Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 55

Fifty-Fifth Episode~ Evil Dragon King Subjugation Rally



Seriously. The woman with the overbearing personality…

She and the others were on the side of the people who attacked me in the ruins on the outskirts of Fadyke.

The nobles involved in the kidnapping of the princess.

She was a big shot in Hector.

When I look at the platform-


The deep bass voice of an animal comes from the sky.

The voice is coming from a griffon.

It is actually two griffons making that sound as they fly down to the platform.

Cheers rise from the stands.

Uhyo~what a flashy entrance.

The knight riding the light brown griffon climbs down to the platform.

Both the people are wearing a dark green unified armor.

The lion has wings like a dragon to support the armor and shield, the figure of the griffon creates a strong atmosphere.

When one of the knights removes their helmet, long golden hair cascades and the face of a beautiful woman is revealed.

Another cheer comes from the men in the audience.

The other dark green knight is an ikemen with a good build. There are some shrill feminine voices mixed into the cheering.

They are easy to understand.

The two knights in dark green armor go to one knee and bow to the noble woman.

And then, the knights who have finished greeting the noble join the line of blue armored knights and sit down.

It seems everyone has arrived.

At that time, the noble woman stops talking with the old man next to her, and begins to walk to the middle of the platform.

The woman’s old soldier and beastwoman maid walk forward as well.

The woman soldier and beastwoman follow and focus on the adventurers.

The old gray-haired soldier is keeping watch from the back.

The beastwoman maid walks to the front of the platform and opens her mouth without timidity.

“-Everyone, thank you very much for gathering in the forum of the war god Vaisu on this occasion! Then, from here, the explanation will be handled by the high commander of this army corps of Osberia and the head the Anaheim household’s marquess Chardonnay Fon Anaheim-sama.” (TL: I deserve praise for translating this line.)

The beastwoman has a loud voice. The transparent tone affects the gathering.

Her skirt fluttering around her, she moves to the rear of the noble woman.

Chardonnay, the feudal lord, takes a step forward.

“-Everyone, I am Chardonnay Fon Anaheim.” (TL: both Chardonnay and her maid are addressing the crowd as “mina-sama” so they’re being very formal.)

Applause arises from the audience.

Once it quiets down, Marquess Chardonnay opens her small mouth slowly.

“As you know, the ceiling of 【Vallaida Insect Shrine】 was destroyed by an attacking group of wyverns, many adventurers were also caught by this and died as a result. This was caused by the Evil Dragon King Burdock. In recent years, Evil Dragon King Burdock has come down from the mountain to attack neighboring countries, plunging the people living there into fear. And here, it is unknown when 【Hector】 will be attacked in earnest.”

Marquess Chardonnay lets that hang in the air.

After all, this is the woman who cooperated in the kidnapping of the princess from the neighboring country.

Participating in the request, first of all? No way, this marquess…

When the conversation of that time is recalled…

Not only disputes between countries, there seems to be hidden struggles for power going on under the table.

Maa, right now I am only guessing.

Then, Chardonnay continues.

“…This being the case, I decided to make the first move. I asked the adventurer’s guild’s master ‘Carban-shi’ for his cooperation, here I want to perform a large scale ‘non-search area reclamation mission’ and the ‘Evil Dragon King Subjugation!'”

The audience stirs.

Speaking to such an audience, she raises her thin arm, and continues to talk while showing of the well-developed the biceps of her small arms.

“-Furthermore, the elites of Osberia Kingdom’s strong corps 【Dragon Cavalry Company】, the ‘Griffon Force’ has agreed to participate.”

Chardonnay looks behind her.

She turns her thin arms to the people wearing the dark green armor. In such a state, the assembly again, raises a heated cheer.

Nodding strongly after waiting for the applause to quiet down, Chardonnay begins to talk.

“-Those who will win the materials from the Evil Dragon King Subjugation, it will be decided.  Therefore, please do your best. In addition, as for the subjugation strategy, there is someone from the defense corps here, my subordinate, the head of the 【Third Blue Iron Knights】, Rod O’Donnell- then, everyone. I would like to finish my story here. So that everyone has the protection of Vaisu, the god of war… thank you very much.”

Marquess Chardonnay and the beastwoman maid make a petty curtsy with the edges of their skirts, and walk away.

Then, joyous cheering rises. Once it settles down, the two knights in blue armor walk to the front of the platform.

