Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 57

Fifty-Seventh Episode~ Fierce Battle ・ The Evil Dragon King’s Fight to the Death.

Translator’s Corner: We’re back.

During the break, I suddenly sense magic essence.


What? Uheh, it’s huge, a huge mass of magic essence is coming-

T-that, s-so laaaaaaarge.

Covering the whole camp, a huge dragon appears.

The ax horn of its read head shines with an unusual light. Its twin blue eyes are like that of a bird of prey, releasing a furious cold gaze.


Its massive body is covered in overlapping purple scales, the size of two, no three, wyverns.

The Evil Dragon King Burdock is bigger that Daedalus.


“Quiche, Azora, it’s here.”


Even as I call out my warning, the Evil Dragon King raises the hooked claws of its fore feet and smash the soldiers, carts, and tents instantly.

It straightens its back and opens its mouth, exposing its sharp fangs, then released a thunderous roar.


-The roaring thump splits the air, causing vibrations.


The Evil Dragon King finishes roaring and falls back onto its feet, then rushes forward. Cracks spread out on the ground where the large claws grow.

The Evil Dragon King’s speed is supernormal. An iron blue knight rushing to meet it has his body quickly cut through.

Its thick claws pierce through the metal breastplate, puncturing out the back.


The Evil Dragon King lifts the knight’s body high as if presenting its trophy. Blood unceasingly flows from the knight body into the bonfire below, sparks rising.

Furthermore, the dead knight is thrown at a cart, hitting the soldiers in the area.

The Evil Dragon King opens its mouth wide to sneer.


The large uvula in the back of its throat is visible. (TL: That dangly thing in the back of your mouth.)

It thought it was going to roar again, but…

Power is accumulating in its mouth? That moment, a phosphorescent light like a glowing furnace appears inside. The phosphorescence grows in the front of its mouth, becoming an enormous blazing globe.


Tail Beast Globe. Massive fireballs are repeatedly shot.


“Dragon, the Evil Dragon King is heeeeeeeere.” “It’s attacking!” “Uaaaaaaaaah!” “Fireball!” “Hiiaaa” “It’s huuuge!”


The consecutive fireballs turn the campgrounds into a sea of flames.

All of the adventurers and blue armored knights scream and try to run away.

The Evil Dragon King’s raid has thrown them into utter chaos.


The griffon corps turn to counterattack, but the Evil Dragon King is indifferent, continue to cut down the adventurers and soldiers with a sweep of its enormous tail.


-Here it comes.


Too fast, Quiche sets up her shield.

Azora gets behind Pau.


With Rollo on my shoulder, I eject <chain> in the other direction and escape.

The huge tail catches a massive number of adventurers including Quiche.




I try to call out, but I am too late…

There, the light of a magic formation appears below the Evil Dragon King-


That is the paralysis magic from Lushell, from crimson tiger.

The Evil Dragon King is caught by the light, its movements frozen. The adventurers take this as an opening and attack the Evil Dragon King together.


Sarah is there. I see Butch too.

Each is working on their own foot of the Evil Dragon King, attacking, using hit and run tactics.

Explosive flames, creating a deep bass sound, wrap around the Evil Dragon King.

The griffon unit in the sky releases an advance fire explosion magic, similar to carpet bombing.


In the meantime, I look for Quiche.


“Oi, Quiche! Where are you!”


There is only the debris and dead bodies created by the Evil Dragon King, I cannot find Quiche.

Azora rushes over on the back of her white bear.




I stop talking, shaking my head side to side.


“Is that so…”


For now, the Evil Dragon King needs to be dealt with.

Shit, shit, I continue being silent, filled with anger. I look to Rollo and nod.

Rollo extends her feelers and gets down from my shoulder.


Then, when I try to plunge into attack the Evil Dragon King.


“-Please wait. I’ll cast magic.”


Azora stops me.

That magic?




I nod

-I pay attention to Azora.


Azora’s long white rabbit ears twitch.

Her long white eyelashes stand out, and her brown eyes focus.

She is concentrating.

An aria is spun from her full red lips.


“Spirit of Wind, Road of Wing. Take my mana as payment for clothing of wind…cast 《Racing Wind》!”


Thing clouds rise around Azora.

The clouds spiral around into a white fog, drifting around me.


It also appears around Rollo.

This is the speed and evasion increase magic.

Nevertheless, this is the first time I hear a language magic aria spoken by another person.


“Thanks, I’m going now.”

