Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 53

Fifty-Third Episode~ The Witch of Sedia Wasteland ※

I return to the inn, intending to take a bath.

When I wash my body, Rollo jumps into the hot water as well, so I wash her black fur until it is pretty.

After washing briefly, I lean my back against the edge of the tub.

The hot water is relaxing…

First, I will check my Status.

Status Window
Name: Shuya Kagari Title: Divine Beast Contractor
Age: 22 Race: Rusivault
Battle Occupation:

Dark Magic Spearman: Chain User

Condition: Relaxed
Physical Strength

19.2 →19.3

Agility 20.0 → 20.1
Stamina 18.2 →18.3 Mana 23.2 → 23.3
Dexterity 18.11→18.2 Spirit 23.7 → 23.8
Luck 11.0

Such a thing, I grew a little.

Then, I dismiss my status.

The Mirror of Paredes is in front of me…there should be 24 of them in this world.

I will look for them, little by little.

However, one is in the corner of this room.

This room has no door so won’t someone passing by eventually notice the mirror?

Ma, this is fine. Yosh, I will try out the gate magic.

I get out of the tub and wipe my wet body down before getting into my leather clothes.

First of all, I touch the bracelet and remove the zohedron trap from the item box.

I hold the twenty-four sided zohedron trap in my palm. I rotate it and look at the different faces.

Quite beautiful. Should I trace this second and third side? Or, should I go for it and trace twenty-four symbols?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. (TL: Japanese saying, I couldn’t help but translate it like this. The English equivalent is “don’t know it till you’ve tried it.”)

I will touch the twenty-fourth face first.

I trace the groove with a finger and it changes from red to green.

Oh? Even once the entire symbol is green, the gate magic does not activate…

As a test, I trace all the red symbols on the face.

At that moment, like the other day, the flashing sphere folds in on itself.

The mirror in the room shines and the scene in front of the mirror is reflected in the gate.

In other words, my form moved.

When I pass through the gate as a test- I return to the room and land with the bed in front of me.

Like the last time the twenty-four sided zohedron trap is set in the top of the mirror, it separates on its own and floats through the air.

Again, it begins to orbit around my head.

The symbol on the face can be used normally. So, that means…

Are there not twenty-four mirrors? Or can it not be used now?

Is it not usable because the mirror and sphere have not met some condition?

As another test, I trace the “one” symbol and activate the gate.

Without entering the gate, I leave it alone for five minutes, then ten minutes, without entering.

-I reach out a hand to the shining gate.

My hand does not come out of the mirror. My hand does not stick out of the mirror so something like dimensional kill is not possible. (TL: Reference? I think our equivalent is playing with portals.)

Even after thirty minutes have passed, the gate magic does not disappear.  

Can it not be canceled this way? I put my hand in the light of the gate and try to will “dismiss gate magic.”

Then, the light of the gate instantly stops and the twenty-four sided zohedron trap appears in my hand.

Heeh, so I can cancel it this way.

Yosh, next I will trace the second face.

Ooh, the gate activates normally.

I can see the other side through the light…

There, un…

It is under water. Is it the bottom of the sea?

It seems like the sandy bottom of an ocean, fish…

Still, it does not seem to be too deep. I can see sunlight.

I will postpone this one. I thrust out my hand…and activate the cancellation.

I catch the rotating zohedron trap in my hand and then trace the symbol on the third face.

The third side activated normally too.

The scene on the other side of the gate causes me to stare in surprise for a moment.

A woman, a naked blond changing into her clothes.

When that woman noticed the light of the mirror, she covers herself with gray rag clothes, then begins to touch the mirror despite being scared.

…I cannot go through this one.

She is joining her hands in prayer towards the mirror.

No, lady, don’t mistake me for some God.

However, the clothes in front of this child’s chest, several places are torn…

The woman seems to be called by someone and leaves the room after stepping away from the mirror and putting her shabby clothes on.

The range I can see makes me think the room is small.

There is a bed on the right, and further to the right is the wooden door the woman left through.

In the left corner is a wardrobe and a small desk.

There is a wreath above the desk and there is also a small bookshelf.

It is a simple image of a modest life style.

Now then, I have checked this gate, so should I check it another time…

I cancel it.

