Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 59

Fifty-Ninth Episode~ Dinner Party

“Oi, oi, did you bring a slave?”

“Even if you participated in the subjugation, bringing as slave to a place like this…”

“Lower than beasts, shitty slaves…”

“-Untouchables, this is why I have adventurers.”

“Really. To give a seat to a slave.”


The female magic user slave master ignores the conversation of the distant nobles. Her long brown hair flutters behind her as she walks around the circle. She appears dignified.

Her face has an air of propriety.  Her etiquette isn’t bad, I eat while walking around the crowd.


The magic user woman’s eyes have black makeup around them. Her eyes are chestnut brown.

Her cheeks are tinged red, bringing out the pink tones of her skin.

She resembles a famous Japanese model. Her clothing is a brown magician’s robe.


While I watch her, behind her is a pair of short people.

The children who unleashed the showy ice magic during the subjugation.


The S rank twins 【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】.


They look like children…

Both of them have thin white hair resembling a Buddhist monk.

There is a spiral design stretching from their necks to their heads and appears to extend to their scalps.

They look like sand art, each of the small lines contains mana.


Strange. Notably, their green eyes seem devoid of humanity.


Following the mysterious twins, Cecily and an ikemen from the griffon unit show up.


Their green uniforms have stiff collars.

They also have shoulder straps and aiguillettes.

As expected, they are picturesque.


“It’s the heroine!”

“The hero of the Griffon corps.”

“That’s the hero of the Dragon subjugation…”


“Kya, Cecily-sama!”


A group of people appears, surrounding Cecily.

Seeing this, an unpleasant expression is apparent on her face.


“I…that’s not…”


Cecily tries to say something, but the ball is already rolling.


Oh my, Cecily-sama. No need to be modest.”


Due to the rumor of the “dragon subjugation” spreading, it can no longer be helped.

I felt sorry for her upon seeing this, but give priority to the delicious meal.


And then, Marquess Chardonnay finally appears.


Unlike Chardonnay’s hair style from before the subjugation, her hair is now in a vertical roll with pink ribbons to highlight the blond color.

Her clothing is clearly distinct from the other nobles. Her dress is made from sheer snowy silk and accented with pink embroidery.

Now that Chardonnay has entered, everyone’s attention is on her.


Behind on the side of Chardonnay are the always macho white-haired old soldier and the maid-like beastwoman.


Chardonnay’s servants accompany her to Cecily.

My curiosity is peaked, do I approach the spectators.


“As expected of Cecily Fadasso of the Griffon Corps. Called the ‘Hero of the Dragon Subjugation,” are you jealous of the popularity?”


Everyone pays attention as the Marquess talks to Cecily with a smile.

The nobles surrounding Cecily bow to the Marquess and take a distance from Cecily.


“Marquess, your Excellence…to what do I owe this honor?”

“Please don’t get angry, Cecily. Can it not be helped? Haven’t you only reported one since you returned? Besides, all the adventurers you wanted to invite are here, you were eager to meet that D rank adventurer, right? Ah, they should have been promoted to C rank now.”


N? Isn’t that me?


“I see. Excuse, but thank for taking care of my personal request.”

“Fufu, it’s fine. Considering our past relationship, let’s dispense with the pleasantries today and talk like we did in the past.”


The Marquess says with a beautiful smile.


“Ha, however, this an an official celebratory dinner and awarding ceremony.”

“It’s fine. It really is fine after the success of the Dragon subjugation. You’re safe too. But, you not receiving a reward is troubling me…”


In response to the Marquess’ words, Cecily has an unpleasant expression.


“You Excellence. I…”

“Fufu, Cecily, raise your head. Let’s forget about the ‘obedience’ for now and enjoy ourselves.”

“Yes, thank you. Ah…”



Then, I make eye contact with the smiling Cecily.


“-Chardonnay-sama, we’ll talk again. Then-”


Cecily abandons the Marquess and runs towards me.

Ooooi, it that okay?

Tsukkomiing in my heart, I swallow the meat in my mouth.


-I wanted to meet you. You name is Shuya Kagari? Now, I can finally apologize…”


I’ll be darned, she’s apologizing all of a sudden.


“Eh, yeah. I’m Shuya. No, no, don’t worry about it. I got my reward from the guild.”

“Is, is that so. Still…”


She seems to be depressed by the fame.

She is prideful and straightforward …

Even if you accept it, I don’t mind.


Ma, ‘I killed the Evil Dragon King. Hahaha.’ in an ostentatious way.

