Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 71

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A strange voice. But, Totto?

I ready my halberd, but the woman ignores my stance.

Oh? She’s looking towards the broken Wogan doll.


What is she doing?

The woman looks at the broken wogan doll with a sad expression, then she bends over and places her hand on it.

That instant, the woman’s hand brightens.

Black spider-web like lines spread out from her fingertips. Eventually, her skin becomes completely black except for her white fingernails.

At the same time, the broken sections of the wogan doll shine, they wriggle like slime mold, the broken metal parts sprout metal threads that join them together.


What? Joining? The metal is regenerating?

Was that woman’s shining hand a magic skill?


Her light brown hair is blown to the side by the wind.

Her eyes are dark brown. There is a seal carved on her forehead.

Mana faintly emits from the seal.

N? That design on her forehead, somewhere…then Rollo returns.

She is going to kill the woman with her bone sword.


“Rollo, wait.”



Rollo stops and retracts her feeler.

I want to question this woman.


“Oi, woman, what are you doing?”

“Shut up, I’m healing!”

“That magic wogan doll?”

“That’s right, aah, the iron crystal core is destroyed, I was too late. My Totto. This was everything I had…such a thieve group, my last moments… sa, kill me.”


The woman looks at me, tears streaming down a face full of despair.

After all, it’s the characteristic seal on her forehead.


“I haven’t decided if I’m going to kill you yet. What’s your name?”

“…I, Misty… Misty Gustave.



Perhaps…she’s from the same family as the magician Zoru, from the magic fog forest?

The shape of her seal is different from Zoru’s, but it’s in the same place. Besides, she has the same eyes.


“…You’re from the Gustave house? That explains why the band of thieves had a magic wogan doll.”

“Shit, that’s right. Since you know of the Gustave house you’re from hector, right? Then I wish I could kill you.”


The woman speaks with a voice full of malice.


“Iya, it’s not my home…”

Ara? I thought since you know the name of my house…then, pardon me. I got you caught in my revenge, I may look like this, but I used to be a noble in Hector. That shitting older brother of mine and that shitty Marquess took everything from the Gustave family.”


Older brother. After all, she’s probably talking about Zoru, the man I killed.

The magician living in a forest with the doll shaped like his wife.

It matches what was written in the journal.

She bears a grudge against her brother, a grudge against Marquess Chardonnay for destroying her house, Hector, and maybe even a grudge against the kingdom.


“…I’m not interested in the things that happened here. Aside from that, drop any kind of weapons you have, also give me any money you have…”


I feel sorry for her, but I’m not going to let her threaten me.


“Weapons, uh, this sword. I’ve spent all my money. Everything was spent on Totto.”


The woman drops her sword with despondent expression and raises her hands in surrender.


“What about the bag on your back?”

“There’s only food, clothes, a sewing kit, and tools.”


I look at the bag, but she doesn’t take it off.


“Well then, cross your arms behind you and turn around.”

“You aren’t going to kill me?”

“Ah, not at the moment? Turn around.”

“Shit, I got it.”


Then, I construct a magic formation.

The formation magic I’ve only used once appears.

I finish it right away.

I fix its form. Mental image.


<Dark Shackles.>


Dark shackles appear around her wrist.


“Na, this is magic?”

“Yup. They’re restraints. They’re for you.”

“-Shit, damn it, the parts of the magic doll are still there.”

“Do you understand your position? Now is not the time to be impatient.”


Thus, against her will, I grab her waist and throw her over my shoulder.

I whistle for Popobumu.

I place her in the saddles before getting on myself.


“Kya! Just, just a little, I’ve been reduced to poverty, I am a lady, so could you handle me a bit more gently- ah, why is that cat there? Ah, shit, its paws stink-” (TL: How dare you.)


I ignore her.

Rollo playfully pushes her paws against Misty’s face.

I would tell her to keep going, but there are still adventurers fighting, so there’s no time.


“Let’s return to the other side. Misty, stay still. Rollo, get ready.”


“What do you mean stay still?  I can’t move even if I want to.”


I ride Popobumu back towards where the adventurers are still fighting.


I look ahead as I ride.

There is a dome of earth around the caravan.

Protection magic.

The thieves group’s magic users are launching fireballs at the earthen dome.

Whenever the dome is struck the layer of earth thins, leaving behind a hole.


I hurry towards the adventurers who have been protecting the wagon.


“-Sorry for the wait.”


I imitate the plucky voices of store attendants.


“Oooh, Shuya, you’ve already taken out the enemy. We’ve been defending like we said.:


Gomez says with a shake of his weapon.


“Is that so, I took a captive, so I’ll leave them here. I’m to take care of the guys firing magic, so caring for this woman.”



Gomez quickly acknowledges.

Well then, guess I’ll finish this.

I speak to Misty.


“Misty, I’m going to leave you here.”

“Eh, wait.”


I drop her near the wagon before the dirt dome.


“-Ouch. Shit.”

