Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 58

Fifty-Eighth Episode~ Dragon Killers

Translator’s Corner: I apologize for the formatting, I have no idea why this happened. I might fix it later, but I’m too tired right now. Here’s the chapter~

Quiche is safe in a tent that has become the place for treatment.
She is missing half her armor and wearing thin leather clothes.
Her face is still scratched, but she seems to be okay.
She smiles as soon as her eyes fall on me.

We high-five on the spot, then hold each other.
Quiche’s face looks cheerful.

“Shuya, it’s over…thank you.”

Quiche’s eyes fill with tears while she talks.
The Evil Dragon King was Quiche’s enemy.

“Ah, I know.”
“Azora and the white bear?”

Quiche doesn’t know yet…

“-They’re dead.”

I shake my head, answering briefly.

“…Unfortunate. However, she was probably satisfied since her final opponent was the Evil Dragon King.”
“She probably was. Then, this, I want Quiche to have this memento, it’s her lucky rabbit tail.”

Saying so, I give her the charm that has turned dark brown, no longer fluffy and white.
I managed to survive, so it must be good luck.
Azora died the moment she was separated from it…
I’m an undead, so it won’t help me.

“This. It’s the charm Azora had. I’m not one for superstitions, but I’ll take it.”

Quiche accepts it.
It’s hard to say, but it needs to be said.

“…Just before Azora died, she dropped it. So, it might actually be effective?”
“That’s rather unlucky…but, already, I won’t need it.”
“I’m thinking about taking a break from being an adventurer, for a while.”

Is it because of the shock?
However, her expression looks healthy.

“A holiday, huh. In Hector?”
“Uya, I won’t return with everyone. I want to drop in at Hino village. Besides, the Evil Dragon King has been killed. I want to go back to my home, build a grave, report that the thing that killed my family has been defeated…to everyone.”

Her home was destroyed by the Evil Dragon King.
She said before that she wanted to rebuild the village.

“I see. I’ll miss you…”
“…Me too, Sh-Shuya.”

Quiche voice is muffled, it sounds like “don’t say such a thing,” I shake my head.
One, two tears stream down cheeks. Crying. I pull Quiche’s head close and stroke her beautiful green hair.  

Her beautiful long ears,

“Quiche, it’s fine.”

Quiche nods quietly. Then, she looks up at my face.
Like that, I snatch away her lips.
Don’t cry. I put that feeling into the kiss.
The deep kiss lasts for a brief moment.


The kiss ends.
It was a deep kiss, a parting one.

“Fufu, Shuya, I swore to the morning star Saideiru that I wouldn’t take a lover, but I like you.”

Morning star saideiru?

“I like you too.”

Her light green hair sways in the wind.
Surely, we aren’t lovers. The strategies of love are not twisting and constraining.

“…Shuya is my friend. I’m leaving.”

It seems like this is difficult for her…
Without saying anything, I turn my back on the woman I love and leave.
A friend, but my mind is brimming with the memories of her as my lover, whispering sweet nothings…the words die in my throat.
Quiche is tall, but…I’ve completely lost sight of her. The cord of a new backpack cuts into my shoulder. The knapsack is jam-packed. Is my treasure over there?
I think about something unimportant, trying to distract myself from the loneliness filling my chest.


…One day later.

News of the Evil Dragon King Subjugation’s success arrives in Fort City Hector

The main topic is the hero of the subjugation.
That person’s name is not mine…
Their name is Cecily Fadasso, the female captain of the Griffon Corps.

-So. The stories vary, I should have insisted from the start that I was the one who defeated it…
When I went wild inside of the Evil Dragon King’s stomach, the adventurers, Cecily, and the griffon corps saw Burdock act erratically, so the start delivering a sequence of powerful attacks.

The moment I was devouring the Dragon King’s heart, Cecily Fadasso delivered an attack.
The surviving soldiers and knights assumed it was Cecily.
There is a portion of people who know I am the one who killed the Evil Dragon King.
The adventurers who fought until the end were confused when they saw my actions, but rumors about the “hero of the Dragon subjugation” had already begun to spread. Once the story disseminated through the city, it was too late to claim that I killed the dragon.

In the face of the rumors, the truth about the Evil Dragon King subjugation has been swallowed up, turning into quiet ramblings.
However, after two or three days passed, the value of such adventurers is rising as well.
A new title is attributed to the adventurer clans who participated until the end, the group of heroes who helped subjugate the dragon, they came to be called the Dragon Killers.
The popularity of other clans like Crimson Tiger’s Tempest will spread quickly.

