Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 63

Sixty-Third Episode~ Peru Hekarain Corridor


I’ll go to the guild today.


First, I touch my storage.

The usual display window appears.


I put the silver crystal halberd in the item box.

I click on the person mark in the upper window.


The window changes and the deformed alien screen appears.


The black tanza spear use to be registered in the upper right, but its name has disappeared.

The broken tanza spear was lost during the Evil Dragon King subjugation and since it didn’t return to the item box this much is natural.


I register the silver crystal halberd in the blank on the right.

Equip Silver Crystal Halberd in right hand? Y/N


I select Y.


Yosh, it’s registered.

With this, I can take out the halberd instantly.

I dismiss the window and go directly to the adventurer’s guild.


I enter the guild and walk to the place where the boards are lined up.


I’m getting a fresh start as a C rank.

I should be able to handle these requests until I get the new equipment from the Dwarf Brothers.


I’ll spend some time looking for the right request.

I look over the boards the adventurers are lined up in front of.


Oh, this request. The time period is just right.






Client: Pisard Trading Company

Request Contents: B Rank Request, Search the Peru Hekarain Labyrinth and collect jellium bones.

Application period: The last fifteen days of spring. Departing this afternoon.

Subjugation Targets: Main Goblins, Orc, Jelliumbon.

Habitat: Peru Hekarain Corridor

Reward: 15 gold coins.

Subjugation Evidence: Goblin Ear, Orc Ear, Jellium bone.

Precautions: In the Corridor Labyrinth, traps require attention as well. Jellium bones appear inside the labyrinth. Defeating them is difficult, so bring someone with a magic skill or priest type.

Note: Please gather in front of “Sukaue Pub” if you’re accepting the request. Furthermore, High Ranking clan 【Aria’s Wanderer】 will be participating as a leader. The purpose is to collect Jellium bones, each person is expected to collect five kilos.

Any more collected will be a special bonus. Also, if any black kotobuki grass or ririumu crystal is obtained, I will buy it at a high price.

Furthermore, an Orc Ear is a silver coin, and a Goblin ear is five large copper coins.






Forty-five days of the Taurus of spring… How many days is that now?

Until now, I haven’t paid too much attention to the dates…


There is a huge calendar posted near the reception desk.


I’ll look at it.


…Today seems to be forty-five days.

The last day of the request. I still have time. Let’s take this.


“Rollo, let’s take this one.”



Rollo stares at the request paper.

She can’t read it…Following her gaze, the edge of parchment is torn and shaking…


I see.


She wants to play, smiling at Rollo, I take one of the wooden tallies from below the board and bring it to the reception desk.

The big-breast receptionist-san who has always taken care of me isn’t there, so I go to the beastwoman with dog ears.


“This request.”


I hand over the tally and my card together.


“Hai. Then, place your hand on the crystal.”



The request is accepted smoothly.

I need to ask about where the meeting point is.


“Excuse me. Where is the Sukaue bar?”

“It’s across the street. On the other side of Babon shop.”

“The other side. Thanks.”


Oh. It was on the other side of the street.

Right in front of me. I retrieve my adventurer’s card and leave the guild.


I check the card while walking with Rollo.

The request is long, but I’m not worried.


I have plenty of food store, and there is also warm soup in the item box.


I make the halberd appear in my right hand and lean it against my shoulder.

I cross the street and arrive a Babon’s.


There should be a bar behind it.

I check my card first.


Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: Dragon Killer

Race: Human

Occupation: Rank C Adventurer

Clan: None

Battle Occupation: Spear Officer : Chain User

Completed Requests: 9


My completed requests number nine. Ooh, I have a title now.

I also got the right from the Marquess, alongside the rumors…


Now then…


In front of Babon’s, instead of going in I walk along the right side of the building.

There is a space in the alley with a building appropriate for a pub.

Adventurers are standing around so this must be the place.


I make my way in that direction.


“Taking the request?”


The one who calls out is a Dwarf with the bearings of a warrior.

He is wearing a Norman Helm from the middle ages, the kind that covers the nose. His hair is in braids all the way to his side burns and collected into bunches with metal fittings. He has a jaw protector called a beaver hanging from his neck.

The Japanese version of a face guard.


I can’t remember what its name is.

Although I say that, the weapons and armor in this world don’t necessarily have the same names.


I can’t make out the Dwarf’s face because of the helmet, but his browns eyes are striking.

