Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 51

Fifty-First Episode~ Delta Zone of Captivation

The clan and party leaders gather in a circle, Eris’s voice echoes from the middle.

“King-san of 【Kokudara】, Kyou-san of 【Heaven Sword】, Ameri-san of 【Haym’s Defence】, Garnanfu-san of 【War God】, Shisea-san of 【Faidato Alliance】, Sarah of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】. And I am Eris of the 【Eight Maidens】. The leaders of each clan and party should be gathered here.”

The leaders have strong expressions.

Wherein, my eyes fall on the shins of a Dwarf wrapped in green leggings.

“And, that guy?”

The Dwarf questions Eris and everybody’s eyes fall on me at the same time.

“This one is Shuya-san. He is participating solo, but he is the ‘spearman” who played an active role in the fight earlier. He is a considerable fighting force, so I am having him participate in this strategy meeting.”

Then, noise rises from the surroundings.

“That~ spearman.”

“He was a solo participator?”

“…Spear, huh?”

The nearby leaders are all commenting, staring at me, nodding to one another and whispering.

“Gohhon. Then, isn’t it fine? Another time, as an officer of the guild, shall I advance the discussion?”

When Eris talks the uproar immediately settles and the area falls quiet.

Even the air quiets.

“…Then, I will advance the conversation. Thanks to everyone, we were able to exterminate the dragons and ants that showed up around the metastasis formation. Still, there are enemies remaining. As you all know, they are the large dragons, wyverns, and the imperial ants. They are formidable enemies, but we must remove them. So, after this, I would like the enter the central area to suppress them, what are everyone’s thoughts?”

A person with the appearance of a soldier quickly reacts to what Eris said.

“【Koudara】 only consists of vanguards, we are a desired obstacle.”

“【Heaven Sword】 are vanguards too, I agree with this opinion. I think it will become easier for the rear defenders if there is an obstacle. The strategy will be based off Eris’s instructions.”

Next, someone wearing the robes of a magic user speaks.

“Yes. We of 【Faidato Alliance】 are mostly magic users, so we agree things will be easier if the vanguards are an obstacle. There are long distance attacks to deal with when fighting wyverns and imperial ants, so it’s frightening… I have faith in the vanguard.”

“-Most of us in 【War God】 are vanguards. If I am going to do a suicide attack with my ax to kill dragons, I want to aim for wyverns.”

The one covering the magic user’s timid remark is the short Dwarf.

He has a heavy looking ax and several tattoos on his face.

It makes me think of a Scandinavian smorgasbord of tattoos. (TL: This is what the RAWS say. I guarantee this translation. It just doesn’t make sense.)[ED: Weird but “of tattoos”}

New, a woman with a bow steps forward to talk.
“【Haym’s Defense】 is a ranged type, not only bows, but we have two magic users that can use recovery magic, so we would still like a vanguard.”

“You could probably say that 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】is a balanced model. There had better be a vanguard, the wyverns and imperial guards cannot get to the back. Their movements need to be sealed and each one killed.”

Finally, Sarah of the crimson tigers finishes talking.

“Isn’t that right? As expected, the B rank clan 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】 is the forerunner, the other clans and parties will provide support. Focus on attacking a single one from the rear. How about something like that?”

Eris has begun to compile a conclusion.

Is it an advantage if there is an obstacle?

You could use the carapaces of the big armored ants rolling about.

Should I mention it…

“Ano~, it that okay?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

Eris allows me to talk with a smile.

I nod and share my idea.

“As for an obstacle, we could use the carapaces of the armored ants, couldn’t they become a simple bulkhead?”

“Ah, that’s right. But…”

“Hahaha, lad. It’s a good thought, but they’re incredibly heavy and require multiple people to move. And there aren’t any carts?”

The smorgasbord oyaji Dwarf crosses his arms and laughs.
“Then, someone can return to the guild using the metastasis formation, invite people, and bring a cart?”

One of the clan leaders suggests that, but I take this opportunity to be frank.

“-That’s not necessary. I can move them, so should I take care of the ones in this area first?”

I say so, touch my bracelet and push “storage.”

I put the carapace of one of the nearby ants into the item box.

