Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 68

Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 69Sixty-Eight Episode~ In One’s Mind Exists a Small Church

“Got it. Then, how old is Rubia?”



Thirteen years old, she’s young, but it should be fine. (TL: What should be fine, Shuya? What are you thinking?)

I don’t know when people are considered adults in this world, but I can judge the age of a single person.


“I see. I feel bad. However, things might be difficult in the future? Do you still want to go?”

“Hai. It’s fine. I understand.”


She said it’s fine, but I’ll support her for a little.


“…Alright. I’ll take care of the bodies first. Will people be gathering at the church first?”

“No, they should know the Priest isn’t here, it’s only in cases where someone is hurt, like the children earlier.”

“I see, then, I don’t need to rush. I’ll dispose of the bodies. Rubia, go get your things together and wait in the church.”



Then, I take care of the bodies.


Rollo helps, so I quickly carry the corpses into the field.

After burying the bodies in a hole, I return to the location of the battle and clean up the blood and gore with water from life magic.


The smell is still here, but it’s mostly clean now.

Ma, this should be enough.


“Rollo, let’s return.”

“N, nya.”


Rollo perches on my shoulder, and we return to the church.


“Rubia, I’m done.”


When I return, Rubia is praying to the cross in front of the altar.


“God is heaven, all the world is in your heart…”


Oh? Anne of Green Gables?

A coincidence perhaps…

But, even under these conditions, this child is praying.


“…Do you have all your things?”

“Hai, I only have two sets of clothes.”


In Rubia’s hand is a sleeveless underclothes like dust cloth.


“Just that?”



Seriously? What kind of frugal life has she been living…

Her life is going to change after this, one more time, I reconfirm her feelings.


“Rubia, if you leave you may not be able to go to church anymore?”

“It’s fine. Since I was born there was a small church in my heart, it follows me and helps guide my path.”


Rubia laughs. It feels like there’s a halo around her.

Her smile cleanses my heart.


Lead by the small church in her heart… Her faith is deep.

Isn’t this child able to become a priest?

I’m a little impressed.


…Well, such a thing is inconsequential.

I activate the gate.


“…I understand. I’m going to activate the gate, so wait a minute.”

“Oh, hai.”


I remove the twenty-sided sphere from my pocket and trace the first symbol.


The gate activates.




Rubia looks more impressed than surprised.


“Rubia, give me your hand.”

“Ah, hai.”


I hold her delicate hand.

The calluses on her palm tell me how hard she’s worked.

However, they’re so small it seems they’ll break at any moment.


“Let’s enter.”


Rubia looks at me, eyes full of determination, and nods.

I nod back and take her through the gate.

I’m able to safely pass through with Rubia.

We arrive in 【Hector】 at the same time.


…Fuu. The gate worked.

I manage to return to this small room.


I was a little worried, but we can still pass through. Ma, I’ve also move will Rollo, so I figured it would work if we touched.


“Nn, Nya.”


As always, Rollo jumps to the hard bed.


“Rubia, this is 【Fort City Hector】. It’s south of where you’re from. Past the desert and Manheim mountain range, this is the southern country of 【Osberia Kingdom】.

“…Ha, hai. Here?”


She’s turning her head restlessly, looking at the small room.


“It’s a small it…sorry.”


If I think about it, Rubia lived in a smaller room…


“Ah, that’s not what I mean. Sorry. This is 【Osberia Kingdom】… I only know it’s the name of a distant country. -Ah, this mirror is the same.”

“That’s right.”


The Zohedron Trap floats around my head again.

I catch it and put it in my chest pocket.


“There a church here, but even with your eyes turning red and your long elven ears, you won’t be discriminated against. I don’t know much about the area, but you can probably like freely.”

“Is that so…Shuya-sama. Thank you. It’s all thanks to you. To be capable of using such transfer magic…”


It is helpful…

I’d like her to not talk about it.


Ah, don’t tell anyone about it. Let’s keep it a secret?”

“Hai. I understand. I won’t tell anyone. It’s a secret.”

“And then, I’ll give you money, you can spend it how you want.”


Saying that, I take out two magic bags and several gold coins.


“Eh, this, these gold coins… I can’t take this much money.”

“It’s fine, I’m rich.”



Rollo calls out and lifts one foot, slapping the bed.


“Rollo also approves. Receive it obediently.”

