Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 61

Sixty-First Episode~ Truth and Mirror ※


Owes me? Wondering what he could mean I continue putting my clothes on.

I put the high-class clothes in my item box.

Then, I sit down on the soft-looking sofa and listen again.


“You owe me?”

“That’s right.”


I can’t think of a reason why…


“I don’t remember…please tell me.”

“Fumu. Before Shuya went to the dinner party, didn’t I mention Kuna and 【Thorny Tail】?”


“You, didn’t she try to trick and kill you?”


I was discovered? Seen through?



“In my work… I deal with various races, negotiate with nobles. Can’t I easily see through someone’s lies?”


It jii-san is crafty. It seems he figured it out…

The title of guild master isn’t for show.

Being able to see a person’s heart, their intentions, is it some type of judgment skill?

I should have been acting naturally, but perhaps that was seen through. Pupils will dilate, fingers may twitch… expressions can change, is it an ability acquired through experience.


Or, is it because of the circumstantial evidence?

I cover my body with fighting moji once more, then smile and look at the jii-san.


“…So, huh?”


I say shortly, trying to convey pressure from my behavior.


I prepare myself.

My sharp gaze is directed at Carban-jii.

Carban hastily shakes his head.


“No, wait, wait- don’t be the gun. Hear me out. Kuna and I had a connection. On the surface, Kuna was a beautiful person who contributed to the guild, but in reality… she was actually one of the leaders of the dark guild, 【Thorny Tail】.”


I’m aware of that, but I make a gesture as if I was unaware.

My expression loosens, and I mutter.


“【Thorny Tail】, huh…”


Carban-jii really looks the part of the guild master, lighting a cigarette with dignified composure. Puffing a cloud of white smoke, he continues talking.


“…That’s right. When setting up the magic formations leading to labyrinths, instead of bargaining a price she asked for collateral…they were small at first, but then the conditions became increasingly difficult. It was no longer money and magic stones, it turned into intervening and concessions for the dark guilds, requesting investigations… is beyond the power of the guild. Also, when I objected to the contents of the requests, I was threatened on top of the already unreasonable demands… we had quite a hard time.”


She was able to threaten the guild master?

Kuna was likely using underhanded measures.


That being the case…

Since I killed Kuna, is it okay if I reveal her being a demonic being?

From seeing the jii-san’s behavior, I can decide what to say…


“…A threat? However, considering it was you, how could that happen? And then, can the adventurer’s guild actually cooperate with someone from the dark guilds?”


I ask with a doubtful expression.


“I understand, but it happening my mistake. And then, I don’t usually mind if I cross the dark guilds. Connection dark guilds spy and thief guilds is a necessary evil. However, it became a desperate situation for a different reason… Originally, there was only one metastasis formation in 【Hector】.”

“One? There are three now?”

“Yeah. That’s right, you don’t seem to know, so I’ll tell you. Establishing a magic formation costs a vast sum of money. Ma, because the Marquess cooperated with building the magic formation, I was able to secure the funds, but some events occurred…”


Then Carban-jii takes a deep puff from his pipe with an angry glare in his eye, with a snort white smoke pours out of his nose. The way the smoke is coiling out makes it look like he is wearing it.


“…That was a cruel event. I tried to talk to Benji of the magic guild about adding another magic formation. However, I didn’t expect that all the members of the guild along with Benji would be killed by that man. Using the extraordinary magic that built this castle wall…”


Is this about Zoru Gustave?


A shadow appears on Carban-jii’s face.

His wrinkles seem to increase in number.


“With that, the only magician in 【Hector】 with the space time attribute became Kuna. I don’t know how, but Kuna had a skill that allowed her to move magic formations, the large number of magic stone was a bargain price. She pressed those large milky breasts on me and appealed.”


So that’s what happened. Part of him is an ero-jii.

So they came to an agreement.


“I see.”

“Fumu. Even if I called in an outside magician and resisted Kuna’s charm, the magician’s guild has its own hurdles. Because the person who killed several magicians from the magician’s guild came from a noble family, the incident became a large problem. So, there was no place to request one of the rare magicians with the space-time attribute to come to Hector. Besides, no magician wanted to come to a city where the members of the magic guild were slaughtered.”