Since she didn’t say it like that, I have a good impression of her.




No matter what I say, this “beautiful woman” won’t accept any of the evil dragon king’s materials are a reward.

This soldier-san is way too cool.

I also don’t think it’s any of your business…

I feel like lightening the burden on her heart.


“…It’s fine. I will understand it if it is the strong, beautiful griffon commander who is adored by the people. And I said earlier, I got enough rewards, I can eat delicious food today too, so please don’t mind it.”


I tried to paraphrase to the person in front of me, but it can’t be helped if an unrefined adventurer does it.

Ma, I expressed myself as politely a possible, but will it be okay?


“…I see. You saying so helps me. But, saying I’m beautiful…”


Cecily seems unused to being praised, causing her cheeks to redden.


“-Some nerve, making advances on Captain?”



The ikemen suddenly interrupts, complaining.


“Sheridan, stop.”


Cecily tries to stop him, but ikemen-san still steps in.

This ikemen, he is the one who duel wielded and severed Daedalus’ neck. He resembles the actor from fight club.


“…I was only frank about my impression of her?”


With a flat face I return to speaking informally. However I am more concerned about the gaze of Chardonnay who is behind the young man from the griffon corps.

The Marquess is staring at me.

Moreover, as soon as we make eye contact, Chardonnay’s eyes widen, and her mouth opens.

A shocked expression is evident.

Chardonnay speaks to the white haired old man waiting behind her, then to the beastwoman maid, she turns to whisper to her.


Judging by this reaction, it would be that she has recognized me?

Leaving out the matter of 【Fadyke】, was I just called an ordinary adventurer…


The old soldier listens to Chardonnay, he lowers his head, the swishes his mantle as he moves to follow and protect her.

Plus, the old soldier’s eyes are sharp. He is openly glaring at me.

The Marquess’ beastwoman maid-servant is glaring at me too, her arms are held up in a fighting pose.


I pay no attention to the ikemen going on about his pet theory.

It’s unfortunate for him, but I chimed in properly and answered

For a while now, I haven’t looked away from the Marquess.


With the two people following her, Chardonnay walks to the center of the room.




There, the master of ceremony and the uniformed servants greet Chardonnay.

In a few words, the conversation is repeated to the servants.


After the servant leaves with a message, Chardonnay pulls herself together, relaxes her guard towards me, and turns to the surroundings with a smile.


Taking a step forward.

Then, cymbals sound and everyone’s attention is focused on Chardonnay.

Chardonnay begins to talk.


“-Everyone Thank you all for gathering for today’s dinner party. This time we a celebrating the success of the Evil Dragon King subjugation. The Blue Iron Knight, all of the Griffon corps and adventurers, you all worked hard-”


Chardonnay lowers her head lightly.

The violin begins to play.


“As a token of appreciation, also as an apology for the reward, this is a reward for the adventurer clans attending here. As proof of your contributions in the Evil Dragon King subjugation, I would like to present a ring made with the material of the Evil Dragon King and a single white gold coin. And then, because a special reward was prepared for our hero of the Griffon corps, Cecily, don’t miss it later…fufu. Then, after this, don’t restrain yourself and enjoy your meal.”


Finished with her short speech, Chardonnay attendants in various places lower their heads, and music begins to play when she claps her hands.


Those attending the party give a standing ovation.

The ikemen who has been speaking harshly respond to the Marquess’ words as well and begin to clap.


Music flowing with a profound and quiet elegance starts to play, signaling the start of the real party

Chardonnay is observing the conduct of the surrounding nobles.


And, she looks at me again.

Our eyes meet.

The corners of Chardonnay’s lips lift, and she laughs, and covering her mouth with a white fan she says something to the old soldier.

The old soldier nods and lowers his head, making eye contact with Marquess Chardonnay, he nods once more.

The old soldier separates from the Marques and approaches me.

On the other hand, Marquess Chardonnay’s beastwoman maid-servant disappears into a back room.


For a moment, I become anxious…

That moment the ikemen of the Griffon Corps steps in front of me.


“-Oi, did you hear me?”

“Ah, aah, be done with it. I didn’t hear you.”

“Oh, really?”


The Griffon Corps youth becomes angry and drops the glass in his hands, breaking it.

However- I ignore him.

I’m not that worried about this man, my focus is entirely on Chardonnay now.


“Kora, Sheridan. You’re troubling Shuya.”


Cecily calls the man by his name and scolds him.