On the other hand, the administrator of the city, that Marquess is trying to use the popularity of Cecily Fadasso as the “Dragon Subjugation Hero,”was attempting to give Cecily material from the Evil Dragon King as the original reward promised.

However, for some reason, Cecily has vehemently refused.

“That person said, I was just a diversion.”
“I will take nothing.”

Somehow or other, she refused.
And then, Cecily nominated me.

Insisting to the Marquess that I, a D ranked adventurer, defeated the Evil Dragon King, she declines the reward.
It must be her pride that made her do it, no matter what the Marquess said, she took on an obstinate attitude and refused the change her opinion.
Normally, a mere officer would never do such a thing, but according to what I heard, Cecily and the Marquess have had a relationship since they were young.
It took on the form of the Marquess’ earlier compromise, taking into consideration Cecily’s obstinacy, the name of the adventurers who participated in the Evil Dragon King Subjugation were changed as a group.
Again, a place was prepared to make a grand announcement and hand over the reward.

Or should I say, a Marquess will be a Marquess?
With that said, in regards to the reward material, I was told: “please think about.”
I am given time to think so I can make changes later without restrictions.
The talk is because of the Marquess.
Ma, no matter the world, it’s the usual case of government bureaucracy.  
Though, Cecily has no such ambitions.
To give up the Evil Dragon King’s materials, such a massive wealth…

Is this the nobility of a knight?

After such events, the Dragon Killing adventurers and the eminent clans such as Crimson Tiger’s Tempest and Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waterswill receive their formal reward for subjugating the Evil Dragon King.
I am being chosen as a solo participant to receive my award.
In the end, all the adventurers are sharing the material from the subjugation.

I thought the meeting to share the reward would be prolonged, but…
The conversation finishes after several minutes.

Sarah, the leader of Crimson Tiger’s Tempest, took the lead of the meeting since her clan played such an active role.

‘The one who killed the Evil Dragon King is Shuya.”

So, it was decided that I would choose first.
The other adventurers are first class. They understood without a word.
I was in the middle of the fight, so everyone seems to have understood

They obediently jump on the bandwagon.
I’m curious about the crimson horn, so I choose  Burdock’s head.

“I want the head.”

The moment I say that- I hear a “tsk” from the gathered adventurers.

I think it came from the S-Ranked twins of Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters

Judging by their response, those two seem to have wanted the head…
Ma, even if it bothers me, the fact that I killed it doesn’t change.

Immediately, the Evil Dragon King’s right hand, left hand, upper body, lower body, hind legs, and tail are all distributed.
However, it seems it will take seven days to dismantle the Evil Dragon King’s body.
By the way, I tried to put its body inside the item box, but it failed.

The item box seems to have a size restriction.
It was unable to enter.
Once assigning ownership of the material is over, the meeting quickly dissolves.

“It’ll be busy from here on out.”
“What large commercial firm are you going to sell the materials to?”
“We’re from a firm, have an exclusive contract with a blacksmith, and need to request a tailor.”

Adventurers have such conversations.
However, I already ate the Evil Dragon King’s heart, and the stomach and organs are wrecked. I said nothing to the clan who claimed the upper body.

I apologize in my heart.

Then, Sarah talks.

“Shuya, what are you going to do?”
“I’m not sure yet, for now, I think I will take it to an acquaintance’s place.”
“Hm… We’ll be selling a lot of the materials to a large commercial firm.”
“Captain, I want a vacation.”
“Lushell, we’ll talk about it later.”
“Well then, I’ll be off. Everyone, we’ll meet again somewhere.”

Sarah’s smile disappears, but it can’t be helped.
They have their own way of life.

I bow slightly and take my leave.

Now then, I have no primary weapon anywhere, so what will I do.


Over the seven days I take my time and buy the daily necessities I need, I summon the Dark Hellbone Knights in the vacant lot, train with them using Fairy Moji and the magic sword, spend time wandering around the city and doing take on any requests as an adventurer.

During the Evil Dragon King fight, my primary weapon, the black tanza spear, was destroyed, and I lost all the contents of my backpack.
I stored my money in the item box, so that isn’t a problem, but that’s not the only thing…it’s the situation that I have no rewards from the Evil Dragon King Subjugation.

