Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 47

Forty-Seventh Episode~ Item Box Function

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Next, I will look at the Petersen Passage Fragment.
Fumu, fumu.
Somehow or other this seems to be the notes of a well-known adventurer.
There are several written pages.
The title is “Giants of Legend and the Northern Cliff”
This is a little long, I guess I will read it.
Here is the farthest ends of the north.
The non-search area established by the Rolloliza Kingdom’s Adventurer’s Guild.
It was said human kind has never set foot here, but they were completely mistaken.
There is Kingdom of unknown tall humans.
An ancient city with a black ring.
A city that was destroyed by the Night Traveling Magic Army.
A country of High Elves.
An Empire of Dark Elves on the surface instead of being underground.
An area ruled by Goblins.
I could breakthrough all of those areas safely because I could use the ancient metastasis formations I discovered.
This must have been good luck; everyone was happy and laughed together.
However, these furthest reaches of the north, I regret coming here intensely.
Our expedition clan 【Fortress】 has collapsed.
Companions and those married for such a long time. All of them are dead.
Killed and eaten.
By those big monsters, “Giants…”
Our first advance into the giant’s territory went smoothly, but it may have been the cause of our carelessness.
Friends and experienced fighters from the labyrinth city.
These people at times, not to mention being eaten by the giant goblins, were also overwhelmed by the Cyclops giants and were wiped out.
To be frank, I was relieved the fighting could be left to these powerful people.
The consequence, the giants and such weren’t “one kind of monsters.”
However, the giants we met one day were different.
Our attacks landed, but, their recovery speed was not ordinary.
If there were only a few giants, we might have overwhelmed them with our numbers.
However, newcomers continued arriving, our attacks couldn’t keep up and there were too many.
And, in the end we had no choice but to escape. Before, if I checked the anti-giant tactics more carefully, it might have turned out differently.
Yet, it was too late, in this way, us proud of our unequalled strength from 【Fortress】 are alone. Alone again, we in turn were caught by the hands of the giants and eaten.
The giants are more than twenty meters tall.
Most of the giant monsters are one-eyed cyclopes.
Next, are giant two-headed Etin, giant demi-humans with a figure close to human.
There aren’t very many, but there are the especially big rock mountain giant kind.
The smallest of the giants are the giant goblins.
The non-search area is one where such various giants rule.
The giants are different from ordinary monsters.
They aren’t only slow and enraged, there are those possessing intelligence among them.
There are creatures like us humans, small as ants, living here.
It is an existence that is always destroyed. They are food in the world of giants.
However, now, I taken a pen and write it, I am the only one left, I was able to escape thanks to a certain organization.
An organization that opposes the giants. They call themselves the silent hunters.
I was helped by the people with a profession like adventurers but misunderstood.
And, surprisingly, there are demonic beings as core members of this unit.
They fight alongside the humans and demi-humans against the giants.
The humans here join hands with the demonic beings to survive even if they know they aren’t supposed to. As such the silent hunters are an organized military.
Their moral is high and all the members can use ranged weapons, proximity weapons, or magic.
Seeing the giant extermination tactics using huge arrow ballistas and wide scale magic felt refreshing.
However, even they cannot oppose them with certainty.
The giants are strong-
The cyclops of the ordinary rank is probably stronger than a wyvern class dragon.
They attack with group tactics again and again…
Such a hellish world exists.
The people who read this in the future should understand this well…the giant hunting. I was taught about the history by the leader around here.
The origin of the situation is this northern place.
A giant civilization of large humans seems to exist between the cliffs.
To prevent the invasion of giants, the human kind like myself constructed a wall in ancient times more than 50 meters tall called the “Northern Cliff of Despair.” It was built between the cliffs making use of the mountains, it was said it stopped the invasion of the giants.
But, with the attack of the first cyclops clan the wall was broken.
The people scattered after that, they were forced to live a life of escaping from the giants.
This information was surprising
I remember my home.
Fortunately, this area seems to be the northern most point.
The southern end of Rolloliza is far away…
