Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 74 Part 1

Seventy-Fourth Episode~ Demon Steel City Holkerbam

I immediately search the city for a suitable place.


There is a crossroad right inside the eastern gate.

The crowd of people and cattle mills through the roads under the beautiful weather.

I stop Popobumu at the edge of a street and speak to Misty.


“Misty, I’m going to release you somewhere we won’t attract attention.”



Now then, where should I release her?

The road on the left heads south and narrows.

It splits into small alleys and old houses.


I look to the right road that heads north.

The road is uphill, and there are newer high-class residences painted white and yellow.

Being built on a slope makes the houses look like staircases.


The middle road heads west. The broad road makes me think it is the main street.


“Looking to the hill on the right. I’ll release you there.”



I go up the hill and enter a side alley.

I lower misty to the ground and remove the magic shackles on her arms.


I remove more than ten gold and silver coins from the item box and give them to Misty after putting them in a suitable leather bag.



“Won’t it be hard without money?”


Does acting this way make me look like an easy mark to Misty? (TL: Could also be saying Misty looks like a soft person?)


“…Why…this much.”


Looks look back and forth between me and the bag of gold coins.

Her eyes are misting over (TL: Heh, see what I did?), one tear, two tears, they stream down her cheeks.


“I’m just a guy who half-heartedly interfered. I’m weak to women. Also, you can use the gold to hire a carriage, so getting a fresh start should be easy.”

“…Thanks, fufu, what a meddlesome guy. Purposely saying something so harshly. Trying to hide your kindness is useless. However, it’s good I met you. Our time together was short, but my view of life changed. I, until now, have only ever lived for my own pleasure… knowing a good person like you exists, I want to believe what you said, that this world isn’t only filled with evil. Shuya… can we meet again?” (TL: How many girls is this? I think this is a new record.)


Misty says while wiping away her tears.

Her casual words touch me. Helping you was just the right thing to do…


However, I don’t let her see such feelings.


“…We may meet. If Misty lives seriously, we will surely meet again.”


“Ah, well then,”


“Ah, ma-”


We part on friendly terms.


I can tell that Misty doesn’t want to part, but I prompt popobumu and head down the slope.

I return to the crossroads and join the crowd.


I have releases the former noble turned thief.

Honestly, I pity her a bit because she was Zoru’s younger sister.

Seeing the seal on her forehead makes me recall that time.

Zoru and Theta smiling as they died, then leaving Yui…

Ma, I am irresponsible.

It could be said that I drove off a troublesome person with money and a vague promise to meet again.


I move down the main street with such a guilty conscience.

I advance down the main street heading west.

A luxurious hotel is situated at the corner of a group of large buildings.

There are old-fashioned trading companies and new armor shops lined up.


This area has ambiance.


There are multiple chimneys near the blacksmiths.

Dense black smoke is rising from them.


I’m curious, so I guide Popobumu to toward those shops.


It’s like a shopping street. (TL: Think Tamako Market)

There is a lump of black ore in place of a signboard.


The name of the shop 【Hadi’s Shop of Flame and Edge of Steel】 is carved on the sign.

The next sign is carved a giant sword and says【Gateau & Feizman】.

The shop next to is a round steel bar with【Elizado’s Miscellaneous Goods Shop】carved.


Then is a mallet, shield, and multiple shops with crystal-like signboards.


Each of the signboards has a common point.

The signboards are all under the eaves, and a small wooden dragonfly hangs from the signs.


Even now, the carved dragonflies shake in the wind.


It’s not a replacement for wind-chimes, perhaps is a sign indicating they can handle demon steel alloy.


The emblem is probably something like a mascot.

Looking in from outside it gives the impression of a shopping street.

Small alleys are stretching from the shopping street.

The smaller roads lead to the depths of the city.

I like the fact that I can casually find the back-streets.


Reopening the back-alley street?


I’ll make a detour and take a little look.

Perhaps, the great tree might be this way.

The houses a built differently than the ones in Hector, there are plenty made from stone. With the feeling of exploring, I push Popobumu forward.


It looks like there is an established sewer, I can’t be sure, but there is a metal manhole cover.

Stepping cautiously on the cover with Popobumu, we advance through the narrow and slightly dirty street.


For a little, we pass through the small streets- I then hear jeering sounds.

Curious, I approach the sounds.


“Surround ’em, surround ’em, corner them.”

“Ben, you sure?”

“Ah, 【Gaia’s Scale】 (TL: Balance scale) Iron Hammer Victor. Also, that woman is the leader “Fireball Mia.” (TL: New heroine, get)


There’s a fight in a cul-de-sac.

A bunch of bearded bandit looking men wearing strained dark robes are gathered.


