Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 69

Sixty-Ninth Episode~ Mysteries, Exceptionally Beautiful Adventurer

I receive a caravan guard request headings towards 【Magic Steel City Holkerbam】, but I have yet to arrive at the meeting place.


I’m leaving the city, so I need to prepare to travel.

There are still the hotpot meals, but I’ll start with food.


I leave the overcoat’s front open while ridding Popobumu, leaving my purple armor exposed.

On top of Popobumu’s head, Rollo extends her feelers to cover his eyes, playing a trick.


“Rollo, that’s dangerous, stop.”

“Nn, nya.”


Rollo retracts her feelers then angrily bends over backward, looking at me upside down.

It looks like she’s going to lay on her back…even if she looks at me with those cute eyes I won’t be scared.


After a while, we arrive at the market. Every race is mixed together here.

I get down from Popobumu and guide him with the reins while searching street stalls.

Thereupon, not a street stall, but something like a flea market with a big carpet spreads out in front of me.

I’m a little curious, so I approach.

In addition to the thick carpet, there are also plenty of flat porcelain pots.

Oi, these are all small.

A tiger beastman wearing a turban is sitting cross-legged on the carpet.


The aura around this beastman makes me feel like he’ll remove a flute and have a snake dance out of a pot.


“Welcome, these bottles are made of fujiku-”

“They’re little, I see.”

“Ou, we can’t compete will the selection of the Gaumonku Firm, but even though what I carry looks this way, people will still buy.”


Without playing the flute, the tiger beastman shopkeeper energetically recommends his wares.


I can make water, is this porcelain container helpful? If the price is reasonable, I may buy it.


I purchase all the shallow jars.

I stack them together and place them in the item box.


“Thank you, I’m from the Fujiku Union, (TL: Something about showing one’s face in public) Purple Knight-san, thank you.”


Tears gather in the corner of the tiger beastman merchant’s eyes, but a smile stretches across his whole face.


“No, no, well then.”


I depart with a smile on my own face.

Next is there.

The street stall I’ve liked recently catches my eye.

A simple store with curtains.

However, it’s a nameless shop that serves delicious hot pots in secret.


I order multiple meals and replenish my stock.


What shall I buy next?

After all, I should get bread.


There are various foods lined up to be sold in bakeries.

This bakes has a few types of bread lined up on his shelves. There are hard rye brown breads lined up. There’s also a round brown bread, but all of them look similar and hard.


It will be hard even if I slice it, but I may be able to use it for a sandwich, so I buy some.

Then, I find some seasonings, cheese, a ham-like meat, and Lunga meat. I can use them in dishes sometimes.


I also need vegetables and mushrooms.

Moving to the next shop, I buy lettuce, a vegetable similar to paprika, and put it all in one bag with the meat. Then, I store the big bag in my item box.


This much food should be enough.


I check the small items I placed in my chest belt pockets.

Magic bottle, a magic bag with pocket change, everyday leather clothes, hide cloth, various potions in a small strong box. A wooden toothbrush is also in one of my pockets.

These items are some of the things I bought.


At any rate…this earthen magic bottle is great.

Kuna’s notes said it was made from an ore only produced in the labyrinth city.

It’s perfect for preserving water and blood, so it’s something I’ll need when traveling.

I open then close the magic bottle before storing it.

Ah, I need to get soap, I’ve already used up my Gyuza Grass.

Soap is a luxury item.

Babon didn’t have any for sale, there seems to be a shop that sells soap… I might have to go to the noble district to find some.


I mount Popobumu and leave the market, heading to the noble district.

After a short time, the appearance of the people walking along the street becomes improved.

They are probably nobles and merchants.

Popobumu’s weight causes his feet to create a scaled mosaic where he steps.

The ground is white too, so it gives off a high-class air.


The number of shops along the street increase as well.

There is a signboard with cheerful decorations on it.


【Shuhareru General Goods】


“Shuhareru works with thirty high-class craftsmen. Quality is guaranteed.”