His body is clothed in chain mail, the ax hanging from his hip contains mana, and his left-hand holds a round steel shield.

The Dwarf seems to be an experienced soldier.


I ask.


“…That’s right. This is the last day, but is it okay?”

“It’s fine. Did you accept the request in the guild?”


That’s right.


“I did.”

“You’re kind of close to the deadline, aren’t you? It’ll be the noon deadline soon. We probably can’t hear it from here, but the church bells should be ringing soon.”


After saying so, the Dwarf shields his eyes with his hand and looks up at the sky.


I watch the sky too.

Rollo also looks at the sky, similarly drawn in.


The sun is at its zenith.

The Dwarf looks back and speaks.


“…That’s the bell. Then, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Shuya Kagari. Just call me Shuya. C rank adventurer. The one at my feet is Rollodinu. Call her Rollo. She’s my Familiar.”


The Dwarf looks at Rollo and nods.


“A spear and a familiar. We’ll be working together. Shuya. I’m a Dwarf. (TL: Something formal greeting preceded by “Dwarf”) I’m Igu, B ranked adventurer (TL: Author getting lazy on the names.). No need to be so formal.”


Once Igu and I greet each other, the other adventurers assemble.


“Yo, Igu, a new adventurer?”


The one who speaks is a tiger beastman with a long neck.


“Ou, that’s right.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Shuya.”


The tiger beastman and Igu seem to know one another.


“I’m Albert Cheida. I’m B rank, like Igu. I’m from the Fujiku Federation, you already know my tribe name, we’ll be working together from here on. You seem to be a spearman? Your armor is beat up, but I can feel the aura you give off.”


The tiger beast-man’s realistic nose twitches.


Ma, I smile politely.


“Uhh, there’s such an aura?”

“Nn, Nya.”


When I ask, Rollo calls out from my feet.

Is she curious in the tiger beastman’s face?

She’s staring at Albert’s face.


Ma, it’s life like. It looks like the combination of a human and a tiger.


Azora was a rabbit beastwoman, but his face was still closer to human, but this tiger beastman is closer to an animal.

Brown and white hair mixed with ochre, the white whiskers on either side of his nose are very tiger-like.


Despite that, he speaks the same language…


“…That’s right. I have the unique “smell sense” of scouts. I can pick up the smell of a person with a strong aura. I’m not much use in battle though. I’m better suited to searching for enemies and disarming traps. I specialize in daggers and this bow.”


Then, Igu interrupts.


“Agaaaiin. That sense? Isn’t that the sense that’s only useful in one way?”


The Dwarf makes an indecent hand gesture and teases Albert.


“Honestly, however, I, unfortunately, can’t retort…” (TL: I didn’t mean to do this, but now it’s captain kirkified.)

“Hahaha, that’s right. You’re the razor beastman responsible for impregnating barmaids.”


Heh, Razor. Is the tiger beastman race called Razor?


“That’s a lie, nothing but a rumor. I only enjoy conversation.”

“Hou, at the bar the other day, Eyo was talking about it. ‘Rumor says, Ai-chan, is very beautiful,’ did you go out with her?”

“Uoo, Eyo… huh, why, Igu hearing such a story.”


While such a silly conversation is developing, a woman wearing the robe, seeming to be the leader, speaks up.


“Everyone, it’s time to leave soon, please gather.”




Igu finishes his conversation with Albert and walks over to where they’re being called.

I follow along.

It seems several people have taken the same request.

The woman wearing a priest-like hat steps forward.


“I am Sokura Torutsetta. The leader of the adventurer clan, 【Aria’s Wanderer】. For this request I will act as the leader. As written on the request form, the goal is obtained Jellium bones. When fighting the Jelliums, please leave weakening them with magic to me.”


Igu raises his ax in greeting.


“Understood. My ax will crush the enemy into fish paste.”


He declares forcefully.


“Hai. I have high hopes for you, Igu-san. Then, everyone, keep in mind that a Jellium’s head is its weakness. Furthermore, you will also be fighting goblins and orcs. For those, I will leave it up to your judgment. And then, a prayer before we transfer. It’s expected the assemble again. Then, let’s go register at the guild as a party.”


Those in the area nod to what Sokura-san said and begin to walk towards the guild.


I’ve heard of 【Aria’s Wanderer】.


THe members all wear uniforms.

