Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 49

Forty-Ninth Episode~ Tempest of Crimson Tiger


Editor’s Corner: For some reason the spacing was being changed but after much time being grumpy, I have found my solution. Bring persistent and such payed off. Anyways Stay beautiful my friends and Enjoy!

Before long, the form of a roaring drake comes into view.

…Is this what a drake looks like?


There are individual differences, each of them seems to be five or more meters in length.


The five dragons have red and green scales. I can understand it even if it is not called a dragon.


However, are they slightly smaller than the wyverns from before? The clan fighting the drakes seem to be strong.


The forward advance of three of the drakes has been stopped. It seems to be the effect of a magic used by the beautiful female magic user.


The beast soldiers are working together as vanguards, tossing around the drakes.


They did it. Their cooperation is impressive.


They fight on even footing with the Drakes.

I approach, wondering whether I should participate in the fight.


“Sir, I am controlling three of them on the right, but 《Command of Light 》 will wear off in ten seconds. The next paralysis magic formation, moreover, the aria is five seconds!”


“-Roger, understood! I will kill this one on my own. Lushell and Belize, go provide back up over there!”


“On it.”


A beastman soldier with a big ax replies casually, separates from the woman giving instructions, and goes to attack the three frozen drakes with his ax.


On the other hand, the captain beastwoman faces the other two drakes on her own, and begins a dangerous looking fight.


“Rollo, that beastwoman on the left.”




I run and choose one of the drakes.


“I’m here to help! I’ll take the one of the left!”


I call out to the group of embattled adventurers.


The drake on the left rears back and holds up its dangerous looking claws to attack the beastwoman.


Rushing, I run with fighting moji enhanced legs and strike the drake’s left with the black spear. The scales are knocked off and the green flesh is cut. (TL: I’m not sure if this is a typo on the author’s behalf. I feel like the scales are supposed to be green, but that’s not what the raws say.)


Without stopping I go around to the drake’s back, stepping off with my enhanced right foot and I   the black spear into the back of the drake’s leg.


A hole is bored into the drake’s hind leg and its posture breaks. It does not seem able to handle my sudden attack.


With its posture broken, Rollo pierces the eye of the drake with a feeler bone sword.


The drake raises its head lets out a pained screech.


Its neck is exposed and I take this opening.


I kick the ground lightly and raise the black spear, then jump- putting my weight behind the black spear, I sink it into the drake’s neck.


The black spear slides in and the overbearing force mows it down. Like rain, a spray of green bloods sprays out in the direction of the attack.


The drake’s neck can no longer support its head, and its neck bends down so that its big head kisses the ground.


I killed it? I thought, but that is not the case.


The drake is going to counter attack with its head on the ground, its clenches its teeth and spreads its wings.


-A gust of wind is created under its wings.


Rollo is caught by the gust of wind and is pushed back.


The drakes groans and cries out, moving its mouth taking chunks out of the dirt.


Its one intact eye is open wide; its mouth is opened wide with blood dripping from its teeth as its steaming breath rises in the air.


The drake is tough. I can feel the pride of the dragon race.


Respecting the vitality of the dragon, I kick the ground again and jump.


I will end it quickly so it does not suffer.


I thrust the black spear as I twist my body, adding a rotation, towards the head of the drake.


The single blow of the hard spear, creates a dent in the bowed head of the dragon, drilling a hole and killing it.


The skull is crushed, its brains smashed.


With this, it should be dead.


The drake with its brain smashed does not move.


I feel the eyes on the battle field stop to look at the scene for a moment.


There is another drake.


The drake that was fighting the dual wielding beastwoman seems to think I am a threat and comes to me, rearing up its neck.


“Its breath is coming!”


The beastwoman shouts a warning.


Eh? In a hurry- I activate fighting magic legs and take evasive maneuvers.


I run to the left while using Cerebral Demon Speed.


Rollo seems to have sensed it already and has escaped far away.


The ground I was on just a moment ago is filled with a blooming red flame.


It’s become scorched earth, a sea of hot wind spreads out, swallowing those nearby.


This is the breath of a dragon.


The flame comes from the drake’s mouth.




I evaded it safely, but the hot air has created a film of sweat over my face.


However, the drake’s flame does not last long.


Several arrows land in the bulging throat of the fire–breathing drake.


Having been pierced by arrows, it’s throat erupts.


The drake writhes silently.


The beastwoman called captain begins to attack.


A long sword is held in each of the her hands.


The swords in her hands are handled as fast as the wind, and faint sword lines are paid out.