Because of this, I’ll store things other than small coins in the item box from now on.
Now then, the Evil Dragon King’s material should have been transported by now, so I head in the direction of the main street.

People are gathering on the street.
I wait a moment for the crowd to disperse and see that the Evil Dragon King material is being transported.

It’s already evening. Finally.
A line of large carts arrives in Hector.

People are gathering on both sides of the street to look the Dragon King’s corpse.
Carrying Rollo on my shoulder, I join the line of spectators.

“Ooooooh, such large purple scales. Amazing.”
“Is that the Evil Dragon King?”
“That’s right. It looks unexpectedly small, all cut up like that.”
“Iya you’re right. It has a cute foot like a Wyvern.”
“Did you see the claws?”
“Aah, they were able to kill something so big.”

That’s right. That’s right.
While I mix with the crowd, one of the onlookers nods in understanding.
People’s voiced are filled with admiration, they’re all excited.
Rollo watches the scene with me.

With the throng of people gathered, stalls are being set up along the road.
For a while, I walk around the street stands to enjoy the festive atmosphere.
When evening falls, and the sky turns dark, there is light.
Not only the light of torches but also magic light is many places.

I blend in with everyone.
Using the ring, I create a sphere of light.

Countless sources of light float up and fill the night sky.
The size, shape, and intensities are all different.
Like that, a swarm of mysterious fireflies seems to appear in the sky above downtown.
The night view overlooking Japan from a skyscraper is beautiful, but this doesn’t lose out to it.
This real-time fantastic neon view.
I make sure I engrave it in my memory.
Enjoying the night view, the moment I am going to the guild with a smile on my face-

“Oi, you, aren’t you the man who was with Quiche?”

The person who calls out from the crowd is an Elf man.

“N? Who are you?”

Who is this…

“I am Quiche Bakunda’s fiancé, Ra-”
“Oooiiya, that has nothing to do with me…”

Then, I remember.
This is the man who was following Quiche.
Lazu with the horse face. The tattoo of the bee is imprinted on his face.

“You, you’re a rude man. Please wait, were you together with Quiche for a long time the other day? It may be wrong to ask, but I don’t care right now. Ever since the deal with the Evil Dragon King, Quiche, I haven’t been able to find Quiche, was she killed in the subjugation?”

Annoying, this guy talks fast…

“Quiche is alive. Then-”
“Is that so, she’s alive. Then, please wait, I still have something to discuss.”

Something to discuss? Not with me.
I’ll ignore him…
I try to sneak into the crowd and get lost…

“Ano, still with me?”
“There is. The other day you stayed in a bar with Quiche for a long time, I cannot allow Quiche to keep bad company.”

Did he follow? And, bad company?

“You’re persistent, the only bad company here is you.”

Ah, crap, I spoke carelessly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Do your eyes not work?”

…What did his mouth just say?
A grimacing, detestable man.
I guess I should speak openly.

“Quiche is my friend and companion, the other day Quiche ‘clearly’ did no want to associate with you, Lazu, what did Quiche tell you?”

I raise my voice.

“That was said. Do you understand my love? Are able to comprehend it?”

This guy, despite his horse face, has taken on a nihilistic expression.
He has a face of triumph.
This Elf is way too full of himself…

“…I cannot understand your puny feelings.”

I tell him with a little laugh.

“Shit, what is effeminate, the gap between you, a black-eyed, impertinent shit face, and Quiche and I is an impassable gap! Besides, you speak with the habit of an uneducated adventurer, it is evident that Quiche and I love each other the most. You’re an unnecessary distraction-”

For a long time, he prattles on about how superior he is compared to me.
In an instant, I cover my whole body in fighting moji, then deliver a knife-hand blow to Lazu’s footing.

“-If I get in the way, are you going to kill me? If you want to keep being so excessively rude…”

The point of my hand is embedded in the ground, creating an empty hole.


Furthermore, Rollo has become angered and entangles Lazu’s feet in her feelers, tripping him.


Fallen on his rear, the horse-faced Elf has become afraid.
I approach the long-faced Lazu, meet his eyes with a calm smile.

“It is good that you love people without permission. However, do not get Quiche involved in your self-satisfying delusions of love. A one-sided oppressive love is worth the same as shit. Going mad with love to satisfy your own desires. From now on, you will give up on Quiche and chase after a different woman.”

