Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 56

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Fifty-Sixth Episode~ Third Griffon Corps Commanding Officer


-A drake.


This one breathes fire.


It seems Quiche is advancing to the front.


Seeming cautious of the breath, She keeps the big shield in her left hand and gradually advances.


The Drake is distracted by Quiche approaching from the front.


I sneak around and aim for the Drake foot.


Rollo also seems to understand my intention and quickly moves to the back-left Drake’s foot.


“Do not let it use its breath-“


I run and shout out a command to everyone in a loud voice.


And, I use the black spear on the Drake’s right foot. The black blade slices through the Drake’s scale making an intense sound and I get to feeling of tough flesh.


Rollo also stabs her bone sword into a soft looking spot between the Drake’s claws.


At that time, my body becomes light.


A white fog is wrapped around my body.


I became faster? Is this support magic?


Rollo also has something like a white wind wrapped around her.


Yosh, since I became fast, I should kill it quickly.


The four feet of the Drake. Sharp claws are growing out of its forefeet.


So, that it cannot use its claws I release of <thrust> at the forefoot as I run, the black spear pierces through the green flesh and multiple holes are created.


A large amount of green blood spurts out from the wound.




The Drake screams in pain and attacks with its forefoot, attacking with the foot that is not being attacked from the side.


I crouch to avoid it and dash.


I slide towards the right side of the Drake’s stomach.


-The Drake’s claw attack passes overhead and is easily avoided.


I stand up immediately and eject <Chain>.


The aim of the chain is not the stomach right in front of me, it draws an arc as it goes around to the attack its back.


When I get the feeling of it properly sticking in its back. I use it similar to rappelling up a building, and pull on the chain to confirm the hold.


The chain seems to have anchored in the flesh and will not come out.


-This is sufficient.


I stab the black spear into the abdomen of the Drake in front of me. I hold the black spear tightly as green blood streams down the handle.


That moment- I retract the chain into the ‘Chain Mark’ on my left hand, and my body moves quickly. I soar low like Tarzan.


The black spear is pierced into the stomach, so as it moves a great wound is cut into the Drake’s stomach.




The screams of the Drake beat against my ears.


I dismiss the chain and land on the other side.


When I pull out the black spear that split the Drake’s stomach, the Drake’s blood and entrails are scattered. It comes towards me but the white mist repels the blood, so I am not bathed in the victim’s blood.


At that time, I angle the black spear down and go around the left side of the dragon then swing the spear.


There is a response like the Achilles tendon being severed.


The Drake’s movements have become dull; its body is moving unsteadily.


Looks like it will die soon.


I lower the black spear in front of me and take in my surroundings.




Then, Rollo returns to sitting on my shoulder.


Ara, as always but it’s different.

The left foot of the Drake gives out and it collapses.


My right shoulder has the pauldron made from carapace and metal.


I have the pauldron attached to my shoulder so it seems Rollo has become confused.


This appearance is cute too.


“Rollo, are you okay?”




She only answers with a rumbling sound.


However, she seems to be okay.


Rollo uses her feelers, extending them out to my clavicle and arm to support herself.


The end of the feelers turn into something like a sucker.


While we are having such a conversation, the worn-out Drake is still alive.


“-I will give it the finishing blow!”


Quiche’s powerful voice rings out.


Quiche also seems to have a white fog around her.


The magic seems to increase a person’s speed.


That, are you not going to use your long sword?


Uha, she punched it and delivers a shield bash.


With a *buuun* she powerfully slams down the shield in her left hand.


Having its jaw shattered the drake’s head is thrown back.


Quiche’s attack continues and from her shield comes a beating.


To the exposed neck of the drake, she extends her long sword out strait, making use of her own height.


Without a sound, the long sword in Quiche’s right hand pierces through the neck of the Drake.


Blood gushes from the neck like a shower.


The drake is completely silent.


Or should I say, isn’t that shield stronger that the sword? The blow from the shield was that intense, giving me this impression.


Thereupon, Azora trots over with her rabbit ears swaying.


Her ears are cute, but since he constitution is round, so it is powerful.


“Haa, haa… Shuya-san and Quiche-san are amazing. To defeat it before Pau had a chance to attack.”


The sacred beast Pau has weapons on its paws like steel claws, so as it walks by the corpse it makes loud clicking sounds.


“This magic, was you?”


Quiche looks to Azora and asks.


“Yes. The divine protection of the wind is speed, it improves evasion. Wind’s Quickness is the language magic.”


“I see. It improves evasion speed. That was why the single blow from the shield was so powerful.”


Quiche checks her body and looks her shield up and down.


I see, this is my first time witnessing support magic.


I will thank Azora.


“I felt my speed increase too. Thank you. Azora.”




Rollo gives her thanks as well.


“Fufu, it’s only natural. Right?”


