Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 62

Sixty-Second Episode~ Happy Purchase, Happy Shopping.

In the alley full of restaurants there should be a good place to eat.


“Rollo, let’s go find some good food.”



Rollo only replies with a purr.

However, she quickly takes up her spot on my shoulder.


Rollo and I leave the inn behind.

I walk down the street with the bar Cherry works in.

There seem to be a lot of stores which close at noon.

Lunch time should be good for profits…

Ma, thinking with a Japanese mindset is probably inappropriate.


The gambling district appears I don’t go there.

Should I walk to the market?

Despite the time, various things are being sold there.


As I wander down the street and through the shops, I manage to find somewhere to eat.

It’s a simple street stall consisting of a curtain stretched over a thin wooden frame.

A flat curtain covers the top in place of a roof.


As a substitute for a menu, there is a black board. On the blackboard is written only food served in a pot.


I walk over.

My tasty food research committee is confident that this is a well-known hidden-shop.

Customers, merchants, and adventurers are sitting on stools, steam rises from an iron pot placed on a small table, the hot juices from the iron pot is soaked into the vegetables in wooden bowls, the vegetables heaped in the bowls are being eaten with great gusto.


It looks yummy…


Gulping down a mouthful of saliva, I sit on one of the stools and order food.

The dish is the same as what the other customers are eating.

A brown liquid simmers in the iron pan, and there is a small wooden bowl.

Various vegetables are served in the hot pot.


The steam floats up, stimulating my appetite.


The onion-type juice is a reddish-yellow.

Or, is there a pork or poultry bullion?

Vegetables like paprika and white leaves are piled up.

There’s also a blue lettuce-like vegetable. A slim root like burdock.


Ah, it’s too tempting.

Immediately, I distribute the vegetables and soup in the wooden bowl.

…Chop sticks would make this easier, but there are only two wooden spoons.


I should make my own at some point…


Starting with the soup, I bring the bowl to my lips and drink the brown vegetable broth.

Ah, it’s hot. However, it’s yummy. The taste of Chinese cabbage spreads over my tongue.

The eat the vegetables with the soup. These vegetables are crisp and easy to chew.

Then, does the soup taste like meat? When I think so, I see there is a large bone at the bottom of the pot, buried under the vegetables.


I see. So that’s why the broth tastes this way.

I bite into the meat steeped in the juices.

The meat is so tender that it practically melts in my mouth. Oh, wow, this meat is fantastic.

The texture of the meat is like chicken, similar to a chicken wing, is this the aged magic beast or the sauce?

Well, it’s fine either way. It’s tasty and cheap.

Fuhahaha, my delicious food committee hit the jackpot.

This shop was a good find.


I also give some to Rollo.

There’s no more of the wing meat…

I devour it.


On this occasion. I order multiple dishes.


The waitress is shocked, but the silverware for the food is thrown in as a bonus, she smiles and delivers the dishes.

The iron pans carried out disappear one after another, the sales clerk looks at me with strange eyes…

However, I continue storing my food in the item box without letting it bother me.


I finish my business and leave the shop.

Passing through the market, I head to Zaga and Bon’s.


The Dwarf shop is around the corner.

When I turn the corner, I see Bonn.

His kappa hair is swaying as he runs.

I shouldn’t have been seen yet, but he’s already noticed Rollo and me.

Smiling, Bonn energetically shouts the usual phrase.


“Enchant, Enchant, Enchant!”

“Nya, nya, nya.”


This is what happens every time.

Rollo and Bonn begin their strange conversation.

…It has the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Is Bonn actually communicating with Rollo…


Someone, interpret it!


Shouting that in my heart, I greet him.


“…Bonn, long time no see. I’m going to go talk with Zaga.”



Bonn replies with a thumbs up.

Umu. He’s brimming with energy.


While Rollo and Bonn banter back and forth, I turn the corner and walk to the shop.

When I am about the enter the shop, Zaga appears.

Zaga is wearing a wife-beater, making his beard and chest hair stand out.


“Oh, Shuya. Here to look at armor?”

“Yeah. The spear I’ve been using broke. Also, I’m sorry…the armor you put so much work into, it kinda, I can wear it, but it’s all ruined… so, would you make something using materials from the Evil Dragon King?”