“Yes, Pau and I will go too.”



The white bear extends its steel claws and opens its mouth in an almost laughing manner.

This is the feeling of being ready for war.

Although the Evil Dragon King has taken countless magic attacks from the griffon corps, blue iron knights, soldiers, and adventurers, its scales are undamaged.


Only one magic has worked, the paralyzing magic from Crimson Tiger’s Tempest’s Lushell.

However, its movements are only temporarily halted.

When the Evil Dragon King recovers from the paralysis, it counters attacks with an angry roar.

The Evil Dragon King extends several sharp claws from its feet.

When I move to attack the forefoot, the massive talon is swung through the sky.


It strikes down the Griffon Corps flying in the air.

Each of those hooked claws is like a longsword.

I wait for the right timing to attack, then strike the Evil Dragon King’s foot- I feel a hardness I have yet to experience.


This is way too hard.


The scales of the ancient dragon boast an extreme hardness.

Roll extends a feel to attack with a bone sword too, but it is easily repelled.


It was even repelled by the carapace of the armored ant. This is only natural.

It is certainly stronger than the armored ant, this…is it tungsten?

However, I won’t give up. I I strike Evil Dragon King Burdock’s scale over and over- but the only result is the hard sound and a numb arm.

The tanza spear is totally ineffective- it’s too hard.


Pau is also attacked the other foot with his steel claws, but they have no effect, only scattering purple sparks.


The back of the Evil Dragon King, its lower abdomen?

Making up my mind, I use fighting moji enhanced legs to cut the distance between myself and its abdomen.

At the base of the tail, I release <Thrusting> at the Evil Dragon King’s ass. (TL: Taking a hint Hajime, now the Evil Dragon King is going to turn into a masochist.)


-But, there is only that hard sensation again.

-It failed completely.

Besides, seriously? The tanza spear tip is bent.

Like that, the black tanza spear that takes pride in its strength…


Shit, here, I will hit it with by strongest skill consecutively!


-I active <Dark Drill – Magic Spear Break>

I use <Dark Drill> with the metal bar of the black spear, bending it further.

Tsk, it’s no good?

Then, when I think that, the summoned Break Spear Grand Pulse black spear cuts deeply through the purple scales into the abdomen.

Purple blood gushed out, spurting out from the purple flesh.


OOOOOooooo, fantastic, it worked!

Purple blood spouts like a shower.




Rollo turns to such a me and raises an unusual cry for attention, after crashing into me, she extends a feeler to the right and moves away.


What happened? Oh, crap-

Once I noticed, I receive a counter attack from the Evil Dragon King’s massive tail.


I try to deflect it with my spear, but the tanza rod is completely bent and sent flying from my hands.

I receive the impact too and am tossed away.

Knocked back into the debris, I somersault repeatedly.


Pieces of metal and scraps of wood tear through my back as I tumble backward. The scroll I didn’t use is knocked from my chest.


-I active <Magic Though Guidance Hand> midway.

I wrap my body with distorted mana hand to support it and eject <chain> gradually slowing until I come to a stop.


I-iteeeeeeeee, it hurts, it hurts. Mother of god, it hurts.

After such a long time, I am bleeding from everywhere on my body.

My new armor is severely damaged, and there is a hole in it too.


My foot is twisted, my waist is bent in an odd direction, ribs, arm, my foot might also be broken…

Pull out the chips of wood and metal stuck in my body.


Regeneration will probably take time.


…Time is precious. Fuu…

I return my gaze to the Evil Dragon King who attacked with its tail.

It is the scene of Pau who has killed three Drakes swinging its claws at the Evil Dragon King.

The attack utilizing all of Pau’s weight scrapes of the scales of the Evil Dragon King. The attack is followed by a terrible impact.

The steel claw equipped nails ceaselessly attack.


Every time the steel nail collide with the purple scales, purple sparks are scattered.


The thick upper right rake- what, surreal.

Igniting Fang?

However, the amusing impression I got disappear immediately.


It has no effect on the Evil Dragon King. None whatsoever.

The white bear’s attack doesn’t connect.

Then, Azora’s attack joins in.

She stabs with the long spear in her right hand, but it is similarly deflected by the scales. The Evil Dragon King turns its crimson horns toward Azora and extends its neck like a tortoise from its shell.


“Azora- run away.”


I voice doesn’t carry.

-Pau collides with Azora to protect her.

While helping Pau, Azora is knocked to the side, the “lucky rabbit tail” that was attached to her waist flies through the sky.

