Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 65

Sixty-Fifth Episode~ New Weapon and Armor

Today I go to the Dwarf Brother’s store.

More than ten days have passed, so my equipment should be finished now.

The equipment is made of the material from the Evil Dragon King.


I’m excited to see what kind of equipment it will be.


One could say I feel naked right now.


I summon the brilliant silver halberd I borrowed and leave the inn with Rollo on my shoulder.


I pass through alleys and small side streets.

When I pass one area-oh? Magic essence.


I detect a presence behind me.

Judging by the movements of the magic essence…I can expect them to be skilled.

Even when I change the speed I walk, the presence behind me remains at a fixed distance.


I’ve refined the sensitivity of presence detection recently so I can sense finer details.


A dark guild? Or one of the Marquess’ spies?”

Or maybe a vampire hunter?


Ma, if it’s an ordinary spy, I’ll just leave them alone.

I’ll hurry to the store where my things are waiting.


Like that, I turn the corner to the dwarfs’ store and am welcomed by Bonn running over.



“N, Nya.”


Rollo cries out.

Jumping from my shoulder, she runs to meet Bonn.


Again, such a strange world…

However, like before Bonn seems to know when we’re approaching.

Perhaps, does he have an ability like presence detection?

But from the black cat and the innocent face, I can’t imagine that.


But, maybe?


The enchanting magic Bonn used the other day was fantastic.

His eyes shone, the mana overflowing from his body.


While thinking about Bonn, I walk towards the store.

Thereupon, one carriage is stopped in front of the shop.


A luxurious carriage with an armored horse.

Men are carrying the tools and heavy materials of the smith out of the shops and into the cart.

Going by their leather clothes, are they manservants?


Are Zaga and Bonn moving?


“Bon, Rollo, let’s go to the store.”




Inside the store is a wooden crate with a magic formation carved into it, the materials of the smith are piled up around the shop.


They seem to be in the middle of moving.

The door inside the disordered shop opens.

Zaga comes out.


“Yo, Shuya. The equipment you prepared is ready.”

“Oh, Zaga. Show me.”


…I’m excited.


“Got it. Get a hold of your excitement and wait a moment. Bon, stop playing with Rollo and help.”



Oh? The word stopped mid-way?

There seems to be a subtle difference from “Enchant.”


Bonn runs after Zaga.


After I wait, Zaga and Bonn return holding baggage to their chest.

Various items are placed on the big desk.


Interested in what’s happening, Rollo begins to move at my feet.


Looking up curiously, she sniffs up and down… Keeping her eyes of the two dwarfs. Seeming to want to touch the new items, she jumps on the desk. She brings her nose close to the new items, inspecting them.


Are you curious about their smell?

This time, she prods with the pad of her foot.


“Rollo, don’t touch yet.”


For now, I’m careful.




Rollo purrs while looking at me, then withdraws her paw.


She sits with feet together, motionless.

She curious, but she’s enduring.


At any rate, this is the new spear.

…The spear is a halberd.


I can tell that the equipment made from the Evil Dragon God is excellent.


Its color is mostly purple, and it’s beautiful.

The spear head and the butt, both have attachments to make them weapons.


The flat ax-like blade also comes to a point like a spear.

The large ax blade shines red and releases mana.

The sharp looking spear head is also red, but the pointed end is somewhat black.


It looks heavy.


Looking at this halberd, it appears similar to Sangokushi’s weapon. (TL: I think this halberd is the kind made from two separate blades, the spear, and the ax blade, but I’m not sure.)

The powerful general wielding eighteen kilos of halberd.

The long metal purple bar holds the ax blades and sharp spear point.

In the middle is a partial hand grip.


The grip is black. It’s probably the leather of a monster.

Also, there are metals fittings for a harness that can be removed.

It was made diligently.


The butt end of the spear is a little different.

There is a large rectangular blue crystal.

Its four corners are enclosed by purple scales like teeth.


The contrasting purple and blue are beautiful.


The blue gem sticks out from the enclosing purple scales, shining with a bluer light.

This part with an enclosed crystal is clearly a staff.

And, to the end of the red ax blade, the mana from the blue crystal can be felt.


“…Amazing, amazing, Zaga, this spear.”

“…will you name this magic spear cane Burdock?”

“That feels right. I will probably go with that.”


I immediately respond.

Without delay, I try using this magic spear cane, Burdock.


I place the borrowed silver jellium halberd on the ground and wrap my hand around the magic spear cane on the table.