Rollo raises a cute, angry voice, and slaps Lazu with a paw.


With a frightened expression, Lazu speaks in a muffled voice.
Troublesome, I need to make him understand my words.

“Oi, change yourself on the contrary. Chasing after a woman who insists she doesn’t like you, even if she refuses you every time, without listening, you persistently stick around no matter how many times she turns her back. Besides, you’re even threatening to raise your hand against the woman’s friend. Pardon me- what do you think is going to happen?”
“…It, it’s very bad.”

I spoke openly, did it work?

“You’re doing the same thing.”
“…Ah, I-I such a thing…”

Lazu blinks as if suddenly waking up, shedding tears as he looks at me.
I’ll emphasize it here.

“-You should understand. Now, you won’t trouble me or pursue Quiche, correct? You got it?”

Lazu nod repeatedly.

He seems to understand now.
This guy is unexpectedly good at understanding. Umu.

“Is that so, then, disappear quickly. If you trouble Quiche again, I will use the sword hand from earlier to destroy you so badly that it makes your horse face look cute.”

Saying so, I turn on my heel.
Rollo also, after growling threateningly at Lazu, follows after me.

Good grief…this splendid night scene is spoiled now,  
I’ll quickly forget about it and head to the guild…

I enter the guild and head to the reception desk.
There is the usual beautiful oppai receptionist.
Upon seeing her, my mood suddenly approves.
Immediately, I talk to the lovely oppai-san.

“This is the non=search area reclamation mission success, right? You’ll be C-rank now.”
“Thank you.”

Thus, I am promoted the adventurer rank C.

I receive the reward properly.
Incidentally, I sell all the tusks, claws, and dragon scales I collected along the way… (TL: All the stuff he harvested from corpses on the way to Burdock.)
I sell them dirt-cheap.
That’s why everyone left them without collecting them.
Ma, this is normal. When everyone is selling them, it’s only natural for the market price to fall.
When it finally comes to the matter of collecting the Evil Dragon King’s head, I am shown to the back of the guild.

It was dismantled, but the Evil Dragon King’s head is huge.
So, I receive in a special place at the back of the guild.
The width of the Dragon King’s head is seven or ten meters.
I’m worried about if this will fit in the item box, but dismiss the needless anxiety.
As expected, while the whole body of the Dragon King is impossible, its head is manageable.  

“Yosh, it fits.”
“That item box is amazing. To hold something that size…after all, you’re the only solo adventurer amongst the Dragon Killers.”

That, it seems the nickname include me…

“Haha, yeah. I’ll go, then.”
“Hai, again, come to me anytime.”

Anytime, huh.
Oppai receptionist san’s eyes are different than usual.
An expression a respect and interest is visible.

However, I have not heard her name yet…
When I consider asking oppai receptionist-san’s name and making a pass at her, an old voice calls out.

“Shuya-san, wait.”

I look back. There is an old man, appropriate for the voice.
His beard comes to a sharp point.
The person is wearing a blue overcoat I have seen before.
From what I hear, this person is the big shot of a guild master.

His name is Carban Fafunade.
Fafunade…he asks.
When I try to remember, I am told to come with him for a private conversation and am led to a different room.

It seems to be the guild master’s room, bookshelves line the walls, a sofa is lined up with a big desk.
On the desk are thick books, a few of the titles are New World Criticism, Coexistence With Demonic Beings, Hades and the Ten Levels of Hell, Boundary of Hades and Hell, and Kaikou City.

I am asked to sit in a chair with a soft seat and am immediately under a barrage of passionate questions by the Carban-san.
Carban begins to smoke, and fumes drift around me.
And then, starting with a light compliment, he tells me the story his daughter, Eris, said to him, then asks where did I come from. Am I really human? Among other things, what about the black cat…

The rapid succession of investigative questions follows one after another.
When I start to withdraw, Carban-shi begins praising me.

Do I know the name “thorny tail?”
The name “Kuna?”

I reply that I know Kuna, and give the same story I gave the receptionist-san about her dying.
This Carban-Oji takes on a manner appropriate for a guild master, his eyes are sharp but his expression half gentle.

The contents of the conversation change from there.
At this point, Rollo begins to enter my hood to sleep.
Carban Oji-san says tonight there is a celebration for the Evil Dragon King subjugation and a party at the Marquess’ house.