The white bear bites the Evil Dragon King’s crimson horn, stopping its attack with its mouth.

Amazing, the difference in physique is more than twice.

However, while it seemed it prevented the Evil Dragon King’s attack…smoke rises from the bear’s mouth.

Pau lets out a roar of agony and writhes.


Dangerous, dangerous.

Before long, the mouth of the white bear is burnt, and the gray head of the upper body begins to burn.

The blue eyes of the Evil Dragon King glow,.

As if treading on garbage, a long claw is stuck out.


The claw like a longsword pierces through the white bear’s body.


The white bear turns red… the Evil Dragon King moves to toss the body aside, and the white bear is torn apart.

The body of the bear is cut in half, separated to the left and right.

Azora stands up, then stares at Pau without screaming.


That opening is fatal.


“Azora, get away!!”


However, my voice doesn’t reach her.

My foot is bent, my wounds aren’t healed, but I don’t care.


I activate <Cerebral Demon Speed>-


Blood flows out, and terrible pain racks my body, but I run.



For all that- the Evil Dragon King roars shortly.

It turns its blue eyes to the sky.

Like that, I look toward the Evil Dragon King, it is slower than my usual trump, I still attain and abnormal speed.


The massive figure that crawls on the ground.


Three seconds pass-


Azora is right in front of me- I stretch out my arm.

The moment I see Azora’s vacant eyes- the Evil Dragon King claws pass right in front.


Azora’s neck is severed.

Her head with its long ears is sent flying through the air…


The Evil Dragon King doesn’t seem to have even seen Azora, it was aiming to kill a griffon flying by.

The Griffon and its rider fall out from the sky.


-I was too late.




Seriously? Azora…ugh.

My stomach churns. I’m going to be sick.

Some part of me still seems to be human.


It was only for a little while, but the death of the companion I fought alongside, who I became friends with, it sickens me.

Even when I killed people, I never felt something like this. Witnessing the death of a close friend seems to be a different matter entirely.

Once I notice, the adventurers and blue knights in the area have decreased, the griffon corps has too.

I pick up the rabbit tail Azora dropped, then immediately take distance from the Evil Dragon King.


This, I don’t have the freedom to indulge in sentiment.

The smell of blood and taste of bile in my mouth is strong.


Rollo returns to me at a run.

She is uninjured. It seems she was able to evade the Evil Dragon King’s attack.

Sorry. She threw herself at me earlier to help me.

I was heavy though, so it didn’t work…


This fellow should know that my body is undead, but she still tried to help. She didn’t need to go so far.


To that extent, my partner is reliable.

Strong. That shitty Dragon King.

With the shitty Evil Dragon King as their opponent, the Griffon Corps is doing its best.


Should I see what their condition is?


They should withdraw soon, but the griffon unit around Cecily does not seem to be.

Since they are attacked from the Evil Dragon King from the sky, the are able to withdraw repeatedly.


The ground force…

They’re withdrawing… it was not possible.

The ground unit seems unable to escape.

The Evil Dragon King’s claws and tail prevent them from retreating.


Also, the raid cannot escape.

Well, the damned Evil Dragon King seems to be intelligent.

I remember the words of the Witch Sazihali.


She said that Burdock’s character should be “ferocious, bold, and greedy.”

Adventurers, proud of their strength, die like garbage.


It seems that the members of Crimson Tiger have lost no one.

There is also the short magic messenger duo at the back.

There it seems the ax-wielding dwarf from the dragon subjugation urgent request is still alive.

Somehow or other, the adventurers in that area are working together.

A voice sounds from soldiers on the other side of the adventurers.


“-Garnet Burogain, the first person to retreat gets a sword in the back! Only charge! Everyone, the pride of the blue iron knights, remember your training! Follow me, Sharp Ogre Party! Haaeeeeeeeee!!”


Seeming to hear the words that almost certainly triggers a death flag, the Evil Dragon King Burdock turns its head and faces the blue iron knights.

Its eyes move and catch sight of the group of soldiers.

Even though the entire group sees the Evil Dragon King’s movement, they charge forward, undaunted.


Each extends their own weapon, confronting the villainous Dragon King.

The Evil Dragon King opens its mouth towards the charging soldiers and roars.

-Its roar makes the air vibrate.

The roar becomes high-pitched, causing the soldiers to bleed from their ears, fall to one knee, and hold their heads, unable to move.


The magic seems to be damaging their ear drums and their minds.