【Kira Joselie Fortune Teller. Guidance from Ashura-kami, God of Destiny】


“Madame Kazane won’t lose. Cheapest fee south of Manheim.”


【Jill’s Magic Gold Shop】


“Rings for those who travel the world.”

“First Place in Osberia Kingdom’s 589th Art Competition, Nominate Accessories on Display.”


This is the equivalent of Ginza in Japan or Paris’ Eight Avenue. What’s it called?

Among the high-end shops, I stop Popobumu in front of Shahareru’s General Goods shop where many customers are coming and going from.

I don’t need to find parking on the street.

I get down from Popobumu and approach the shop on the pretty tiled ground. Pushing open the door with a glass window, I enter the store.


A pleasant smell comes over me. The inside of the store is overflowing with smells.

The aromas give this shop a sense of cleanliness.


I begin searching right away.

The items being sold in the General Goods shop is an assortment of clothes, cloth, and small articles.

Oh, there’s also a pocket-size brush that looks high-class.

I’ll buy this for Rollo.

I pick a brush up.


I look at the other shelves.

Heh, there’s a wide variety.

Metal hair clips, a medicinal ointment for skin, etchi shaped sticks, small whips, back scratchers, leather straps, incenses and fragrant flowers, there are even incense pots for sale.


It smells nice.

Rollo seems to be interested in the smell. Her nose twitches as she sniffs.


“Rollo, behave yourself, ah, I’ll buy this too.”



Her only reply is a purr.

It seems like she’s saying 『Nyunderstood』


I grab a back scratcher with a leather wrist strap and continue my search for soap.


Soap, soap, aha!

In the area soap is being sold, there are a noble woman and a maid browsing.


It seems noble women buy soap as well.

This one is assessing its quality.


The woman has a purse dangling from her chest.

The woman picks up one of the soaps and hands it to her maid.


That purse around her neck looks like Borsa from the middle ages.

I’m not sure what it’s called here- while having such thoughts, I pick up a bar of soap.


The only kinds of soap here are enormous ones the size of tofu.

The only colors are green and white.

I might as well buy a lot of it.


I pick up a crate containing ten bars.


“Welcome. -Ma, you’re buying this much. Thank you. Wooden stick, leather strap, five large copper coins, the brush is one silver coin, the soap comes to ten silver coins.”


The stick and leather strap is five large copper coins, the brush is one silver.


Well, the wood grain of the stick looks good, and there are silver fittings, it’s also really smooth. It’s high quality.

I can see the effort the craftsman put into this.

However, the brush and soap are each a silver coin.

Isn’t it more expensive than one night in a luxury inn?


“Silver coin?”


The words slip out accidentally.

I remove the silver coins from the item box.


“Hai, certainly. Then, I’ll give you a service, three leather clothes from the country of Samaria called ‘Mermaid Leather.'”


Uh, service is good, but mermaid? Skin?



“Hai. It’s the skin of a monster that is only found on the shores of Samaria.”


Oh, good. It’s a monster. Is it some kind of rhinoceros or alligator?

I recall hearing that those in Samaria eat mermaids, for a moment, I wonder if the owner of this mermaid skin was beautiful.


“Will you take this?”

“Ah, un. This is fine-”


Saying that I place the box with the cloth and soaps in my item box.

I put the brush in one of my chest pockets.


When the saleswoman sees me use my item box, her eyes brighten, and her mouth drops open in surprise.

This young sales clerk, her hand moves to cover her open mouth. Her conduct is refined. The way she moves has a sense of elegance.


“Well then.”


I leave the high-class shop and mount Popobumu.


Next, then. From the box…I remove the evil dragon king’s blue eye.

The surface of the gem is smooth and comfortable.


I place it in a pocket of the belt strapped across my chest.

Once I have time, I’d like to test out what kind of magic this eye can use.

Its power should be lower than the ice magic from the dragon magic stone on the magic spear…


After I check my belongings, I urge Popobumu forward.


I cross the drawbridge entrance of Hector.

