Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 57

Fifty-Seventh Episode~ Fierce Battle ・ The Evil Dragon King’s Fight to the Death. Translator’s Corner: We’re back. During the break, I suddenly sense magic essence.   What? Uheh, it’s huge, a huge mass of magic essence is coming- T-that, s-so laaaaaaarge. Covering the whole camp, a huge dragon appears. The ax horn of its read […]

Update on Updates

Hey everyone, I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what’s happening. I realized yesterday that my depression was rearing its ugly head once again. The loss of interest in things you enjoy and the general exhaustion is likely the reason I had to take a break. Now that I’ve identified the problem it […]

Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 56

Translator’s Corner: Hey everyone! We’re back to normal chapters now. It was longer than I said it would be because I was binge playing Tales of Beseria. Enjoy~ Editors Corner: Hello you beautiful people! WE ARE BACK! Please Enjoy!~       Fifty-Sixth Episode~ Third Griffon Corps Commanding Officer   -A drake.   This one […]

Update on Break

Well Hello my beautiful people, your Editor the Grumpy Werebear here to just give you all an update on the break going on. Birdy is going to be taking extra time on their break and be back in about 2-3 days. As the editor I can’t really do anything about it but wait… I have […]


Hey everyone! I’ve decided to take the next week off translating. I have something else I want to work on and also want to spend the week memorizing some Japanese vocabulary. Regular translations will return, starting April 16th. If you guys want to talk to me, I am normally on the discord server. Until then, […]

Spear Master and the Black Cat Chapter 51

Fifty-First Episode~ Delta Zone of Captivation The clan and party leaders gather in a circle, Eris’s voice echoes from the middle. “King-san of 【Kokudara】, Kyou-san of 【Heaven Sword】, Ameri-san of 【Haym’s Defence】, Garnanfu-san of 【War God】, Shisea-san of 【Faidato Alliance】, Sarah of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】. And I am Eris of the 【Eight Maidens】. The leaders […]