I have been summoned to attend.

This oji says…
He says “You should have been told beforehand.”

It seems I was chosen in a hurry.

“We’ve had to rush to find people.”

“Sorry,” he apologizes.
The conversation develops into a frank discussion from there.

A messenger from the Marquess arrives then, so I am told to wait here since his presence is demanded.

“Can’t I refuse it?”


“What did you say? The top class cooking of Hector is a direct reward?”

Uh, is a high class a delicious meal?
However, isn’t the Marquess that woman?
Of course, I remember…
Honestly, I’m tempted by the food.
The chance to eat the world’s top class food doesn’t happen very often.

…I’ll go.

“I understand. I’ll go. However, won’t you look after Rollo?”

Rollo returns from napping in my hood when she hears her name. He looks at me questioningly.

“Understood. I’ll look after her.”
“Nnn, nya.”

Rollo gets up with a purr.
What do you think? She jumps down from my shoulder to the armchair Carbon-jii is sitting in.
She licks the right side of the old man’s wrinkled face, then begins to explore the room.

She jumps from the armchair to the desk.
She moves to the next box and jumps again.
She climbs up a cabinet to sniff the ceiling, then drops back to the corner of a desk.

“Such a feeling…Rollo is smart, so until I return here. And then…”

When I say I have no clothing suitable for attending, the old man immediately lends me some.

“You should wear this.”
“Has everything been prepared?”
“Funn, it can’t be helped. The size of the clothes is close, but you can wear it for now.”

Good grief, shouldn’t you check on it?
I compare its size to my body.
Without saying anything, I remove my clothes and answer properly.

“…Hai, hai.”

I remove my leather clothes and don the new bilaud type clothing. (TL: This (
http://znaf.info/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/ff14_sorcerer44_02.jpg) is what appears when I search ブリオー, I’m also partial to the idea of Shuya running around in the female version.(http://blog-imgs-48.fc2.com/f/f/h/ffheaven/20111011005825300.jpg))
I had to throw away the leather clothing I was wearing when I was eaten by the Evil Dragon King. Its teeth and stomach acid did a number on them.
The black tiger leather jack that Shisho gave me is tattered and full of holes too, but I can still wear it, so I haven’t thrown it away yet. Compared to the leather clothes I can still wear it for a while.

The clothes I borrow are similar to a tuxedo, but the tailcoat is slightly different.
On the shoulders are epaulets like the accessories attached to naval uniforms. (TL: This(https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/a8/a7/cc/a8a7cc055914c981215aca0a33787229.jpg))

Everything from the underwear to the tie, to the cuff links and shoes, are all of the highest quality.
The color of the cloth doesn’t stand out too much, but the image of the suit is appropriate for the first mansion in Ginza. (TL: Gina is a shopping district in Tokyo.

While I wait in the guild master’s room in such refined clothing, on of the receptionist-sans comes to tell us a luxurious carriage arrives in front of the guild,

When I try to go outside,

“Wait, a little bit of perfume is appropriate, how about it?”
“I don’t need it, in the end, I’m still an adventurer. Getting dressed up is good enough.”
“Is that so.”

I leave Rollo with the guild’s old man, then exit the guild.
Once I board the noble’s carriage, it starts to move in the direction of the Marquess’ house.
I stay silent in the jolting carriage and all too soon arrive in front of the Marquess’ house.
At last, meeting that noble woman.
Ma, in addition to nobles, it seems the Knights, the griffon corps, and some adventurers are coming…
When I descend from the carriage, a maid approaches.
She is a beautiful blond woman. It seems this maid will guide me.

I follow the maid as she advances.
From the large doorway, a red carpet extends down the corridor.
I am guided through the corridor, past the open double doors.

“Please come to this room.”

The maid lowers her head and returns to the hallway.
Yosh, I’ll go in.

It is a wide luxurious space. A large hall for the reception.
Nobles dressed in gaudy clothing are gathered.

Waah, it feels like I don’t belong here.
I turn my eyes to the ceiling to gloss over that feeling.

The ceiling is tall.
There is a large square chandelier made from crystals there.

It is lit brightly, providing light for the room.
The chandelier is mostly giving off white light, but there are hints of seven other colors in the center of the crystals.
Amazing. When I look with magic observing eye, I can see the mana is being released from the crystals
The crystals are special.
Is the strong repeating light from the prism…
I am momentarily reminded of a kaleidoscope. It looks like a work of art.
The beautiful colors are lighting up a talk upon which various dishes are lined up.