Then, I pass through the poor district of New Town on my way to the harbor.


I’m a little worried as I do.

The presence is still following behind me.


For the time being, I continue forward while shoulder the magic spear, being wary of my back.

The magic essence behind me moves expertly, neither too close or too far behind.

The person who has been tailing me recently is the same person…they’re skilled.

However, if they’re willing to follow me even once I’ve left the city… how convenient.

If the foot traffic dies down, I’ll be able to get a look at them…


I’m worried about the person following me, but I end up reaching the port without incident.

The view isn’t much different than my first time here.

Goods are being loaded onto boats with pulleys, a large gangway is lowered to the shore, people are coming down into Hector.


If the ship is being used to that extent, it is probably a large scale maritime trading company.


Now then, rather than the ship, I’m looking for a group of wagons.

On the request notice, I was told to look for a flag with the “Crest of a horse and sword on a green and black flag.”


-There are flags of various trading firms flapping in the wind.


A yellow tiger symbol, a red and white spade flag, a white flag with slanting green lines, a green turtle insignia, an ivory star, a maiden symbol bordered in crimson…


I can also see the figure of adventurers mingling with the trading caravans.


Oh, there it is.


Two covered wagons and three regular carts.

There is a green and black flag with a horse and sword standing on one of them.


Many adventurers are standing around it.

Only ten-ish people are here.


Goods are being loaded onto the wagons one after another.

It seems there precious metals, fruits, and vegetables. Items made from gold and silver reflect the sunlight. Valuable looking minerals are being loaded too.


Minerals, gold, vegetables, fruit. Their cargo is all over the place…

There are also wooden barrels being carried into the covered wagons.


I slowly approach on Popobumu while investigating, then stand where the adventurers are gathering for several minutes.


Before long, the presence that was following me has disappeared.


Instead, adventurers wearing black overcoats and dark brown hoods are appearing, seeming to be here for the same request.

I’m a little suspicious…But they join the group of adventurers waiting, perhaps they’re typical adventurers.


Once the adventurers are gathered, a merchant wearing a turban appears from the covered wagons.

Once the merchant checks over the adventurers, he gets down from his wagon and opens his mouth.


“…I am Tajiki of the Luxor Trading Firm. I am in charge of this caravan. All you adventurers should have received the request. Please work as our body guards. As for who will be leading and other things, please decide that amongst yourselves. We’ll follow your directions, so-”


His name is Tajiki. His manner of speech gives me a good impression of him.

His large brown turban is worn naturally.

It makes it easy for him to move.

Ma, we’ll be traveling, so they are probably focused on wearing clothes that are easy to move in.

On that big turban of his looks expensive, it appears to be packed with something.

A brooch covered with jewels in displayed.

Maybe, that turban is full of candy…


While I’m having strange delusions, Taijiki returns to the carriage and says something to the coachman.


Then, several people appear in front of the waiting adventurers.

Gesturing with his hands, a person with a loud voice speaks.


“-I’m the leader of the C rank adventurer clan 【Twilight Road】, Kens Ritomanen. We have eight other members.”


Kens-san is wearing chain mail under soft leather armor. He’s taller than me and has a feather sticking out of his hat.


There is a long sword sheathed at his waist and a circular shield on his arm.

Orthodox equipment.


The representative of different adventurers steps forward then.


“I’m from the D rank adventurer clan 【Fadyke’s Fang】. We have five members. My name is Rize Dozetti.”


The man who calls himself Rize has a spear.

The blue leather armor he is wearing looks easy to move in.


“…I’m the B ranked adventurer, Fran, I’m participating solo.”


The adventurer who called themselves Fran.

While speaking, they remove the hood attached to their black cloak, exposing their face.

The people begin to chatter noisily.

It seems to be unusual for a high ranking solo adventurer to be a woman.


A woman. Aside from that, what is…that…

Something strange is happening around Fran’s shoulder.


It’s the body of a semi-transparent hawk?

Rather than transparent, it gives off a slight fluorescent color.


