Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 66

Sixty-Sixth Episode~ The Unwanted Child of Berutzemu Holy Church

“Rollo, let’s go. We’ll talk to this lady a little.”



Rollo mews her understanding and stares at the light of the gate.


Yosh, let’s go.

-Immediately I just through the gate and exit the mirror, the woman is calling out Ilodis-sama.

She is in the middle of prayer.

She opens her eye and sees I who have come through the mirror. The young woman’s eyes narrow and she ceases praying.


And, the instant our eyes meet-





The woman raises a scream.

Moving quickly, I step forward and place my hand over her mouth.


“I’m not going to do anything. Will you please be quiet?”


I say such criminal sounding words.

She nods, her small body trembling.

It seems she understands.


I remove the hand covering her mouth.


“Eto, first of all, hey. Good day.”



She blinks and looks toward Rollo.


“Ah, hai. Kitty-chan? Eto, good day. Are a messenger from God?”


She wonders if I came from God, well, I did come out of a mirror.

I can understand this.


“…No, it’s different. I’m an adventurer. And then, for now, I’m the owner who uses this mirror.”

“An adventurer? I was rude. The mirror has shined in the past days, someone finally appeared from it, I thought it was a miracle…I thought you were a messenger from Ilodis-kami, descending…”


She says things related to the church, her eyes going back and forth between Rollo and me.


“I’m not someone so impressive. I’m sorry for surprising you. First of all, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Shuya Kagari. Call me Shuya. Then, this black cat is Rollodinu, she’s my familiar. You can call her Rollo.”

“I see. Then, Rollo-chan and Shuya-sama. I am Rubia, the unwanted child.”


Unwanted child? For the moment I just nod and look around the room again.


“Rubia, pardon me, but will you tell me where this place is?”


She raises her head and makes eye contact.

This child is a little taller than 150cm?


“Okay. This is the Holy Church in the 【Town of Beltozam】. It’s a place far southwest of 【Sect Capital Hesliha】.”


【Sect Capitol Hesliha】… I remember hearing about it.


“Sect Capitol Hesliha?”

“The sect capital is where the holy pope of 【Holy Capitol Hesfurato】lives.”

“Ah, I see.”


I remember the country’s name.

A little while ago, the beautiful vampire hunter who attacked me.

Her name was Norah Egbain.


Norah told me.

There is a cathedral in the sect capital on a different scale than the church in Hector.


So, the church here is far to the north of Hector.

It’s an area on the other side of the Great Gordekus Desert.


“…Ano, is Shuya-sama a famous magician?”

“Iya, I’m nothing like that. Rubia doesn’t need to speak so formally either, just talk casually. And then, I’m not some famous magician. I can use magic, but my occupation is a warrior.”

“Really? Using such a mirror-”


Rubia stops talking midway.

The twenty-four sided Zohedron Trap separated from the mirror’s top and is revolving around my head.

It drifts around like always.


“Ah, I was surprised you again. Sorry.”


A little embarrassed, I grab the Zohedron Trap out of the air and place it in the small pouch on my belt.


“I-it’s okay.”

“Then, this mirror is your’s?”

“No. I heard that it was donated to the church in the past, but I don’t know the details.”



At any rate…it’s strange.

I’ve been using presence detection this whole time, but there is no magic essence nearby.

There were several reactions the other day, what’s going on?

I’ll try inquiring.


“…I see. Now, is there a Priest in this church?”

“There’s no one here other than me right now. …Priest-sama went with the other deacons to 【Forton Mountain】.”


Forton Mountain. A pilgrimage?

I think I understand, but is it normal to leave one person behind?


“Rubia, why are you here alone?”



Rubia’s face drops.

N? Is it hard to talk about?


“If you don’t want to then I won’t force you to talk about it. I want to look around this town, so I’m going to go outside.”


I say so and try to leave Rubia in the room.


“Ah, please wait. I’ll go too. I’ll show you around.”

“Well then, I’ll leave it to you.”


The church hasn’t changed since I scouted it last time.

I go up the stairs from the corridor, then appear on the platform next to the altar.

There is the chapel in the center and rows of benches.

Passing through the benches, I head to the exit while observing the religious art on display.


Outside there is still a corn-like plant growing.

Rollo jumps from my shoulder and runs into the field.


“Rollo, don’t eat anything in the feel, alright? Don’t destroy anything.”

“Nnn, nya.”

“Rollo-chan is energetic. However, it’s strange. That a person and cat appeared from a mirror…”


We take the dirt road and walk away from the church while talking.