Ah, this, as soon as I held it, I somehow understood.

This is my primary weapon.

I move the spear up and down, getting a feel for it. -Weight, balance, everything is perfect.


Rollo follows the movement of the spear head, her small head bobbing.


“-It feels good. The point of the red halberd looks sharp, and the blade on its side is large. The long purple metal bar is surrounded by a grip. And, on the butt end is the large green crystal. Everything is amazing.”

“Good, good. You like it.”


Zaga looks excited, showing a pleased expression.


Hehe, such an incredible weapon.

A smile invades my face.


“-I am extremely pleased. It’s because of Zaga and Bonn as well as the material.”

“Gahaha, you flatter us.”


Zaga laughs.

Moving the magic spear cane, the metal catches the light coming through a window, and I see the pattern like the ripple of the sword.


“…This large red blade also looks sharp.”

“Umu. As you can see, the large blade uses part of the red horn. It will produce a fire attribute attack if hit. However, the most brutal part is the rectangular blue dragon magic stone on the butt end.”


Zaga’s eyes are sharp, he points to the back end and explains.




Surely, it’s blue. This large crystal.


“That’s right. If you inject mana into the crystal, water attribute magic can be released, stronger than a magic gem. However, even greater than the magic is the hardness of the crystal and its flexibility. If someone uses the crystal as a mace, it will be an even more brutal weapon.”


Hmmmm. Zaga said it’s brutal, but it looks beautiful.


“Filth will also be removed if mana is injected, so maintaining the blade is unnecessary. Furthermore, its strength has increased because of Bonn’s enchantment, so you won’t have to worry.”


Oooooh, what a convenient function.

All right, all right, all right. After hearing that, the tension increases.


“…Wao, really. This anticipation is incredible. Now I want to test it.”

“Wait, wait, don’t be so rushed. Besides, you haven’t seen the armor and overcoat?”


Zaga seems pleased by my reaction, smirking while he talks.


“N, Enchanto…”


Bonn nods his head and pats his belly as if to say “Calm down, youngster,” patting me on the back.


This, it feels like Bonn-kun is advising me.

Ma, I won’t think about it.


“…That’s right,, I want to put it on. First is this purple scale mail with the striking design of a dragon. The gauntlets also look good. The purple thigh armor is also reliable. The purple boots connect perfectly with the shins. These grieves. The light gray overcoat is also subdued.”


Like that, I take off the ragged armor I’m wearing, remove the arm guard and cuirass I’ve been wearing for so long, and install the new items.


“Ooh, it’s suitable, like a purple knight.”



It seems I’ve become a purple knight.

It fits around the hips. As expected of Zaga and Bonn.


They made the armor from the commander ant, so I already recognized their mastery, but this made evaluate them in an entirely different light.


It is truly beautifully made.

The bones of the ancient dragon are used in the curve of the chest and other places, making it sturdy.

It’s probably closer to full armor than scale mail.

On the left side of the chest, there is an engraving of a purple dragon, drawn in a dark purple possessing the luster of the halberd, outlined in silver.


The material of the evil dragon king was used as a lining, it feels soft like rubber.

There is a hole around the left wrist, and the purple armor on the back of the hands is good.


Moreover, they resemble thimble gloves.

I can open and close my hand with no discomfort.


This, doesn’t it fire you up? I want to make a pose.


The simple construction of the right vambrace.

From from right wrist to the shoulder it exposed the skin… But I think it will be good.


On the other hand, the scaly armor on the left arm is characteristic.


The hole where the chain ejects looks like the mouth of a dragon.

The tail of a purple dragon curls up my arms to cover my left shoulder.


Solid shaping.


Not only the appearance was taken into consideration, like the vambrace, but it also has a guard that takes range of motion into account.

To make such a thing in around only ten days, they are overflowing with ability.

There is a leather belt around the back, I adjust it to make sure it is around the hips.


A part of the left is also worn. The overlapping purple steel curraiss.

The purple scales were used abundantly.

The ankles to the toes are also well armored.


“The scales and bones of the evil dragon king are used, so its strength is foremost. You should also try wearing the belt on the back and this overcoat.”



The overcoat is gray, but in the light there is a slight purple sheen.

An emblem resembling a cross and book is embroidered on the chest.


I wear the gray overcoat. I run my fingers over the smooth cloth.

I tug one of the corners deliberately.

Despite its appearance, the cloth is durable, and it also feels nice.