Now, I am here, this area completely destroyed by giants, my home country is several tens of hundreds of countries away from here. No matter how strong the giants are it shouldn’t matter with those numbers.
The earth is absurdly vast.
The giant race however is too much in its current state.
However, even if I brought this information back to my home, the huge group of us humans.
My stories of the attacks will be laughed at, they will say I have become funny in the head, I can’t expect to find another companion.
It is mostly complaints after this.
I stop reading the Petersen passage fragment.
Such a struggle is happening in a far-off place…
The one-eyed giant, Cyclops.
When they attack in a group…the ground must shake like an earth quake.
I feel fear when I imagine it.
I pick up the “Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn” next.
There are three in total, but all have the characters carved into the slate so I will read them properly.
I begin to read the ancient characters on the slate.
The glory of our dawn burns with a red light in the dark night.
A victory song of glory will be sung.
Bringing about godly power by using the sacred treasure.
The magic tool technique produces two sacred treasures.
The genuine article and imitation, but do not turn into sacred treasures.
The dharmatic power of sacred treasure’s vessel is enough to destroy monsters.
There are the ruins at the bottom of a lake deep underground.
A mysterious box concealed by a transparent membrane.
It is unknown by the descend of the ancient land of the gods Gordeku Priest.
The dharmic power surpasses everything.
Several thousand years have passed without it being opened, the unknown barrier.
The Emperor’s Sacred treasures do not work and becomes the body of Seurosu, the God of Work.
Abstracts words continue the three writing stones.
A little flower ornament of one day. The word is similar but the meaning may be different.
On to the next item.
-Ronto Manuscript
I thought it would be like the Voynich manuscripts but it is different.
The book is torn on the way but it is made of relatively new parchment.
I read the Ronto manuscript.
Aria, the goddess of love, shepherdess of Raze, descend in front.
The goddess Aria descends with the figure of a small girl.
The story begins with Laze, the Shepard, receiving an oracle, awakening him to the religion of the Goddess Aria. To spread her teachings far and wide, his adventure took him to wander the world over. In the middle of this, while telling the people of the Goddess Aria’s religion, the prophet, or maybe something closer to the evangelist, whilst being persecuted by every powerful person everywhere he went, he discovered the sacred area of Cordelia. There, he constructed a Holy Temple of Aria.
The paper is torn at this point so the story ends.
Though incomplete, from what I understand, it is like the story of Moses from the bible.
Then, I close the Ronto manuscript.
Moving on to the next.
This is item I purposely avoided.
Its appearance and name have an impact.
The name “Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop”
It looks like a small gourd-shaped bottle, pot, the tip is like a key?
It has two realistic human ears on the sides, the small gourd has scolding eyes and a long bent nose. It looks like an accessory.
It is strangely realistic and finely crafted, making it weird.
Something, this form…
I cannot help but make a joke if it looks like this…
Maa, my imagination is getting out of control.
Ah, is its appearance a “human face pot?”
Kuna left behind her notes about it.
If I am not mistaken, it is a mysterious item that desires blood. However, it looks like Aladdin will appear if I rub it. (TL: THAT’S NOT HOW THAT WORKS) I will laugh if the great demon kind Atchoo appears.
Of course, I do not actually rub it. Its appearance is intense and frightening, without making a wish I will put it away in the item box…
Next is the two Magic Character books.
I will want to try the magic once after I learn it so it will be dangerous to do here.
I need to look for an area vacant of people.
I return the earlier items to the item box.
I leave the inn room with the black spear in hand.
I want to experience the atmosphere of the night so I produce a light spear from the ring without activating <Night Vision>. I walk along alleys with my eyes looking up at the night sky.
I continue searching for vacant land.
After walking for a while long I manage to find an empty space.
There is nobody in the area.
Oh? Rollo suddenly jumps off my shoulder.
She runs in the empty area.
What is it? I run after Rollo.
There is no reaction to a person with either pheromone touch or presence detection.
However, there are multiple magic essence reactions.
Ah, these guys are the reaction.
There are no people here, but there are stray cats gathering.
Sitting on a large stump are several characteristic cats.
That stump is surrounded by the stray cats.
Is this a cat convention?