Ma, even without the item box I carry them easily enough.


“Heh, the start can be opened with this.”

“So that means, this guy plays an active part at the tower and labyrinth city?”

“Well now, that’s an unusual thing.”

While everyone is in shock- I store all the scattered carapaces in the item box.

“Is that an item box?”

Eris is surprised as she edges closer to me.

“That’s right.”

I answer simply.

“I knew it.”

“So you really are from labyrinth city?”

“If it’s the labyrinth, do you have any connections to the six top clans?”

“How about that, I hear it was relatively easy to obtain one in labyrinth city…”

“Moreover, that spear man must have studied under one of the eight spear King Gods.”

“…Surely, Akyurei Achilles is the fifth of spear King Gods, I heard there were many followers of the seventh spear king god Rico Madoricos in the area.”

Each leader says such a thing.

I am curious about the one called Akyurei Achilles, is that really Shisho? And then, an item box seems to be rare in this area.

Eris who has come near me talks in a low voice.

“So Shuya-san was an adventurer from 【Labyrinth City】…”

“No, I think this came from 【Labyrinth City】, but I myself have never been to 【Labyrinth City】.”

“Is that so. My father has, but doesn’t have one.”

Eris has such a complaint and is staring at my bracelet with *jiiiiii* eyes.

I ignore such eyes and talk.

“All of the carapaces are right in here.”

“Eeh, yes. Then, I will leave the matter of the carapaces to Shuya-san. For now, may I ask you to ‘establish between the center and the front?'”

“Yes. Roger.”

Then, Eris turns to look at everyone.

“Then, with the strategy meeting, everyone will take a break here. As soon as it becomes light, we will carry out the strategy we just discussed. The vanguard will focus around the attack of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】. I would like a preemptive attack to focus on one wyvern or imperial ant. The night watch is left up to the individual clans. Then, this meeting is concluded.”

Everyone nods to Eris’s words and raises their agreement.


“Let’s do our best.”


“Tomorrow, then.”

“However, he may have hidden ability, but are you okay with entrusting it to that spearman?”

“Well. Let’s rest for now.”

The adventurers gather around the metastasis formation, sharing their thoughts, and begin to rest.

They seem to be assuming the carapaces will be taken care of as it was ordered.

When I start to move, one of the members of crimson tigers calls out to me.

“Shuya, aren’t you clever to use those heavy carapaces as an obstacle. You rest soon too; it seems we’ll be able to take it easy when we fight the wyverns and imperial ants.”

“It was chance. I’m glad I could help everyone.”

“However, Shuya is carrying an item box.”

“Is me having one not good?”

This is upsetting. I put on such a face as I talk.

Sarah shaves her head and denies it.

“No, no, that’s not what I mean. It’s just a rare item in this area.”

“Does Sarah not have one?”

“I don’t. I have yet to go to labyrinth city or the heaven’s tower.”

It is difficult to obtain here, the item boxes that are sold.

“I see.”

“But, it’s great, that magic bracelet. Shuya-san. I’ll get one sometime too.”

Lushell looks at my bracelet wistfully.

“I understand Lushell’s desire. You can probably buy it with the gold labyrinth city produces, this city is quite good, to appear on the market…it’s bad for the captain, but I might like Shuya.”

Belize says such things with a bewitching smile…

“-What, Belize. It’s no good with Shuya.”

“Fufu, it’s a contest captain…”

Sarah is glaring at Belize with her cat ears dyed red. Belize smiles and looks back at Sarah.

They started fighting. Their eyes meet and there is a flash of light between them, oi, this reaction will cause me trouble.

“Captain and Belize are both useless. -Isn’t Shuya-san disappointed~ ne~? Shuya-san.”

Saying so, Lushell grabs my arm and holds it against her body.

“Lushell? Aah, why are you touching him, what do you mean ‘ne?'”

“Ah, the captain got mad.”

“Lushell works fast. -Shuya-kun~, this request, once it’s finished…ne?”

“Nya, nyaa.”

Belize as well, grabs my other arm and presses it into her voluptuous chest.

The smell good, a citrusy perfume.

