Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 70

Seventieth Episode~ Ambush・Raid


“-Enemy raid!”


What? Enemy?

Someone rides up on a horse before being struck by a large black arrow and falling.

Arrows, fire arrows, and magic fire balls come flying.

They are outside the range of presence detection.

The surprise attack is coming from the left.


-Shit, filled with anger, I look for the source of the hail of arrows.


There is a group in dark brown.

There is a magic user casting fire balls and a light soldier using a bow.

I see someone walking in a strange enormous armor.

Is that iron helmet a mask? A little taller than three meters?

They’re taking a stance, drawing their longbow with a thick arm.


Perhaps, is that a magic wogan doll?

I saw soldiers of iron during the Evil Dragon King subjugation.

It seems this is the one firing the thick black arrows.

With slow movements, the iron creature shoots another arrow.

Again, one of the adventurers is pierced by iron.

The iron creature appears slow, but its accuracy is unquestioned.


The members of 【Twilight Road】 were acting as vanguard, so the giant arrows, regular arrows, and fireballs removed adventurers from their horses, causing them to escape in every which direction.

After the horses escape, only the dead adventurers remain on the ground.

The body of Kens, the leader of Twilight Road is among them.

A thick iron arrow is embedded in his chest.

He died the moment his heart was pierced.

The thick iron arrows also struck the wagons, breaking off the wheels.

Its frame is tilted, resting on the road. The goods being transported are spilled over the ground.

The horses that were harnessed to the wagons have away as well.


The thick iron arrows have stopped flying, but the regular arrows and fireballs are still falling.


A fireball directly hits the covered wagon the merchant was riding in.

The coachman is killed by a stray arrow.

Without its driver, the covered wagon crashes into the rocks and goes up in flames.

Arrows hit the harnessed horses so go into a panic and break free of their restraints, running away.


The caravan stops moving.

This surprise attack was planned like they knew the convoy would pass through here.

Angry voices rise from the adventurers.

However, only one of the covered wagons hasn’t been attacked.

There, the adventurers from 【Fadyke’s Fang】 are acting as middle guard, defending.


They seem to have blocked the big iron soldier’s thick arrows.

Several people are running away, eluding the fireballs.

N, what? Those two? The two adventurers in dark brown robes are doing something else. They dismount their magic beasts, draw knives, and attack the members of Fadyke’s Fang from behind.


Seriously- we’re being betrayed.


That moment, I remember what happened yesterday.

That adventurer woman sent a communication with her invisible hawk.

However, the female adventurer removes a bastard sword from her back and moves to protect the last wagon.

The red-head isn’t betraying us? She’s not the enemy right now.

The sword she is using resembles a bastard sword.

It’s a one handed sword like Bitou.

While I look at Fran the two traitors in dark brown respond with throwing their knives, they’re fast, two more people are killed.

Their skill with the sword is as deadly as their ability with knives.

They definitely have the throwing skill.


Their movements are fast and their aim accurate.


A thrown knife lands between the brows of an adventurer using a bow.

Without their bow user, 【Fadyke’s Fang】 can’t counterattack, so they can only be cut down one sided.


However, I’ll make them regret this. (TL: Booyah.)


I aim for the person with the long sword.


I extend my right hand, and after the magic halberd appears as I swing with the crimson ax blade, then I slap Popobumu and instantly arrive at the dark brown cloaked man.

At the same time, the crimson ax blade hits a boulder sticking out of the ground, sparks scatter- a trail follows like a firework.

The man in the dark brown robe turns around when I arrive, but it’s too late.

The flaming crimson blade severs the man’s head.

The severed head flips through the air.

The dark brown hood is stained with blood, the body collapses like a puppet with its strings cut.


“Na- Rocha, shit!”


Angry with me for killing their companion, they begin shouting.


It seems they didn’t give false names.

The screaming man removes his hood exposing his face.

He is fair-haired and blue eyed, a handsome man.


I glare at him.

Such a gaze is ignored. Make Popobumu detour around.

-I check my surroundings.


The people launching the surprise attack are on the right side as well as the left.

On the other hand, the surviving adventurers have gathered around the covered wagon, creating a barricade.

I should return and see how things are going.


-I sent Popobumu to the wagon.


After leaving the covered wagon, the surviving adventurers have understood what is happening.

Fran is leading several adventurers with good builds.

They are protecting the members around the carriage.


“Someone betrayed us. This attack was planned.”

“Shit, what luck. N…we’re surrounded, oi, is that a Wogan?”

“It is. …This is the worst case scenario. For so many thieves to appear…”


I see the group is releasing attacks from the wagon’s shadow.


The magic Wogan doll and dozen of people dressed in dark brown robes approach.

We’re completely surrounded.

As I look at enemies, I find the person who glared at me earlier.

Ash blue eyes. The traitor has rejoined his group.

However, fire balls and thick iron arrows have stopped.

The covered wagon has been left intentionally.