A long sword is dropped on one of the drake’s hind legs while the other long sword cuts through its wing, it’s body shifts with her slashing attacks as she continuously jumps through the sky.


Amazing, her swords seem to flow. They look like they are dancing. The movement of the mana of her body’s fighting moji is smooth too.


With the long sword in her right hand she slices through the bottom of the dragon’s abdomen.


The beastwoman has a vermillion muffler around her neck that dances behind her. Her long red hair mixes with the fluttering mufflers making it look like a glittering flame is following behind her.


The drake is minced up as the long red hair dances behind her. It’s leg is finally cut down again, and the sword dance stops.


The tendons of both the drake’s legs seem to have been cut and it is lying on the ground weakly.


She defeated it. When I think that, something else happen.


The beastwoman crosses her arms, kicks the ground and jumps.


A crossed slashing attack to the drake’s head, Eeeh!?


-Amazing. Did her arm and sword grow for an instant?


A big X shaped wound is cut through the drake’s skull.


Green blood is pouring out and its tongue is hanging limply out of its mouth.


It is completely crushed. The power looks equal to my blow from before.


However, that arm, mana was concentrated there and it seemed to swell for an instant…


Having finish her attack, she spins around and lands on the ground.


Her red hair flutters around her beautifully and she has cute brown cat ears on her head.


Then, I make eye contact with her.


-Woah. This woman is beautiful.


It was just a moment, but the beauty of her eyes was branded in my heart.


Her face is perfectly human. She has fair skin and brown eyes.


The cute and beautiful woman has a form with the ideal combination of looks.


That beastwoman turns a captivating smile my way.


However, she turns to assist her companions fighting the three drakes.


She turns on her heel and runs.


The view from behind isn’t bad either…


My eyes are drawn in unintentionally.


As she runs the bottom of her waistcoat flutters up and the beastwoman’s butt comes in and out of view.


The running beast woman is wearing a dress and waist cloth type leather armor.


That butt-san and thighs are connected with a leather garter belt armor, and her butt is emphasized even more by the garter belt. (TL: That’s not how armor works. That’s not how any of this works!)[ED: This author does zero research on some things…]


That figure makes me gulp.


I run after her.


Rollo runs next to me who has such apparent ero eyes.


Then, I hear the end of an aria.


“The paralysis formation is activated– 《Command of Light》” When the magic is released, a huge magic formation spreads out at the feet of the drakes.


The drakes in the magic formation are bound by bands of light that extend from the magic formation, no longer able to move. Ooh, this is magic.


The highlight is when I get up close. The drakes’ movements are halted.


Rather than highlight, should I say the best part is the funny appearance?


A drake’s forefoot is frozen in the air and a thick hind leg is completely frozen.


“Yata! It worked!”


“It took again. As expected of Lushell’s magic, then, Butch, follow instructions. These three won’t be able to move for nearly twenty seconds.”


“Alright. Leave the guy with the injured foot to me, focus on the uninjured ones.”


“Listen up, attack fast- Baka Butch.”


A beautiful elf woman is firing a bow and arrow at a drake while calling a beastman called Butch a fool.


“Shut up, I’ll do it.”


“-I’ll help too.”


There, the beautiful cat woman captain interrupts the argument and participates in coordinating the battle.


A single blow is given to the drake.


I finish enjoying my ero gaze and resume participation. “I’m not used to cooperating, but I’ll join too.”




Rollo and I both attack one of the unwounded drakes together. “You have a good arm.” (TL: The “you” here is polite.)


While cutting through the left forefoot of a drake with her large ax, she has room to praise me.


Even if dragons are considered tough monsters, if their movements are sealed they merely become “meat.”


There are several dead drakes around.


With the cooperation of all the members there, they are being cut up.


However, the dragon class has amazing vitality.


As long as the head is uninjured, even if it has several injuries to its legs and feet, it can still move as if it is fine. While the dragon that survived until the end grovels on the ground, it raises its head in a stubborn manner and bares its bloody fangs.


Three prayers, it prays to consciousness that it will live, then I snipe the noble dragon’s left eye with an accurate spear jab.


The black spear points slides into the dragon’s eye socket.


The dragon stops breathing when the black blade reaches its brain. At any rate, that “paralysis” magic is useful.


While having such a thought I pull out the black spear that is sunk deep into the dragon’s skull.


Using the recoil from pulling it out, I swing off the dragon’s blood stuck to my spear and look at the woman who invoked the paralysis magic.


The woman has a large staff in her hand that she is attaching to her back.


The female magic user looks Japanese; she has a mysterious oriental atmosphere around here.