The size of the moons in the night sky are close to full.
The two moons are lighting up the figures of the cat brightly enough that the light sphere is unnecessary.
Even though Rollo and I came here, the cats are not upset.
In several places, I can hear the cats rumbling together…
The cat’s eyes are reflecting the moonlight.
There are multiple cats with shining eyes, so the sight is a little eerie.
However, there are a lot of cats that do not move, but I decide to take as a sign that 『Rollo is okay here with me』 and decide to watch in silence.
Rollo approaches the middle of the cats.
It seems like she wants to participate in the cat convention.
When Rollo joins them, the noise suddenly stops.
The moment it becomes quiet, one large cat calls out “Nyaa!” to the moon and gets down from the stump.
Arya, it is leaving the vacant lot with unhurried movements. Some of the cats from the gathering leave to follow the large cat.
Successively, the young cats on the stump cry out one at a time, then go down in the same way and leave. Some of the cats continue to follow.
The cats sitting importantly on the stump seem to be leaders.
The last cat to remain on the stump is an old hermit like cat with long whiskers.
The hermit cat cries out to the remaining cats and gets down from the stump.
Like the other leader cats, I expect it to leave, put it approaches Rollo to greet her.
And, Rollo and the hermit cat rub their cheeks together.
Cat greetings. This is cute and interesting.
Rollo is rubbing her cheeks against the old big cat.
Once the old cat finishes greeting Rollo, it abruptly turns its face to the side and separates from her.
The remaining cats watch the hermit cat in silence.
The figure of the stray cats disappears.
The stray cat convention held at the stump seems to have ended.
“A stray cat convention. Rollo, were you able to meet a friend?”
“Nya, Nyaan.”
Rollo calls out two times as if to say 『Nyathing happened』, and rubs her head against my legs.
“Haha, this fellow.”
I pick up such a cute Rollo and cradle in my arms against my chest.
I burry my face in her fluffy stomach-
Her fur is soft and her stomach is warm. Fluffy.
She has an animal smell to her as well.
I hear rumbling and smile.
Rollo extends a feeler to my cheeks.
『Itchy』『Comfortable』 『Like』
Cute feelings are conveyed.
Without getting up, I stroke her head as I massage her paw pads.
“…Now then. I’m going to have some fun here, so you back up Rollo, I’m going to do some experiments.”
“Nn, Nya.”
Rollo answers briefly and then runs behind me.
From the item box, I take out the magic characters.
I have two magic character books in my hands.
Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall.
Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles
I put one book on the ground, and hold on to the language magic book.
I begin to read as I feel the mana from the magic characters.
This…is it an aria? Generally, reading…I understand it.
Then, it loses its mana and the book collapses, disappearing.
It ends simply. The letter never floated.
※ Pikon ※ Land Magic Skill Acquired ※
Yosh, I learned it.
I acquired the crest magic skill as well.
The value of my mana and soul will be high.
In addition, my current battle occupation is “Dark Magic Spearman,” a high ranked job of the magic user system.
So, it is more likely to combine with higher class magic-related jobs.
I test it out immediately.
“…Dark spirit Beruado. With my mana as sustenance, show the power of the dark union, -《Dark Wall》”
As soon as I finish the aria.
I feel some of my mana drain away- then a black wall appears.
The jet-black wall looks like a smoke-formed haze that stands out.
It is as wide as three people. Its height is almost as high as me.
According to its name, Dark wall, it is a magic wall.
Since it is done with an aria, is its use limited?
I am basically the vanguard position.
If I became a rear guard, I might use it… although I have no way to know unless such a day comes.
The wall simply disappears when I will it to.
I will learn the other one next.
I pick up the magic character book from the ground and begin reading.
I quickly finish reading the magic characters-
I learn the crest magic, dark shackles.
It ends simply this time,
Just like the last one.   The floating magic characters flying into my head only happens with ancient magic characters.
The book I have finished reading turns to dust.
This is the crest magic I remember Kuna using in front of the prison.
The one that creates dark shackles.
First, I will try it on my foot.
I am building the magic formation. I complete the magic formation I learned.
《Dark Shackles》
The moment I think that.
Black shackles appear around both of my feet.
Shackles restrict both of my feet a sound like a clapperboard.
Dangerous-will they break? I activate <Fighting Moji> to break the shackles.
Putting power in my legs, I move to break them.
The black shackle snap and break, but the skin and meat on my legs in cut a thousand times, Iteeeeeeee! Blood gushes out.
