this one moving too? The moving picture is realistic.

If it was game, it would be like a final boss demon lord character.


Therefore, I go to the next.


Oh, this next picture might be cool.


The figure of a heroic female soldier is depicted.


There are sword wounds here and there, she golden hair is style in corn rows, her face is small and her eyes are different colors, one blood shot, and the other brocaded. (TL: I don’t understand what the author means by it being brocaded.)

She is dignified in some respects. She has four long arms in dazzling steel blue armor, in her outstretched arm is long sword with a notched blade with beautiful crimson gems spread on it.


Her name is written as Mefara, Oni Princess of Darkness.


Her face looks furious.

I move to the next page.


This time it is a woman. A goddess. Her name is Melad, Goddess Governing Demon Life.

Her raven-black hair is long. She also has three eyes. The third is in the middle of her forehead.

The eyes in the picture are blood shot and crying tears of blood, her expression is tender, and in some respects, the depiction has an element of horror that makes me feel like I jumped into cold water.

With a long staff wet with blood in her right hand, the depiction has a feeling of someone being cured.


In Zoru’s journal there was a description matching this goddess.


Then, I roll up the next page.


Oh, a trees and shrubs. His name is Kyuruha, King Tree of Archive Keeping.

This guy, his name is similar to Genju’s Sake Ball of Light, I have a hunch he may be related to my goal.

It might be unrelated…


The center of the picture is a painting of a huge tree.

It has a feeling like an impressionist made a realistic oil painting, here and there are traces of painting over mistakes, there are some parts that are smudged.


It looks like a half-finished picture. I roll to the next page.


The next picture…

Surrounded by a dusky green haze, is beautiful woman over a back drop of a blackish dark green rose?

She is a beauty, but the large snake winding from her shoulders too her neck shows a presence, how, all the hair on her head is a large grey snake


Just like Medusa.


Both of her eyes are slit too, they are scary like a reptile’s.

The Medusa’s head, the large snake laying across her shoulders looks like a muffler, and her arms are wrapped in a transparent dark velvet giving the appearance of a skeleton.

Underneath her transparent clothes she is of course wearing a conspicuous bikini armor, and the narrow waist of her bare midriff and the goddess’ pale skin creates a beautiful picture.


She is wearing a skin-tight snake or bat type panties and an armor like a chastity belt.

However, taking a closer look at the whole picture, I can see something faintly transparent growing near her foot like a scorpion or spider.

This beautiful goddess has the name Misea, Goddess of Poison.


I roll up the scroll, impressed by the good quality of her figure.


Uhe, the next one is to exact opposite.

The picture is of an obese monster.

Its face and eyes are big too. It is a fat frog type standing imposingly.

It looks just like the guy who appeared as the enemy in the masterpiece space wars movie. (TL: It should be obvious, but this is referencing Jaba the Hut from Star Wars.)


Its name Zansuin, King of Greed.


This one is disgusting, so on to the next one.

Oh, this is a magnificent painting that conveys the god.


Its name is Shakidaosu, King of Insanity.


His hair is the color of honey. The long ends of his hair wind together like small snakes.

His bright red pair of eyes shine glare from beneath his brow in support of his name, “Insanity.”

He appears as a large human figure with countless black wings growing from his back, the wings are moving slowly.

He is depicted in the sky.

It looks like that because the cloak he wears is being turned up by the dry wind, whirling about.

And from his cloak caught in the dry wind are six arms appearing from his chest.

Of the six hands, the palms of four have a “weird eye” that are seeping tears of blood,


Does is have some kind of meaning?

The bleeding eyes are turned in a certain direction.

The two-blood stained and injured hands.

Like the lower body of Jesus Christ, crucified on the cross, his out stretched legs are laying over top one another.

Around both feet are thin grieves as if dissolved in water.

Furthermore, underneath, there are multiple races look at the insane god in the sky, the scene displays a field.


This is amazing. The level of this picture is the highest.

It is like it was painted by the famous inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, it is wonderfully crafted.


It is mysterious, the picture is like the “Last Supper.”

It feels like I am at an art museum.


Wondering what kind of picture will be next, I roll up the page feeling excited.


Eh, the name of this one is Vamina, Queen of Nightmares.


Bound to a chair with a big back by her hands and feet is a blindfolded woman that looks like an aristocrat.


Uha, when I look closely her neck is half cut, and the flowing blood is being drawn into the balls of her necklace…


Scary, on to the next page.

Ew, this is horror type too?


A shaved head. Name, Nocturne, King of Fear.


Are his eyes gouged out? Gray cloth is tied around his head obscuring it, but in the place where his eyes should be the cloth sinks into the eye sockets.

A large amount of blood drips from the cloth.

For all that, he is laughing.

He has the appearance of a tall human; he is wearing a complete set of black and gold splint mail armor and has the atmosphere of a soldier.

A vortex of black aura is behind his back.


The next one seems to be the last.

I prepare myself and roll up the page.

Oh, this is normal. It looks like a person; its appearance is like a black knight.


Its name of the Blood Sucking God Regunad.


The sharp fangs sticking out of his mouth stand out.

Behind him a shadow like a fog fades in and out of existence.

The black fog wriggles weirdly, it changes from a crow to a bat with shining red eyes.


This is the god of vampires?

That reminds me, I got an explanation when I transmigrated.

There was still another page, but I the thin page is only blank so I close the picture scroll.


I saw a considerable number of painting of the gods…

From title of the picture scroll these are gods that live in Sebdola, is it eighteen gods in total? Or at least, there are eighteen gods with god class power.


Shisho and the Boiling Bone Knights talked about this world in a different dimension, they seem to influence this world.

The pictures in this scroll, are they pictures that a professional put his whole soul into creating?

There were moving pictures among them…with that expectation, simply because it has power, did the pictures become clear? Ma, even if I think about it, I do not understand it and nothing happens.

I will move on quickly to the next item.



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