Azora turns a smile to Rollo and winks.


It is powerful for a different reason.


“…As for us, shall we hurry to that exploding place?”


Quiche raises her sword and looks at the figure of a griffon flying off in the sky.






When we approach the site of the explosion, all around are scattered weapons, screams, and battle cries mixed together with the sound of a chaotic battle.


“This is melee.”


“Let’s work together and not get separated.”




There are dragon monsters, adventurers and those from the blue iron knight, countless adventurers jumbled together, all in one fierce battle.


A battle is raging in the sky between the griffon corps and wyverns.


Quiche, Azora and I are on such an intense battle field but we work together.


As an impromptu party, we steadily defeat dragons in the chaotic fight.


In the middle of such a fierce battle-


That happens.


The ground in front rises.


On top of a large square rock platform an unknown large dragon appears. The unknown large dragon, has three separate heads, its pale scaled body is larger than a drake’s and is smashing the soldiers near it underfoot, the three heads move in a rampage as if covering the entire ground.


The blue knights are being devastated.


It feels like a giant version of the two headed sonic bang.


Perhaps, is that the Evil Dragon King?


“That, Daedalus-“


It seems to be different, Quiche recognizes it.


“That dragon, it is called Daedalus, and it has three heads.”


“-You two people, make room-“


While such a destructive sonic bang approaches, Quiche and I are talking, and Azora speaks up in exasperation.




The white bear Pau raises a deep voice along with Azora.


“Such an Azora, didn’t Pau defeat a drake by itself?”


“That’s right, but-“


Azora tries to reject it in the middle.


The three headed Daedalus releases a booming roar.


I thought it was a roar, but a booming shock wave is released from the three mouths.


When the shock waves hit the armored soldiers, they are blown away like rag dolls.


I am unsure whether it is good or not, but I do not understand the pressure of the shock wave, the attention of the battle all turns to this fight.


At once, the griffon corps seems to rush in as reinforcements.


Several cavalry flying through the sky approach the three headed Daedalus at an awful speed.


“As for us, should we go subdue that Daedalus?”


“I think so.”


“Aah, me too. However…”




“Quiche-san, is something wrong?”


“Iya, it’s nothing, we’ll understand if we try.”


Such a vague Quiche begins running.


What is it? Ma, I will go.


Following behind her, Azora starts running with me.


There are several knights from the griffon unit fighting when we get there, no, the three headed Daedalus is being played with.


A knight on a griffon fires magic, repeatedly doing a hit and run attack, avoiding the dragon’s claws.


The three headed Daedalus is pushed back.


The soldiers of the blue armored knight are reforming their ranks under cover of the griffon corps.


Bowmen and magic users are forming a row, firing at the Daedalus.


The Daedalus immediately reacts to the attacks.


The left head turns to the sky with a jerk and opens its mouth, exposing its sharp teeth- and roars.


The roar is like a shock wave barrier; a transparent film balloons out in the air to protect the three heads.


The shock film barrier protects against long-distance attacks.


-There is something making a nose dive toward the Daedalus.


Just now, that was a griffon.


A griffon with a dark green knight on its back is nose-diving.


The knight jumps off the plummeting griffon.


With a large two-handed sword held over his head he drops from the sky.


Amazing, like a green meteor.


The three headed Daedalus cannot react.


The dark green night easily passes through the shock film, and directly hits the base of the dragon’s throat with the long sword.


The neck collapses with the one strike and the heads are torn off and sent flying through the air.


A single strong blow using speed and gravity.


The necks attached to the heads are still wriggling as blood seeps out.


Blue blood falls over people like rain, the severed heads of the dragon also fall from the sky.


-The attack of the griffon corps continues.


One after another, knights jump off their griffon.


The new knight holds a long-sword smaller than the knight from earlier.


N? Is there a faint red light coming from the sword blade?


-I look with magic observing eye.


After all, that long sword is abnormal.


A light of dense mana is coming from the sword blade.


That weapon has a feeling like my magic sword Bitou.


A smooth slash from the magic sword.


A thick red straight cut, without the dragon’s head reacting, it slips down across the red line.


The dragon’s neck is severed like a hot knife through butter.


Unbelievable sharpness, there was no recoil.


The single blow from before was comparable to a “wave of rock,” but the single blow from the magic sword was as smooth as “wave of willow.”


There is no recoil, but when there is a magic sword and such amazing skill, a cut will be made like that.


From the magic sword wound, blood gushes out several seconds later.


The special movements of the knights continue.


Each arrival signals a blow, there is no interval.


The knights with their large swords cut through the necks of the three headed Daedalus and then run past its side.


The knight with the magic sword runs over too and jumps up and slashes the neck of the head that released the shock wave.


Once again, the third neck is easily cut.