“…Hai. However, only, this…”

“Haha, maybe. It’s different? Rollodinu has such a cute face, but she understands our conversations.”

“Nn, Nya.”

“Really? What a beautiful Kitty-chan.”

“Aah, she’s my pride.”



One by one, Rollo replies.


“Fufu, but, Shuya-sama…”


After Rubia laughs, she suddenly looks down.



“Why, why are you helping a woman like me?”



Ma, I’ll be honest.


“I’d be happy if you grew into a beautiful woman in the future. If I’m a dirty man don’t help, there’s also the possibility of neglect.”

“…Is that so. In that case, please use this poor body freely.”


Saying that, Rubia’s face turns red and she begins to remove her dirty clothes.

-Uhya, who taught this woman?

Even as a joke, she grew up in a church…


“Wait- you misunderstood. Surely, Rubia is beautiful, I’m also interested in nudity. Rather, there’s a tent. However, it’s mostly because I wanted to help.”


Rubia has a confused look on her face.


“Eh? Tent?”


Ugu, I said something indecent… (TL: The word is モッコス, I think the author is referring to the bulge a boner makes in your pants.)

By no means, is it an evil god? A tent won’t form.

I repeat this chant in my heart.


“Ah, iya, that is, ah~ it’s fine. So, please get dressed. Good?”

“Ah, hai. Is it really okay? I heard that men in post town would be happy if you do this…besides, this is all I can offer…”


So? It seems the drunkards in the post town said some unnecessary things.


“It’s fine. I won’t ask too many questions. And then, not to mention talking about killing, a girl should value her body more. Men are savages. Shouldn’t you be more cautious? You should only act that way towards a person you like. Rubia should save herself for the future…” (TL: Heh, Shuya won’t fuck underage girls, that’s good to know. Also, turning down a thirteen-year-old girl makes him sound like the dense protagonist of a harem anime…”


I try to explain with words soaked in embarrassment.

I expressed my feelings, but by the end, my face is flushed red, and I have to turn away.


“Fufu, Shuya-sama is surely from Illodis-kami, I was sent a child of the light.”


Rubia’s face blooms with a heavenly smile.

She turns to me in a pose of prayer.


Worshipping like that, it’s not right…


“You don’t need to do that, please stop worshipping me. Yosh, next we’ll go shopping, then I’ll give you a tour of 【Hector】.”

“Hai, I understand. Thank you.”

“Got it. Let’s go.”


I accompany Rubia out of the cheap inn.

We walk down the main street, and I introduce her to the side streets with the food shops.

Next, I show her around the big market.


“Today is the special day of your arrival in 【Hector】. It’s my treat.”



I buy kabobs from a street stall for Rubia.


I hastily stuff the tasty-looking meat in my mouth.

I also buy the mysterious soup filled with vegetables and some sweet fruits.


“This city is enormous. This place is flooded with the people living here…this is the first time I’ve eaten such tasty food.”

“Is that so. Good.”



Her smile is cute. She should adapt well to the city life.


“Well then, I’ll show you place anything can be bought. You’ll be safe there even if I leave you.”

“Eh, Shuya-sama? You’re going to leave already?”

“Iya, not just yet. There’s a shop in this direction.”


I understand Rubia’s worried expression.

However, I harden my heart and ignore them. I grip Rubia’s hand and guide her to Babon’s store.


“You can get anything here. You should find necessary items.”



On Rubia’s back is the sword, shield, leather armor, brushes, hardware, clothing, belts, and simple food all bundled together.


“Rubia, you bought a lot of different things…”


Wait, does she plan on becoming an adventurer?

I should ask…


“Hai, this should be the bare minimum I need to prepare…”

“I see. Is it too heavy?”

“It’s fine. I did a lot of work in the church.”

“I see, then it’s fine. Then, I’ll keep guiding you. I think you should stay in this city…”


“This way. Let’s go.”


I guide her to the dwarf brothers’ shop.

The only acquaintances  I have a good relationship with are these two, I can only ask Zaga about Rubia.


-N, again, there’s a presence following me.


Ma, they’re keeping their distance and showing no sign of attacking.

Rubia is here this time though…Honestly, I don’t want them to attack.


I hurry to the Dwarf store.


When Rubia and I come to the shop, Bonn runs out to welcome us.

And, Rollo runs up like usual.

The carriage is still in front of the shop, so there is still some time before you move.



“Nyaa, nya.”


Haha, they’re still at it.

