Update on Break

Well Hello my beautiful people, your Editor the Grumpy Werebear here to just give you all an update on the break going on.

Birdy is going to be taking extra time on their break and be back in about 2-3 days. As the editor I can’t really do anything about it but wait… I have been working on the older chapters in my free time but I am busy with other work stuff and such so I am sorry they are not done yet… I also forget sometimes I still have them to do…

Anyways, we SHOULD be back in full swing by the middle of this week. I again, apologize for the wait and we look forward to getting you more chapters when Birdy is back!

Stay beautiful!

10 thoughts on “Update on Break

      1. Actually if you think about it that saying was plagrising(?) of “the more you wait the more you want to kill that b*stard”

        Or is it me that had experienced it consequtively especially this month(wondering if April Fools actually lasts the whole month…)

        Still I.will.patiently.wait~.!*smiles while subconsiously sharpens pitchfork*


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