She makes him pick up the broken glass on the floor.

Without minding such a thing, I continue enjoying the food on my plate.

After Chardonnay’s old soldier sees the conflict is settled, he approaches.

The old soldier in white armor stands out.

The soldier jii-san is honest, he speaks after bowing to me.


“You are Shuya Kagari, the adventurer who just advanced to C rank? That Spearman?”


The way he says that has an implication.

Everything has already been discovered, so I admit it.

I speak after swallowing the last of the meat.


“That’s right.”

“Her Excellency is calling. Please follow me.”


After all, I’ve been requested.

With this development, it must be about Fadyke…

Damn it.


“…Another room?”



Is it a trap? I should be cautious.


“I understand.”


I’m worried, but I get over it.

I don’t know what the Marquess is planning.

I am led by the old soldier from the hall into another room.

I am guided to a big square room.


There is something like a big circular fireplace in the center.

Instead of coals, there are bluish-purple rectangular crystals.

Pale violet flames dance in the furnace, illuminating the room.

The shade has a strange sense of modesty.


And, the pervasive scent of flowers and honey makes me feel refreshed.

My nose is filled with the smell.

While I’m enjoying the smell, Chardonnay appears with the self-possessed atmosphere of a Marquess.


However, next to her in the Marquess’ beastwoman maid, glaring at me…

The white haired old soldier moves to take up his place to the rear of Chardonnay.

Then, Chardonnay begins to speak.


“You are the Spearman and the black cat who was at that place then, correct?”


I- then, remember my first encounter with Chardonnay.


Chardonnay’s expression now is beautiful and modest, when she looked at me before…her eyes were as if she were staring down at someone who was total garbage.


-I will not forget the expression of contempt this person gave me.


“…Now that, that time?”


I speak, forgetting about etiquette.

Impudent, I expose my feelings, feigning ignorance.

My heart is surprisingly delicate.

The insult from so long ago has caused me to bear a grudge.


Also, this is a private room.

Even if I take a firm stand, there is no else here aside from the Marquess.

Seeing how I speak to the Marquess, the beastwoman maid’s face twitches.


She can’t seem to stand my rude manner.

The beastwoman maid gathers mana in her feet.


-Hee, you’re going to attack?


On the ends of both her hands, the maid has claw-like weapons attached.

Actually, with a *kakin* sound the steel claws seemed to jump out from the cover on the back of her hands. (Basically, she’s Wolverine.)


-The beastwoman turns her claws to me kicks off the ground with a shout.




Raises a strange shout, she extends each hand to deliver a punch with the claws extending from her knuckles, aiming for my chest.


The claw jab.

-I retreat backward.

I sway slightly back and forth, continuously dodging.


‘Kiki, stop.”


Because of her subordinate’s action, Chardonnay shouts sternly.


“-Ha, however, this smell, this is definitely the right man. And, the way he treats ojo-sama is unacceptable.”


The beastwoman maid is unwilling.

The claws are withdrawn, and she retreats.


The beastwoman retreats, and immediately the old soldier who guided me here moves.


Cautious of me, he advances.

He begins to speak after stretching out an arm in front of Marquess Chardonnay to protect her.


“-Kiki is correct. He is too impudent. What he said to your Excellency. Shuya, please answer seriously.”


The old soldier throws reproachful words at me.

Being cautious, even though the one who was attacked despite being unarmed was me…


Ma, how should I answer? After all, it’s probably time.


“…You mean the ruins of the mansion outside 【Fadyke】?”

“As expected.”


The beastwoman reacts quickly. She keeps glaring at me.


“-Kiki said something about ‘smell.’ I’ve also understood ever since I saw him…is the report from your subordinate, Seme, not finished?”


Chardonnay turns to the beast woman and communicates with her eyes to not move.

After all, they remember me.


“Ha, excuse me, your Excellency. After the Evil Dragon King subjugation, I’ve been busy in 【Hector】…”

“Hun, Seme is the captain of the 【Counter Espionage】unit…it looks like we’re going to have to have a ‘talk’ again.”


Chardonnay waves a thin arm, and the slender white feather fan whacks the old soldier’s guarding arm.

The captain of the 【Counter Espionage】 organization is called Seme? (TL: Seme means shark.)


“Ha, however…”


The white haired old soldier looks at me with an embarrassed expression unbefitting his appearance.

It must be the Marquess’ classified information.


“Good. Tell Shuya-san too.”


They’re going to tell me?



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