Then, the Evil Dragon King’s blue eyes shine.

Twin blue ray of light shoot from its eyes.

The blue beams hit the incapacitated soldiers.

One after another, the soldier’s freeze, turned into statues of ice.


Then, the Evil Dragon King sweeps out with its forefoot-


The scaled and taloned foot hit the frozen soldiers. They shatter, turning it pieces of frozen meat, scattered around the area.

They are dying like ants being crushed by an elephant.

One of the soldiers killed was commander Garnet.


Upon such a gruesome scene, a straight light burns from the ground.

-The comrade’s magic.

It is Lushell’s magic.

The magic formation spreads, trying to capture the Evil Dragon King in a cage of light.

Once again, his movements are sealed.


It has no offensive abilities, but this magic is the strongest force present on the battlefield.


Taking the opening, several men from the griffon cops dive together.

The Knights are delivering the falling sword attack that decapitated Daedalus.

Only the griffon corps and some adventurers are participating…however, the scene the griffon corps weaves is cool.


“As expected, the green meteor warriors.”


One of the nearby surviving soldiers says absentmindedly.

It has the feeling of a nickname for a skill.


The blow using a giant sword and gravity.

However, the Griffon knight’s attack that decapitated the three-headed Daedalus has no effect on the ancient dragon.

They manage to damage the scales, but it is superficial. It does not go so far as creating a wound.


The Griffon Corps can’t do anything either…the moment I think that.

The next knight’s attack is different.


-The knight with a magic longsword.


After all, it’s Cecily Fadasso.

That single attack, penetrates the Evil Dragon King’s scales, cutting into purple flesh.

Fresh purple blood scatters around.




The adventurers and soldiers who see the attack land raise a courageous shout!

The soldiers and adventurers with their moral raised are running up to attack.


Ou, it’s that dwarf.

I forgot his name.


The scales on the left side of the Evil Dragon King’s body are cut through by his ax, splashing purple blood.

The dwarf with the dragon killing ax. It should have a special effect on dragons.

Then, two thick spiral icicles slam into the Evil Dragon King’s wings.

The Evil Dragon King’s wings are frozen, the parts hit directly turn white and snowstorm rages.


I look around for the person who used the icicle magic.

The two icicles are connected to a giant ice tree in the air, so I follow its branches.

At the base of massive ice tree are two children.

Was that powerful magic used by the short duo?

King class, maybe emperor class, I don’t understand the scale, but the magic stands out.


Sarah’s enlarged red arm grasping her huge sword attack the frozen parts of the Evil Dragon King for the first time.

The frozen parts are significantly damaged, the scales are destroyed, and purple flesh is exposed.

The frozen sections break with the sound of shattering glass.


The Evil Dragon King does not cry out in pain.

Even after receiving such a matchless attack, it seems indifferent.


Strong. In one word.

I look at such an Evil Dragon King, then look to Rollo and speak.


“Rollo, do you understand me? I am going to attack my own from now on, so hold back and focus on evasion.”



Roll answers lightly and takes her distance.


I activate a magic formation.

If it’s that ancient magic, it might work.

I focus mana on my finger and begin constructing the formation.

This is only the basics, so I don’t change it much.


I fiddle with the magic formation while I hurry, making sure I don’t make any mistakes as I transcribe it.

The foundation of the black mass magic formation is completed.


-Evil Dragon King, take this!


“《Dark Bullet》!!”


I shout to activate it.

My mana is absorbed by the magic formation, and a distorted black lump appears.


The black mass flies directly for the Evil Dragon King.

However, the Dragon King swings its head toward to the lump, brandishing its crimson horn.

The crimson horn hits the black lump…my ancient magic, it was bisected in a matter of seconds.




I pull myself together and eject <chain> in the Evil Dragon King’s direction.

I move the chain diagonally so that it creates a slight arc.


Shit, I aimed for its head, but the dragon avoided it.

It can’t be helped, I aim for its large back.

The chain could not finish off the Evil Dragon King, but the tip pierces its back.

I feel the chain strike the scales and judge that it reached the flesh.


Alright, a blade is ineffective, but like with the armored ant, my special <chain> gets through.

I have no choice but to use the magic directly. I shout stubbornly.


I activate <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> and make the magic sword Bitou appear in my left hand.


“Oi, shit head, Evil Dragooooooooon.”


I cry, infusing my voice with anger.

I retract the chain into the mark on my hand, quickly jumping on the Evil Dragon King’s back.