When I say Evil Dragon King, Zaga is shocked.


“-Buha… The Evil Dragon King? That means… Shuya, I heard that aside from the commander of the griffon corps who killed the dragon king, there were a few adventurers?”

“That’s right. I also received this ring.”


Saying so, I show him the ring the Marquess gave me.


“Oooooooh, the purple scale, this indeed came from the stomach of a dragon. It’s not much, but it can work as a magic defense. …*Gulp*… It’s beautifully carved, the craftsmanship is astonishing. The inside also has the Marquess family’s crest, and Dragon Killer carved on it. …It’s elegant. It may not have much affected as a magic item, but it was still made by a magic Goldsmith with exceptional talent. You should treasure it. …Take it back.”


Zaga has become unusually excited.

His eyes have an unusual excitement, his desire for the ring is visible.


However, there were words carved on the inside?


“…Understood. I’ll treasure it. I’ll wear it.”


Zaga smiles and crosses his arms.


“-Well then,  the materials of the Evil Dragon King is worthy of a master blacksmith, will you allow us to play with it?”

“Ah, that’s what I want.”


Hearing my words, Zaga’s tough guy appears collapses, and he nods several times.

He strokes his beard several times, then starts to talk.


“…Is that so. Shuya, thank you. -Bon, was he lucky? A dragon. Moreover, an ancient dragon.”


“Bon, your skill is going to be necessary. Let’s do our best.”



Zaga and Bonn seem excited, holding each other’s hands and shaking them up and down.


“Then, where are the materials?”

“Ah, they’re cumbersome and big, so I’ll take them out now. Open.”


In the area in front of Zaga and Bonn’s store- I activate the item box.

Then, with a thump, I take out the Burdock’s head.



“Nuo, Oooh… this is the Evil Dragon King? Amazing. What beautiful purple scales. These are definitely the scales of an ancient dragon. Its fangs are spectacular.  …However, if it’s compared to this. That crimson horn and the blue dragon eyes are truly unique. Also, connected to the brain stem…shouldn’t there be a huge magic stone?”


His eyes, brain? The dragon magic stone?


“N? I didn’t think of that…”

“Let alone a magic stone, its value will be beyond a magic gem, it will be incredible.”


Judging by this reaction, it must be incredibly valuable.


-At the back.


“The eyes alone are worth fifty pieces of white gold coin. The whiskers are twice that, however, it really is the dragon magic stone in its head…the value is enough to make the War God Vaisu and Totogudius, King of the Tenth Layer of Hell get along.”

“…Nii-san is right. The head of the ancient dragon exists.”


Speaking is a lecturing tone with the voice of a child, the twins of the S ranked clan 【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】.



“Bon, get behind me, Shuya, are these acquaintances?”


Cautious of the two who suddenly appeared, Zaga holds his hammer in both hands to protect Bonn.


Nevertheless, why didn’t I feel a magic essence until the voice sounded?

After hiding their form, their magic essence disappeared too?


“…Acquaintance? I only know them. So, you followed me while hiding yourselves?”



Rollo calls out in greeting.

And, she doesn’t get down from my shoulder.

She stares at the twins calmly.


“That’s right. The black cat… amazing, and cute.”

“Yeah. It’s as you said.”


The voices of the twins are different.

They sound cold…


“…Such a thing is irrelevant.  Having gone so far, what do you want from me?”


I say wearily.


“The dragon’s eyes, we want them.”




I push storage and immediately store the Evil Dragon King’s head away.


“Ah, it’s gone.”

“It really is an item box.”


They say carelessly. I become even more cautious.


“You intend to take the dragon’s head?”


Hearing me, the twins exchange a look and burst into laughter.


“No, it’s different.”

“We want to talk to you about buying the blue eyes of the ancient dragon.”


Oh…I over reacted.

Really, these blue eyed kids are strange.


“…Say that first. Otherwise, there will be a weird tension.”



This time they act like children and lower their heads…

I saw them during the dinner, the emblem of their white heads their wriggling blood vessels stand out, it even continue on the back of their neck.


It is something like a blood limit? It might be a curse.


I don’t mention the strange marks, I do ask about their eyes.


“…So you want the eyes?”