Now then, seeing as it can’t be helped, let’s hear what they have to say.


“You people, you okay?”

“Ah, the rear guard is fine. However, the wagons are destroyed, this is the only one left.”

“Adventurers, help us…”


Then, Taijiki appears from in the covered wagon.

His expression is haggard.

It seems he’s alive.


“You’re alive. Leave it to us, we won’t surrender to thieves. The members of 【Fist of God】 are all resolute. Na, you-”

“That’s right.” “As expected of Gomez.” “We’ll defend to our death.”


Including the leader, there are three members in 【Fist of God】 who can use magic.


“You can smile under these circumstances? I admire your enthusiasm, but do you have countermeasures?”


Fran has taken a defensive posture, speaking caustic words with lowered eyebrows. Still, 【Fist of God’s】 leader doesn’t look upset and answers seriously.


“Sheila, can you spread the defense wall immediately?”

“Yeah. I can set it up.”

“Captain, what about me?”

“Gio, stay by Sheila’s side. -Fran, aren’t you a B rank adventurer? Sheila will create a defensive magic circle, until then I’ll fight-”


Sheila’s magic chant cuts him off.


“-The magic lasts five minutes. The time shortens when attacks are received.”

“That’s right. Do you have some kind of trump?”

“Iya, I don’t have an area attack skill, but I’m confident in my ability with this long sword. If it’s one on one, I won’t be defeated.”


He says to Fran with a hint of confidence.


“Is that so, the answer is natural for a B rank. Don’t I have confidence too? However, we’re outnumbered.”


After Fran talks to Gomez, she nods her head and turns her gaze to me.




Her freckled face squints a little, she’s a beautiful woman.

She says she is confident in her ability with the bastard sword and her left arm.

On her left hand is a red leather glove with a button, her arm is covered in white gauze from her wrist to her shoulder.


Does this have something to do with a skill?


It may be related to her handling the invisible hawk.

However, the transparent bird left and still has yet to return.


Fran looks at me too.

Our eyes meet silently, then I turn to look at Gomez.

Because of the protection of Gomez’s magic user, Rollo and I should be able to move on our own.


Ma, I don’t know if these guys would survive, but I’ll give my opinion.


“I have a plan. Plan B.”

“Plan B? N, what kind of plan? I think…you.”

“C rank, Shuya.”

“Is that so, you can use B rank Fran? So? What is it?”


I meant something different, but it’s fine.


“Iya, Rollo and I will attack. At that time, you maintain the battle formation, your magic user-san can set up the defense circle. Can the barrier be maintained until my black cat and I break the encirclement?”

“Are you an idiot?”

“Iya, I’m serious? I’ll do it regardless of what you say.”

“-N, wait, I’ll take part in the plan.”


Fran seems to agree with my plan B.


“Oi, oi, you agree with this guy’s idiotic plan B?”


Gomez half laughs as if saying a joke.




When Fran speaks, a thick iron arrow pierces the covered wagon.


“You’re surrounded, surrender peacefully!”


A thieve with a deep voice speaks.


“-Is that so? Fran agrees with me. What about you?”



Gomez looks at the members of his clan.

Everyone trusts Gomez, they wait for his command.


“Fine- please, take care of it.”


Appearing determined, Gomez replies.

Yosh, we’ll be doing some work.


-I look in Rollo’s direction.




Rollo turns her crimson eyes to me. She’s sitting on the back of Popobumu’s head, but she appears ready to go.


“Well then, Fran and Gomez, thank you.”


Saying so, I guide Popobumu and charge to the left.


There are many enemies on the left.

With Burdock in my right hand, I urge Popobumu to go faster.


“Rollo, can you hold of the big iron soldier?”

“N, Nyao.”

“It’s slow so its legs should be its weak point, I’ll leave it to you-”


While saying so, I fix Burdock to the right.

The crimson spear head pierces the chest of a dark brown robe in front of me.

The crimson spear goes straight through.

With the corpse stuck to the spear head, without slowing down, I continue to charge into the enemies.


-Rollo jumps off.

She runs while her form changes, and like I said, ignores the small fires, charging for the magic wogan doll.


Seeing Rollodinu in the corner of my sight, I extend my left hand and eject <Chain>.

The range and speed of the <Chain> skill have become comparable to a bullet.

-Buzzing as it flies, the chain creeps across the ground.

The chain pierces the foot of a bow man and wraps around his leg like a snake.

I lift the living bow soldier and slam him into another bowman.


Then, using the impact, I let the chain entwine the other bow man.


-Thus is the birth of a meat wall.

Living flesh hammer, just kidding.


Once room has been created, the warrior in dark brown cloak shout and approach. Good force. However-

I throw the slightly burnt corpse attached to the halberd at the charging men.

The corpse and halberd collide with them. Somersaulting down, I move away from Popobumu’s stomping feet.

Even as I hear something squish- I jump.


Popobumu charges away from the people.