Everyone, all the adventurers and griffon knights there look at me with a dumbfounded expression.


Without minding the confused looks, I swing the magic sword at the purple scales.

I switch to two hands and swing- with a hard clang, the sword bounces off. Shit is hard, whatever, over and over again, strengthening my arms with Fighting Moji, everyone, Quiche, you killed everyoooone, dick! I attack with the magic sword Bitou out of fury.


However, the scales are unyielding…

The sword is different than the spear, I have no special skill like <Dark Drill – Magic Spear Break>…

It can’t be used with the sword.

The paralysis magic ends while I am doing this, the Evil Dragon King begins to move.


The adventurers all scatter at once.

I don’t care, I keep attacking with the magic sword, supported by the embedded chain.


I activate the distorted mana hand of <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.


I attack with the invisible fist at the same time, but the purple scales only make a creaking sound, so it is entirely ineffective.

I continue such an attack.

The Evil Dragon King seems to have noticed I was on its back.

Moreover- it turns its head around, opens its mouth and bites.

Gee, its back?

-Such a soft neck.

The large mouth of the Evil Dragon King approaches, I am eaten in one gulp.


I am chewed on by the foul smelling, crooked teeth.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS HURT, OUCH, FUCK, SHIT, GODDAMN, MOTHER FUCKIN DRAGON. (TL: He just says “ouch” over and over in the raws, but that doesn’t communicate how much it should hurt, so I did this.)


I will have my revenge you shit.

I stab the magic sword in the Evil Dragon King’s mouth, piercing its tongue.

It’s soft here.

However, teeth have pierced my body all over, blood gushes everywhere.


The pain is excruciating, but the Evil Dragon King seems to be in pain too, it is groaning and shaking its head.

It keeps chewing on my body, using its tongue full of holes that gush blood, it forces me into its throat.


I am rolled up in a tongue coated in saliva and swallowed.

Even after being chewed up and swallowed, I do not let go of the magic sword.

Even as blood gushes out from my body, I endure the pain.


I “cannot die” for my “body does not die.”


“Don’t you know I’m undead!!”


With a mighty shout- I bring down the magic sword.

I continue cutting into the esophagus.


Hahaha, I mince up his insides.

I am carried to the stomach as I cut, brought by contracting muscles.

I burst into its belly.

Boiling, rumbling, the sound of something dissolving.

Inside its stomach is an acid swamp.

There is a pungent scorching smell, likely the strong gastric acids reaching my nose.

At the bottom of its swamp of stomach acid is bits of flesh, bone, iron, chips of wood and other debris.


Is that the smell of melting flesh?


“Oops, my foot, iaaa, that hurts!”


The magic shoes I got from Zoru’s home are completely melted.

The pain of my foot being burned runs through my whole body.

I put my hand in the stomach acid.

Iteee, it’s too painful, my foot is being dissolved too, I don’t like it.

My blood is gushing out in a state of continuous regeneration.


My body is bathed is gastric acid, my new armor filled with holes is tattered…only Shisho’s jacket and the part with Bonn’s enchantment are intact.


My body is undead, but this is too dangerous, I am full of holes from head to toe, the gastric acid is melting the flesh on my hands, I can see white bones.

However, but my body is regenerating quickly as well.

I am recovering with large amounts of blood are gushing out.

My entire body aches…but this is my best chance.

The pain is excruciating… but I can endure.


Incidentally, can the Evil Dragon King take pain too?


With a wicked smile, I activate a certain skill.


-<Blood Chain Feast>


The copious amounts of blood pouring from my body shift, turning into bloody chains.

I release the blood chain skill will my entire body, then float in the middle of the dragon’s stomach. With arms and legs extended, the innumerable blood chains lengthen like needles of a hedgehog.

Extending in all directions, the blood chains pierce through the Evil Dragon King’s stomach into other parts of its body, leaving gaping wounds.


-I destroy its stomach.


-In an instant, I decimate the Evil Dragon King’s stomach.

Outside the Evil Dragon King begins to scream.


“How’s that, Evil Dragon King, doesn’t it hurt!! You, you shit!”


I cry out from inside its stomach.


The smiling faces of Azora and Quiche float by.

Kind Azora, transparent Quiche.

-I’m sorry, if I was eaten sooner…

If I were lucky enough to be eaten at the start, the result would have been different.

However, even if I wallow in self-pity, they won’t return.