That robe, it’s made from a special material. Magic characters are embroidered in black and reddish-brown, imbued with mana.

Because the collar of the robe is lower cut I can easily see her chest. (TL: There he is.)

A normal sized pair of hills. The appearance is a little bold, like a priest.

Under the long skirt is a long hakama.


Only Sokura-san, the leader, has a slightly different appearance, wearing a yellow and red band like a muffler around her neck.

Her eyes are green. She has a babyish face and a small nose.

The woman looks cute.

The blood vessels in her thin hand are visible as it holds on to a large staff.

The staff is designed to look like two intertwining snakes.


While I’m checking out Sokura-san, she speaks.


“Excuse me. Are you Shuya-san, the Spearman?”


Nn? She knows my name?


“Hai. I am.”

“I was right, the black cat on your shoulder is right, but your armor was ragged, so I wasn’t sure.”


Ara? This, what is she talking about?




Seeming unconfident, Sokura bows and responds.


“Sorry, that was abrupt. I saw you during the Evil Dragon King battle. I was doing support in the back, so I remember well the role 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】 and Shuya-san played.”

“Oh, that time.”

“Yes, also, Shuya-san is one of the ‘Dragon Killers,’ only he is a solo adventurer, none of the clans have a “Spearman” that powerful? Competition has been going.”


Eeh, such a thing?

I did decline Crimson Tiger’s invitation…


“Haha, such a thing…”

“Nn, Nya.”


Rollo puts on an encouraging face and slaps my shoulder with a paw.


“Hai, that’s right. That’s our aim, too.”


“I’m joking. However, you live well during the Evil Dragon King subjugation.”


She says jokingly with a serious face. Then returns to normal.


“Haha, it was quite a fierce battle. I was on the brink and fought hard.”


She nods, convinced by my words, the answers with a sinking face.


“Yes, it was a hard-fought battle. Many of my companions died…”

“…My condolences. I was able to meet Azora and her magic beast…”


-The image of Pau and Azora dying.

Sokura-san seems to notice the change in my expression and puts a smile back on, continuing the conversation.


“…Well then, we’ll end this dark line of conversation and return to the request. You can speak casually. We’re an A ranked clan, but all of our members are rear guards.”

“I understand. I’m confident in my spear, so leave it to me.”

“Hai, well then, let’s go.”



As the leader, Sokura-san goes through the procedures at the guild.

She writes down the party name as Aria’s Wanderer and registers.


From the transfer point in front of the guild, everyone metastasizes together.


We arrive in a large underground corridor.

The place the magic formation is place is a wide circle.

It looks like it used to be a quarry.


Statues of different gods are lined up along the walls.

There are ascending stairs at the back.

While I am looking around restlessly, Sokura raises her voice.


“Well then, everyone. Please wait a moment. This is necessary to return safely.”


Sokura-san says in a quiet tone.

She walks towards a goddess statue along the wall.


Some people are kneeling down and praying before the goddess statue.

It’s not only priest and shrine maidens, but there are also knights and adventurers praying.

So it’s the same in this labyrinth?


I can’t hear from here, but Sokura-san begins chanting.

I hear an unfamiliar language magic.

The other members or Aria Wanderer do the same.


After chanting, they bring their hands together like Christians and pray.

A few minutes later, they return.

I’m curious, so I try asking about it.



“Yeah, that’s right. It’s a prayer to Aria, the goddess of love. Even though it may look like this, there is no need to waver in the labyrinth.”


Oh? What?


“No times to waiver?”

“Yes. All the members of 【Aria’s Wanderer】 have the skill <Reincarnation>, so we can rest easy.”


Hoo, a spell and a skill at the same time…

Ooh, therefore, the statues of the gods are placed at the beginning of the labyrinths.

Is this a benefit if you believe in one of the pantheons.


Should I pray for good luck with women? Hehe.


“”Thank you, Aria, Goddess of Love!!”


As if sensing my impure motive, such a cry comes up from behind making me jump.

It came from two of the clan members of 【Aria’s Wanderer】 behind Sokuro.

Sokuro-san continues talking.


“Everyone, the protective magic is raised on everyone.”


She raises her large staff.


“…Goddess Aria. With my mana’s cornerstone, bestow a safeguard- 《Shield of Aria》”


As soon as the spell is cast, the staff’s two snakes start to wriggle.

Two pairs of shining eyes, an illusion of a pale goddess appears over Sokura.