“You surprised me-”


Gomez looks at Misty in surprise, but I ignore him and urge Popobumu further.

Like that, I go around the earth dome to the side where enemies are firing magic.

The enemies are in sight.


-Two bowmen in dark brown robes.

-Each one has a scimitar.

These are the traitors. The adventurer with grayish blue eyes.

-There are two magic users to the side.


Aiming for one of the magic users, I take advantage of Popobumu’s momentum.

Like a medieval jouster, I release a battle cry.

Piercing with popobumu’ momentum.


-I penetrate the magic user’s chest.


After the fleshy sensation is transmitted through the halberd shaft, the magic user is sent spinning through the air.

Popobumu doesn’t slow down.

A magic user throws a wind blade in our direction.

However, that wind blade can’t track us and hit the ground after we pass.


“Aim properly!”


The blue-eyed man shouts at his companion while I turn Popobumu’s reins to go around clockwise.

I wave the magic spear stained with blood and stretch out to the side.

The crimson ax blade shines under the sunlight. I glance at the magic user who shot the wind blade and slap Popobumu’s stomach.


I aim for the magic user running on the side. The magic user tries to flee, but there is no time, so he is cut down by the magic spear. His body is cut in two.

The two bloody sections of his body fly past my eyes.

I’ve dealt with the troublesome magic users.


-Then, a nimble arrow.


Rollo and I jump to dodge, but the arrow strikes popobumu’s rear end.

Popobumu shouts, bubububu. Then he runs away.

It must be because of the arrow, Popobumu is moving faster than usual.

-Will he be okay? As I fall to the ground, I confirm Popobumu’s circumstances.

He’s running away spiritedly.

On the other hand, Rollo rushes toward to man who shot the arrow.


She’s fast. Then, I stand up and look at the blue-eyed traitor.

If I remember correctly, his name is Thomas Gura-something or other.


“What did you…”


He says disjointedly.

His face is full of fear.


“I am Shuya Kagari. You are Thomas? You actually are working with the thieves. It must be thanks to the unreasonable guard request.”

“-You know, phooey- this should have been an easy job, but because of you…”


Thomas pats his chest and gulps.

His death is inevitable.


“Very bad. However, I only made the sparks, right?”



Thomas moves his hand to his chest, and I mirror his actions.

Like a shootout in an old western- I reflexively raise my left hand and eject <Chain> from my wrist. The chain penetrates Thomas’s right arm, and I control it.


Moving the chain, I wind it around his body.


“Now then, I’d like to hear why you chose to attack us.”

“Guh, stay away.”


I tighten the chains around Thomas’ chest.

Several throwing knives fall out.


“Maa, if you don’t talk you’re going to die…”


Speaking ruthlessly, I take Burdock’s eye of its pocket.




I inject a tad of mana.

A blade of ice flies of off the blue dragon eye.

It stabs Thomas’ earlobe, freezing it.


“Hiiieeee, co, col, no, it hurts!”


Rollo returns.

She seems to have taken care of the bowmen.


“Sa, you’re the only one left? Do you a taste of this ice blade again?”

“Hiii, I, I understand… I’ll ta-talk, so stop the magic… this thief group is scraped together. We’re employed by the dark guild, 【Owl’s Fang】.”


Ho, such a group.

That, somehow, isn’t this like when I questioned to thief from before?

This job is related to the dark guilds…


“…now that you mention it, why is this thief band in this area?”

“Sa, it was an order. We were supposed to attack the caravan that passed through here. I was meant to pose as an adventurer who survived the attack, then file a false report with the adventurer’s guild. And, the job was gathering information on the target trading company.”


Treacherous waste.

How many adventurers are like this person?


“Trash. So it was an order from 【Owl’s Fang】?”

“Oze and Jane.”


Oze and Jane. The names of a man and woman?

The adventurers in the wagon are gathered together.


“You’re here too.”

“Mou, it hurts. Be nicer.”

“Noisy…however, this woman, she has the magic seal of a magical engineer?”


Gomez grabs Misty by the arm and drags her along.


“Magic seal?”


Gomez points at Misty.


“On this woman’s forehead? This magic seal is evidence of a superior craftsman, but it’s also unique to a small handful of nobles, what is a noble doing entering a thief band?”


Gomez looks at Misty’s face, but she turns away and falls silent.



“Don’t you think? He, maa, this one belongs to Shuya. I could try to interfere, but betraying that guy…from what I hear, is that guy a member of a dark guild? That would explain why the thief band is so formidable.”

“I’m irritated. You prayed on fellow honest, hard-working adventurers… I haven’t been an adventurer for long. Still, I can’t allow it. Captain Gomez, I want to skewer this fellow.”


Gomez’s female magic user companion says with a glare.

She’s angry.

Things are getting tense.


“Well. We don’t know any of the clans who were killed, and people die in this line of work. Moreover, we’re in the middle…this one can be let off.”


An ogre-looking companion standing next to the magic user speaks.

Everyone in 【Fist of God】 wants to kill Thomas.