The wound closes and heals immediately but pain is pain.
Perhaps, these shackles…they might be strengthened by how much mana you use.
I also hurt my wrist when I broke Kuna’s shackles, but they were stronger this time.
-Mou, I will stop experimenting on my own body.
Or should I say, I could will them to “disappear” or be “cancelled”…that was stupid, only settling things with force, I am becoming too muscle-brained.
Well, it hurt, but the thing I am curious about is the item box.
The thing I will look at next is the item box itself.
I am curious about the “◆” in the menu too, first I will press the “person mark” next to “storage.”
I push the person mark and it clicks.
The moment I push it, the disk on the surface of the item box begins to move.
The small jagged flame decoration around the outside begins to turn counter-clock wise, the projections rise from the center of the disk.
What? Green light shines from directly above the projections in a transforming octagon.
When I touch the green window, I can feel it.
-I grasp the window.
Ooh, this, is this octagon unrestricted.
I pull my hands to the side and the window grows bigger too.
The window seems to be independent, it can separate from the item box bracelet on my right wrist.
A handprint mark is indicated on the window.
Am I supposed to put my hand there?
Is it an authentication system?
I remember making the first character.
I place both hands on the hand prints.
Then, characters different from the one I am use to seeing in this world appear in the window.
First, since I can understand it I will read it all.
“《Na Palm Do Fodo Kalim》”
That moment, the shining light rays extend from the protrusions on the bracelet to my head.
-Brain Waves and Thought Waves of Target Test Body, Space-time Attribute Confirmed, Voice Confirmation Terminate.
A confirmation check begins.
-Target Test Body <Fodo System> confirmation. New Na Palm Force Integration in New Kalim Confirmation. Security Released.
-New Kalim registered, former capacity increased, last eruniumu mass entered in terminal reset and previous key assignment in terminal by user data reset.
-Continue? Y/N
This appears.
That data disappears, it looks like.
There was a person who was registered to it in the past.
Ma, if it cannot be used without me registering then I will choose yes here, though it is disappointing that the other data disappears.
I click “Y”
-Completed. New key registration complete.
-It will be keyed to your own voice and thoughts in the future.
-《Fodo One Kalim》starting up-
When the characters disappear, as sound like a vacuum tube comes from the window and it changes.
And, a strange deformed avatar appears in the window.
An alien with four eyes, it is the image of a mysterious character.
The whole forehead has a wide mysterious design.
What is this alien civilization Na Palm Integration Force?
Is this item box a system for officers with the title “Kalim?”
There are some symbol characters in the upper left that I cannot distinguish.
I do not understand them, but they seem to be usable so I use them.
And, the right hand of the avatar character and at the left hand there are two __ __.
This is like a game.
When I touch the right hand “__ ” the name magic sword Bitou is displayed.
The __ blank on the left hand is the same.
This magic sword, it is the one from the item box.
Assuming I can register a weapon in both hands, I can summon weapons.
I try to summon the magic sword Bitou in my right hand as a trial.
-Equip magic sword Bitou in right hand? Y / N
Naturally, I choose Y.
Then, as I thought…
The magic sword Bitou is grasped in my right hand.
Moreover, the sword is already drawn.
The picture of the avatar has changed and a sword is grasped in its right hand.
Amazing. I can register items in both of my hands with the item box.
This is like a shortcut registration in a game.
I raise the magic sword in my right hand and swing it down.
The magic bastard sword is longer than the average sword, and as light as it was before.
This is the real deal.
However, do I have to push storage to return it?
As a test, I try saying “Return to Box” while concentrating on the magic sword Bitou, and the magic sword suddenly disappears from my right hand.
Ooh, it worked
“Magic Sword, Come.”
When I try to assert my will it suddenly in my right hand again.
Oooh, this is convenient. I will test this next with the black spear.
I put the black spear in the item box and check the __ on the right hand so it is displayed.
As I expected, Tanza Spear is added under Magic Sword Bitou.
I register to tanza spear in the right hand __ of the alien avatar this time.
-Equip tanza spear in right hand? Y / N
I choose Y.
I register the magic sword Bitou in my left hand the same way.
-Equip Magic Sword Bitou in left hand? Y / N
As before, I choose Y.