Next, I trace the fourth symbol.

This gate is different from the other one.

The scene I see is brown earth and bare rocks.

Moreover, on the ground there is scattered a countless number of ruined arms and jewelry.

The sunlight is illuminating the jewels beautifully, and the various articles on the ground look like wonderful treasures.

Even so, it shows signs of a battle field, even if it does look like a gold mine.

However, what is this unnatural gold mine?

Suddenly, it vibrates and is all blown away in an instant-

That surprised me.

And, suddenly the only thing that occupies the gate is the color of a great eye.

Uhaa, huge, it is an amphibian eye.

Dragon, is it the eye of a dragon? The area around the eye is dark red, its blinking is also big…

After it blinks the dragon took some distance from the mirror, this time the dragon’s entire head is in view and it opens its mouth and its dark red tongue envelopes the gate.

Did it lick the mirror?

Sticky juices are covering it…

The dragon seems to have gotten tired of licking and vanishes in an instant.

However, this time a brave woman, no, an old looking woman appears in front.

-She is staring in this direction.

The old woman is wearing a special helmet.

There is a red jewel in the middle of the forehead, covered by an ornamental dragon.  

The frame around the jewel extends out the to the sides and tapers to two points, hidden behind her hair like a head-band.

The frame makes it seem like a crown.

Her hair is black but tinged with red.

The contrasting black and red stands out and the hair flowing down her back sways in the wind.

She is wearing a decorative red armor that covers her entire body all the way to her toes, it looks like a sweat suit, a costume type armor.

Moreover, the narrow feminine silhouette is captivating, I follow the curving outline of her body.

Her body seems to be youthful, but her face is that of an old woman, full of wrinkles… unbalanced.

As for information about the woman on the other side of the gate, I can see her one-sidedly, and I cannot feel any bit magic essence either.

N~. this is bothering me.

To go through this gate, this strange old woman, I would like to meet this dragon-baba.

I check on my throwing knifes and small weapons.

“Rollo, I think I’m going to go check this place out now.”

She claps my shoulder with one paw. Signalling her agreement.

With a smile and a nod, I summon the black spear into my right hand and pass through the gate.

“Oya, maa…this is surprising.”

The moment I pass through the gate, the old woman reacts with a transparent voice that conveys her experience.

“Thanks…I surprised you?”

“Aah, it was really surprising, I have lived several thousands of years, yet this is the first time this mirror has shined. You suddenly appeared to, just what are you”

“Iya, even if you ask what I’m called…I am just a humble spearman.”

I check things out while speaking so lightly, and observe this old lady with magic observing eye.

A strong and dazzling magic essence is rising from her whole body.

I do not know whether it is fighting moji, or if it is just the magic essence quickly circulating through her body.

“Hou… those “eyes” you’re using? Hyahyahya.”

The old woman shows mana in her eyes and her eyes change to being slit.

The color is bordered by dark red, a strange triangular magic formation pattern is visible.

This old woman, she really is the dragon from before…

“Aren’t your eyes strange too? Are you a dragon?”

“Aah. That’s right. However, I’m not a common dragon. My formal name is ‘Haiesoshesoto Dragonia” of the dragon race. However, it has been a long time and I am called the ‘Witch of the Sedia Wasteland’ by the neighboring countries.”

Witch of the Sedia Wasteland?

The witch of a wasteland…this is the first time I have heard of this.

“…Is that so. Then let me introduce myself. I am Shuya Kagari, the one of my shoulder is Rollodinu.”

“Is that so. A strange partnership, aren’t eyes of the beast with the appearance of a cat not common like Shuya Kagari?”


-Her various judgements seem good.

Iya, is she able to tell with those eyes?

During the conversation, the zohedron trap separates from the mirror and returns to drifting. It begins the orbit my head as usual.

I casually grab the sphere. I put it in my chest pocket.

“…Hou, isn’t that a strange technique or magic tool…”

“Pardon me, may I ask your name?”

“Ah, of course, I guess I will introduce myself as well. My name is Sazihali. My old name is the witch Sazihali.”

“Is that so. Sazihali-san.

I bow slighty in response.