“I agree completely. However, Shuya is the one who caught them. It’s up to Shuya whether or not they die. …I’ll leave it to him.


Gomez, 【Fist of God】 and the red-haired Franc talk.

Everyone was entangled in this mess by Thomas’ betrayal and bloodthirsty angle gazes.


“Is that so. So, Gomez, I’m able to decide?”


Gomez looks at his clan members and nods.


“-That’s right, us from 【Fist of God】 were saved by you. Judgment is up to Shuya.”


As for Franc, the most senior at B Rank, I look to him for confirmation again.


“That’s right, I agree with Gomez. I’ll leave it to Shuya. They can be treated as a crime slave and sold to a slave merchant in a city. There should be recompense for that. However, this guy is a traitor. I wouldn’t mind if he died here. If you kill him, the clans whose members were killed will probably reward you too.”


Franc talks as he puts his bastard sword away.

Well then, I’ll decide.


“Is that so. Then I can do what I want?”

“Yeah, do as you wish.”

“Understood. Then bring over the shackled woman.”

“Heh-heh, kill this woman too. Roger.”


Gomez seems to have misunderstood, he tosses the woman with the magic seal over his soldier and carries her back.

Franc and the clan members follow him.

Hearing the current conversation, Thomas who is bound hand and foot becomes frightened and starts to cry.


“Auaa… uuh, wa-wait, do-don’t kill me!”

“I was thinking about the woman, but you man, did you think being so selfish was good?”


I dismiss the chains wrapped around Thomas’ body.

Then I transmit mana through my finger to the blue eye.

Multiple tiny ice blades are created.

Like a machine gun, they pummel Thomas’ body.

Blood gushes out where he is struck, but almost immediately ice spreads out.


His flesh and blood freeze, turning him into an ice sculpture.

The adventurers and merchants are behind me, so I don’t use <Soul Sucking>

Breaking off some of the frozen blood, I discretely collect some in the magic pot.

It’s a bloody sherbet.


The belted bag on Thomas’ back didn’t freeze, so I check its contents.


…There is food and gold inside, and for some reason, even though he was a man, there are several wooden brooches.

I look at the back and see the 【Owl’s Fang】 and the words “The Hungry Owl Flies.”


Some kind of code? They’re also in the shape of an owl so this must be 【Owl’s Fang】’s insignia, it’s probably used as identification.


I’ll take them.

I collect the owl brooch. Put it in my chest pocket.

Then I look for Popobumu who was struck in the behind by an arrow.


-I whistle several times.


Popobumu shakes his head up and down, going bubobubo as he returns.

The arrow struck his rear, but it doesn’t seem to hurt.

He looks a little funny, like a soldier who ran away from the battlefield, but I should pull it out… I pull out the arrow carefully.

I collect the arrow properly, I don’t think it’s poisoned…but I have no way of knowing.

I pour a recovery potion over the wound to heal it.


There’s a bit of a scar left, but his butt is shaking fine, so it should be alright.


After I finish treating Popobumu, I return to the place where the wagons fell.

Then, all of the members of Gomez’s clan collect the useable good from the thieves bodies and some of the baggage that spilled onto the road.


I’ll help.



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  1. Thanks for another chapter!

    However, there’s a VERY CRITICAL error in this chapter!

    “Franc” is NOT male. They’re female. Leaving this as male is going to make ALL sorts of problems later on.


    1. As such, “Franc” should be “Fran” and these lines should be changed as follows:


      Gomez, 【Fist of God】 and the red-haired Franc talk.
      Gomez, 【War God’s Fist】 and the red-haired Fran speak.

      You left out the “War” in the clan’s name AGAIN. Just like last chapter. You completely ignored the kanji for it, so this clan name DEFINITELY needs changing to reflect that. Also, “Franc” to “Fran”, heh.


      As for Franc, the most senior at B Rank, I look to him for confirmation again.
      I looked to Fran, the one with the most seniority at B rank, for confirmation again.


      Franc talks as he puts his bastard sword away.
      Fran said this as she puts her bastard sword away.


      Franc and the clan members follow him.
      Fran and the clan members follow him.


      There were other grammatical errors and stuff, but I only pointed out these because it’s a NECESSARY change that’s NOT just grammatical, but actually an ERROR…since I am over 150% sure (yes, WAY beyond 100%) that “Franc” is MOST DEFINITELY a girl, and should be “Fran” instead. ^^


        1. Maaaaaaaybe…maaaaaaaybe not~ I won’t post spoilers as to whether she’s one or not~ XD

          It’s just that when Fran was introduced, Shuya mentions that she was beautiful, iirc…and…well…there’s plenty of things to point out that she’s female coming up in the future, as well. ^^


  2. Thanks for the chapter, wasn’t Fran the B ranked adventure a female??? It sounds like male in this chapter. And really Shuya catually paused in the middle of the battle to let mystic try to repair the doll that was a major power to the bandits????? Really Shuya???? That was lazy played rigth there.


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