“…Looks tasty.”

I mutter.
When I am seen, several dandy nobles begin whispering to one another.

Are they expecting me to act like a noble?
Ridiculous, without minding such a thing, I approach the line of appetizing dishes.

Therefore, I have come here today.
It appears to be set up in a buffet format.
There are roasted ham and an asparagus-like vegetable.
It is a feast of colorful vegetable inside of a large skewered chicken.
Cuts of sirloin steaks are piled attractively with a yellow-green sauce on the side.

I find a mass of scrambled eggs as well.

-I eat.

Wait, wait…
Oooh, there’s an ingredient similar to caviar.
Everything looks so good.
With a plate in one hand, I heap food on top.

-Immediately, I put the plate down, and bring the sirloin to my mouth.

Nnn, oooh, so tender, delicious. Yummy.
Meaty, tender, flavor, the sauce interact beautifully.
I seem to be eating a rich French food.
The guy who made this must be an iron chef.

There is also an unknown dish on the table…
While eating the food on my plate, I people watch.
The dressed up noblemen and ladies seem to be enjoying the food.
They are talking with a plate and glass in each hand, like a buffet party.

Nobles continue to enter the room.

“Oh, isn’t that Shuya?”

Eh? I though they was nobles, but it’s the members of crimson tiger all dressed up in fine clothes.

Moreover, Sarah looks breathtaking…

A costume of flames. It matches her hair.
Her fighting appearance is attractive, but this dressed up figure is nice too.
After all, she looks pretty if her style is outstanding.
The red fur on her feet matches the red heels she is wearing.
The shoe’s design in splendid too.
It looks like flames are wrapping around like a snake, creating the image of a beautiful woman dressed in gauzy flames.

“…Sarah. I’m surprised. You’re beautiful. Those red clothes look excellent on you.”

I breathe through my nose a little, the simple statement making me excited.

“Haha, thanks.”
“Captain, you’re showing an uncharacteristic smile.”

The Elven bow user, Belize, is wearing a dress too.

“After all Belize, aren’t you checking out the jewel displayed on your chest?”
“Belize, to Captain. Don’t fight here.”

Lushell intervenes, or should I say, Lushell, Belize, and Sarah are all beautiful women.
With her Egyptian makeup and the attitude of an ojou-sama.
The clothing and makeup give her the appearance of a blue bird.
Also, Lushell’s chest…
The clothes are slightly transparent, I can see a blue bra…

As for Belize, is she the like the famous performing sisters? She is gorgeous to the extent that I want to insert a tsutsukomi.
The jewel in the middle of her chest is beautiful too, speaking frankly, her breasts have far more destructive power than the gem. The fabric of her dress becomes thinner the closer it comes to her feet, it has a sweetness that could pass in a modern day fashion show…

“Shuya. You look like your enraptured, your eyes are too obvious.”

The words come from the other member of crimson tiger, Butch-shi.
Butch-shi is also wearing high-quality clothing appropriate for the setting.
He is dressed in a deep black tail coat, but the strong muscles, characteristic of beastmen, are still apparent. His red beard is tidied up on his Hamadryad face, and a coolness appropriate for a man stands out.

“…Ah, sorry. I meant, shouldn’t Butch’s look be mentioned too?”
“Nn, that, that’s…

Butch’s face and ears redden.
It seems the tough muscled beastman doesn’t want to be looked at…
While I am having a pleasant chat with the crimson tiger group, all the adventurers call by the Marquess have begun to gather.
The female magic user with the battle slaves, the ax dwarf from the dragon subjugation, the soldier corps, and the hair beast soldiers have appeared.

However, it becomes a slight uproar.

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    1. He did leava a notice about taking a hiatus until further notice.

      A couple chapters was released after that but I’m guessing he just wanted to finish the eviil dragon arc and leave where there wouldn’t be a huge cliff-hanger.


  4. Bird, may I get an insight in how you are doing at the moment? I do not care if we have a chapter release or not but I am worried about you, so I would like you to tell us more about your situation, Please.


  5. Love your work and this story. But seriously, please give us an update if you plan to continue on this; there are a LOT of people waiting in anticipation of how the Novel continues. Just a few lines, please give us a proof of life.

    Liked by 1 person

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