“Hyahyahya, you are interesting. With this response, after all, you are not a human from the neighboring 【Aherne Country】 or 【Zerubia Empire】. They would normally respond with violence upon seeing me.”

Sazihali-san folds her arms and reaches one hand to her jaw. While placing her fingertip of her beautiful red lips, she talks with a smile.

“Eeh, that’s right. I have no idea where the Sedia wastelands are, and I have never heard of countries called 【Aherne】 or 【Zerubia】. Then, have you heard of the Maheim mountain range?”

“Maheim mountain range. That should be where Aruditto lived. That is an extremely distant place…it is a mountain range to the south east; did you metastasize from there?”


The Maheim mountain range is the far southeast place which is far from 【Hector】 and 【Mount Burdock】, so this 【Sedia Wasteland】 is far off to the northwest?

“…Eeh, something like that.”

Sazihali’s words become sharp when she hears my words.

“Hou, then isn’t Shuya a talented magic user with the space-time attribute? Did you come to ‘hunt’ me like the other humans?”

Sazihali talks with a suddenly cold tone.

This nuance, is traveling such a far distance with the space-time attribute impossible?

However, hunting?

“…No, no, it’s different. As for hunting, are you being aimed at?”

The witch Sazihali’s eyes open wide at my question.

The ends of her scale-like eyebrows move in surprise.

“…I have lived for a long time. Still, this is astonishing. Explaining it, I am viewed as the natural enemy and target of the humans, a mortal enemy, isn’t it because I took the form of a dragon for a long time? I am targeted by 【Aherne】 and 【Zerubia.】. It’s natural, but I indiscriminately lay waste to the surroundings, eating monsters and humans alike.”

Uha, I thought it was fine since I could talk to her like a human, but is she actually frenzied?

Is it the same for the Evil Dragon King?

“It was such a thing…”

“Because of that, what kind of reason did Shuya come here, is it not to hunt me?”

“I had no reason, I was simply curious, that’s the reason.”

“Oho, is that so. You had no business…kukuku.”

“Is something wrong?”

“Iya, na, it has been a long time since I have talked to someone like Shuya. Even if you see the form of this dragon-baba, you have a pleasant attitude without flinching.”

It is really fun. Shouldn’t I ask in this situation?

“That’s right. Then, since it’s fun, may I ask you a question?”

“Aah, it’s fine. Don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Well then, what is the difference between an Ancient Dragon and a High Dragon, and have you ever heard of the evil dragon king?”

“That’s simple. An ancient dragon is generic name for old dragons that belong to the strongest class, aside for ‘high dragons.’ Their character is ‘fierce and greedy with a daring personally’. Those guys are different from an ordinary dragon, and possesses a degree of intellectual power, but they can never take on the form of a human like me. I have never heard of the name evil dragon king.”

She has never heard of the evil dragon king… no, shouldn’t I ask about the intelligence?
Is either one okay?

“…Is that right. Like Sazihali-san, can contact be made with a high dragon?”

“It would be impossible, I said it earlier, but violence is not uncommonisn’t violence common.?

It seems I will not be able to contact the evil dragon king.

“Is that so. Is there any significance behind the name High Dragon?”

“High Dragons are those dragons that stand at the top of the dragon race aside from the ‘ancient dragons.’ It also means there are people who have dragon language magic.”

Dragon language magic.

This is another kind of magic I have never heard of.

“Can I use dragon language magic?”

“Immpossible. “Fazloirugaaaaaa.”

Suddenly, the old woman sets “words” free when she opens her mouth and shakes her throat.

At the same time- suddenly, a gust of wind is born that flows behind me.

“That was part of dragon language magic. It is impossible with the throat of a human. They don’t have the appropriate vocal organs.”

There is such a magic.

Ah, I will also ask about this.

“I see. That’s certainly impossible. Then have you heard of Genju’s sake ball of light, or the sacred stone of wisdom?”

The witch Sazihali shows a reaction different than she has so far.

“…I have. Where did you hear of it?”

Even if I cover it up, it can’t be helped. I guess I will tell her the truth.

“I heard about it when I made a contract with a divine beast.”


Rollo also calls out.

“…Is that so, is that so…it’s that cat on your shoulder? Ma, it’s fine. Twilight of the gods, it’s a treasure artifact left behind by Rerikus, the god of relics. From a human…it should be something only known of as a fairy tale?”