“Oh, that woman next to the hammer guy is the leader?”

“Yeah. The subordinate has become the prey of the iron hammers. It’s a mistake, right?”


The group of dirty men is talking.


“However, it’s not ‘Dumas’s Four Arms.’ Be careful.”


A thin and weak looking man is instructing a fat man.


“Zoha-ani is cautious. In this situation, it can’t be helped even if we’re careful. When it comes to Dumas, he’s a helpful guy. Look, these are the only guys left. If we take their leader’s head, the well-established 【Gaia’s Scale】 will end here.”


The fat man laughs as he walks forward.

A guy to the side has an enraged expression.


“That’s right. Isn’t luck on our side?”

“Oh! Uhyahya, chance, chance. Before taking her head, that woman…hehe.”


The fat man is looking at the woman with his weapon in hand while breathing roughly.


“Ah? You after something too?”

“Salad, are you stupid? (TL: Heh, what a stupid name.) Do you think I’ll let such good woman go?”

“Then, Ben, it’s a contest. She’ll go to whoever kills her soldier.”

“Good, I’ll have my fill! Do it, you hear? Gooo, crush, crush, crush!”


They’re working themselves up to fight the soldier, they look like bandits, but they seem to have a leader.


“The first kill, dieeeee!”

“Hyahha, kill!”


They noticed me since I approached.


I tap Popobumu’s stomach and advance.

I approach the side of the group.


“Oi, doing whatever ya want, you, what, want to compete? It has been decided that I’ll take that lass.”


The skinny man says with hallow eyes.


“Ha? Zoha Aniki, what did you say? I’m going first!”

“Ben and Salad, I, the oldest brother, am going first. Ano, I’ll be the first one to take that smooth ass, hehe.”


The men are talking with vulgar looks.


“Again, aniki always goes first, let us have a taste once in a while.”

“Iya, iya, even that woman, if I were her I’d rather be violated by a thin man than a fat one.”

“-Oi, Ben, Salad, you perverted brothers, it’s useless, capture Mia alive, it’s an order from Oze and Jane.”


That? Those noisy brothers seem to have been vice-leaders.

The one who spoke last must have been the actual leader.

With a long sword in hand, he scolds the fishy men with a commanding tone.


However, suddenly.

Entering the alley, I encounter the inter-guild war.


Although a say that, it’s 40 people versus 15, it looks more like a war of extermination. The small number is back into the corner.


It’s one-sided.




The suspicious men were saying there was a beautiful woman among those who were cornered.

It’s a beauty with long black hair.

Black eyes and tiny arched eyebrows. She’s a Japanese looking woman?


Cornered, her eyes contain a harsh light, but they seem to say she will absolutely survive. So, I can feel her intentions.

Her dress reveals her white thighs.

The leather armor she is wearing has visible tears and damage.

Her thighs look soft, they’re splendid.

Her dress is torn.

In such a state, I can understand why the perverts are so worked up.


She has a cane in her hand, so she seems to be a magic user.

Next to her is a middle-aged man who is desperately protecting her.


He swings the large iron hammer with a severe expression.


Oh, he blew away an enemy with it.

You know, that guy.

He’s cool. He reminds me of the two Deva kings standing guard.

The wrinkles on his face stand out, and with his hammer and old man beard, he looks like a guardian Devas.



“Tch, Iron Hammer Victor, huh? As expected, he’s strong.”


In this case… Should I side with the old devas and the beautiful woman? (TL: I’m translating 仁王 as Devas guardian, a Devas is from Buddhism, but it doesn’t sit right with me. If anyone has a better translation leave a comment or mention me on the discord.)

To say, I think I’ll generally save someone if they’re a beautiful woman.

Where to put Popobumu…oh, there, there. I’ll leave him in the alley over there.


I quickly hurry there.


“Popobumu, stay still here in the shadows, alright?”



Popobumu calls out lively.

While patting Popobumu, I tie to some metal parts of the building.


“Rollo, let’s go, prepare for battle.”




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14 thoughts on “Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 74 Part 1

  1. Thanks for the translation, so he will just interfere with out knowing if the ones that he is saving are part of a Dark Guild??? Well is Shuya so we know what moves him.


  2. So lets get this right. He captured a beautiful and smart girl that he had every right to turn into his own personal sex slave. Despite indications that she wouldn’t mind if it was him, releases her while giving her a fair bit of money because she might become somewhat troublesome.

    Then immediately goes into a back ally and finds a troublesome group fight or power a struggle in progress yet instead of alerting the guards joins in the fight because there is a beautiful woman?

    Even for a whimsical person the author is not being very consistent with his personality.

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