An assassin type soldier tries to take advantage of the opening after I land, approaching with a dagger in each hand he tries to stab me in the back.


-The daggers glimmer.

Back stab? However, I activate a certain skill.

The next moment, the daggers fall from the man’s hands, and he is blown away.

I made a fist with the <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.

The assassin’s face is caved in.

I pick up the dead man with my distorted mana hand.

I make the corpse float in the air behind me. (TL: Shit, Shuya.)

Now, I have two meat walls.


Next, a magic user sees me and tries to launch fireballs. GOOOOOO, it approaches loudly.


Unconcerned, I respond-

I move the chain so the fireball collides with the meat wall.

The fireball extinguishes. The man hit by the fireball is slightly charred, his leg looks like it is about to come off, so I remove chain entwined around it.


This magician?

I glare at the magic user who threw the fire ball.

Holding a staff. -I aim for the magic user.

Using fighting moji enhanced legs, jump, hop, step.

Firing <Chain> into the ground midway, I move fast.

That moment- I go straight to the magic user.

I use the momentum from charging at him. Slashing down with the magic spear, I bisect the magic user’s head.

However, unusual- the magic user’s response.

Using his staff, he tries to block the crimson ax blade.

However, the moment they meet, the staff is sliced in half and set aflame then the magic user’s head is bisected.

The crimson blade sinks into the magic user’s head, sizzling sounds are heard, and the smell of burnt flesh wafts from the wound.


The smell endures.

I kick the corpse and remove my halberd, then spin the magic spear.

-An arrow comes flying.

It lands with a dull thump.

-The arrows hit the two meat walls behind me.


One of the two meat walls is held in the air with <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> so without magic observing eyes the opponent doesn’t understand what is happening.

The face of the man who fired the arrow is filled with astonishment.


It’s only natural.

I have no intention of the letting the bowman fire another arrow.

I use fighting moji enhanced legs again, closing the space with the Bowman.

Without slowing down, I <thrust> the magic spear-

<Thrust> while twisting, the piercing skill.

The spear head and adjacent ax blade pierce forward, twisting.


My opponent meets a miserable end.


The crimson ax blade tears the wound in a circle. A big circular flaming wound is created.

The leather armor quickly peels away leaving behind a burning wound shaped like a crescent moon.

The Bowman’s eyes open wide as he looks down at the fatal wound.




At a loss for words, he says nothing.

He simply falls forward.

Now, I’ve finished killing the enemies around me.

I don’t see any near bye enemies or detect any presences.

There’s more space to work now, so I run after Rollo.

She seems to be facing off with the Wogan doll properly.


The feelers are entangled around its legs, making the gigantic figure fall over.

Dragging like that…she approaches.

Why is Rollo dragging such a heavy object to me?

Moving the iron creature side to side, its live a toy being pulled by a string…


Dust is being kicked up.

I can hear the screams of the dark brown thieves.

Several people around the iron warrior have collapsed, dead.

Ah~, the enemy’s final pitiful moments.


“Nya, nyah.”


After all, Rollo calls out while she drags the magic Wogan doll.

She caught her prey, so she wants to show off. (TL: I love Rollo.)


“I troubled you. Rollo, you can do what you like now.”


The magic wogan doll is currently a broken down mess.


Oops, it’s still moving.

Its surface is deformed like it’s been smashed into trees, its form is like a bloody iron man.


Ma, I’ll deliver the final blow.


I aim at the dented metal head.

Dropping the crimson ax blade down, I destroy it.

A silvery black fluid flows out of the head.


So, I try to look at Rollo, but she’s already run off in search of new prey.


She’s switched over to a chasing game now.

The dark brown cloaks have all turned away and are fleeing, one by one they give a bone sword in the back.



One of the people in a dark brown cloak doesn’t flee but turns around to face Rollodinu.

There is only one thieve remaining.

Alone? Isn’t he brave?


They throw off their hood. Eh? They’re a woman?


“Ahhhhh, Totto-”


Totto? The hell is Totto?



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  1. This kind of wall meat is so bad ass…hahahah, running around while having corpse surrounding him :3
    totto…what the hell is that.


    1. Thanks for the chapter!

      totto…what the hell is that. It’s her pet dog. Like Shuya, she’s a reincarnator. She’ll die lamenting she’s not in Kansas any more.

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  2. Shuya has really horrible instincts for a escort guard. He basically allowed his employers to be almost completely wiped out. Sure, it happened quick, but… he just sat there and watched, ffs. 😒


    1. Yeah that seems to happen a lot in these kinds of stories. The author spends ages describing some long sequence of events in an action scene while the character apparently just stands there like an idiot.

      It feels like they’ve forgotten the character is supposed to be an active part of the scene until they’re already half way through it. It’s always so frustrating to read.


  3. What is at the end of the chain? If it was just another link it would never pierce anything, so I am just assuming that there is some kind of spike at the end. If someone can tell me where this would be explained that would be cool.


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