The knight I identified as the older veteran earlier begins to speak.

“As the marquess told you, I am Rod O’Donnell, the head of the 【Third Blue Iron Knights】. Undertaking this expedition, we are going to make a regiment and plan the beginning of our advance. The direct commander of the one thousand man blue knights ‘Sharp Oni Company,’ Gains Burgain is going to be commanding. -Gains.”

One of the called upon knight commanders walks up and after saluting to the audience and bowing he begins to explain.

There is an emblem of a horse supporting the crow in detail on the left chest of the blue iron knight’s armor.

“As her Excellency said, this time, command is entrusted to Gains Burgain. There are many adventurers that have no chain of command participating, as well as soldiers. So, I want you adventurers to play your part separated from our command as mobile ‘guerilla units.'”

It sounds like he is trying to get rid of nuisance.

An uproar comes from the adventurers; Gains ignores them and continues talking.

“…Soldiers and our Wogan Dolls have already gathered at the south gate. After this we will immediately begin the Evil Dragon King Subjugation. 【Burdock Mountain】 is a dangerous area that has long been designated a non-search zone. However, we are not afraid! For the sake of Osberia Kingdom, as the Blue Iron Knights, we are expecting everyone to do their best. There are eighty cavalrymen from the griffon corps in the sky. The adventurers and Blue Iron Knights will be supporting them from the ground, also, we plan to dominate air superiority. Leave the sky to them. -With our combined strength, we will certainly exterminate the dragons! Then, everyone, let’s advance!!”

After Gains raises his arm to the sky, he touches the emblem on his chest.

The speech is finished after this loud declaration.

Immediately, the Knights wrapped in blue armor all stand up together and a booming cheer rings out.




Some adventurers raise their voices too.

Like that, the Knight Commander walks away from the platform in the gathering place.

All the griffon corps depart to the sky.

The gathering is filled with shouts of joy and spirit.

If I contribute can I get a reward?

When I look around at the neighboring adventurers I see someone riding a horse and a group advancing on magic beasts.

The person riding the popobumu has it easy…

It may become chaotic during the fight so it is not necessary.

Should I advance like this?

“I guess we’ll go too.”


I head in the direction of the south gate with Quiche.

The column of adventurers spreads out for a while.

Then, a woman’s voice calls out.

“Isn’t that Shuya?”

“Ah~ It’s Shuya-san.”

“After all. He received this request.”

It is Sarah and the other members of Crimson Tiger.

“Yaa, isn’t it Sarah and everyone from Crimson Tiger. Ma, I thought I saw you all earlier at the assembly.”

“Then you should have called out to us then.”

“Iya, when all of those big shots were up on the stage? Impossible, impossible.”

While imagining it, I wave one of my hands as I respond.

“That’s right.”

Sarah shows a beautiful smile while her cat ears stand up with *piku*.

“Shuya-san. Who is this?”

Lushell who is next to Sarah asks with a hint of interest.

“Aah, she is an adventurer I became acquainted with the other day. A friend. Quiche, this is the leader and members of Crimson Tiger.”

“Ah, yes. I am Quiche Bakunda. I’m an adventurer. I have heard of Crimson Tiger’s Tempest.”

Quiche is speaking with a nervous tone.

“Is that so. It’s an honor. Quiche-san. I am the Sarah Floraid, the acting leader of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】.”

“Hello, I am Lushell Adokins, vice-captain of Crimson Tiger.”

“I am Belize Mafon. Same beautiful race. However, our hometowns are different. I have not seen the mark of the bee very often.”

Mafon talks with a little authority.

Is she talking about the mark on her cheek?

Quiche places her left hand over her heart like a knight and stands up straight.

“Yes. My family, the clan…is going on the Evil Dragon Subjugation separately, if the Evil Dragon King can be defeated, please summon everyone, I want to reopen the village.”

“Evil Dragon King…that’s right, I’m sorry.”

Belize has become awkward and is talking self-consciously.

“No, it’s fine. Since a famous clan like Crimson Tiger is participating the Evil Dragon King subjugation should be finished easily.”

“…Fufu, thank you. Quiche-san looks to be a heavy knight; you seem strong as well.”

Sarah acts as a mediator to smooth over Belize’s slip.

“Yes. Ah, yes. I am confident in my ability with this shield.”

