Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 48

Forty-Eighth Episode~ Emergency Request

Translator’s Corner: Hey everyone! We’re back to normal action chapters and plot development! Enjoy~


I head to the adventurer’s guild today and it is noisier than normal.
The voices of the adventurers and the lively voices of the receptionist-sans resound.
“Those here for the Evil Dragon King subjugation, please line up on the right~”
“Individual participants and clan participation application, an addendum has been added to the wooden tag, so please confirm them~”
The space in front of the reception desk is partitioned off with a rope down the middle.
“-Those not involved in the Evil Dragon King subjugation, please come this way~. To the left side~. On this side of the reception desk, your requests will be accepted as before~. The details of the urgent request are on this side as well~. Anyone not accepting the Evil Dragon King request, please use this side~”
The receptionist-san on the left side stretches out her arm and explains to the adventurers.
It seems the receptionist on the right oversees the “Evil Dragon King Subjugation Request,” and the receptionist on the left is handling the “normal” requests.
Is the crowd the reason?
There seem to be a lot of adventurers participating in the Evil Dragon King subjugation.
The adventurers waiting are beginning to form a line.
I ask a receptionist-san near the partition about what is going on.
Receptionist-san says the “Evil Dragon King subjugation” request has caused the adventurers to flood the reception desk.
So, they hurriedly set up a rope for dividing and marked a place for different than usual request.
The details sound like the contents the adventurers from the yakiniku shop talked about.
In six days, there will be a gathering at 【Plaza of the War God Vaisu】.
It seems that they are going to attack 【Burdock Mountain】 like this.
The “Non-search area” will be treated as a joint request.
It is a joint request, so everyone wants to try and register at the same time.
It is desirable for ranks beyond C, but there is no limitation to the number of people since they need a lot.
So, I will participate as well.
I turn to the request stuck to the board and look for the request slip for the Evil Dragon King.
Client : Marquis Chardonnay Fon Anaheim Difficulty: N/A
Request : “Evil Dragon King Burdock Subjugation” joint request. Subjugation Target : Evil Dragon King Burdock, Every Dragon Class.
Time Period: In Six Days. Home Region: Burdock Mountain.
Reward : 20 Gold coins upon subjugation regardless of rank. Subjugation Proof : As long the Dragon King is defeated, none is required.
Precaution : Dragons live there, and since it is a non-search area expect a difficult journey.
As long as the subjugation succeeds, I will get twenty gold coins.
What a lavish feast. The probability of dying is high, but if everything goes well I will get paid.
That is because there are a lot of people.
Ma, I join the crowd as well.
I pick up the Evil Dragon King subjugation tag from the metal box under the board.
A participation number is written on the wooden tally.
While holding that wooden tag, I join the line of adventurers partitioned off with a rope… Then after waiting my turn I submit my wooden request tag and adventurer’s card.
They accept them.
The time until the quest is six days.
The armor I ordered from the Dwarf brothers should be ready by then.
I am looking forward to getting the armor.
Meanwhile, should I check the destination of the “Paredes Mirrors?”
Or, should I look for requests?
“Mirror of Paredes” = Gate magic.
The twenty-four strange symbols on the small multi-sided Zohedron Trap sphere. Tracing the symbol activates the gate.
I already have a mirror in my room at the inn, so where ever the gate takes me, I can return with that mirror.
I do have to worry about it being stolen, but if it is stolen by someone with an item box I will give it up meekly.
While thinking such a thing, I look at the board.
In addition to the location of the other gates, how about a D or C ranked request this time…
Oh? Next to the Evil Dragon King request is a big request paper.
Client: Guild Master Difficulty: N/A
Request: “Emergency Request: Ensure safety of metastasis formation. Subjugation Target: All dragon classes, various ant classes.
Time Limit: From the same day the request is taken until safety is ensured. Habitat: Vallaida Insect Shrine
Reward: 35 Gold Coins Subjugation Evidence: N/A
Precautions: This is an urgent request of the guild. Above B rank party is suggested, must be at least C rank. If request is received, exiting the city is prohibited. Mandatory jump to Vallaida Insect Shrine. Preparations should be carried out before submitting to the guild.
Note: Several clans are participating in this operation.
Must be C rank, suggested to be above B rank.
There is still further explanation written on the paper, so I read it.

Dragons have broken through the ceiling of Vallaida Insect Shrine.

More than half of the ceiling has collapsed.

The falling debris has killed adventurers and broken through parts of the insect shrine, creating large holes into its depths.

The pit seems to have reached the lower level…

Soldier Ants, Long-Armed Ants and Armored Commander Ants, not only these, but even the Imperial Guard Ants that protect the queen have appeared by coming through the hole to the upper levels.

The Dragon classes that are attacking include Wyverns, Drakes and Sonic Bangs. The flocks are fighting with the ants.