He bangs are cut over her forehead like Cleopatra and a circlet with a beautiful twinkling blue jewel occasional peeking out from behind them.


Her hair is black too.


She could be said to be an Asian beauty with Egyptian makeup that would appear during Paris Fashion Week.


Her small lips are puckered. (TL: Raws says her mouth has small duck lips. Heh.)[ED: I hate duck face.] Her face is a small inverse triangle.


I look over her clothes. She has an overcoat like a magic user.


However, because the front is open I can see she has a small body.


Her seductive chest that is hinted from behind the light tunic gives off a nice and clean feeling.


He lower body is covered by the overcoat so I cannot see much, but I can make out a whitish skirt near her knee.


“-Young human man there.”


As I am staring at the female magic user, the beautiful beastwoman in charge of the area talks to me.




“Thank you for coming to help. We were saved, thanks to you.” The cat ears on the captain’s head move twitchingly.




I saw earlier, but I look again.


The vermillion muffler around her neck is a good look. She seems dignified.


The scraps of the waist clothes tight around her waist is attractive, and the armor around her thighs and grieves reproduce her form nicely.


Her long legs make her look like a model.


That grieve type armor…


It somehow does not go past her ankles; I can see her bare feet.


She is wearing something like sandals.


The top of the beastwoman’s feet has red fur growing on them and on her toes are tufts of red hair.


“…You don’t need to thank me. You would have managed somehow or another.”


She snorted at my words and stared at me since I am a completely suspicious person. I greet them politely.


“Even if that’s the case, the outcome of the fight could have been decided in an instant. They were defeated quickly thanks to you. We were able to defeat them incredibly quickly with your help-”




With that timing, Rollo calls out from my feet.


“Ara, earlier I saw your cute familiar playing an active part.”


“Kyaa, too cute!”


“In truth, I want to hug it and play with it.”


The one talking about Rollo is the female magic user, and the female Elf using a bow.


As expected of the cute Rollo.


The beautiful women have all taken the bait. (TL: The literal translation is “The beautiful woman have completed bitten.” The bite is in reference to a fish biting the bait, so it’s like the women have all been hooked and aren’t just nibbling.)


“This is Rollodinu. She is called Rollo. My name is Shuya Kagari. You can call me Shuya or Kagari, which ever suits you.”


“Fufu, this child is called Rollo-chan. Ah, my name is Sarah, Sarah Floraid. I am the representative of the【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】. Thank you. Shuya.”


Introducing herself with a smile, the beastwoman with cat ears confirms she is the leader.


Her name is Sarah.


“Yes. Please treat me well.”


“Shuya-san and Rollo-chan. I am Lushell Adkins. I work as the second in command of the adventurer clan 【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】 that Sarah leads. I am Lushell the Dark Magic User, adventurer rank B but please call me Lushell.”


This is the woman who invoked that convenient paralysis magic.


“I am a member of the crimson tigers too. B ranked bow user, responsible for the sex appeal, Belize Mafon. You call me Belize, Mafon-chan is fine too. I’ll be in your care. Shuya-kun.”


There are a lot of ladies.


“Yes, I’ll be in your care-”


With the greetings coming to an end, my eyes go to Belize’s chest against my will. [ED: Whatever you say…]


So-called, one, iya, two, enormous breasts. (TL: No, stahp.)


Heavy fruits. This voluptuous chest, oppai bonzai.


Unintentionally, I stare for a long time.


I quickly look away the gloss over it.


Belize looks back at me with her own ero eyes.


For a moment, my eyes are sharp…


Her glamour breaks when her blue eyes blink… then stare back at me kindly.


The corners of her light pink lips curl into a bewitching smile.


Not mentioning her characteristic long ears, does this beautiful blue eyed onee-san like me?


Of course, I like her. It is a feeling like that. The Elf’s hair is long and golden. Three small braids extend from her right ear.


The hair clip on the other side symbolizes cuteness…


And then, is that a small tiger on the right cheek of her face? A leopard? There is a characteristic mark of a tattoo.


There is a beauty mark close to her light pink lips.


And, my eyes have returned to investigate her chest.


…As for the case of a man doing a double take, I think her breasts are buxom.


She is wearing red leather clothes with a plunging V neck that emphasizes her chest.


No matter what, my gaze returns to her chest.


It is the secret nature of the advisor for the breast research society, ma, I’m a hentai.


Then, a rough male voice breaks the atmosphere.


“*Cough*, ‘by the way’ I’m a member of the crimson tigers too. Butch Zemal, ax user, rank B.”


My suggestive eyes seem to have upset the large beastman and he is in a bad mood.


He has red hair with a crew cut.