“That’s right. The eyes should be small when taken out. One is enough. We can pay fifty white gold coins.”


That is small?


“Nn~, I don’t understand the market price. What kind of effect do the eyes have?”

“I know. The price the twins gave you is good, the price is between forty-five and fifty-five white gold coins. Blue eyes of an ancient dragon are the most valuable, they have an effect on both water and ice type. Moreover, since they contain the magic of the water system, if a little mana is poured in, it can produce a strong water attribute magic. The eyes are a unique magic jewel.”


Zaga explains.


“That’s right. I can pay this.”

“Yeah. The price is right.”


Hou, even S rank will pay according to the market price.

Maybe I should sell one.


“…Understood. I’ll sell one.”

“Yay, really?”


“Nii-san, thank goodness.”

“Inah, take out the money.”


One of the twin says, and a chest with a white pattern is removed and opened.

Then, a jingle of white coins.


O~i, don’t throw your money around so carelessly.

There is also a white gold coin one size larger than the others.

Also, a long sword with a chipped blade and a magic jewel, I’ve seen it somewhere before…The mysterious human face pot.


The last one was seen.

Is the small bag an item pouch?


“Twins, wait a minute. Put your money and things away… Zaga, how long will it take to remove the eyeball from the head?”

“Nn~, one eye should take about ten minutes?”


That’s fast.


“I, I see. That’s quick, understood. Then, I apologize, but could you remove one of the eyes?”

“Ah, it’s not a problem. Good. Well then, come inside the shop, there is a workshop.”

“Understood. Is it okay for the twins to come?”


One nods and begins talking.


“My name is Allen, Ina is my younger sister. We aren’t twins.”

“I got it. I’m Shuya, Shuya Kagari. Call me Shuya. The black cat is called Rollodinu. Then, Inah, Allen, let’s carry out the deal in Zaga’s shop.”

“Okay. I’ll be in your care, Shuya.”

“It’s fine. Shuya, thank you.”



Bonn finally calls out.

Stretching out a hand, he gives a thumbs up.


Thumbs up.

…No one reacts.


No, Rollo punches the air with her paw.

Because she reacted cutely, I slipped a little.


Like that, I am lead through the shop to the warehouse like a workshop.


“Shuya, take it out here.”


Got it, such a big space should be enough.


“Got it, open.”


The ancient dragon head appears quickly.


“Yosh, I’ll get started. You guys, it’s going to be bright, so be careful. Bon, use light enchant.”



When Zaga tells Bonn, he puts on sunglasses to protect his eyes. He puts on special leather gloves that emit bright white light.


Magic glasses as well as leather gloves.

Then, a chisel that shines like gold is removed from his waist and handed to Bonn.


Bonn calls out “Enchant” repeatedly.

A dense aura of mana floats around his body, and an ecstatic expression is on his face, white light comes from both his eyes.

A floating crest appears, then the crest floats to the back of his arms.


Bonn laughs and approaches Zaga. The tools in Zaga’s hands are both releasing mana.


Releasing mana- Zaga’s tools blaze brighter.


Amazing, an enormous amount of mana is overflowing from Bonn.

So much that I can feel its weight.

As expected of Bonn.

The twins are also surprised, their eyes widen and mouths drop open, staring openly.


Zaga, using the shining chisel, dig out the area around the eye.

The mana released while working is strange.

…After around ten minutes, it seems like the mana permeating the chisel is dissolving the area around the blue eye, Zaga works carefully under the dazzling light.


Zaga removes the blue eye.


The eye sends out a blue light.

The removed eye becomes small.


Really small. It surprised me.

The white of the eye is gone, only the colored part is there, and it fits in the palm of my hand.

Then, Inah smiles and approaches with an item pouch.


“Here’s your money.”

“Alright, I’ll count it.”


There are fifty-five gold coins.

I put them in the item box.


“The transaction complete, you can have the blue dragon eye.”

“Yay, Inah!”

“Hai, Nii-san.”


When the twins have the blue eye in their hands, their faces light up with smiles.


“Good. However, during the Evil Dragon King subjugation, Inah and Allen released such a powerful ice magic, is the dragon eye really necessary?”

“Yes. You can’t be satisfied with that. Our attribute is water. We want the full water system. This eye of an ancient dragon, with its magic reinforcement, you can defeat the ten wicked images.”