The interior also feels cool for some reason.

There’s also a hood behind my neck, it’s designed in such a way that the hood is striped with ashy purple.


The gray overcoat wraps around so it can cover everything.

And, finally the chest belt.

I rotate it from the right shoulder of the overcoat to the chest.

The belt is fastened at a slant.

Knives can be stored here, and there is a large number of square pockets.


Small items can be kept in these pockets.

The bag substitutes for a backpack, and there are metal fittings where the weapons can be attached.


I probably have the appearance of a veteran adventurer now.


“Fumu. Won’t travelers be able to see you’re not a person to mess with?”




Rollo raises a voice too, gets down from the table and rubs her head on my purple boot.


Since it’s a new item, is she attaching her smell to it?

When I’m looking at such a Rollo, Zaga opens his mouth.


“The specially made cloth the overcoat is made from used a special silver thread extracted from the viscous liquid of silver voruku. Along with a special thread and advanced sewing techniques, a lot of time and effort went into making that. It has physical and magic resistance. And then, did you notice that the inside is cool?”


It seems to be.


“Certainly, it is cool. Is this magic?”

“That’s correct. It’s thanks to wind and water magic. It’s connected to the black embroidery on the chest. That emblem is the crest of the god of wisdom’s blessing. The origin seems to be modeled after Iliad-kami’s saintly corpse fabric, ma, this is a replica since it used wind and water magic, but the effect is still considerable for the person who wears it. Using Bonn’s unique enchanting, powdered dragon scales were infused into the fabric. It feels like cloth, but its defense is higher than the maximum grade of metal armor.”


Hoaaa, amazing.

I don’t know what silver voruku is, but it sounds good.

And the cooling magic is perfect.


“…Iya, this is extraordinary. Feeling cool while wearing armor will be good.”

“Right? In fact, the most expensive one including the defense is the overcoat. I got it from a large trading company, but I’m glad you’re satisfied too.”

“Or course. I’m completely satisfied.”

“And then, so it doesn’t get in the way during a fight, the overcoat can slit open and be pulled back. Although, that will make the defense in the front fall.”


I see, it’s not a soft rubber rail (TL: Beats me), I move to fold up the cloth.

I don’t think rubber is used, but it is made cleverly.

It’s completed here by the fabric and embroidery. The craftsman who made this is another expert.


“Lastly, there is the blue ancient dragon eye and the scales of the ancient dragon number several hundred. Parts of the teeth were used and sharpened into daggers. The long fangs were made into simple long swords. There are multiple small fangs, but their lengths all made different daggers. I also sold some of the dragon whiskers, but some are left over. As for the meat, tongue, uvula, cheekbones, jawbone, ears, and the portion of sales sold, they came to ten white gold coins and thirteen large gold coins.”


Oh, wow, large gold coins.

Moreover, large gold coins are worth are worth a hundred with gold coins.

Thirteen of them, fantastic.


It’s such an amount, but captain Cecily refused the reward.

Honor over money, the hero who chose her duty.

If it’s like that, I can understand her bitter expression at the dinner party.

Her pride is strong enough to refuse a reward from the Marquess.

Though she isn’t convinced, she’ll continue being called the hero of the evil dragon subjugation.


However, maa…


“…That’s an enormous amount of money.

“Yeah, I was able to sell the tongue, jawbone, and ears. However, the one that sold the highest was the ancient dragon whiskers. It’s something that isn’t typically sold on the market. I talked with underground auction about it. It seems to be a unique item. An acquaintance who works at a large trading firm told me. From what I hear, even if the market prices fall this will still be the price.”


The staff of a large trading firm? I heard him mention a large trading firm before…

Zaga has a good acquaintance.

Maa, the craftsman who makes such an article…

Frankly, they should have good connections.


“…That’s surprising, however, for everything and anything, thank you.”

“Iya, iya, to have a non-noble customer like Shuya, it’s my pleasure.”


Zaga laughs unusually.


“I see, however, so much money…”

“Fumu. However, top rank adventurers working with large trading companies will handle more. Ma, it shouldn’t be strange for Shuya to become rich. There are still some scales and fangs yet to be sold.”


Saying that I take a look at the gold coins and the fangs and scales.


“…The remainder isn’t actually that much. Zaga, Bonn, thank you. You can even sell the raw materials for proper equipment.”