The “Dragon and Ant War” has started.

The Dragon and Ant war has spread. There are a great number of strong Dragons and Ants loitering around the metastasis formation.

The emergency request is to ensure the safety of the metastasis formation in the destroyed Vallaida Insect Shrine.

If possible, it would be good to set up a strong barricade.

Destroy as many of the surrounding monsters as possible.

Furthermore, as soon as this request is confirmed, all adventurers who accepted the request will receive 35 gold coins. This is ensured by the guild master of Hector’s Adventurer’s Guild, Carban Fafunade.

Dragon and Ant War
The reward is better than the Evil Dragon King request. I want to see the monsters before the Evil Dragon King request, so I should accept this request.
Immediately, I take the wooden request tag and bring it to the reception desk.
The available receptionist-san is one I recognize.
The big-breasted receptionist-san.
Her size is as splendid as ever.
Once is enough, I would like to be unknown.
“…This, please.”
I submit my card and wooden tag.
“Hai. Ah, it’s Shuya-san.”
“Fufu, Kitty-chan too. Her eyes are as red and cute as ever.”
You, your breasts are as good as ever…
Having such thoughts, I smile slightly.
“Rollo is saying hello, she seems to like you.”
“Ara, is that so? That makes me happy.”
Receptionist-san’s breasts sway as she strokes Rollo’s head.
“N, Nya? Nyaa.”
Rollo seems distracted by the swaying breasts.
Aside from that, is breast-san going to check my card and the request paper…
“What about my card here?”
“Ah, Yes That’s right. The adventurer’s card and wooden tag are verified. Immediately after accepting~, this is the urgent request, are you ready?”
She asks while working promptly.
“Yes. With an urgent request, it cannot be canceled and if you leave 【Hector】 without permission without carrying out the request, you will be exiled from the guild. In addition, this request seems quite serious, do you still wish to receive it?”
Receptionist-san looks at the wooden request tag and talks anxiously.
Exile. That is severe.
However, since I will go as soon as I accept the request, I am fine.
“…It’s fine. The reward is good, and I will be fine if I have to work hard.”
“Is that so? You seem confident. You easily defeated an officer the other day, so…it should be all right. Then, please put your hand on the crystal.”
The crystal glows.
“…With this the request is accepted. Please try and work hard on the request. Please go to the metastasis formation there.”
My card is returned with a smile.
Receptionist-san is pointing “that way?” She is calling attention to the metastasis formation.
“Ou. I understand. Again, I will be in your care.”
“Nn, nya.”
To say good bye the receptionist-san san, Rollo cries and stealthily jumps to my shoulder. (TL: I translated this wrong, but to lazy the change it.)
I summon the black spear in my right hand. I lean the black spear on the shoulder opposite the black cat and go to the Vallaida Insect Shrine metastasis formation.
Soon after I am transported, there is an ear-splitting roar-
“It’s a Drake!!”
The voice of a screaming woman.
The area around the metastasis formation has changed.
Adventurers are carrying simple boards and dirt.
A small protective wall is built around the circumference.
There is a female magic user behind the wall issuing commands to the adventures.
“A group of drakes has appeared to the left. 【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】stay and defend.”
“Understood. You, hurry up and tell 【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】. Reinforcements are being sent. 【Heaven Sword】and 【Kokudara】, take some people and go to the left side.”
The voice from early came from this woman.
“Got it.”
Quickly, soldiers reply to the order and begin preparing.
The reports end there.
“-From the middle to the right side, a flock of Wyverns is fighting with a platoon of Imperial Guard Ants. The area of the battle is spreading.”
“Of course, I am aware. -Everyone, let’s hurry up the construction of the protective wall.”
“I’ll fight hard!”
All of the adventurers carrying sand bags in the area turn towards the commander woman and raise a spirited shout together.
The commander woman only nods her head sternly at the adventurers and continues talking.
“Let’s hurry before it is too late. While the A ranked monsters are fighting.”
I disregard the voice as news arrives again.
“-Sir, a group of long armed ants has emerged on the right and a lot are heading this way!”
“I see- that’s a lot. It can’t be helped. 【Heaven Sword】 and 【Kokudara】 stay here and do not head to the left flank.”
The members of both clans that have not gone yet return per the woman’s instructions.
Everyone is running about in confusion.
“-There is no other way. The left front will have to hold out. 【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】 is strong so they should be able to hold out. For now, I am giving priority to the defense of the metastasis formation here. If this place is destroyed all the adventurers will die, the enemy cannot approach the metastasis formation!”
“The main objective is protecting the metastasis formation, while paying attention to the A ranked monsters fighting in the middle, let’s concentrate on the right!”
The woman with a ponytail points with her right hand.
The commanding figure of the woman is impressive.
Adventurers are attacking the ants that draw near.
I am there too; I look around the area to get a grasp of the situation.
…Uhee, they are in a tight spot.