“Un. However, we are all adventurers, so there is no need to be so respectful…”

“Haha…that’s so. I have never talked to such a high ranked and famous adventurer clan before, be that as it may, Shuya. So, you are an acquaintance of Crimson Tiger’s Tempest.”

Quiche’s cheeks redden.

I try to escape from the topic.

“That’s right. Was it unexpected?”

“Iya, un, maa, isn’t it possible with Shuya’s strength?”

“Ahuh. Shuya is strong. It’s as Quiche-san says. We got acquainted with him during the urgent request.”

“About the urgent request, if I am not mistaken, I heard it was completed in two days?”

“It seems so, Shuya took the request and had an outstanding performance as a solo participant. He helped us too.”


Rollo calls out as if to say 『I was there too, nya』, and claps my shoulder.

“Ah, fufu, sorry. Rollo-chan played an active part too.”

“It seems Rollo wants to be praised.”

“Haha, n, Rollo, just a little, is your tongue coming out of your lips cute?”

Quiche points out.

Surely, Rollo-san’s pink tongue has not returned.


“Ahaha, cute-“

“Rollo-chan, want to come to my chest?”

Belize says something ridiculous but it is not pointed out.


When everybody laughs, Butch runs from a place that is not the southern gate.

“Captain~~, fuu~~, the leaders of the clans are already gathering~. Oh, isn’t it Shuya. Like captain said, you’re participating too.”

Butch seems to be in a hurry and is gasping for breath.

“Fine, fine, an event such as the Evil Dragon King subjugation does not happen very often. I must participate.”

“Haha, certainly, you, maybe…”

“Butch. Is everyone already gathered?”

“Ah, -yes. Let’s go.”


Sarah nods at Butch’s words and turns back to us.

“Then, Shuya and Quiche-san. Let’s do our best together. We are a clan so we may be doing something separately, I do not know what will happen on the Evil Dragon King subjugation. So, -Shuya, can I hope for your help?”

“Ou, let’s do it together.”


“The divine protection of the war god.”

Quiche bows slightly while grasping her sword hilt and says so.

Sarah looks at mine and Quiche’s faces in turn.

-For some reason.

Is it just my imagination or are Sarah’s eyes looking at me harshly?

Am I being to self-conscious?

Sarah turn a smile to Quiche and talks.

“…Divine Protection for you as well, then-“

Sarah shakes out her crimson hair and turns on her heel.

She heads in the direction of the adventurers that are gathering.

The members chase after her while trying to apologize to us.

“It was a little tense.”

“It’s understood from the behavior. Other than that, it seems the clans are going to participate together in the advance, I think it’s because they aren’t able to work together with the Blue Iron Knights.”

“The strategy of separating from the knights, is because it will make things easier. It becomes serious when the chain of command gets confused.”

“Is that so. How can people participating solo like us participate?”

“…these are not the words of the warrior Shuya.”

I spoke casually, but it seems to have come across as sarcasm to Quiche.

“I’ll finish it. I don’t need to kill the Evil Dragon King.”

“Fufu, Shuya, I don’t dislike those eyes.”

Quiche has a translucent smile and her words seem happy.

“Oto, have you actually fallen in love with me?”

“Ba, Baka, concentrate on facing mount Burdock right now.”

“Haha, I understand, if I play an active role I will stand out as a solo participant, so I will do my best.”

“That’s right, that’s right. There are also a lot of solo participants. There may be secretly strong people like Shuya among them. So, even if you can’t cooperate, it may advance unexpectedly easily.”

“I see-“

-The sound of beasts comes from above.

The griffon corps is flying through the sky.

Iyaa, what a magnificent sight.

Their joined ranks of troops are like Blue Impulse.

I adance while watching such a scene and arrive at the south gate.

That is, not only the griffons in the sky but also the militia that is in front of us.

The regiment’s emblem of the horse supporting the crown is visible in many places, the Blue Iron Knight soldiers are colored navy blue.

Wherein, three bodies stand out conspicuously.

Who are they…

They look like mechanical dolls.

They are tall and wearing the armor of a soldier, their helmets are deformed cylindrical iron masks.

Their movements are slow and heavy. The sound of their iron boots rings out as they advance.

A marching rhythm is beaten out on a wooden drum placed on a cart and a low sound rings out like a gong.

Rather than being like a musical band, they seem to advance and perform their tactics according to the sound from the drum and gong.