Breath is being puffed against my ear…

Rollo seems to also want to get involved in the skinship, she nestles close to my foot, rubbing her head against me…

I-is this the thing called moteki? Harem? (TL: Moteki is the period of time when a man suddenly becomes popular with women.)

This is really dangerous, even though we are in the middle of a request.

“…E~to. You both feel amazing but please back away. I still have things left to do.”



Ah, sorry, I did not want to force you

“It’s as Shuya says. Really, you two, come here.”

“That’s right, you’re getting to excited. The captain is getting mad! However, it’s probably because of Shuya…”

Sarah drops her fists on Lushell and Belize’s heads and drags them away.

Butch was shouting his complaints next to Sarah, but along the way started to glare at me…

But I didn’t do anything?

I got to feel their breasts…

“Haha, that’s great.”

Then, Eris laughs and talks.

“Ah, I need to finish. You saw something strange.”

“No, no, I understand stand Lushell and Belize’s feelings so…cough. Well then, shall we go? To move the carapaces.”

Eris’s big eyes are swimming, she faked a cough…

Nn, you understand their feelings?

Does that mean you will press your breasts into me?

Is it different? She might be too nervous, so she is sending her good will?

I see, in the end, the moteki has arrived.

But, I am on a request right now. Without getting caught up, I need to work.

Or perhaps, would Eris like to come with me to set up the carapaces?

“…Eris, are you taking a break?”

“I should be as well…”

I should be the same too.

I will decline.

“No, doing this alone is easier. Good.”

“It’s a dangerous area, will you be okay?”

Eris tilts her head to the side.

“Un. Apart from that, even if I say rest, this a nest of ants. I have no idea when we’ll be attacked by the remaining ants and dragons. So, it’s better for the captain to stay.”

“Sure…I guess, ne. I understand. Please be careful while you build the obstacle.”

She agrees.

“Aah, I’ll be fine. I will head to the metastasis formation, the wyverns and imperial ants fighting in the danger zone are well hidden.”

“Yes. I’m expecting this.”


“Nn, nyao.”

Rollo cries out and jumps onto my shoulder.

Like that, with Rollo on my shoulder I head to the area where the intense fight between the wyverns and imperial ants is taking place.

It is important not to get involved, so with <Hidden Body> active I remove the carapaces from storage and arrange them.

Arranging the carapaces is surprisingly easy, and I can return to the front of the metastasis formation.

Adventurers are resting around the metastasis formation.

Sitting in the open space is Eris, she seems to notice me and calls out.

“Shuya-san, good…”

The nuance of being sure I am safe.

Was she worried?

I try to respond with a smile.

“I’m back. Everything is set up. The wyverns and imperial ants are absorbed in their war; it was easy since they paid no attention to me.”

“Is that so. As one would expect, huh. Thank you very much for your hard work.”

When Eris is talking to me, Sarah walks away from the side of a camp fire and I see her hurriedly approaching me.

“…Shuya. Welcome back, do you want to rest together?”

Sarah is inviting me.

I’ll be bothering you.

“Ah, I’ll take you up on that. Then, I will see you tomorrow, Eris-san.”


Eris has a disappointed expression. Weren’t we finished?


Rollo calls out in a low voice from my shoulder.

I accompany Sarah to the camp fire that crimson tiger is sleeping around.

“You, using those big carapaces, you already finished constructing the obstacle?”

When I sit down near the fire, Butch talks to me.

“Un. I used hidden body to be safe, but I may have been fine without using it, they didn’t care about me.”

“Hyu~, you can scout?”

Butch-san whistles.

Scout? A skill specialized in reconnaissance, or a battle occupation…

“…No, it’s not that far.”

“I see, I see. Here, drink.”

Butch-san’s face is flushed. He looks drunk.

“Haa, I’ll have some…”

“Hahaha, don’t hold yourself back.”

I take a wooden cup.

I drink a little.

It really is liquor. Taking the opportunity, I remove some jerky from my pocket.

“Kora, baka Butch. You don’t have to get drunk because it’s a break?”

Belize says so as she eats something that looks like bread.

“What, I’ve only drank a little.”

Butch bends an arm and flexes, making his well-developed biceps swell, showing a glass overflowing with sake.

“Butch, the only thing you’ve had in that glass today is liquor.”