“That’s right. The eyes of this old dragon, with their effect, a strong magic can be released from the eyes without an aria. A powerful magic beyond magic jewels can be released.”


The twins smile as they answer.


Are the “Ten Wicked Images” the thing I have?

Ma, there is probably a reason to fight these guys.


“I see…”


Such a thing, attribute, I’m water attribute too.

That means by using the blue eye, I can release water magic?

Gufufu, I’ll keep the second one for myself.


“N? Shuya, what is it?”

“N, nothing. I had a pleasant thought…Zaga, can I order a weapon and armor made from this material?”

“Ah, of course. It’s possible.”


Then, the twins talked.


“Shuya, our business is finished here. May we meet in the future.”

“Bye bye-”


A magic formation appears under the twins and expands.

The magic formation moves and their forms become thin, gradually disappearing.





Surprising. Rollo jumps at the after image.

-Rollo lands on the ground. She sniffs around the area for any strange smells. I look toward the doorway.


The smell still seems to be here.


“An invisibility spell. They appear to be high leveled magicians.”




“…At any rate, S rank adventurers. The name of their clan is 【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】. Are those children some kind of grave keepers?”

“Hou, they really are highly ranked. I’ve heard that name somewhere.”


Zaga thinks for a moment and strokes his beard.


“However, this is my first time seeing that magic. Being able to disappear like that…”

“It is an excellent magician who can use that. Apart from that, who kind of weapon and armor do you want?”


I wonder if it’s possible.

However, the optical camouflage was deep blue.

It looks kind of futuristic, it reminds me of Ghost in The Shell.

Also, The Invisible Man. …I’m getting ero ideas.


“Oi, did you hear me?”


Zaga stares at me.


“Aah, sorry. For the spear, it would be ideal if it was the same weight as black tanza spear I usually use. As for the armor, I would like it to be mobile like last time as well. There’s a helmet too. The wrist of my left-hand needs to be open still, there should be a hole there. If you feel like it, a pair gauntlets too…then, since there’s no helmet I would like a hooded jacket, knives, and a belt to put them in.”


I show Zaga my left wrist, and gesture with my hands.


“…Understood. The spear first. Although you said spear, there are various options this time around. If I use that whole crimson horn, using the bones of the ancient dragon I can make an incredibly strong shaft.”



Zaga continues to explain excitedly.


“Working the magic stone will be difficult, if I think of a halberd, using the crimson horn should work. The crimson horn is hard but also has a strange softness. It is also incredibly sharp and possesses the fire attribute. It should make a matchless halberd. I can use the back end of the dragon magic stone to make it a cane. This is the hardest part. It’s able to transmit magic really well still. By the way, how is the power of the blue eye?”


A considerable weapon seems to be completed.


“…So a spear cane. Good, the form is ideal. However, is the dragon magic stone harder than common metal?”

“Umu. It is normally very hard to shape. …Its hardness is superior to chitajarmid ore, famous for its hardness.”


It seems like tungsten or titanium?


“…Then, it will take some time.”

“Isn’t that normal? However, isn’t this head fantastic material?”


Zaga responds with a laugh.


“Ah, that’s right.”

“Then it’s fine. Its teeth are usable too, and the scales can be removed. And won’t Bonn be helping? It will be done remarkably quick. Its use is luxurious, but does it really matter?”



Bonn smiles confidently.

I respond with a strange smile too.


With a smile, I begin to talk while nodding.


“…Zaga and Bonn are the best, so it’s good.”




Zaga’s shoulders shake a little.

Tears collect in Bonn’s eyes.



“Don’t you understand this is such a wonderful thing! It is the simple happiness of a craftsman… Yosh, wait a moment.”


Zaga collects spear weapons and brings them to me.

Halberd, Lance, Pike, Trident, Long Stake, Sickle, he continues bringing out common long spears and a variety of spear weapons.


“Choose from these which length and weight are sufficient. I’ll use it as a reference.”


Zaga is pushing me to choose one, full of excitement.




I choose properly, swinging them around.

All of the spears feel too light.

After all, the black tanza spear was heavy.

The one with the best balance is the ax spear.

The halberd shines with a silver color.