“Haha, that’s true…by the way, this town is called Beltozam, right? Is it far from the capital?””

“On foot, it takes more than ten days. Mount Forton is closer.”


Assuming I walk four kilometers an hour on foot, the time you can walk is from seven in the morning to ten at night…generally, it should be three hundred kilometers to the holy capital.

If it’s by horse, I will probably arrive sooner.


“…I understand. Thank you. I keep asking questions, but is there an in here?”

“There is. If you keep going you come to a highway that leads away from the town, the inn is near there.”


It’s far away?


“That is really far away.”

“Is Shuya-sama from the city?”


She seems to be making a decision.


“You could say that…why?”

“It’s normal for a countryside inn to be on the town outskirts. When there is a highway inside a village, the amount of farmland and pastures decreases, it’s easy for fields near roads to be destroyed. Also, it makes it easier to defend against monster attacks and bandits.”


Heh, so that’s the reason. So that’s how this area is organized.

Near Fadyke and Hector, the cities had towns next to the highways.

Ah~, so that time, there was dangerous from bandits…


Ah, I may be misunderstanding, full towns and villages like Beltozam may exist is distant regions this way.


“…Sorry, I understand now, I’m used to the city.”

“Fufu, like I thought.”


Rubia smiles.

The hair hanging over her shoulders is cute.

Clear blue eyes and golden hair.

Her skin is tanned, and she looks a little childish, but she’s a beauty.

The combination of her golden hair and long ears makes her look like an elf.


However, she has no Elf Crest on her cheek.


And, her simple dress is covered with black stains and dirt.

It’s a waste with her beautiful face. She’s like Cinderella before meeting prince charming.


“…Rubia, what kind of life do you live at the church?”

“Eto, I’m Priest-sama’s maid. I have the Deacon battle Occupation, I’m good at recovery magic, so I’m able to heal injuries and illness. I also help do physical labor and subjugate monsters.”


She does a bit of everything.

Such a conversation continues.




A child runs out shouting.

N? The child is crying.


“Fay, what’s wrong?”

“Ah, is Priest-sama not here? But, but, you’re the magic girl, aren’t you? Ritt jumped the fence and hurt their head.”

“I understand. Let’s hurry. Shuya-sama, I need to handle this.”


Rubia speaks with a serious expression. After apologizing she runs off with the child.


I’m curious, so I follow her.


After running up the hill, we arrive at a place with tall fences with waist hire flowers that look like sun flowers.

There is a boy crouched on the ground.


“Ritt, are you okay? You’ll be fine once magic is used?”



The boy is bleeding from his head, but he looks conscious.

Rubia places her hand over the kid’s head and starts using magic.


“Grand Heal.”


Eh!? No chant? Rubia’s eye change from blue to red.

Furthermore, over her head a goddess carrying a staff shining with bloody light appears.

The goddess has three eyes, her face has an affectionate expression.


Rubia’s thin hand shines red, and the boy is wrapped in light.

The light covering the boy suddenly disappears.


I saw the figure of the goddess for a moment…I’ve seen her somewhere before.


“What, where am I?”


The boy stands up as if nothing had happened looking perfectly healthy.

The wound on his head has disappeared.


“Ritt no bakaaa.” (TL: I prefer the Japanese of this phrase.)


Fay smiles and clings to the boy Ritt, hitting his chest.


“Huh, Fay? Ah, Witch Rubia.”


Ritt looks at Rubia with a dubious expression.

She healed him, yet he’s looking at her that way?


“Ritt, you fell and hit your head, weren’t you injured? Fay came to get me.”


Rubia seems unbothered by the child’s hateful glare or being called a witch, she only looks at the healed child with a gentle expression.




Finally remembering, Ritt touches his head, seeing the wound has healed.


“Ritt. Mou, don’t climb the fence again.”


“You should thank Fay.”

“-Fay. Thanks. You saved me. Witch Rubia too, thanks.”

“I’m happy to have helped you. Magic girl, thank you.” (TL: Can also be translated as “Young Witch” but “Magic Girl” sounds kinder which I think is the purpose.)


Fay hugs Ritt.

Looking embarrassed, the boy stops talking.


“Fufu, now, you’ve thanked me enough, so return home.”


“See you later~ Magic girl~.”


The boy and girl run away happily.

I’m curious about this whole magical girl thing…


I look at Rubia’s face.

Why, what?


I don’t know why this woman is called a witch.

