Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 52

Fifty-Second Episode~ Wyvern Battle

Editor’s note: I just want to say that I am sorry for this chapter not being posted correctly. I was out for my regular D&D/Pathfinder game night and didn’t find out it was all messed up until after it was posted. The unedited version was posted. I am really sorry…

(Writing from phone) Ok friends. I know that this chapter is not the best and I missed some things do to being slightly rushed today (I was busy) and my proofreader Gillium is feeling under the weather so they also missed some stuff. If we miss something, we will fix it tomorrow. Thank you and stay beautiful.

The morning sun rises,

“It’s morning~. Everyone. The preparations are ready.”

Eris’s high-pitched voice rings out.

The sleepy adventurers quickly gather without complaining.

“Well then-everyone. We are going to kill the last of the dragons and ants. The strategy is as we discussed yesterday. As for decisions in the middle of battle, I leave the directions to each clan leader. As for the rear, individual instructions aren’t needed, correct?”




“Let’s do this thang.” (TL: I did this on purpose.) [ED:…. I almost changed it… I was super tempted.]

The leaders of the adventurers raise spirited voices.

“Yes, then, let’s go.”

The magic users and bow users of the rear guard follow to the place behind the obstacle.

I can see Sarah and Butch at the head of the vanguard.

They slip through the obstacle with quick movements and run.

Their target is not the imperial ants; it seems to be the Wyverns on this side.

A little later, I can make out the figures of Lushell and Belize.

As discussed, Crimson Tiger’s Tempest are the ones acting as the advance guard.

The moment that Sarah and Butch head to attack the wyvern.

-Lushell releases paralysis magic, invoking it below the wyvern.

Bands of light come from the magic formation and seize the legs and body of the wyvern.

The remaining wyverns seem to understand their companion was attacked by adventurers and all stop moving simultaneously.

However, the fierce battle between the wyverns and imperial ants does not stop.

The wyvern that has its movements sealed by the attack of the adventurers ignores the imperial ants.

The imperial ants continue their furious assault on the wyverns.

Us adventurers are cooperating with the imperial ants.

Profiting from the fight, we succeed in separating only one of the wyverns.

There, Belize fires an arrow from her bow at the sealed wyvern.

They skillfully stick into the strong scales.

Are those specially made?

When I am interested in the bow and arrows Belize is using, the vanguards belonging to the adventurer clans all attack the wyvern together.

Without being seen, I blend in with them.

I make eye contact with Rollo and nod.

Rollo and I begin attacking alongside the assault.

Swords, hammers, axes, spears, arrows and magic. Multiple attacks fly about in a jumble.

The hard dark green scales of the wyvern are easily destroyed by the intense attack of the adventurers, green pieces of flesh are flying about.

I aim for a place where the scales have been damaged and green blood flows out, then fire consecutive <Thrusts> while conscious of the twist.

The black spear pierces deep into the green flesh, when the tip of the black blade reaches beyond the muscle and reaches the bones of the feet, I can feel the collision.

Rollo also attacks the wyvern, gouging out green flesh with her claws and tearing it away with her fangs.

Eating the meat, she takes some distance and extends her feeler bone sword into the leg and abdomen creating a conspicuous wound.

Then, the panther form of Rollo takes a bold action.

Instead of the feeler going straight ahead as always, instead, it draws an arc and the feeler bone sword stabs directly into the dragon’s wing film. Rollo retracts her feelers and pulls her panther form onto the dragon’s wing.

Oooh, isn’t that amazing?

She succeeds in boarding the large dragon’s wing.

Rollodinu moves towards to wyvern’s back in her panther form, biting the membrane and setting her hooked claws into it,

That membrane seems to be soft.

Rollo stabs her bone sword into a gap in the scales of the wyvern’s back and stabilizes herself.

She runs across the dragon’s back inflicting cuts across its wings.

The wyvern’s movements are sealed by the magic and can do nothing.

As usual, she really is a divine beast.

However, the lower part of its body can move.

At the back of the wyvern, the dwarf with the conspicuous tattooed face attacks the tail with his ax and a dull sound rings out.

The scales are scattered and the meat sliced.

-The long tail is removed steadily.

Oh, that last movement seems to have been some kind of skill.

The Dwarf’s body spins lengthwise and the large ax blade descends.

A single great blow of the ax cuts through the bone of the tail, severing it, and green blood gushes out soaking the Dwarf’s face.

There is so much blood that the dwarf is knocked over.

The pointed bone tip of the lizard-like severed tail twitches irregularly. Something indistinguishable from poison foams up from it like green blood.

At that time, Sarah’s limbs and her grasped cutlasses become gigantic.

Long red hair grows in the streams from her limbs and her muscles swell.

Using her enlarged limbs and swords, with an abnormal movement she follows through with the big swords and two thick sword flashes are created.

A silver line seems to cut through space.

The two large sword flashes easily sever the thick foot of the injured wyvern.