The speak head has an ax attached, and there is a butt attached to the end.


“The weight of this almost exactly right.”

“Hou, the halberd made of jellium. It looks like silver, but that’s wrong. This is called silver crystal steel. It is often mistaken for silver magic steel. It’s famous for being produced in large quantities from the jellium monster.”


Silver Crystal Steel?

It seems to be different from common silver.

Ma, silver would be too soft.


“…There’s such a monster.”

“That right. So would you like the new weapon to have a spear tip and ax blade?”


The joy of a new weapon…


“Yeah. That will work.”


Zaga scratches on parchment with a pen.

Taking down notes.

He has already entered craftsman mode.

He’s become sharp eyed, the hard expression on his face makes him look cool.

His thick dwarf eye brows are scrunched up.


“…Then, a full set of armor, it’ll use plenty of bone and scales from the ancient dragon. Including Bonn’s enchantments, it should be finished quickly. The mantle, I may be able to acquire a special coating from an acquaintance if I sell the scale.”



Leave it to Bonn. He jumps with his short legs as if to say that.

As if he heard music with a good beat, he begins dancing on the spot stretching both his hands out.


Rollo seems unable to resist the strange rhythm and jumps off my shoulder, moving the Bonn’s feet.

Jumping and dancing together.


They create a strange view…


Encha, Enchant ♪ Haha, Enchant ♪

He seems to be saying.

…I’ll leave Bonn and Rollo alone.


“…The armor and overcoat will be great.”


Without minding the dancing, I think about the armor and accidentally speak frankly.


“No, it’s not. A magic tailor can use dragon whiskers to create the highest quality clothing, incredible clothes can be made…but I make awful clothing. So I have to sell the scales and buy the material for the mantle.”


Zaga apologizes. It’s a matter of his pride as a craftsman.

It’s enough for me to follow up.


“…I see I entrust Zaga’s judgment as a craftsman and merchant when it comes to producing materials and buying and selling.”


I speak carefully, communicating my trust in him.

Zaga’s eyes widen, and his expression softens somewhat.


“…Ouyo. Trusting. Really, quaking at my age…”


Then, he ultimately enters work mode.


“The fangs can be processed into the halberd blade, no, the crimson horn can be used…after all, what matters is the strength…”


Zaga draws a picture while muttering.

He works fast…


“…How long will it take?”

“Around ten days.”




“Understood. Ah, until then will you lend me this halberd?”


Returning to my regular manner, I point at the halberd.


“Ah, take it.”

“Then, what will the price of the new armor and weapons be?”

“One large gold coin I’d like to say, if the material sells, I will make a lot of money. So, I don’t need to price it now. Besides, the weapon, the armor made from the scales, a lot will be left over. I will sell a little so that should cover the cost?”


A lot of money. I can’t completely imagine it.


“Understood. It ‘d be nice if you didn’t sell the blue eye. Anything else is fine.”

“Hahahaha, what are you talking about? I don’t mind. All business, ‘Happy Buying, Happy Selling.'”



Zaga’s generous behavior, he says a moto I don’t understand.

Bonn also goes next to Zaga and begins preparations. He cries out in a happy voice.


Hm, I’ll leave them to it.



“Rollo, let’s go back.”

“Nn, Nyao.”


Rollo purrs.


She seems disappointed about leaving.

With such a Rollo, I leave Zaga and Bonn’s shop.


As I walk, I look at the condition of the silver halberd I borrowed.

The sharpness of the tip…it looks really good.

-I wave the halberd around, slashing down.


Now then, what to do next?


Should I go to Holkerbam with the withered great tree that the Marquess’ subordinate mentioned?

There, I might find a clue about “Genju’s Sake Ball of Light” for Rollo.


However, before I go, I need to wait for the items I ordered to be finished.


Ten days until the gear is finished.


What to do.

Should I explore the gates again?


I’d like to be the same adventurer class as Shisho, should I accept a request to raise my rank?



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  1. Dwarves in a fantasy world is really the best when crafting weapons and armors. Stronger than humans but slower due to their small legs. Lived a hundred years, driven instinct of gulping down wines and beers and never ending satisfaction of making armaments. There race is important in a fantasy world as their techniques excel far from those humans and elves make of using in wars and battles.

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