That would be unreasonable.


“Requesting a magician to establish a magic formation wasn’t possible. If we produced magic stones like labyrinth city, the story might have been different… anyhow, Kuna was chosen, and I commissioned her. Naturally, I knew she was a leader of a dark guild, but it was also a matter of urgency for the Marquess. …So the events I described before unfolded. I regret this as well.”


I have a feeling that some parts were left out.

It’s possible that Kuna was the demonic being Zoru Gustave mentioned, making this her aim from the beginning. Kuna was the fixer in the shadows.

Kuna seemed to have betrayed Sabido, on the surface, no, in the shadows too, this is confusing. Anyway, it means the woman was full of connections.


“…Can I continue?”

“Ah, continue.”

“And then. The other day, during the war between the ants and dragons, the Marquess ended up at the guild. The labyrinth collapsed, and adventurers were angry over how many died, a disturbance was raised when the Marquess carried out the Evil Dragon King subjugation. During the chaos I got a report that Kuna died, the headquarters of the Present firm and 【Thorny Tail】 was attacked, and the monsters they caught were released into the streets, one surprising report came in after another.”


The Marquess mentioned it too. They would be even more surprised if they knew it was me and a member of another dark guild that crushed 【Thorny Tail】…


“While investigating quietly, Shuya’s name appeared. You formed a party with Kuna and went into the dungeon? And, surprisingly, the one who returned was Shuya. When I asked the receptionist-san in charge, I was told Kuna was killed by a monster, isn’t that what you said?”


That receptionist-san was afraid of me…

I was a bit suspicious.


“…That’s right. Receptionist-san was beastwoman.”


Carban takes a puff from his pipe, nodding while releasing a puff of smoke.

It’s strange, I can’t smell smoke from the pipe. The smell is slightly sweet, a scent like perfume.


“Judging by Kuna’ abilities that not realistic, further more, it’s impossible. When I inquired, I thought Shuya was a member of a dark guild, that an assassin had disguised himself as an adventurer. I figured it was an issue of conflict between the dark guilds, so I avoided probing too deep.”

“Wait a minute. Am I not a member of a dark guild?”


I naturally bring up. Hurriedly denying.

For a moment, Carban scrutinizes me.


“…I understand. Ma, I’ll tell you. The adventurer’s guild has a noninterference rule because of the trouble… however, you took on the urgent request like a real adventurer, handling it efficiently. When I heard this from my daughter, it turned out you were the reason the urgent request succeeded.”


That’s accurate.


“N~, I did what was needed. Eris worked hard as well. Her instructions were very clear.”

“Umu, umu. That’s right. Hearing the story from Eris, I was surprised. In the end, also participating in the Evil Dragon King subjugation. And, having the ability to even subdue the Evil Dragon King. If you were a member of a dark guild, you never would have participated. I thought it was strange. Like that, I decided to ask about the main reason the Marquess had for the dinner party.”


Since he knows that much about Kuna, I should be able to tell him the truth.


“Carban-jii. What you said is true. Incidentally, if I were to say I killed Kuna, would I have to suffer some form of punishment?”

“No, rather, I want to give you money. Marquess-sama might get angry. The price of setting up the magic formation is difficult.”


Carban-jii said lightly.

I see, then it’s fine.


“In that case, I can be honest. I did kill Kuna.”

“Like I thought, that cuts the gordian knot (TL: Means “solve or remove a problem directly or forcefully, rejecting gentler or more indirect methods.”). Then, I really am in your debt-”


The jii-san put on a happy face and repeats himself.


“Oto, the debt has already been discussed, since Carban-jii is the guild mast, he should know about it.  Kuna was a ‘demonic being,’ not a human. Kuna had trapped me, so I was only able to return by killing her.”



Carban was starting to refill his pipe but suddenly leans forward in surprise.




Him standing up so suddenly surprised Rollo.

Rollo jumps on the chest.

What is it? Her red eyes turn into question marks.


Aside from that, the attitude of the old man.


“…is it that surprising?”

“Wait a minute…”


Pointing a finger between his eyebrows, the jii-san sits in his chair like he became dizzy.