What amazing power… This power is at a different level than the other day, is it Sarah’s finisher?

I saw the red hair change and become enlarged, but this, is this the reason the clan is called crimson tiger?

The wyvern only has one leg.

However, Lushell’s magic seems to end and the wyvern begins to move-

Even if the wyvern only has one leg it opens its one undamaged wing to keep its balance, and creates a light shock wave around it.

The adventurers on its left are blown back by the wind.

At the same time the wyvern quickly wriggles its neck and bites in the direction of a faltering adventurer.

A soldier with his shield at the front is bitten by the wyvern and his upper body is gone in an instant.

-The sound of flesh being torn.

-A scream from one of his female comrades.

However, the wyvern with its wing spread loses its balance and falls to the ground.

The wyvern’s sudden counterattack ends there.

As expected, it seems hopeless with its one leg and damaged wing.

-A chance.

I aim for the head of such a wyvern.

I envelope my whole body in Fighting Moji, kick the ground strongly and perform a twisting jump.

The wyvern’s head comes into view.

One of its three eyes catches sight of me too late.

My body revolves. Then, using the physical ability of the Rusivault Vampire lineage and all the strength of my fighting moji enhancement, I bring down the black spear.

The moment the black spear collides with its skull, a light shock waves explodes.

The wyvern’s skull collapses.

The feeling of the black spear penetrating its brain is transmitted through the rod to my hand.

The eyes and scales on the wyvern’s head go flying and a scale cuts my cheek causing two stream of blood to flow down my cheek, but I ignore it.

The wound heals immediately.

The fatal blow seems to have sparked a united attack against the dragon and all the adventurers hit the wyvern directly.

The wyvern is already dead though…

Stabbing, slashing, damaging, smashing, burning, burning, it becomes a state of perfect overkill.

The wyvern becomes little more than dragon meat.

However, the four-remaining wyverns all immediately react once it dies.

Ignoring the imperial ants, they all turn their gigantic heads to the adventurers together and open their maws, exposing their crooked teeth.


A howling roar.

The wyverns seem to be angry.

Eh, from the dragons’ mouths, bubbling green water!?

-Breath attack. Its hue is the shade of dish detergent. It feels dangerous.

The adventurers, including myself, are taken by surprise because the attack has no preparation other than the roar.

I urgently eject <chain> behind me.

I drive the chain into the ground near the obstacle at the back.


I make the chain retract into my left hand and pull my body towards the obstacle, a movement that exceeds a long player jump. I move through the air as if flying.

I fall to hide behind the obstacle.

Rollo also stabs her bone sword into the ground far away and retracts it like the power cord of a vacuum cleaner. (TL: Yes, the author actually wrote this.) The feeler pulls the panther body through air in a spin.

She kind of looks like a flying squirrel, it is a little cute, but the situation is not appropriate for that.

“Everyone- retreat to the obstacle!”

“Withdraw-back to the obstacle!”


Eris screams, the leaders of each clan yell, every clan member that reacts too late will take the poisonous breath head on.

The power of the poisonous breath is terrible.

Those bathed in it, their faces melt, their bones are exposed, their arms dissolve and their chests turn into gaping holes.

-A scene of shrieking agony is created.

However, there are a lot of dexterous adventurers that did not retreat.

Not to mention the members of crimson tiger, multiple adventurers escape from range of the breath attack at the last-second.

Immediately, an aurora of recovery magic falls over the heads of those suffering from poison burns.

The adventurers can somehow still fight, though it could be said they are in a state of confusion.

However, there is no pursuit from the wyverns.

What’s wrong? When I am wondering, the wyverns are attacked by the imperial ants.

The intense attack of the imperial ants against the wyverns runs into them all at once.

The imperial guard ants, as expected, they really are A+ rank.

The huge imperial ants use their six big legs skillfully, and one by one blow the wyverns away in a different direction. The wyverns are scattered and retreat while scattering venom.

One wyvern remains without being blown off, the number of imperial ants is three.

The remaining wyvern receives the concentrated attack of the three imperial ants.

Its wings are held, the base of its neck bitten, and its legs chewed on. The eighteen hooked claws of the imperial ants cut through the wyvern’s scales, tearing its flesh.

The blown off wyverns return to help their companion, but…the balanced has collapsed and will not be restored.

The imperial ants have the upper hand.

The giant ants are crushing the wyvern while the pink hair around their necks scatters.

The final wyvern is going to fly away, but something like a pink thread is released from their mouths to prevent the dragon from escaping.

One of the imperial ants is entwining the wyvern with pink threads.

The thick ant legs scratch the entwined wyvern.

The wyvern tries to put up a final resistance, but it is entwined even further by the pink thread and can barely move. The wyvern that is entwined by the pink thread is dragged like that.

-A few words of the highlights.

As expected of skilled adventurers, I as well, although we are only watching the fight between the dragons and giant ants.