The shared space between Rollo and Bonn.


Rubia stares curiously.


“Bon, I have business with Zaga. I’m going to the store.”


“Rubia, come with me.”



Saying so, Rubia accompanies me into the shop.


“Oh? If it isn’t Shuya? What is it? Equipment maintenance? It’s too soon for that…”

“Yo, Zaga. I’m not here to talk about weapons or armor today. It’s sudden, but this child, I would like you to take care of Rubia.”


I can trust Zaga and Bonn.

In reality, there will be trouble if I try to take care of someone. That’s what I think.

However, it’s dangerous with me, and I still have my objective.


I’m reluctant, but it’s the right thing to do.


I’m irresponsible.

I’m an irresponsible guy escaping from his responsibilities after saving a girl’s life.


“…Nou, wha, what?”



Rubia suddenly looks at me concerned.


Uh, sorry…


…Rubia, this Dwarf is Zaga. The one outside is Zaga’s younger brother Bonn. These brothers are blacksmiths. Their skills are top-class.

“Oi, oi, what is this all of a sudden. Shuya. Introduce this child to me?”

“Ah, I’ll be relying on you. I won’t ask you to make her a full-fledged smith. I’ll also leave gold with her. Only, trouble will surely follow me in life…”


I lower my head and ask for help.

Zaga looks at Rubia. He seems to be thinking.


“Uh, Shuya-sama. I’m alright.”

“However, is it fine to leave this to an acquaintance?”

“Hai. So…”

Hai, you’re called Rubia? I’m Zaga. The one outside is my younger brother, Bonn. We’ll be looking after one another from now on.”


Oh, Zaga accepted it easily.


“You’re accepting?”

“Of course. I can’t refuse Shuya’s request. The other day, I gained a lot. Besides, I feel like our relationship is important. Bonn also has his connection with the black cat, I also have a hunch that we Dwarf brothers will be doing a lot of business soon.”

“Is it really okay?”


Rubia’s expression is different than Zaga’s stern one, she seems surprised.


“Ah, we’re still planning on moving to 【Labyrinth City Pernette】. If it’s fine, I’ll still take care of her.”

Yes, it’s fine. Thank you in advance.”


With an excited expression, Rubia thanks Zaga.

Then, Bonn and Rollo and to the shop.



“N, Nya.”

“Bonn, we’re going to be living with this girl, Rubia. Say hello.”

“Encha? Enchant.”


Bonn looks at Rubia and smiles warmly.

Eyes sparkling, he walks up to Rubia and greets her with a thumbs up.


“-Um, please treat me well. Bonn-san, Zaga-san.”


“Of course.”


Zaga explains about Bonn.


“Then, Rubia. I’m mostly a blacksmith, but I’m also a bit of a merchant. What can you do? Do you have any unique abilities, is there something you want to do?”

“Hai. I’m confident in my recovery magic. And then…I also want to become an adventurer.”


Rubia turns around in the middle and stares at me while she finishes.


Like me…

That recovery magic should be useful in a party. It may be a good choice.


In that case, should I give her a parting present?


“Hou, an adventurer. 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 is the best place for that. There are a lot of people and adventurers there. Everyone from rookies to veterans. You should be able to manage. We’ll do as much as we can to support you, right Bonn?”



Good. It’ll be fine.

I’ll give this Rubia.


I open my item box and remove the long sword made from the ancient dragon fang.


“Rubia, if you’re going to work hard as an adventurer, this sword should come in handy.”

“Ou? That is…”


Seeing the ancient dragon long sword, Zaga is surprised.

I look at Zaga and nod.


“Thank you. However, is it okay?”

“Ah, work hard. Well then, I’ll take my leave now. If fate allows, we may meet again in the future.”

“…Hai. Shuya-sama. Thank you, truly. …Someday, I hope to meet you again.”


After bowing deeply, Rubia raises her head and stares at me fiercely.

Her eyes are begging me not to leave.


She’s hot-blooded.


“…Ah, again. I’ll meet Zaga and Bonn too.”





Rollo and I depart from the Dwarf brother’s shop, leaving Rubia behind.


One day, I’ll go to 【Labyrinth City Pernette】, and we’ll meet again.






Now then, should I go see Popobumu once again.

If I go to Holkerbam, I’ll need my ride.


I go to the stable next to the guild.

The magic essence is still following me.


I ignore it and walking towards the stable.


Oh, I found Popobumu.