Is everything all right…


“…Are you okay?”

“U, umu. It’s hard to believe. However…no, that smile and figure…all those lies, when I think about it… besides, her strange magic…”


How should I say it… this jii-san, he saw through me but couldn’t figure out Kuna.

Did he do something ero with Kuna?

Ma, she was good at hiding herself, those eyes, because she was boasting about the power of her magic eyes, he must have been tricked by them.


“…Ma, even if you can’t believe it, you should have though Kuna was killed by an assassin from another dark guild.”


In fact, an assassin named “Karii” already infiltrated, it seemed to have been a mission.


“Fumu… that’s right. However, when it comes to Kuna’s death, no, even without comparing, Shuya, when the thief guild spread information about you, do you think you caught the notice of the dark guild?”

“Ah, that’s right. Just after killing Kuna, a group from a dark guild came into contact immediately.”


Carban-jii nods.


“I see, that makes sense. Are you being careful? Ma, it’s none of my business… however, if that’s the case, a witness at 【Thorny Tail】 headquarters saw 【Shadow Wing】 outside… or, it could have been  【Blood Elves】, the biggest power in this city. Otherwise, 【Bell of Twilight】, 【Owl Fang】, 【Moon Ruin】…”


Carban mutters, lost in thought.

Judging by the guild master’s behavior, he doesn’t seem to be sharing information with the Marquess. Judging what Marquess Chardonnay said on the platform in Vaisu, I thought the humans were on the side of the nobles…


It seems there is an appealing difference from the guild.

Hector may be another story.

However, are the dark guilds an existence like the mafia in the country?

The police and administers of justice in Hector are probably the Blue Iron Knight corps…


“…Na, does the country do anything to suppress the dark guilds?”

“Bu, hahahaha, you suddenly said such a childish thing?”


Carban bursts into laughter.

His muscles shake as he laughs, his wrinkles crinkle, and he continues talking with a smile.


“Such a thing is impossible. You could say it is absolutely impossible. Big and small, there are hundreds of dark guilds, publicly they are excellent trading companies, connected with wealthy merchants. Aren’t the dark guild also serving the country? It is an aspect of the public order. The thief guild is also intertwined, so everything is closely connected. There are members of the dark guild playing the part of adventurers like Kuna…”


So that’s how it is.

They are part of the social infrastructure.

Ma, in this world there are gods, magic, spirits, magic wogan dolls, the border between worlds.

The dark society is certainly complicated, the underworld…it can’t be imagined…


“…Although I say that, it isn’t given up entirely? The country purges criminal groups like the 【Shadow Wing Brigade】, Fishian pirates too are always killed. However, things don’t go as expected. The adventurer’s guild also has power, it is used. Ma, the guild changes city to city, so this doesn’t cover everyone.”


It changes depending on the area.


“…It’s complicated. However, what about the Blue Iron Knight corps stationed in the city?”

“You seem to misunderstand, the Blue Iron escort corps and the Blue Iron third cavalry corps cooperate and protect peace and order, but only in the area which can be done. Magic Drug selling, magic drug production, smuggling of prohibited goods, Illegal slavery, robbery, kidnapping, murder, when spies are found during patrols they are executed on the spot. Like that, criminals are caught every day in the city, executions and slave merchants are located in the square.”


Soldier company? Which reminds me, there was an office-like place in each part of the city.

But, the extent of their influence…


“I see. I’ve learned a lot. Carban-jii. I will return to my inn. Rollo, let’s go.”

“Nn, Nya.”

“N, I see. Understood.”


Rollo jumps down from the chest again.

She climbs agilely into my black hood.


Like that, I leave the guild and return to inn nearby.

The cheap inn that looks like an apartment complex.


The room is the same as before, it’s small…


Because the mirror occupies the only space next to the bed, the room always feels like it has become smaller.


Rollo doesn’t seem to care about how small the room is, jumping on the bed.

She climbs from there to the mirror and turns her crimson eyes to the top of it.


Should I take this opportunity to look for a good inn?

I also want to put the mirror somewhere it won’t stand out the much. It’s unfortunate, or, I could leave Hector and go to a different city.


While considering such a thing, I relax and take off my jacket.