When the chant ends, the snakes return to their original shape.



Somehow…it looked similar to the goddess statue.


Including me, a pale shield floats around the heads of Sokura’s party members, it disappears when it sinks into everyone’s bodies.


There is a feeling when the magic takes hold.

It feels like a force field…

A pale layer under armor and clothes, it floats on the surface of the skin.


This is awesome.


I don’t completely understand the scale of this kind of magic, but 【Aria’s Wanderer】, and Sokura-san in particular, truly are high ranking adventurers.

However, The goddess Aria, it is difficult to accept the idea of adventurers fighting monsters with the goddess of love, like a oxymoron?


A simple question comes to mind.


“Sokura-san, I have a question, do you mind?”

“Hai. What is it?”

“Why do you worship the goddess of love by fighting?”


Sokura answers my ignorant question with a doting expression.


“That…I do know the teaching of Aria-kami. The famous prophet Raze said ‘because there is love, there is war.’ Raze-sama roamed while teaching Aria-kami’s faith before finding sacred Cordelia, following such doctrine, those of us who become priests of Aria-kami wander everywhere, spreading the word. The teachings of Aria-kami are to fight. Therefore, it’s natural for people to fight monsters and vice versa-”


The sermon I didn’t need continued.

I saw the name Raze in a book before.

…I advance in the labyrinth while the conversation that sounds like religious brainwashing continues.


Like that, Sokura leads while preaching, and begins searching the corridor.


Fitting for the “Great” in great corridor, the underground corridors are so big that giant trees could grow here. They were supposedly dug out by ancient Dwarfs, although who and for what reason hasn’t been explained, the only thing known is that the corridors stretch all way to 【Labyrinth City Pernette】.


So, it seems to be related to the name Peru Heka Rain.


We continue through the underground corridors.


There is a geometric pattern on the stone wall, releasing white and purple light, providing a faint source of light.

There are a few dark areas, but there is light coming from stones shaped like plants so it is possible to advance.


Some traps with ejecting stone spears and rolling rocks are discovered, but Albert plays an active roll. The traps are all dismantled.


Like that, it is quickly the third day.


Most of the monsters appearing are goblins.

The adventurers easily wipe out the goblins.


The third day passes.


Dismantling traps, killing monsters, we advance deeper into the labyrinth.

Thus, Sokura gives the party instructions.


We are to take a break.


Food time.


I move to a corner and remove fresh soup from the item box.

I eat rice together with Rollo, a big stupid grin on my face.


While I am like that,


“Shuya, always…don’t eat in secret.”

“Moreover, you have an item box… every single time it smells so good.”

“I’m only able to eat hard bread, salted meat, and dry vegetables.”


Igu and Albert, unable to stand their meals, bemoan their discomfort.


It’s become a little awkward, I should share some…


“My bad. You want a little?”

“Oh, really?”

“Shuya, you’re a good person, let’s be friends.”

“Well, I-I want a little soup too…”


Ara, even Sokura wants some.

Ma, it’s fine. I still have plenty of food. I start taking some out.


“Ah, good. I’ll take some out now.”


Like that, I occasionally share some food during meal time.


The meal ends, and for several hours Igu removes his helmet and lies down.

Rollo, curious, creeps up on Igu.


“What’s wrong, kitty?”


Igu shakes his dreadlocks and looks at Rollo.

The metal fitting binding his hair make a tinging sound.




Rollo seems focused on Igu face, no, on his hair. She moves her face close to the metal fitting and sniffs them.


Ah, if you’re going to do that- her face.

Flehmen response. (TL: Felines have an olfactory organ on the roof of their mouth, so they’ll sometimes bear their fangs so it can get a better smell.)


“-Bu, fuhaha, Igu, the cat says you smell bad.”


Albert laughs, spiting out the tea he was drinking.


“Wh- what, this black cat, it’s being mean.”

“Nn, Nyaon.”


Although it smells, Rollo takes another sniff.

Again, she shows the same face.




I laugh too.


“Fuun, everyone is laughing, even if this hair stinks I won’t cut it…”


Igu stops talking.

As if to say sorry, Rollo licks the dwarf’s hand.


“…Kitty, you like me?”


“Fuun, kawaii.”


Igu’s mood improves and he begins to play with Rollo.

Like this, we become friendlier with the adventurers.


The hunting team advances.



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