“…Don’t thank us so many times. We’re the ones who want to express our gratitude. For such great material, not even 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 could produce something so amazing. You let us dwarf brothers handle it. Shuya, thank you. Besides…weren’t our gains also considerable?”

“Haha, that’s right, we both benefited.”


We both smile and laugh.


“Ah, there’s something else we’d like to request.”



Bonn says as if to communicate “That’s right.”


I smile back at Bonn.

And, after placing the scales, fangs, and gold coins in the item box, I remember the carriage stopped in front of the shop.


“…That reminds me, there’s a wagon out front, are you going somewhere?”

“We’re going to move to 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 and join a dwarf clan there. We’re able to afford it thanks to Shuya. Our work should increase in【Pernette】. However, the main reason is that we want more excitement. The materials from the ancient dragon stirred mine and Bonn’s heart. So, we’re thinking of making our name for ourselves in 【Pernette】 where there is better material.”


Is that so…

Ora, getting excited. It’s like the Monkey King, trembling with excitement.

It’s natural for craftsmen.


“Starting anew. Congratulations. So you’re heading to Pernette right away?”

“Ah, our work here is over. It’s still going to take a little time. Also, I was waiting for Shuya.”



Bonn answers enthusiastically.


“That’s right. …perhaps, I might go to labyrinth city Pernette one day.”

“Hou, as expected. We’ll give you a discount when you come to our store.”

“Haha, I’ll look for you then. I’m looking forward to your success.”

“Gahahahaha, I’ll be waiting.”


Zaga smiles and shakes his mustache.


“Well then, I’ll go. Rollo, let’s go.”

“Ou, see ya.”

“Enchanto, Enchanto!”


Zaga casually raises a hand, Bonn raises both his arms and pumps them.

I understand he is saying Bye-bye.


After waving back, I leave the dwarf’s store.


Now then, I’ve got my new equipment…

Should I resume traveling with popobumu?

Or should I use the third gate to contact the local people there?


I will return to the Inn first and then decide.



The shadow follows me still. I don’t worry and hurry to the inn.

All the way to the inn, I feel the magic essence following behind me.

Keeping a fixed distance, no contact is made.

As expected, when I return to the inn, the presence disappeared, but…


Ma, I won’t worry about it.


I place the magic spear cane Burdock in the item box.

I have to register it so I can summon it whenever I want.


First, I take out one copper coin and press storage.

First of all, I place the magic spear in the item box. (TL: Author writes Magic Spear Staff every time, but I’m going to use Magic Spear because it sounds better.)

Next, I press the person symbol.


As always, the outline of a deformed alien is displayed in the window.


The magic sword Bitou is shown in my left hand, in my right hand is a blank space.

I press the blank, and the magic spear Burdock is displayed.

Right away, I register Burdock in the blank for the right hand.

Equip Magic Spear Burdock in Right Hand? Y / N


Of course, I select Y.


I close the window and summon the magic spear.

-Summoned in an instant, the magic spear settles in my right hand.


Perfect. For a moment, I dismiss the weapon.

Now then, should I go to Holkerbam or investigate the gate locations?


I’ll decide with a coin toss. (TL: Okay, so I did translate that right.) Heads is Holkerbam. Tails, gates.


I flip the coin and grab it out of the air.

When my hand opens, the coin is showing tales.


So, I decide gate first.

The lady who lives in the underground church, I will try to contact the locals.


Traveling to Holkerbam is postponed.


I take out the Zohedron Trap.

I trace the third symbol and activate the gate.


The scene on the other side of the gate appears, and the woman is changing her clothes.

When the woman notices the light coming from the mirror, she quickly grabs the front of her dress, covering her small breasts.


She corrects her clothes and arranges her hair, then approaches the mirror and bows.

Like that, she brings her hands together and begins to pray.


I think I surprised her…

I’ll go through the mirror.



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  1. When the woman notices the light coming from the mirror, she quickly grabs the front of her dress, covering her small breasts.

    He casually thought a rude remark
    Flat is justice
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  2. Thanks for another chapter~

    I’d like to point out a few things:


    Magic Spear Cane, Burdock -> Magic Spear Staff, Burdock

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    silver voruku -> Silver Voruk OR Silver Volk

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    When my hand opens, the coin is showing tales.

    Tales -> Tails …the coin isn’t telling a story. 😉


    One final thing, Bon should just be saying “Enchant” and not “Enchanto” I believe…the “o” at the end is just how the japanese language ends up spelling it..but he’s definitely saying “Enchant”, imo. ^^


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