Thus, A spear is pictured in the right hand of the deformed alien avatar and a sword is shown in its left. The black spear is also grasped in my right hand and the magic sword Bitou is in my left.
I will the weapons to temporarily “Return” to storage.
This is easy. They return in an instant…
Ah, I should test if it changes depending on the situation.
I begin to experiment.
With the window closed and my hand held out I try to will “Right hand weapon, come.” A black spear appears below my palm, and naturally, the black spears falls to the ground due to gravity.
Furthermore, when I try to will “Return to Box” or “Weapon, come.” the black spear stays on the ground.
It seems it is not so convenient.
However, it does work even if I only have one finger touching it.
I try one thing after the other.
Thinking only “weapon, come.” a weapon appears in my right hand.
Even willing “Weapon, come.” while concentrating on my “left hand” to make it appear in my left hand.
Is this because I am right handed?
“Spear, come.” (TL: Spear I choose you!)
“Sword” “Spear”
I try doing it with those simple images.
Will they appear if I just will it strongly in my head?
And, I try to use it with the “distorted mana hand” from the guidance moji skill <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.
With empty hands, I will “Weapon, come.” and a spear is summoned into my right hand.
I dismiss the summoned black spear and return to being empty-handed.
When I will “Weapon, come.” I get rid of the image of my right hand and instead focus on the <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>, it seems to recognize it as a valid arm and the black spear is held in my <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.
I dismiss the black spear and with the image of “sword” the magic sword is help in my <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.
So, it can change depending on this image.
It seems unrelated to whether it is registered to the left or right hand.
The <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> seems to be close enough to my “right arm.”
From this I can assume the <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> is no different from a third arm.
Moreover, it can summon both the spear and sword, adapting to the circumstance.
However, while <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> can hold one of the weapons registered in the left or right slot it seems impossible to use three weapons at the same time with <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.
Still, this is a revolution.
I have become happy, I smile naturally, and my body moves.
In the vacant plot illuminated by the moon, I train the spear dance.
Stab- <Thrust>, Stab – <Thrust>.
Again, in the middle of the thrust- willing “return to box” as I focus on the weapon grasped in my right hand, the black spear disappears.
I shift to a low posture while swinging the magic sword in my left hand to the side.
Rotating my body round and round, I advance.
The moment I will “Spear, come,” the black spear arrives in my right hand in a flash.
It works fine with high-speed movements.
Again, with a smirk, I dismiss the magic sword in my left hand.
Moving my free hand to the black spear, I change to a two-handed spear.
I suddenly stand up from my slouched posture to stop my turning body as I lose the interval.
-I support my body on one leg in the pose of a crane.
I extend the black spear forward at an angle with my upper body.
With a pause like in yoga, I stop moving.
From there, I cross my feet to kick away from the ground-
Checking the feeling of the summoned black spear, I move it while turning the black spear in the form of a fan, using both of my arms and the muscles of my upper body.
Walking while holding the black spear, I play with the grip of the metal bar and the black spear spins round and round intensely.
I am moving it, but the black spear looking like a living black snake.
“The snake is moving on its own.”
However, the item box has such a function.
When a weapon is registered, I can reliably call it to “come” to my hand.
With such thoughts, I grasp the black spear in both hands, then fold a knee while thrusting at the moon in the sky.
From my crouched stance, I stretch out my leg like a spring.
Holding the spear above my head as I spring powerfully into the air, I shift into a posture with both arms stretched behind my head.
The moonlight illuminates me as I fly through the sky.
I nose dive the ground with the force of gravity and it feels like time slows down.
I see the earth below me.
My shadow is below me.
Facing my shadow- I fling the black spear against the ground. The ground is gouged and split open by the shock, and dirt flies out from the impact site.
My hands are a little numb. It looks like this technique will work.
The weapon is different, but it feels like the using the drawn killing sword at the end of the Tokugawa period.
Remembering such manga, the training ends.
Still, I want to check the item box.
Next is the “◆” mark.