From his mouth the side of his jaw is a wild thick red mustache.


The biceps of his upper arms and the pectoral muscles under his leather armor are outstanding.


He looks like some sergeant. With a hamadryas face, he seems strong.


However, does he have cat ears like Sarah?


The hamadryad faced catman, Butch-shi is more than surreal.


But, I will apologize for now.


“…Sorry. That…all of the women of this clan are beautiful.”


My hentai eyes are giving me a bad impression.


Butch-san, seems embarrassed by my apology.


Re-really? You are very blunt for the first meeting.”


Butch-san answers with a nervous face.


“Eh.” “I…”


Sarah is called the captain, Lushell is the second is command, though they all have great figures, they do not seem used to being praised, and they mutter such words.


“Ara, fufu.”


Only one person takes it as being natural and laughs.




Belize-san speaks to Butch.


“Araa? Butch, from the beginning you’ve been asking questions aggressively, do you think ‘We aren’t beautiful?'”


“N-not at all.”


“Haha, that stubborn Butch’s face is turning red.”


Lushell-san puts one hand over her mouth and points at Butch in a jovial manner.


“Ugu, that straitlaced person.”


“Which reminds me, doesn’t Butch seem different?”


“Ge, captain…”


Then, for some reason, the beastman Butch-shi is being glared at.


Is it because of me? I didn’t mean for this to happen.


Sarah-san seem happy to be stroking Rollo and looks at me while she talks.


“Shuya, your spear handling earlier was great, is your adventurer rank actually greater than A?”


“No, I’m confident in my spear, but my rank is D.”


Sarah nods, believing my answer.


“Heh, so did you only just register as an adventurer?”


“That’s how it is. You understand well.”


“It happens sometimes. A person who’s strength isn’t related to their rank. For example, in some schools, already possessing full mastery, of the King class, there are hidden ‘Masters of Martial Arts’ like that.”


“I see. Sarah-san is leading a clan and seems to have an abundance of experience.”


“Quit it with the ‘san.'” Right now, we are just people who received the urgent quest. So, I want you to call me Sarah, casually.”


Sarah’s light brown ears and cheeks are dyed slightly red; she winks at me.


She is a lovely and beautiful woman.


“I understand. Sarah.


” “Un. That’s good. Fufu.”


Her smile is splendid too. Her brown cat ears do not match her crimson hair.


That is, Lushell mutters unnaturally.


“Ara, ma, it’s spring time for the captain…”


Hearing Lushell’s muttered voice, Sarah stops laughing and her cat ears twitch, her ears are dyed red.


“Oi, Lushell, did I hear you teasing?”


“Eel, as one would expect, you have sharp ears, but it’s fine. Shuya-san, your face is plain, but you’re cool…” (TL: The fuck is wrong with Shuya’s face?)


I am sorry for my plain face.


“S, such, do you address your leader without honorifics?”


Butch-san seems to be grieving…




Sara looks at the face of such a disappointed Butch and tilts her head to the side.


“Oh well, more or less, I think Butch’s feelings are understood. It’s impossible. The signature ears of the captain came out so early…”


“Yes, it’s been a long time.”


Lushell and Belize nod together.


“Un. Ma, despite the other party being a human, his ‘strength’ is greater than most beastmen. His face is plain and it’s disappointing my tastes are a little different, he is well-proportioned, don’t you think?”


“Isn’t that right, Belize thinks so too.”


Disappointing and difficult.


The cause is that I am Japanese. Because my race’s face is plain…


“Un. It’s rare to agree with Lushell. He’s also tall despite being young. I think he’s ‘cute’ so…is it possible? It’s unfortunate for Butch. He has longed for the captain, but the way things are turning out this time, and there is already the ‘development’ of doing away with honorifics.”


Sarah takes Belize and Lushell’s joking words seriously and puffs out her cheeks cutely in anger or embarrassment.


“Muu~, Belize…”


I do not think she is as upset as she would have others believe.


A little, Sarah is flushing red from her cheeks to her ears.


Now, she is looking at me a little.


After glancing, she smiles affectionately.


I wonder where this is going…


I should distract them here-


“…Haha, everyone is so close. You are good soldiers and comrades. Your cooperation when you defeated the drake earlier was good too.”


“-Right? Thanks, Shuya. That’s right. Everyone, they are the best members. Right?”


“Th-that’s right.”


Butch-san has a face that looks like he is going to cry as he answers.


“Yes. I agree.


“Eeh, of course.”




Then, a magic essence reaction interrupts the heartwarming conversation.


Again, it is a reaction from the Drakes.


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