N, iya, it’s fluorescent when I use magic observing eyes, but without them it’s invisible. There are moments when light refracts, showing something is there, but if I’m not paying attention, I miss it.


…Is it some kind of magic beast Familiar?


“…I’m the leader of the C rank clan 【Fist of God】, Gomez Delon. There are four members including me.”


While I was staring at the strange creature, the next adventurer identified themselves.

Gomez Delon.

His entire body is round, his neck thick with muscles.

He is wearing metal vambraces on his thick hands, each one has three sharpened metal shafts on the knuckles.


Are those pile bunkers? Only for use in close combat.

They’re cool. They aren’t covered with soot or the smell of dead flesh.


These people including Gomez are the only few who can use Fighting Moji, although none of them can use observing eyes.

No one else notices the invisible hawk of Fran’s shoulder.


“C ranked adventurer…Thomas Guraser. Solo adventurer.”


The one who identifies himself as Thomas has his face covered by a dark brown hood, his equipment can’t be seen.


“C rank, solo, Rocha.”


They’re wearing the same dark brown mantle.

Their face is also covered by their hood.


All the members identify themselves, aside from me.

This is a C rank request, so we don’t need to give our rank, but it seems everyone is doing it.


I take a step forward and briefly introduce myself.


C rank adventurer, Shuya Kagari.”


After I speak, Kens-san of 【Twilight’s Road】 begins to speak again while making sweeping gestures.


“…Everyone has introduced themselves, right? Well then, the leader should be the highest rank, Fran-”

“Iya, I’m a solo participant. It will be better if I follow. I’ll obey instructions.”


Lifting an arm to stop Kens-san, the woman with the strange creature on her shoulder named Fran interrupts.


Her hair is red, almost crimson. Her eyes are brown.

Her cheeks are spotted with freckles.

I can’t see what equipment she has become of the cloak, but I can two sword hilt on her back.


Mysterious, who is this adventurer?


She is wearing a belt similar to mine.

It is likely attached to the swords on her back.

The mana circulation of her fighting moji is also smooth. The B ranking isn’t for show.

The invisible hawk on her shoulder sits still.


“Understood. Then, I’d like to choose one of the higher C ranks, any opinions?”


No one says anything.


“I’ll take your silence as acceptance. Then, as the leader of 【Twilight’s Road】, I would like to take charge of the guard request. -Is everyone okay with that?”


It’s admirable for him to take on the role.

His name, Ritomanen, feels like the name of an old soccer player.


“Rize of 【Fadyke’s Fang】. No objections.”

“Thomas, solo. It’s fine.”

“Fran declined already. Of course, I approve.”

“Gomez from 【Fist of God】. I don’t mind either.”

“Rocha. I’m a solo participant, but I approve.”

“Um, I’m  Shuya, a solo. I approve.”


We approve one after another.


“Understood. Then, I’ll take charge. 【Fadyke’s Fang】 will be middle guard, 【Fist of God】 will be rear guard, as for the rest of you, get your favorite position. Then, let’s go.”



Carefree, everyone consents to the agreement.

They shout their reply.


The adventurers from the large clan 【Twilight Road】 begin advancing.

The leader, Kens goes to the lead wagons and speaks with the coachman.


Then, Kens-san raises and arm and starts directing energetically.


Following the covered wagon the merchants ride in, the horses neigh, and the caravan starts advancing.

The adventurers move to enclose the wagons.


A large numbers horse and magic beasts stir.

Their heavy foot steps blend together loudly.


Most of the adventurers are using horses, but there are a few riding magic beasts.


Including me, there are four people.


Two of the people wearing dark brown cloaks.

Rocha and Thomas.

They’re solo participants, but they each are riding two legged dinosaur-like magic beasts, so they seem to be acquainted.


They don’t speak to one another, but their clothing and mounts are the same.


The other is Fran, the high ranking adventurer.

She’s is riding a magic beast similar to Popobumu.


Pubooo, it makes a call like that.

However, when I look closely, I can see it’s different from popobumu is coloring and form.