N~, before I sleep, I’ll check Status.


Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: Transcended One

Race: Rusivault

Battle Occupation:Dark Magic Spearman:Chain User

Physical Strength 19.3→20.0 Agility 20.1→20.8 Stamina 18.3→19.1 Mana 23.3→24.3 Dexterity 18.2→19.2 Soul 23.8→24.6 Luck 11.0→11.2

Condition: Calm


Skill Status.


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Hidden Body>:<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:<Bloody Chain Feast>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:<Fairy Moji>:<Summoning Magic>:<Ancient Magic>:<Crest Magic>:<Dark Drill>:<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>:<Language Magic>


Permanent Skills:<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undead Ability>:<Darkness Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:<Fighting Moji Knowledge>:<Guidance Moji Knowledge>:<Spear Sparring>:<Thought Guidance Chain>:<Magic Crest Construction>


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


My abilities improved considerably.

The series of battle with the dragons, and then finally killing the ancient dragon at the end.


I touch the title.

※Title:※Transcended One※


Contracting a Divine Beast and bilking an Ancient Dragon. Surpassing a person.

<Divine Beast Riding> is Possible.


All ability growth revised.


Divine Beast riding, there aren’t any changes in Rollo.

If Rollodinu regains her true power, I might be able to ride her.


If I ride Rollo’s present Black Panther form, I will only crush her.

Riding her is impossible.

Other than that, let’s go to the Dwarf brother’s tomorrow.

Aside from armor, I need to acquire a new spear, my skill with the sword is still low.


Ancient Dragon, equipment made from the Evil Dragon King, I should be able to make armor…






The next day, I get up around morning.


When I get up, Rollo also begins to uncurl herself. After a yawn, she stretches her back.


She looks comfortable.


The very cat-like behavior of stretching.

One by one, she shows cute gestures.

I am now healed by the cat, but it is still too early for the Dwarf brother’s shop to be open, so I have some spare time.


Should I start with a portal?

I stopped after the other day’s exploration.

Preparation complete, I look back at Rollo.


“Rollo, get on my shoulder, this time I’m going to do some reconnaissance. Can you be quiet?”



Rollo immediately jumps onto my shoulder.

And, from the item box, I pull out the twenty-four sided Zohedron Trap.

I trace the third sign and activate it again.


On the other side of the portal, the same room from the other day appears.

The room of the woman with worn out clothes.


The woman is sleeping.


Flowers are set up around the mirror for some reason…


Is this because I opened the gate so many times?

Actually, during the week before leaving on the Evil Dragon King subjugation, I opened the third and fourth gate to kill time, peeking through.


Since she’s asleep, is now my chance?

I will explore a little, then come back immediately.

-Yosh, time to go.


I enter the gate.

The room is quiet, only the sound of someone sleeping.


Immediately, I activate presence detection.

Then, <Hidden Body> and <Night Vision.>


-Good, no sign of her stirring.

Other than this woman’s magic essence, I can feel more outside the room.


When I try to leave the room slowly, the Zohedron Trap separates from the Parades mirror and flies over.

The many sides sphere orbits my head again.

I catch the globe, with the sphere in hand I can activate gate magic anytime, I open the sleeping woman’s door and slip out.


When I walk into the boarded hallway, there is a flight of stairs leading up.

There are corridors to the left and right, and there seem to be some small rooms similar to the room I came out of.

To the right is a dead end and to the left is a large door.


Every room has a magic essence reaction.


I creep up the stairs and come out in a place like a stage. In the middle of the stage is an altar where a clergyman or father would preach.


I advance toward the altar.

Is this a chapel, a small church? Seats lined up under the step to the left.

Quietly, I come down from the edge of the altar, walking in the middle on a carpet between the chairs.

It’s snug, but the tightness isn’t enough to make one fell claustrophobic.


I think there is no second floor.

Room earlier was underground, so that is likely how it is.


Two wooden doors are seen ahead of the carpet. That should lead outside.

A box for donations is on either side of the door.

…For now, I’ll go outside.

It is possible to go outside without being discovered.


So, I cancel <Hidden Body.> -There is no magic essence sign.

I would like to use Pheromone Touch, but I hold back.