When seen from the sky, the winding marching formation is probably heading in the direction of mount burdock.

“What are you looking at?”

“Aah, that obtuse big iron doll.”

“That is the Magic Wogan Doll. Aren’t they said to be golems used in war? Iron, leather, wood, and magic stones are combined to make the magic item. It is a symbol of nobility.”

Those words, I heard Zoru say them while I was in the Magic Fog Forest.

It is my first time seeing one with my own eyes.

“Hou, that…there are only a few of them but they look strong.”

“The strong thing is strong. However, if their partner is a dragon…they cost too much money to make so they aren’t worth much. A skill is also required as well as vast amounts of mana.”

A skill and mana are required?

“The gold needed to make one makes it impossible if you aren’t a noble.”

“That’s exactly right. The craftsmen who can make them are hidden by their nation as a professional engineer. Nobles in the old days used their existences as a proof of their power.”

“I see…”

“Saa, let’s go without seeing them.”

“Nya, nya, nyaon.”

Rollo claps my shoulder several times, getting all fired up.

“Aah, let’s go.”

We follow the soldiers to mount Burdock.

The dragon class monsters that appear along the way are defeated.

Two rows of Blue Iron Knights advance to meet them and kill them.

The heavy knights seem to make a line in the front row and the magic users and bowmen types are in the back.

And, the forms of the griffons raiding from the sky.

“Fire, magic, prepare, uteee!”

A captain shouts.

The bowmen and magic users all fire at the same time. Their magic and arrows draw an arc through the air as they head towards the dragons.

The large Drake dragons and Wyverns are hit one after another by magic and arrows, the dragons are injured and fall.

“They are falling back! ‘Sharp Oni Corp’ advance!”



A different commander shouts, and the soldier’s battle cries pierce through the dragons like magic.

The tightly formed ranks, with their spears at the ready, advance together and slaughter the dragons.

The griffon corps killed Wyverns and Drakes with magic and perform swooping attacks from the sky.

On the other hand, us adventurers are entrusted as a mobile unit, and exterminate the small sonic bangs the soldiers fail to shoot.

A dragon turns around there-

N, is it close?

When I look at the person the voice is coming from, a ridiculous thing is taking place.

A big white beast is on top of the sonic bang, bending it over and keeping it under control.

-A white bear!?

Moreover, is there a person riding the white bear?

The white bear is wearing armor and has equipped weapons like hooked rakes…

For an instant I recall the Degozabear and start to ready my spear.

A long slender spear is thrust at the two heads of the sonic bang being dominated by the white bear. (TL: This sounds kinda erotic.) The small dragon stops moving.

Riding the white bear, is a person cloaked in robes and a hood with a long slender spear, I cannot make out their face.

The mysterious person pulls the slender spear out of the small dragon and swipes the blood away.

Like that, a thick arm is stretched out, yosh, yosh, they pet the white bear’s head.


“‘Familiar User’ and ‘Beast Trainer.'”


“Isn’t that black cat Shuya’s familiar?”

Quiche asks…

“Ah, Aah, yeah. However, that white bear?”

“Certainly, I have never seen someone fighting from the back of a bear.”

The white bear walks lively with the person on its back and approaches.

Intensity is felt.

“Did you hear?”

The person riding the bear removes their cowl and exposes their face- hou, long long ears.

They are a beastwoman with a square and plump face.

“Nn, nya.”

Rollo reacts to their form first.

Jumping from my shoulder, she goes to the shoulder of the white bears and rubs her head into the knee of the rabbit beastwoman.


She immediately wanted to attach her scent?

A few times, she rubs her head there, and then returns to my shoulder after being satisfied.

“Cute~ that kitty-chan. Ah, you’re a beast trainer too, right? I am called Azora. I am participating solo this time in the request. Please treat me kindly.”

Her voice is high pitched. Azora with her long ears drops from the bear and greets us.

I am not a beast trainer, but I return the greeting.

“Aah, please treat me well. I’m Shuya Kagari. Call me Shuya.”

“I am Quiche Bakunda. Call me Quiche. I am also someone participating solo. I’ll be in your care.”

“Yes, please call me Azora.”


The white bear breathes out, almost as if it is answering with its master.

“This is my first time seeing someone working with a white bear. Is it a special bear?”