It seems to be the same family though.


The invisible hawk on her Flan’s shoulder flies away, it disappears for a moment, but after searching, I can see it flying low alongside Fran, following.


The clan members entrusted with vanguard advance.

The highway in this area is maintained, so we’re able to make good time.


The caravan protected by so many adventurers advances, kicking up a cloud of dust.


I look back.

The high walls of the fortress look small. They’re already far away.


-Good bye, Hector.

-Goodbye, Quiche.

-Goodbye, Rocket Breasts. I smile translucently.


Also, everyone from Crimson Tiger, Oppai receptionist-san, Marquess Chardonnay, Rubia, Cecily from the Griffon Corps.


Every one of them, beautiful women.

Their smiling faces are preserved in my memories.


Still, we may meet again.


The first day passes while I have such thoughts.

The caravan advancing on the highway until evening, only once night falls does the leader stop.

Kens-san seems to be good at his job. His casual gestures make him look like a cool leader.

I want to try making those gestures. So, as I’m thinking, Kens-san rides his horse in my direction.


“We’ll stop and rest here. The clans can take the watch, solo adventurers can decide on their own. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.”


How carefree.


Everyone spends their time freely.

However, they still gather around the wagons, it seems to be their role as guards.


At any rate, this is my first guard request.


I don’t know what to do, so I try to match everyone’s atmosphere.

The clans gather together the solo adventurers share campfires.


However, everyone has been quiet since we stopped.

So, I spend my time alone.

The attitude is completely different from the adventurers I took the last request with…


I watch the members who continue silently.

Without removing the swords from her back, Fran carefully eats a biscuit.


Time passes in the silence.

The adventurers on guard are dozing, falling asleep.


Then, movement late at night…

Fran, originally near a campfire, sneaks away from the wagons.

What is she doing, While wondering, I return to the area where Popobumu is waiting.


“Rollo, I’m going to use Hidden Body for a while. Stay here and keep watch.”

“Nn, nya.”


Rollo has already curled up in a ball on Popobumu’s head, mewing a reply with a slap of her tail.


Rollo looks really sleepy.

Well then, I’ll chase after Fran.


Thinking something may be wrong with the redheaded woman, I leave Popobumu and case after Fran.


Moving with <Hidden Body> and <Night Vision>.


I can see Fran’s back.

She keeps her head on a swivel, walking cautiously.

I follow her far from the caravan.

Once she reaches a place where the grass grows waist high, she stops and looks around again.


Wait, is she going to pee?


My <Hidden Body> skill eludes Fran’s perception, she’s not aware of me.

There’s good affinity between the <Darkness Adaptation> Permanent Skill and he <Hidden Body> skill.

Darkness is my home. However, it feels like I’m becoming a pervert.

N, I don’t actually feel it, pervert,…While I’m considering such a thing…Oh, good, she moves her arm.

She’s not peeing.

Am I regretting it? …I have a strange thought.


Fran is writing something on a small piece of paper?


Furthermore, after rolling up the slip of paper, she opens a tube attached to the invisible hawk on her shoulder.

Is the hawk for communication?

After stroking the invisible hawk’s head, it screeches.

The fluorescent bird spreads its wings and flies into the night sky.


The red haired woman named Fran, is she working as something other than an adventurer?

Is she a spy for a dark guild?

Perhaps, is she the one who was following me?

After seeing the hawk off, Fran returns from the brush.


Should I show myself and question her?

Should I ignore her and continue the request?


Even if I question her, she’ll just feign ignorance.


-I’ve decided.

I’ll see how things are. It’s still the first day.


I creep.

Unnoticed, I return to Popobumu and Rollo.


None of the other adventurers are behaving suspiciously aside from Fran.


Ma, that’s natural…

They’re supposed to be working as guards for the merchants.

I may be the only one who needs to mind their surroundings.


I make out Popobumu’s face.

Now, I can cancel <Hidden Body>


Popobumu has folded up his legs and gone to sleep.

When I return, he stretches his neck and looks at me with his small eyes.


