Update on Updates

Hey everyone, I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what’s happening.

I realized yesterday that my depression was rearing its ugly head once again. The loss of interest in things you enjoy and the general exhaustion is likely the reason I had to take a break. Now that I’ve identified the problem it is a matter of resolving the issue, but since the issue is my mental health I can’t say how long it will be before regular chapters resume.

I’m sorry for the break and hope everyone will understand.

15 thoughts on “Update on Updates

  1. The best way to deal with the problem is to fuck with it. Hahaha. Godspeed to whatever means you take (keep it legal yeah)


  2. Well once i drop something i generally don’t look back to it even if i think i would go back to it at the time i dropped it… Hope you are not like me with your depression since it would be sad to see this novel go away…


  3. Go outside, meet some people & family and discover why life is worth living. That is the best way to deal with depression (been there done that). Do NOT just sitt at home and pity yourself, that just makes it worse.


  4. No worries birdy take care of your self hope you get to feeling better but just take small steps towards why makes you happy ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ


  5. “….*subconsiously shiverin’ and grabbin’ pitchfork*”

    Don’t worry birdy-chii you will not die from depression you can just get out of yout house walk in a park while gazin’ and watching lol- err little children playing together yeah… And I kinda been planning also to stockpile chaps. because my mental health will be tainted by something dark while reading about Shuya’s night antics so yeah…. Take your time…


    1. Y-yeah watching little children in parks is a great way to relieve stress… It’s even better when you have a black van with tinted windows, adds to the atmosphere ( อกส˜ อœส– อกส˜)

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