Rather than a witch, she should be called medium or shrine maiden…


Why a witch?

Since I can’t ask directly, I’ll ask about the goddess with the bloody staff that appeared when she used magic.


“Rubia is amazing. The one who appeared earlier looked like a goddess, is she related to your using no chant? An ability?”

“Ah, uh, hai. A goddess? I don’t understand, but is it good for a magic user to use no chant? I’m surprised. It’s natural to not need a chant when using recovery magic.”

“Heh, it’s an amazing ability. Despite that, why are you working as a deacon instead of a Priest?”



She’s struggling to look me in the eye.

I’m curious. I’ll try asking.


“I’m sorry if I offended you. I don’t know much about the church, so I assumed someone with such an outstanding ability would be a priest…”

“No. Being a Priest is unthinkable. I’m an unwanted child. I’m happy just being able to live in Beltozam’s Holy Church.”


Aside from that, what is this unwanted child…


“Unwanted child? What is an unwanted child?”


“N? What’s that reaction. The only thing I can see is an ordinary beautiful girl.”

“Su-such a thing. That’s the first time…You should have seen my eyes turn red earlier, and haven’t you seen my long ears?”


Even if her ears are a little long, compared to Quiche, they’re still shorter.


“Still. What’s wrong?”



N, she looks down and says nothing.

Her cheeks are dyed red. Such a cute reaction, I’m worried about her being called a witch and unwanted child.


This child lives in a place where persecution and slurs are common.


“Th-thank you…”

“Iya, this is nothing to thank me for…”


Ordinary words come out


“That’s not true. In my entire life, you’re the first person who has spoken to me like this.”


I’m curious, so I’ll try asking a little.


“Really? That’s horrible. But, why did the color of your eyes change? Why are your ears long and you’re called an unwanted child? Those kids were calling you a witch.”

“It’s true. I’ve been called a witch for as long as I can remember. I can use recovery magic without an incantation, so I’ve been treated as a heretic. My eyes changing color is probably proof of being descended for demonic beings. My long ears are evidence of the blood of elves, so I was abandoned and left to the church.”


What? (TL: Written in English) I unintentionally respond like a foreigner.

An unwanted heretic witch child since she was a child… Incredible discrimination, oi.

However, it’s not surprising for a world with slavery.

Rather, isn’t being left at a church better than being sold into slavery?


“…So your eyes and long ears are the reason you’re hated?”

“Hai. In this country, an ‘elf’ is someone with ‘demonic being blood.’ I’m a taboo existence in this country, the Holy Church keeps what of me and waits for Ilodis-kami to pass judgment. Then I may be sold as a slave or burned to death by the Holy Knights.”


Oi, oi, being burned to death, is this a witch hunt…

Like the Salem witch hunts or Jeanne d’Arc.


“Perhaps, is Rubia a half elf?”

“My mother and father appeared human. So I don’t think I’m mixed.”


A person? Is this atavism?

“Appeared”… Going by her phrasing, her actually parentage may be unknown.

Or, does she really have the blood of demonic beings?

Yui said she had the blood of demonic creatures, but she never said anything about this kind of discrimination.

Norah said there were people south of the Manheim mountains who believe in a multitude of gods, in Hesfurato it seems to be a social system.


“…Hou, this country treats elves and demonic beings the same way.”

“Eeh, Hai. A long time ago, the war with the 【Great Empire of Befarittsu】 occurred, the elves slaughtered their way through the humans living here… I don’t know anything more detailed.”


History repeats itself. Huh.


“Other countries are tolerant of elves, as someone who has traveled from far away, you’re surprised, right? I’ve heard of fights breaking out on the borders when elven adventurers try to enter without knowing. And, the elves are caught and turned into slaves. …It’s rare for someone to be left at a church like me.


Uhee, discrimination nation. (TL: I’m clever.)


“The Holy Country doesn’t seem very sophisticated…”

“Isn’t it horrible? However, the people in this church raised me kindly. They’re taken proper care of me.”


The church looked after her? Gentle? Even if she says such a thing, I can feel no kindness when I look at Rubia’s clothes…

I have begun to pity her.


“…That’s good.”


Pitying her, only shallow words comes out.


For example, since I have gold can’t I take her out of this country?

Among other things, taking her away might be irresponsible…



“Still, why were you left behind?”

“It can’t be helped. The pilgrimage was important for priest-sama. They left this place to me. They were going to be gone for a long time, so they asked me to house-sit the whole time.”