Saying so, the Evil Dragon King. My companions, I will take revenge on the one who harmed my favorite woman.




The stomach is completely destroyed by the innumerable blood chains.

The mass of blood chain that pierced through the stomach tear through the dragon’s internal organs like a virus eroding away at its flesh.

Holding the magic sword Bitou, I cut through the ruptured stomach, aiming in the direction of the chest. Even with my mouth, I bite, swallowing the purple flesh and blood.


Thus, my health is completely restored.

The blood chains disappear. However, the massive damage caused by the blood chains to the Evil Dragon King’s internal organs will be fatal.

Furthermore, I find its heart.

I thrust the magic sword into the heart, purple blood gushes out.

While gulping down the blood, I thrust my head at the dragon king’s heart and directly eat it.


Puaaaa, the blue boils up.


※ Pikon ※ Title: Ancient Dragon Eater Acquired※

※ Title: ※ Ancient Dragon-Eater and Divine Beast Contractor※ Integration ※

※ Title: ※ Transcended One ※ Title Acquired


Oh, I got a title.

Should I make my way out now?

After eating the heart, I properly cut my way towards the esophagus.


When I reach the throat, I activate <Magic Thought Guidance Hand.>

I use the distorted mana hand as a foothold by grasping the purple flesh. With <chain> and the magic sword Bitou I rise.


There, with a DOON, a massive rolling occurs with the sound.


Shaking- nuooooo.


I quickly eject <chain> into the esophagus and hang from it.

It seems the evil dragon king has fallen down. There is a vibration.

Without minding it, I climb up.

The movements of the muscles have completely stopped, it should be dead now.

Climbing towards to lips, I force open its mouth full of sharp teeth.




There is a female knight in front of me, holding a sword.

This, I’m shocked enough to open my mouth, is this the knight captain of the Griffon Corps, Cecily Fadasso?


A roaring cheer begins then.




Covered in blood, I try to stand up.


“Hero of the dragon subjugation.”

“Griffon Corps, Bonzai-”


“Cecily Fadasso is a hero, she cut down the Evil Dragon King!”


The surviving soldiers in the area crowd around the female knight.

That, did I kill it? I am surrounded by roaring cheer of joy.

The knight woman does not seem to be interested in the celebration, she only stares at me.


I watch in utter amazement.

Then, Rollo runs up.


“Nya, nyaaa.”


Rollo is unexpectedly joyful, she walks up to me and rubs her head on my foot.

She climbs to my shoulder, then extends a feeler to my cheek.

She conveys these feelings.


『Worried』 『Stinky』 『Happy』 『Knew it』 『Happy』 『Play』 『Knew it』(TL: When Rollo says “Knew it” the kanji mean she believed it, had faith in Shuya. I simplified this to “Knew it” to flow better.)


Rollo is licking my cheek wholeheartedly.


“Haha, I get it, Rollo. That tickles.”

“Did you kill it?”


While I’m playing with Rollo, the captain Knight pushes several spectators aside and speaks.

When I try to answer the female knight-




Oh, Sarah from Crimson Tiger.

She’s hugging me.


“Sarah, what’s wrong?”

“Of course something is wrong, I watch Shuya cry out and attack, get eaten…”


Sarah has tears in her eyes.

But, it’s fine. I hug her tight.

The smell of sweat. My nose is filled with the smell of a woman.


“That’s right. Shuya-san. I was worried. I saw you eaten and thought you died, then you came out of the Evil Dragon King’s mouth.”


While I am enjoying Sarah’s smell, Lushell appears with a worried expression.


“I thought you were dead.”


Belize appears.

While she is laughing, she crosses her arms under her chest swelling under the red armor.


“Aah, me too.”


Butch also survived.

The muscle man is safe.

Quiche is Quiche alive…


“Sarah, did you see Quiche?”

“Quiche? Aah, you were will that elf, the heavy knight. It seems she has been severely injured, but she should live with recovery magic.”


Ooh, she lived.


“Thank god…”


Even she lived…it really is good.

Suddenly, I start to cry.


“…Nee, when the griffon corps killed the Evil Dragon King, there was sound…”


I look around while wiping my tears.

It’s noisier than it was earlier.


“Yeah,…it can’t be helped.”

“The real slayer is Shuya…but, oh dear, these soldiers…these adventurers fighting here until the end, I understand it.”


Sarah praises.

Ma, while hugging Sarah’s body, it must have felt painful.


“…Ah, that’s right. However, everyone deserves credit…”



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