Please place eleonium stone here.

There is a huge ◆ mark on the left side.
The characters “Please place eleonium stone here” is displayed.

Total Amount of Stored Eleonium0

Necessary Eleonium Stones : 50 : Incomplete

Reward : Hangar +15, Record Storage Unlocked.

Necessary Eleonium Stones : 100: Incomplete

Reward, Hangar +20, Kaleidoscope Unlocked.

Necessary Eleonium Stones : 200 : Incomplete

Reward, Hangar +25, Dimension Scan Function Equip.




On the right is a table demanding eleonium in amounts of 50 or 100 eleonium stones.
Along with the incomplete things, I think I need to put eleonium stones in the ◆ mark on the left side.
If I gather eleonium stones and get the indicated number, the capacity of the hangar is increased as a reward, a record storage is unlocked as well…
A kaleidoscope is available as a reward, and items seem to be possible rewards.
But, what is an eleonium stone?
Going by the shape of the rhombic mark is it a diamond-shaped jewel?
A mystery.
I do not understand it now, so I tap the rhombic mark on the menu and turn off the eleonium indicator.
Then, there is a *buuun* sound I return to the normal item list screen,
This smart phone area seems to operate the same way as normal game menus.
Now then, I guess I will return to the inn.
At the same time, several kilometers southwest of 【Fort City Hector】, in a certain building-
“I kept you waiting…Larai.”
Shoulder’s dropping, a thin running man enters the room. His shoulder has a black wing tattoo and his stylish mustache stands out, his arm is injured.
While staring at that puzzling behavior, the woman dressed in an ochre robe named Larai responds.
“Karii, welcome back. But, you were violent in an extremely “showy” manner…”
“Un. There is a reason.”
“You right arm…a master like Karii was injured?”
The thin running man Karii moves a little to shake his arm, and his forehead wrinkles in a manner that suggests that they are suppressing the pain.
“-Aah, something happened. Even though it looks like this, I already took a recovery potion, so the wound is worse that I had thought.”
Therefore? Do you have no high-class recovery potion?”
Karii begins to smile and talk.
“Kuku, nonsense. You see this wound? It would be a waste to heal it immediately.”
“…You’re as much as a hentai as ever. But, the job you should have carried out quietly for the shadow wings was found out? Many people saw a man with a “black wing tattoo” escape loudly from the office of 【Thorny Tail】”
“Aah, it couldn’t be helped. Something outside my “calculations” happened.”
Hearing Karii say outside his “calculations,” something she is unfamiliar hearing, Larai’s eye brows twitch in response.
“Outside your calculations…heh, for you to say such a thing. Should I have participated too…”
Larai has a smile full of cynicism.
“Iya, I guess so? With what I showed you, that even I was ‘cut’ with my skill, isn’t it because of my partner? Even if ‘Thousand-Thunder Larai’ was there I don’t think the outcome would have changed.”
The woman called Larai’s eyes open wide. Those eyes have a faint pattern of yellow lines on the surface.
“…You’re curious about the ’emergency,’ right? But, isn’t it strange? I never heard that such an opponent existed from Alphard. I had no ‘prior knowledge.'”
“Even with his ability to foresee things, he did not see this.”
“Fuun, So the person Karii fought is safe? Will he return here?”
“It should be fine. The person I fought was killing the members of 【Thorny Tail】. I fought him because it was my job. It became unbearable and I did fight him selfishly this time and this is how it turned out.”
Larai looks puzzled.
“Eh? Really? Such a strong opponent is appetizing, I thought they would be part of a dark guild.”
“Iya, at least, the strong opponent who defeated me wasn’t from 【Thorny Tail】. That fellow killed ‘Raize of Two Swords’ and ‘Kuna of Darkness.'”
Larai leans forward with a clear expression of surprise.
“Eeeeh? Isn’t that something amazing…”
“True. Oh, fortunately 【Thorny Tail】 was destroyed smoothly. By the way, you know I killed the boss ‘Dominguez’ properly? So, my job is completed…”
“So…a strong opponent…”
Larai does not hear the end of Karii’s story, instead she muttering quietly with a wicked smile on her face.
“Haa…You want to hear about that person? Are you already having delusions? That spearman…”
“-n? The opponent was a spearman? Fufu…”
Larai turns to the side and the hem of her rob spins around.
She begins to dance happily.
“-Ahahaha, I want to meet that man too…”
Larai smiles with a joyful dimpled smile and bursts into laughter.
She removes her thin hands from her robe, and begins to move her ten fingers that are all in gloves nimbly over her pleated skirt like she is playing the piano.
Her drumming finger tips begins to produce crackling lightning.
“Larai…such dangerous delusions, aren’t all the black wings supposed to return to 【Tandart】I think I heard the leader is waiting too, and after crushing Gaigal, there is a big job in labyrinth city.”
Larai ignores Karii’s words.
Her face holds an expression of ecstasy.
The pattern that was only faint in her eyes up till now, are showing a clear yellow magic formation that shines strangely.
As she plays by herself small amounts of electricity discharge from her fingers, completely entering her world of delusions.
Karii stares at Larai, while squinting, not again…as if to say so he lets out a sigh with an amazed face.



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