“Eeeh, captain…”

Butch seems to like liquor.

“Butch, aren’t the captain orders absolute? Shuya-san as well, please be careful not to drink too much.”

Lushell is sitting with her knees bent against her chest and her Egyptian make-upped face is smiling. (TL: The actual term here is 体育座り)

Still, but, they are seriously concerned.

Under the robe, I can see some black panties and seductive thighs. So, what is it called, the absolute domain, the absolute space there… (TL: The space between the top of the knee socks and the hem of a skirt…

“…Aah, I’ll only have this much.”

I am fixated for a moment. No, it is because the stretched panties committee is at war, it is natural, I turn my eyes away as I look in a different direction.

In the trial inside my head, reason wins out.

“Nnn, nya.”

With an expression of victory inside my head- Rollo calls out from my shoulder and takes my half eaten jerky.

Aah, she is still fast.

It can’t be helped if she feels hungry.

“Rollo, do you want more?”

Rollo swings her tail back and forth.

“Rollo-chan. Answering with her tail.”

“It seems so…”

“Haha, Rollo seems to have become hungry. By the way, Shuya. I want to ask seriously…”

Sarah’s cute cat ear twitch with a *piku* and she comes closer.

Her eyes are serious.

Is it about tomorrow’s strategy?

“What is it?”

“This is sudden, but will you join our clan?”

It was different, this is an invitation.

“…Still, this is sudden.”

Clan. N~

“Are, ma, the captain is inviting you personally. This is rare. She seems to like Shuya-san considerably.”

“Maa, I understand that the captain has be thinking about it. His ability as a spearman is reliable. Us soldier type beastmen are attracted by raw power.”

Butch-shi praises me as well.

“I’d also like it if you joined crimson tiger. I can aim at any time…”

Belize’s remarks and smile are scary. It feels bewitching…

Being aimed at. I would like to be hit with those breasts. [ED:…..]

“Belize, aiming, and those eyes are scary~”

“Ara? Lushell, did it become a strange smile?”

“Eeh? Butch, did I make a strange face?”

“Iya, you don’t have such a face? I’ve been able to see your underwear for a while, though.”

Lushell quickly covers her butt with her robe.

“Aahm Butch! Ero Butch.”

“Chi, chigee”

Ero Butch-sensei.

I will never blame you.

“-Haha, or should I say, shut up! I won’t be able to hear Shuya’s answer.”

N~, now…

“…That’s right. Even though we get along well…I have to decline.”



Lushell and Belize have surprised reactions.

Sarah did not seem to think I would decline either.

“Is that so…would you tell me why?”

“It’s simple. There are times when I am impulsive. And then, I want to act freely right now.”

“…Is that so. This is disappointing.”

As Sarah said, he ears lay down and her face sinks.

As for me, I think it is good to spend time with such beautiful women.

However, to be honest, some of these beautiful women’s smiles are scary.

The name of the disease is Kuna shock. The reason is the freakish Kuna shock.

I am only being half serious, but my promise with Rollo is my first reason, checking the other gate points is another, and I would like to take the year lightly. I cannot be free if I enter a clan.

It would be better for me to remain solo.

“…To decline to captain’s invitation.”

Butch-san mutters.

“-This is really disappointing.”

Belize-san breasts shake as she stands up.

She has a grin.

But, her eyes look a little damp.

She approaches me quickly, and wraps around my arm.

“I’m sorry you won’t enter the clan…please stay by my side today-“


“What are you doing?”

Sarah and Lushell raise angry voices.

“Oi, what are you doing so close to him.”

“That’s right. Really, I always have to be on guard…”

Sarah and Lushell have irritated tones.

The two people with puffed cheeks are suddenly behind Belize.

They grab Belize by both arms and drag her back to the fire.

“Ahaha, I’m not finished. Belize is an assertive one.”

Butch-san seems to be a little drunk.

Laughing without getting angry.


Like this, I spend the night wrapped in some kind of happy strain.

-However, this is an ant nest. It is normal for ants to swarm forth past midnight.

So, such a ridiculous feeling of strain fades, and Rollo and I continue fighting the long armed ants that appear alongside crimson tiger.



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