“What for? The whole time?”

“When the Priest-sama of a local Holy Church goes on a pilgrimage there have been cases where everyone abandons the area. I was told. So, I stayed here to protect…”


While Rubia has such a forlorn expression, Rollo finally return from running in the fields.


It’s different than the Christian church I know.

Normally the local community is a serious matter, the pastor works hard every day for the collective good of the members.


Maa, thinking with a modern image might be pointless.




While having such foolish thoughts, Rollo suddenly springs.

Using her feelers, she climbs the cloak to my right shoulder.

She is slowly master the use of her feelers.

Her landing surpassed that of a gymnast.

N, or should I say. She’s getting my new cloak dirty.


“…Rollo-san. Your paw pads are dirty.”


Saying so, I grab Rollo by the scruff and hold her away.

Like that, I lower her to the ground.


“I’ll wash you, so stay still over there.”



I remove a leather cloth from my bag and produce water with life magic.

I wipe each of her paw pads.

However, curious about flowing water, she begins swiping at the water playfully.


“So cuuute~, and funny too. Rollo-chan.”


After cleaning her up, I carry her back to my shoulder, where she climbs into the hood.


“I’m not normally like this, but this cloak is new.”


Anyway, it hasn’t even been an hour, but it’s already dirty.


“It’s beautiful. Is the embroidery on the chest Iliad-sama?”

“Oh, it is. You recognize it.”

“Hai. It’s unusual in this country, not many believe in gods other than the god of light.”


So, monotheism?

The fundamentals of Christianity, or the basic teachings of Islam?


“…Really? If I wear this overcoat, I’ll be persecuted?”

“No, no, it’s not like that…although, you might…”


So…it’s possible.

The Holy Country is scary…

So living here while denying god, using the heliocentric theory,  it becomes like Galileo?


Still, it’s possible.

The church’s elf child, the only other options the witch girl has is slavery or being burned alive?

If I am discovered, because of my demonic being-like aspects the pope could dispatch holy knights to hunt me.

The pope’s forces should be a dangerous group…


I don’t like this country.


Well then, for now, I’ve figured out this place’s name, I should return.

I intend to go back to the Inn, but in the distance…



After hearing about the story of persecution, my motivation to keep exploring has disappeared.


“…Well then, for now, I’ll return to the church.”

“You don’t need to go to the inn?”

“Un, well, it’s okay.”

“Understood. Let’s return.”


And, we follow the dirt road back to the church.

However, several magic essences are surrounding the church.



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  3. So if people are wondering about the identity of that “divine goddess Stand” that appeared behind Rubia, the answer is in chapter 46 (quoted relevant part of the scroll):
    ‘This time it is a woman. A goddess. Her name is Melad, Goddess Governing Demon Life.

    Her raven-black hair is long. She also has three eyes. The third is in the middle of her forehead.

    The eyes in the picture are blood shot and crying tears of blood, her expression is tender, and in some respects, the depiction has an element of horror that makes me feel like I jumped into cold water.

    With a long staff wet with blood in her right hand, the depiction has a feeling of someone being cured.

    In Zoru’s journal there was a description matching this goddess.’

    In conclusion, we can infer that Rubia is decently loved by Melad, and may even be something akin to her oracle, or grand priestess for this world. Hence why Rubia is so naturally skilled with divine magic and literally has a phantom image of Melad behind every time she uses that power.


  4. Thanks for another chapter~

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    The Unwanted Child of Berutzemu Holy Church (this is the chapter title)
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    Now for grammar/spelling fixes. Didn’t list EVERYTHING, but here’s some of them, heh:

    “Ah, I was surprised you again. Sorry.” -> “Ah, I surprised you again. Sorry.”

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    “Rollo, don’t eat anything in the feel, alright? Don’t destroy anything.”
    “feel” -> “field”

    “…I understand. Thank you. I keep asking questions, but is there an in here?”
    “in” -> “inn”

    “There is. If you keep going you come to a highway that leads away from the town, the inn is near there.”
    “There is. If you keep going, you’ll come to a highway that leads away from the town. The inn is near there.”

    After running up the hill, we arrive at a place with tall fences with waist hire flowers that look like sun flowers.
    After running up the hill, we arrived at a place with tall fences and waist high flowers that look like sun flowers.

    “Isn’t it horrible? However, the people in this church raised me kindly. They’re taken proper care of me.”
    “Isn’t it horrible? However, the people in this church have raised me kindly. They’ve taken proper care of me.”


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