The large body of the Daedalus with its three severed heads collapses backwards and pale blood spurts out.


The knights of the griffon unit that jumped down to attack the Daedalus are forced to fight normally.




“They did it!”




Each member of the blue armored knights raises a cheer for their help.


Then, the knight who cut off two of the three heads removes their helmet.


-Wow. Then, the woman who rode the griffon appears.


The face of the woman from the platform appears.


Upon noticing the female knight, the soldiers still fighting the dragons begin to get excited.


Such soldiers,


“Everyone, we’re in the middle of a battle, but listen up, I am the commanding officer of dragon rider post of the third army corps, my name is Cecily Fadasso! Just now I defeated the Daedalus that slaughtered so many soldiers!”


The female knight shouts loudly to raise moral.




The soldiers respond.


Cecily continues talking.


“With this force the dragon will be wiped out! All of you, each person’s actions determines the battlefield! Go straight to the home of the Evil Dragon King!”




“Let’s gooooo!”


“Me too!”




Cecily’s voice echoes across the battlefield as if carried by magic.


Most of the soldiers are still fighting the dragons, but there are still several who raise their voices.


After Cecily Fadasso finished raising moral, her griffon drops from the sky in search of its master.


Cecily jumps lightly onto the back of the gliding griffon, and returns to the sky.


The griffon commander seems to be switching to offering air support.


“Quiche started to say something, what was it?”


“That’s right. The warriors of the griffon corps are a match for a thousand men. They are famous in Osberia.”


“The griffons are amazing. So cool.”




Pau raises an upset sound to Azora’s statement.


“It’s fine. Pau is number one.”


She rubs the white bears head and cheeks while talking in a gentle tone to soothe it.


Azora is a magic beast tamer.


To fly in the air, she might be able to contract a griffon as a secondary beast.


With such an impression, the chaotic battle draws to a close.


The many dragon classes are slaughtered one after another by the adventurers and soldiers.


“…They seem able to handle cleaning up the remaining dragons.”


“Commander Cecily raised their spirits. My chest also became hot.”


Quiche’s visor is down so I cannot make out her expression, but her voice sounds heated.


As she says, the blue iron knights and adventurers along with us are wiping out the dragons that appear.


Mt. Burdock is climbed and a few days pass.


As our temporary party fights the dragons our cooperation gradually improves. Eating and sleeping together, we take turns doing watch and a relationship of mutual trust is built.


Of course, Quiche and I have sex repeatedly. I apologize to Azora, but she is not bothered. So, with a rough snort Quiche and I do not hold back.


During the meals over the several days in the mountains, I discover that Azora has an accessory like a rabbit tail attached to her lower back.


I am curious so I try asking about it.


“Azora, what is that thing that looks like a ‘tail” hanging at your waist?”


“It’s a good luck charm. A rabbit tail. It is made from the collected hair of a virgin. In my home of Rabbitmen, it is a luck charm famous in Conrad Village for ‘evading death.'”


The hair is from a virgin’s tail? I try to break in down in my head.


However, I want to reserve myself with Azora.




“Ah~, do you believe?”


“Nya, nya.”


There, Rollo has approached Azora’s waist and begun playing with the tail.


“Kora~, Rollo-chan. That’s not good, what about I take Rollo-chan’s tail.”


Azora grabs Rollo’s tail and pulls it up and down, left and right, playing with it.


“Nn, Nya, nya, nyaa.”


Rollo does not seem to like having her tail caught, so she stops playing with the rabbit tail and runs away from Azora.


Azora chases after her, laughing.


She really loves Rollo.


There is a “carved magic beast seal” on the back of her right hand, thanks to that she can understand the feeling of a beast well.


Azora’s face is stern, but her long ears are cute.


I carelessly stare of Azora’s head.


To be honest, her face is plain, but her personality is cute. I feel friendship.


I would be happy if I took such a woman as a bride.


While having such thoughts, it becomes night.


The next day, our temporary party subjugates the dragons without injury.


We are approaching a gorge halfway up the mountain.


The number of dragons in the area has gradually been increasing so the battles are growing more intense.


The dead soldiers and adventurers are increasing.


However, the soldiers and adventurers are able to go through the small canyon because of their large casualties,


Finally, we arrive in the area where the Evil Dragon King is said to live.


“Around here.”




“Everyone is a little tense.”


However, the Evil Dragon King is nowhere to be seen.


The blue iron knights and adventurers start making preparation to camp the knight.


A bonfire is prepared and soldiers run about busily.


Luggage is removed from wagons and dozens of tents are set up.


An explanation is given by the leader of the knights to the adventurers.


We are told the knights will be taking command tomorrow morning, they will be performing a large-scale search of the area for the Evil Dragon King.


Saying such a thing, we take a break here as well.


We spread out our campsite on the ground and wait for tomorrow.



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