I look around.

An earthen road leads left and right. Tall stalks of a corn-like plant grow in fields, blocking my view.




Rollo seems curious in the tall plants, but I move my arm o stop her.


“Rollo, for now, stay on my shoulder so I can withdraw immediately.”


Hearing my words, Rollo understands.

Should I follow the dirt road heading right for a while?


-Oh? In the distance there seem to be small houses.

It is early morning, the light becomes a sign.

This seems to be a small farming area.


My exploration switch is stimulated.

…Without walking into the fields, I turn left at an intersection and advance.

I can see small houses. I follow the path going uphill. Continuing to climb.


Light leaks out from a house uphill.


There is nothing like a signboard.

A poor farmer lives in a poor house.

The house is made of mud and straw in between a lattice of beams.


From inside the house, I can detect from magic essence signs.

Excuse me. Saying that I suddenly intrude.

It’s doubtful because I plan to immediately dive into the gate…


First of all, next time I explore past the third gate, I will need to have my spear with me as my primary weapon.




Because a gate is going to open, I walk around to the back of the house.

The house is enclosed by a wooden fence. I walk around to the back and activate the gate after confirming no one is around.


Stepping into the gate- without incident. I return to my small room in Hector.


I immediately activate the fourth gate.

It’s a little dim, the rocky stretch where the witch Sazihali appeared.

No one is there. The witch has probably gone somewhere.




After I stealthily look around again, I activate the gate again.


Immediately, I turn on the fifth gate.

Complete darkness. No, the color of the soil…


The mirror seems to be buried in dirt and sand.


I cancel it and trace the sixth symbol, activating it.

This one is the same.

In the end, I look up to the tenth, but they are all buried underground.


I start the eleventh, hoping it won’t be the same.

Oh, it worked.


The scene reflected in the gate looks like some kind of warehouse.

There is a lot of old looking and new looking furniture.

A crest of a snake and green rose is displayed in several places.

The only source of light is the illumination from the mirror.

The dust clinging to the old furniture is white.


There seems to be no sign of life here. I cancel and move on.


I activate the twelfth.


Oh, the view is suddenly breathtaking.

Moreover, the sky spreads out, and it is a place like an empty island.




A white marble-like stone is spread out, and in the distance, there is a line of pillars made from the same material. In the middle of the pillars is something life a coffin.

The marble reflects the moonlight, creating a unique fantasy feeling.


There is no wall, in the sky to the left the cotton-like clouds are floating.

It creates the impression of ruins floating amongst the clouds.

Machu Pichu? Rapyu○?

For a while, I remember a nostalgic music as I watch the drifting clouds.


No golem flying in the sky appears.

There’s nothing to do, so I move on.


On the other side of the thirteenth gate is a long corridor


The Paredes mirror is in the corner of the hallway.

A red carpet covers the floor and to the right is a big curtain covering a window.


The arched ceiling is made of gray stone.

It is difficult to see on the folded yellow-green curtain, but there seem to be lines marking out symbols.


This is absolutely a rich house.

A noble, wealthy merchant, I can’t be certain, but this hallway seems appropriate for either position.

Along the corridor, there is the handle to a large door.

There is no one here, but it feels like someone could walk by at any moment.

If I wait a while a maid will probably show up, I’m confident a cute girl will appear.


While having strange fantasies, I look around a little…

There’s nothing to see. I decided to check the next.


I activate the fourteenth.

On the other side of the gate is snow.


There is only a little bit of snow accumulated.

It seems to be a forest, there are blocks of black stone.

They seems to be a staircase.

It difficult to see because of the snow, but the outline of the black stones looks artificial.


It looks like this used to be a stone fort.


This place looks cold, it might be a fortress of the Northen countries.

I don’t see any footprints, there are no signs of monsters or people.


I cancel the portal.


Activating the fifteenth. A sheet a spray splashes on the other side of the mirror.

The mirror is near a cascading waterfall.

Around the slanting cliff, a dim sky is visible.


It’s a beautiful view.


A beautiful flower growing by the cliff sways in the wind.

N~, good, the moonlight is beautiful.

The view is fantastic. I want to see this all the time.