Rollo promptly jumps onto the back of Popobumu’s head.

She curls up on top of his head.



“Yo, Popobumu. It’s been a while.”



Hahaha, he seems fine.

He’s breathing excitedly. I pat his armored skin.


I’ll get on.




It’s been so long that I get on without a saddle.

My muscle memory instantly orients my body

Thump, thump, a pleasant feeling.


“Ah, mister. Did you bring that magic beast here?”


A stable hand who likes Popobumu spoke up.


“That’s right. He’s been under your care until now.”

“No, no, he’s energetic…I’ll be lonely, but you’ll take him out to move now?”



Popobumu replies to the stable hand. (TL: I want a chapter of Popobumu’s adventurers in the stable. My headcanon is that he uncovered corruption and brought the perpetrators to justice.)


Haha, Popobumu likes the stable hand too.

I ride Popobumu back to the inn.


Now then, for a little while, I’ll seal off the other side of the gate.

Probably until I arrive in 【Holkerbam】.

I tap the storage icon in item box and place the Paredes Mirror inside.


Then, I leave the room before checking out of the inn.

I receive a tangerine-like fruit from the surly innkeeper.


The fruit is called saika.

Like the inn’s name.


Rollo narrows her crimson eyes when she sees the Saika then ignores it.

I put the fruit in a pocket of my chest belt then mount Popobumu.


Ah, before I go to 【Holkerbam】, I should return to the guild.

If there’s a request regarding Holkerbam, I can kill two birds with one stone.


I’ll decide after looking at the requests.


I return Popobumu to the stable next to the guild.

The stable hand makes a strange face, but I don’t mind it and enter the guild with Rollo.


I check the request board.


Requests for Holkerbam…

Most of them are as caravan guards. Just C and D rank requests.


Client: Luxor Commercial Firm

Request Contents: C Rank, Caravan Guard to Magic Steel City Holkerbam

Time Period: Last Day. The caravan is leaving this afternoon.

Subjugation Target: N/A

Habitat: N/A

Remuneration: One Gold Coin.

Subjugation Evidence: N/A

Additional Information: Transportation will be over land, so be on the lookout for thieves and monsters. Departing from New Town’s north entrance near the harbor. Look for a green flag with the crest of a horse and sword.

Note: Three wagons and two covered carriages. Each can fit six people. There is no extra room. However, horse and magic beast mounts are required. There are various products like food and gold works, so you will be required to protect them from thieves. Furthermore, this paper will be removed in several hours.


This is the highest ranking request going to Holkerbam.

The remuneration is small, but shall I take this one? Getting such a reward from a C rank request…Although, it will contribute to my number of achievements.


I’ve decided.

I take the wooden tally to the reception desk.


The healing big-breasted receptionist-san isn’t here, so I hand my guild card and wooden tally to another beautiful receptionist.


The request is accepted immediately, the back of the guild.


I board Popobumu and check my guild card.

The number of completed requests in ten. It keeps increasing.


Now then, I’ll soon say goodbye to 【Fort City Hector】.

In the end, I never hear breast receptionist-san’s name.


Ah, I wanted to bury my face in those breasts…



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      Probably from the dark guilds of subbordinate of that noble woman.


  1. If I were Shuya I’d take the mirror in the church and give to the dwarf bros, that way he can pop in every time he needs maintenance and can also visit his future waifu


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      1. Is that so? Tbh I don’t realy get how the gate works. I was of the impression that you used the dice to move and the mirrors were just recievers.


  2. This author why make it a first rate story when it can stay a third rate one… if the mc would for once act human and the author would for once not think with his dick but with profit in mind we would now have a interesting story with rubia as a sister like character with him would be far more interesting than him skipping over all the talk with not important character’s or his looking for one nighter style of writing…


    1. Wtf is wrong with your head? Why have a 13 year old little girl tag along with him? That’s a perfectly sensible action he just took. Little sister character? No thanks. There’s enough loli bullshit in most of these books as it is, thank god this one isn’t like that. This book where he meets people and moves on is a hell of a lot more relatable then having a harem follow him around at all times. I’m so glad she’s not coming along.


  3. That spear is awesome!! Also, THANK YOU AUTHOR for not having him go for a 13 year old girl. Thank god. I don’t understand Japans fetish with little girls and I never will. Even as an 18 year old I wouldn’t have touched a 13 year, wtf is wrong with people.


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