The witch Sazihali, stares at Rollo with apparent unrest.

“It’s only the name. I am looking for it.”

“Haha, you’re looking for something that may as well be a mirage. The meddling of the gods in Seurosu has never gone past that point. Still, Sateyura, the god of plants, has a direct effect on the spirits of plant types, Gaia, the god of earth, has a sanctuary that is a forest thick with magic essence…Perhaps, you may find some clue there.”

Oooh, this is more than enough. As expected of an ancient dragon and witch.
I got a major clue.

“Thank you. I will remember it.”

“Fumu. -It is time for me to go soon. Shuya? It was fun.”

Sazihali looks in the opposite direction and talks with a smile.

“Yes. May I come here again?”

“…Do what you want, I have a whimsical mood, so am often not here. Well then, I’ll go-”

When the old woman says so she transforms into a raging red dragon right in front of me.

After releasing a roar, she flies away.

Fuu, she has an intimidating air, that mysterious dragon.

Now. Should I look around this area or return?

I leave the small mountain that is Sazihali-san’s home and look around the area.

Overhead, a crow-like bird is flying.

It may be a hawk or a falcon…

At any rate, a wasteland spreads out.

In the distance, I see a small hill on the brown side of a mountain.

There is only the desolate scenery without any trees or grass.

After a few hours of wandering through such a wasteland, I come across the familiar green monster, the Goblin.

-There is a magic essence reaction.

I activate <Hidden Body> at once.

I get closer to the goblin while staying hidden.

Most of the goblins have wooden clubs in their hands and are wearing hide armor.

There seem to be goblins carrying bows in the back as well.

Since they have yet to notice me, should I attack first?

Rollo prepares for the first attack with me.

I use <Throw> with a throwing knife. The knife pierces the head of a goblin and the chest of another, two are dead in a fraction of a second.

Rollo extend her feeler toward the skull of a goblin too.

The sharp point of the ivory sword pierces the goblin’s head.

Goblins are killed one after another.

The goblins in the back begin to counter attack with bow and arrows, but their aim is poor, and we are not hit.

With no intention of allowing the goblin archers to continue firing, I quickly run with fighting moji enhanced legs, and approach a goblin archer.

I extend the black spear grasped in one hand and pierce through the archer’s body.


Pulling out the black spear dirtied by entrails, I make a wide turn centered on my toes.

Using the turn, I summon the magic sword Bitou into my left hand and bring it down, cutting through the shoulder of the nearby goblin.


Once other goblins see their comrades easily killed, they take us as a threat, and fire arrows from the bows desperately while wailing. However, every time, I use a dead goblin as a shield, knock down the arrows with the black spear, and easily block the arrows.

The time lag between firing arrows makes it useless.

Now if they had a skill that allowed them to fire three arrows at once…

It becomes troublesome to kill them with the distance, so I eject <chain> as a middle range weapon to easily kill them.

It would have been easy if I used the chain from the beginning.

As the development always goes, I slaughter the goblins without being careless.

In front of Rollo and me are scores of goblin corpses along a stone road. This much will not become an obstacle.

The corpses of the goblins are scattered across the wasteland. From the sky descend carefree crows to the new feeding ground.

If so many goblins appeared, there should be a goblin race colony in the area.

Or is it an underground hole because of the topography of the wasteland? When I try to look and walk around, the frequency of goblins becomes high.

I head north, slaughtering goblins along the way, there does not seem to be anything like a goblin colony or a town with people nearby.

The sky darkens as the day comes to an end.

I should have asked Sazihali-san where I could find a human town.

Ma, I can return for now.

“Rollo, let’s return.”


Rollo returns to my shoulder.

I take the twenty-four sided zohedron trap out of my pocket and tamper with the sphere.

I trace the symbol for the mirror I placed in the inn, and the gate activates.

The shining gate appears without a problems.

I go through and return to the inn in 【Hector】.


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    1. I thought similarly before, but at level one the skill could only shoot out and retract, and even now it isn’t very flexible, so it’s reasonable. He’ll have to grind the skill up quite a bit before it can be used as more than a hidden weapon slash hookshot.


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