“Yes, it’s the ‘sacred beast Puruntobea” They are called Pau. It is my proud partner and pet.”

Azora has a proud expression and her eyes are lively.

One eye is squinting slightly.

“Sacred Beast?”

“I have not heard of that either.”

“That’s normal. My home is the Rerikku area to the far far-off east…”

That reminds me, in the eastern edge of the map I got from Shisho, Rerikku was written…

“A far off place…Rerikku.”

“Yes. There was a land route so riding Pau made it comfortable, but there was time spent traveling by boat.”

A young beastwoman going on a sea voyage with a white bear.

It was probably thousands to ten of thousands of kilometers to Hector…

Visiting mother is not 3,000 kilometers, it is a great trip.

And by boat. Something is attractive about it. I may want to take one at some point.

A sea voyage in another world…will there be an existence like a pirate king?

Just thinking about it makes me excited.

“…That’s an amazing adventure. A sea voyage.”

“Haha, it was an adventure. However, the sea voyage was hard yet it was often fun. Pua also swam and caught a fish.”

Maa, it’s because it is a white bear.

“Pua seems amazing.”

“Thank you. Shuya-san is accompanied by the black cat as well.”

“Aah, her name is Rollodinu. I call her Rollo-“

While I am talking, Rollo plays a trick on me to get in the way of my mouth.

Supporting her body with a feeler, she starts to walk from my right shoulder, and goes to my left shoulder by walking across my clavicle while she rubs her small head on my cheek.

At that time, my mouth is covered by her bushy tail.

Rollo-san, your tail…

“Ahahaha, she’s cute. You’re loved. That’s what that child, Rollo-chan, is saying.”


Azora shakes her long ears slightly and smiles happily.

“That’s right. Quiche-san for Shuya-san. On this occasion. Should we team up for now as solo participants? There isn’t much chance to participate with the Blue Iron Knights and the Griffon Corps here, but we should be able to advance easily if we team up to defeat a dragon together.”

“Aah, I don’t mind it.”

“Me either. Once again, I’ll be in your care. Azora.”

Quiche also agrees.


Azora’s long rabbit ears twitch.

She has a square face; her smile has an honest feeling.

“Let’s all work hard.”

“Yes, let’s work hard.”

Azora nods violently and gets fired up.

“Azora used a spear a while ago, but you’re suited for the vanguard?”

The heavy armored Quiche seems worried about the spear.

She is talking while looking at the long slender spear on Azora’s back.

“Yes. I can be the vanguard; my battle occupation is magic spear man so I can do either. My adventurer rank is D, but Pau has power so I can respond to any situation.”

Azora speaks confidently while patting the white bears head with a plump hand.

“I see. As expected, you would need to be, to continue such a long journey. I’m D rank too, but I am confident in my spear. I can also do more because of Rollo.”

“I am a C ranked Adventurer but I seem to be the weakest member.”

“Eeh? Quiche-san is C rank?”

“Fumu. However, aren’t we walking slowly? We seem to be too far from the front.”

Quiche seems to be feeling awkward, when she says so she points at the sky.

The griffon unit that is wandering through the air.

They attack the ground from a high position.

A storm of magic is released and the side of the mountain is set ablaze.

“It looks intense over there.”

“That’s right, let’s go.”


Quiche advances to the front.

As we advance to the foot of mount Burdock we defeat a small dragon and pass through the forest zone, we walk through the villages destroyed by the dragons.

The subjugation force see the signs of fighting dragons here and remain vivid.

The smell of blood and burnt flesh is pervasive.

The body of a blue soldier with cut and torn blue armor, the body of an adventurer. In addition, an iron bolt sticking out of the head of a large dead wyvern, a destroyed iron body, there are the wreckages of two Magic Wogan Dolls with and industrial waste-like silver solution dripping from them.

These big iron soldiers, it seems I cannot expect excessive strength from them.

However, I collect the claws and teeth from the dragon’s corpse.

I push “storage” on the item box.

“Kuso, together with a dragon.”

While I am sneakily harvesting, I hear Quiche’s angry voice.”

When I look at her face, I can feel roaring flames in the depths of her eyes.

Looking at a mercilessly wrecked village, she seems to be remembering the past.

Azora is also muttering and looking regretfully at the ashes of the houses.

“This burn, it is the breath of a dragon…”

There is magic essence reaction-

“An Enemy!”

It is a drake that appears.


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