There a woman’s voice, Eris’ voice sounds-

“Everyone, prepare to fight the giant imperial ants! However, for now, we will retreat to the metastasis formation-“

“Roger.” “Yes.” “Un.” “Ou.”

Everyone answers and goes into action.

“Eris, we will stay until the end. We will guard the rear.”

“Yes, we will rely on you, crimson tiger-“

I will stay as well.


Rollo’s purring comes from my shoulder.

Tilting her head to the side as if to say; Are you not returning with the adventurers?

“Hora, Crimson tiger is staying, isn’t it better for us to stay as well.”


She extends a feeler to my cheeks.

When the paw pads on her feelers touch my cheek, Rollo conveys her feelings.

『Waiting』 『Hunting』 『Fun』 『Playing』

“Haha, it’s fun?”

You compare hunting to play, do you?

I cannot think of a clan with so many elegant women, I gather myself and go to announce myself to the members of crimson tiger.

On the contrary, the three giant imperial ants seem uninterested in the actions of the adventurers including me, and are dragging one of the wyverns into the hole.

Aw, this is disappointing.

The giant imperial ants seem to have finished their business after exterminating the wyvern flock.

“We prepared a little, but they retreated. There’s no signs of dragons either…”

Sarah says while surveying the left and right.

“Yes. The wyverns that flew into the sky have disappeared.”

Lushell is attaching her large staff to her back while looking up in the sky to confirm it.

“Captain, is the request complete with this?”

Butch’s cat ears that do not suit his muscular body both twitch, and he straps his broadax to his back.

“It seems so.”

“Good. It seems we don’t have to fight the giant imperial ants. In fact, I have very few adamantine arrows left, so this is good.”

Belize also returns her long bow to her back, and places the arrows with an orange arrow head into her quiver.

I look too, and put away the black spear.

“Now then, I guess we’ll return.”

“Un. Let’s go to where Eris is.”

Sarah starts running in the direction that the adventurers withdrew.

All of Crimson Tiger follows, running slightly behind.

I put Rollo on my shoulder and follow too.

“Eris-san, the imperial ants retreated. The wyverns were defeated and the dragons seem to have disappeared.”

“Oh really? Well then, shall we return to the guild and bring a cart? We can quickly collect the corpses of the ants and dragons that way. There are this many corpses. It is before the evil dragon king subjugation too, so we can expect the price of the materials. We can expect extra.”

Eris talks while make a gesture with her index finger and thumb indicating money.

That symbol seems to be universal.


“Fighting was worth it.”


“Hurray! It ended surprisingly early.”

“Ou, we’ll have a party tonight!”

The shouts of the adventurers shows their joy for the request being completed.

Some of them are lamenting the death of a companion, that group does not express their joy…

In this way, the urgent request is completed safely.

The materials of all the corpses are bought and extra gold is given as a reward.

In the reward bag handed by receptionist-san there are ten extra gold coins, totaling Forty-five, so there are four white gold coins and five gold coins inside.

“Well then.”

I greet receptionist-san briefly and leave, tossing the bag of gold coins into the item box.

I head to the exit to leave the guild.



“Aren’t you being cold? Leaving by yourself so quickly.”

The source of the voice is Sarah.

The other members of Crimson Tiger’s Tempest approach as well.

“So the captain says.”

“That’s right.”

“Shuya, it can’t be stopped if it comes to this…”


Butch-shi looks embarrassed.

“Shuya, quit the ‘san’ already. Butch is fine.”

“Got it, Butch. I planned to head back…”

Sarah cuts in,

“-Maa, maa, Shuya. Don’t hurry. Aren’t we comrades in arms? After this, we intend to go drink at a bar, how about it?”

Honestly, I would like to drink with beautiful women.

However, the invitation seems noisy so I will pass.

“…I’m thankful for the invitation, but unfortunately I have to decline. Sorry.”

“Che, then, I wanted to invite you to the clan again…”

“Doesn’t it seem to be captain? But, isn’t Shuya-san unlikely to waver?”

“It can’t be helped. Captain, we have a different way of life. You should give up.”

Saying so, Belize removes part of the armor on her chest.

She exposes her upper chest more and approaches me with her jiggling melons.

Ku, this is dangerous, more dangerous than the wyvern.

Still, if I am to be eaten by a huge breast monster…[ED:Stfu already.]

“It’s been a long time since I saw captain’s ears fall down…”

Butch seems to be worried about Sarah and is not paying attention to Belize.

“Belize…it’s no good?”

Sarah’s tone is quiet, but she talks to Belize in a way that suggest she is holding back her anger.

Hou, relief or regret, my feelings are complicated…

I ignore it since a small fight has risen between Sarah and Belize.

I wanted a taste of the sensation of the voluptuous melons, but I will leave it.

I lift one hand and wave it.

“…Then well, everyone. If we meet again on a different request, please be kind to me. See ya-“

I bid farewell and leave the guild quickly.



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