“Did I wake you? Don’t worry, get some rest.”



Times passes while I sit next to Popobumu. After all, sitting cross-legged is easiest. I place both arms behind my head and look up.

Dark blue like an eggplant. White clouds drift through the sky.

The clear night sky is beautiful compared to the sky during the day.


-The stars are beautiful.

The colorful stars are sprinkled across the dark blue sky.


I wonder if somewhere out there is a solar system with a third planet named earth.

Iya, there shouldn’t. When I first transmigrated, I came to another dimension, an entirely different space, so there shouldn’t be.

Inflation, background space radiation, the amount and expansion rate of dark matter.

The Higgs Boson particle should also be different.

There are gods connected to the stars, unknown space creatures living on satellite planets, around some start there might be an advanced civilization.


Ha, I let my mind wander.

The night sky is too beautiful…

I, who transmigrated, even though I’ve grown, am still a trifling existence in comparison to the endless stars. The world is wide.


While I stare into the endless night sky, I don’t neglect to observe my surroundings.

While I’m contemplating, Rollo gets up.

With sleepy eyes, he climbs on my thigh.


The one is adorable.


I stop looking at the sky and enjoy stroking Rollo’s fur.

I brush her obsidian coat with the expensive brush.


A beautiful, happy purr comes from her.

Brushing the cute Rollo is fun.


Ah, I take out the back scratcher and leather straps for Rollo.

I can make something with this.

Like a Pythagora Switch (TL: There’s a Japanese children’s show called Pythagora Switch, it’s mainly puppets, but they also feature Rube Goldberg Machines/ Heath Robinson Devices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eXeUfaliXQ) while humming the song from the construction show for children…I tie a strap to the wooden stick first, and my simple foxtail is complete!


To take out the Cat Robot from the four dimensions futuristic magic bag, I raise the homemade foxtail to the sky. (TL: I deserve a cookie for translating that line.)

Rollo immediately looks up, surprised by the string swinging from the stick.


Yosh- we’ll play with the homemade foxtail.




Rollo purrs without gathering herself, following the string with her head.


Haha, she’s totally entranced by the string, trying to bite it, she jumps up.

Ah- she cut the string.


Right as I pulled the string, she caught with a claw and tore it off.

However, as for this, I’ll make a new foxtail.


“Haha, Rollo.”

“Nya, Nyaon, Nya.”


She runs around in circles after the new Foxtail.


Rollo chases quickly after the new foxtail.


I’m a Rusivaul, because my body has the abilities of a vampire, I can compete with Rollo who is also faster than she should be, although I’m a hundred times faster, probably because I turned the foxtail Rollo’s attention turns and she begins walking in a strange direction.

It’s like the fairy tail blackening.





As soon as I slow down, Rollo jumps on the string.

She recovered quickly. In no time the leather strap is merely a bundle of fibers…


When I let go of the foxtail Rollo also bites the wooden rod, holding it her mouth a swiping.


And, after a satisfying kick, she puts it in her mouth and places it on my knee.


In front of me, Rollo gathers her feet together like a doll and stares at me with crimson eyes.

Is she asking for something?


“You still want to play?”

“Nyaon, nya.”


It seems she wants to play.

Thus, although the fog thickened, I continue playing with Rollo through the night.






The morning sun. The milky white fog is still here, but there is enough light to see the highway. The way ahead is brightly lit.


The Wind is picking up too, so the fog is split.

The scenery of the fog mixing with the morning light is beautiful.

Fantastic and pure. A pleasant side wind is blowing.

It’s probably the wind blowing from the Haym river.



I’d like to stay at a calm pension with such a view, I take deep breaths…It feels nice. I wish all morning were like this.

The other adventurers enjoy the pleasant morning with me, quickly finishing breakfast and departing.


I follow the caravan from the back on Popobumu.


It’s only noon. The sunlight is dazzling. The period of broad daylight.

When we pass an area with large gray rocks on either side, the voices of the adventurers in the vanguard reach me.





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