My favorite views is this and the one on the island.

However, I need to look at the next gate. I cancel the gate-


The sixteenth was a shallow sea. The wreckage of a ship spreads out.


This is on a ship?


The mirror seems to have been on a cargo ship which ran aground.

It feels like it is close to an island.

Dazzling sunlight plays across the sea floor like a jewel.


Tricorne, it feels like one of the Caribbean pirates wearing one of the hats will appear.

How far away is this place? To the south, perhaps to the east. It might be in the west.

I might be able to swim in the sea if I try. When I have spare time, I’ll go swimming.


It looks like there might be a sandy beach nearby.

If it’s possible, I’d like to share a romantic kiss with a girl on a sandy beach.

And then, and then, wearing a shell swimsuit… ahaha – haha-like, chasing while laughing…Gufu. (TL: The laughter was in English characters.)


Haa, I’m an idiot. Yui, Quiche, separating with them was painful, now my head has become funny. (TL: Shuya is love sick.) No, it might be because I got hit in the head by the Evil Dragon King’s tail.


Now then, time to end my pointless delusions.


I cancel the gate and trace the next symbol.


The gate starts up.


The seventeenth place looks like a warehouse.

It has a strong light source, different from the eleventh.


Hanging from the wall is a sword and shield with the intricate design of a dragon carved into them.

Metal boxes are organized neatly on the floor.

An iron mannequin is to the left and a mask, armor, and luxurious clothes are set.


And, something on the right stands out.


Internals organs like the heart are wriggling in black frames.

There are human sized hearts, but also larger ones. The things like capillaries around the heart have been overturned.

It’s strange, and sorta disgusting.


Still, there is an empty socket where it appears a heart is needed.


However, what is this space?

A private warehouse?

The source of light in the room is the ceiling, is someone there?


For the time being. I stare at the gate in front of me.

N~, there’s no sign of anyone coming. Times seems to stop.

I dismiss the gate.


The eighteenth is another warehouse.

However, like the eleventh, it is dark. Right in front, there is something like a black box, so it is probably a treasure storehouse. So, I dismiss it.


The nineteenth to twenty-third gates are dirt and sand.


I trace the twenty-fourth symbol, and it changes from red to green…

After all, the gate doesn’t activate.


Now then, now that I have quickly checked several gates, I know there are several I cannot use.

I still found several safe gates though, so it’s okay.


The priority is low so I will explore some of the gates when I have time.


However, there are a lot of mirrors buried underground.

What will happen if I enter that ground…will I be destroyed if the pressure is too much?

But in my case, since my body heals I might be able to survive…


Think about it, doing so would certainly be painful.

However, if I was unable to move… being buried for centuries would cause me to undergo mummification.

I will literally be mummified with no blood…


However, this mirror, I’d like to collect several of them.


In the future, if I can collect several on scattered mirrors, I can buy a house in each of the famous cities and place a Paredes mirror in each one. I can easily travel back and forth using the Paredes mirror. It is restricted by its size, but the cost of transportation disappears so I could make a large profit through trading.


Should I resign as an adventurer and become a wealthy merchant?

Establishing You New Life in a Different World: Method VI The final sale decision.


I remember the ○Sakae game I loved in my previous world.

After I say so, being an adventurer is carefree.

As for moving mirrors, it would be good to secure a place where I could keep one.

I was kind of joking, but I will find a location in this area.


Will I was doing all this, it became close to noon.

As for inspecting the other side of the gates, I will do that another time.


I’m also a little hungry. It’ll be noon soon, I should go to Zaga and Bon’s store after eating breakfast.



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  1. Thanks fro the chapter, it seems that you are properly recuperated, thats good. well at least the hole thing with kuya is out in the open.


  2. Very unique. Going to other places using mirrors he doesn’t need travelling expenses any more or being exhausted.
    The ancient gods or races in that world must have been influence by Aliens. There are gates shaped circle or arc. Many are spread across the land or sea. Gateway to other dimensions. And there’s also lost advanced technology whether from the natives or from someone beyond the gates. Example is that Elevator from that mountain plateau connecting into the seemingly large underground cavern-world like place where monsters, dwarves and other dangerous creatures reside.


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