I guess I’m taking a break right now? I haven’t felt like translating, so I haven’t been. Not saying anything was apparently “immature.” I’ve never lied, just let couldn’t live up to my own expectations. Not the first time, and definitely not the last. Anyway, thanks to the supportive comment people left in my defense, I really appreciate those. And to the others *cough*greed*cough*, right back at ya.

11 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Well, what do you expect? I mean, we all are VERY grateful for all your work, but dropping off the grid for so long without notice… You could have given us a not you’re taking a break.


  2. a note is always greatly appriciated as we all are quite excited to see how the story progresses. enjoy your break we hope to see more great work soon


  3. And more time passed. Do you have any plans to continue translating? Sorry to sound impatient, but it’s been months.


    1. Infinite Novel TL is an actual TL with proper editing instead of a shitty MTL with garbage edit what Birdy shat out. Hope Birdy never comes back and starts whining to Infinite Novel TL about “translator etiquette”. Fucking MTL trash don’t deserve any.


      1. If MTL were trash ther wouldn’t be a famous site like LNMTL, besides i personally think that the story was better with birdy, although the translation wasn’t so great, it was fast and you can enjoy it better than have to go look to the raws, seriously Infinite Novel TL is only a chapter by week i’m dying waiting.


  4. Been forever, but I wanted to say thanks to Birdy and Grumpy for the 74 chapters! Loved the personality you both added to the TL, your comments made this so much better, it’ll be a shame to continue reading on someone else’s site! But, wish you both the best, hopefully you’re both having fun!

    Thanks once again!


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