The corpses of dragons and ants are scattered everywhere.
Half of the ceiling has collapsed and the fantastic view of the canopy is gone… The thorny walls around the metastasis formation are also gone, and a large portion of the statue is collapsing.
Fleeing, it no longer looks like the labyrinth.
As if looking through the mind of the upper insect rank, the light shining on the insect shrine feels sadistic.
A pterodactyl like creature is flying through the sky, intercepting the sunlight.
“You there, you’ve been standing there for a while now, what are you doing?”
Talking importantly is the magic using female commander who was giving out commands earlier.
Her brown hair is gathered up in a ponytail behind her head.
The size of her eyes is sweet, but her thin arched-eyebrows give an impression of an unyielding will.
Her characteristics give off a hard feeling.
However, it does not change that she is a beautiful woman.
The image of an intelligent and talented woman.
“…did you hear me? You, did you receive the request here on your own?”
Seemingly irritated with me, she raised her voice as she asks.
“Re, really, you simply answered in affirmative. You seem to be confident, but all alone…”
“The other day I solo skilled an armored commander ant.”
The woman seems surprised at my words and her eyes shake.
She moves her hands as if to straighten her hair.
“…Eh? That’s amazing. Perhaps, are you someone famous above B rank?”
The intelligent looking woman’s tone changed suddenly and she becomes soft spoken.
“No, I just became a D rank.”
“…Oh. That’s disappointing. Ma, work hard.”
She completely changes, fast!
She quickly changes her appearance back to an unyielding woman.
Maa, I am getting upset all on my own.
However, should I receive instructions from the chain of command too?
The woman seems to have already lost interest in me and is looking in the direction of what has become the battlefield.
“By the way, you were giving instructions to everyone else earlier, do I need to follow your commands too?”
I ask politely.
“Not particularly. However, because of this situation, I’m participating as an adventurer too. I am close to the guild though, so I ended up taking command.”
The moment I am about to ask her name, a piece of flesh from an ant corpse comes flying.
The conversation breaks off.
My eyes shift to the right where it came from.
There, still, the swarm of long-armed ants that appeared, is clashing with the adventurers.
“Whatever you were going to say, we can’t leisurely talk here. If you want to live, wouldn’t it be better to follow ‘my’ instructions? If you don’t want to die, please fight in this “circumference” as much as possible.”
The female magic user talks lively and turns on her heel, causing her ponytail to whip around.
The woman reaches behind her back, takes a large staff strapped there, and brings it in front of her chest with a spin.
That large staff, it seems amazing. Mana is overflowing endlessly.
A flame appears from the tip of the large staff like one regulated by a gas burner.
She approaches the ants with a big flame emanating from the staff.
When they come within range of the magic, the female magic user stops.
Then, she points the flame crowned staff at a group of ants.
The woman holds the staff in both her hands.
One by one, fireballs are shot from the large staff.
Amazing, moreover the large staff is swung again and again, sending fire balls arching through the air toward the ants.
The fireballs hit the ants directly, one after the other.
Finally, she slams her staff into the ground and a pillar of flame erupts, strong enough to the flip the ants.
Hee, such cool magic.
Did that fireball and flame pillar combo have no aria?
It seems impressive.
If this woman is here, this area should be fine.
The problem is the front.
The sounds of roars have been going on for a while.
I turn my eyes to the central part where the dragons and ants are killing each other in front of the metastasis formation.
Large dark green Wyverns and black pink imperial guard ants.
The fight is fierce.
Both have big bodies but their attacks are fast.
The long fangs in their mouths and long tails are the wyvern’s main weapons.
At the end of the tail is a bone sword protrusion. I see shining green particles falling around those.
That is definitely poison.
It looks beautiful, but I understand it is bad so the color is unpleasant.
A single blow of the poisoned tail hits the upper chest of an imperial guard ant but to no avail. The tail strikes the chest of the imperial guard ant but the pink hair only shakes and it is repelled.
Amazing. It resisted a single strong attack easily like rubber.
The amazing imperial guard ant is larger than armored commander ants.
The helmet shape around the head is bound with some kind of resin, they have two sharp looking mandibles and the entire tip is pink.
The upper part of the chest from the neck is covered in pink hair.
It looks like a pink tie.
The pink tie stands out and the six legs connected to its body seem dangerous.
Each of its legs is of a size and thickness akin to the steel used when constructing buildings. The ends of the legs have sharp claws, barbed like fish hooks.
There are only three of those large imperial guard ants, and they are in a fierce battle with the wyverns.
The claws of the imperial guard ants are repelled by the hard scales of the wyverns so a balanced fight continues.
After all, I can leave the decisive battle of the monsters alone for now.



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