Hey everyone! I have been getting a lot of comments suggesting I get an editor. I have been hesitant because I wanted to get a foundation down on the site before I try to invite new people to this project. However, after doing some research I realized that the amount of people reading this translation is actually impressive. Since I started posting, this site has had over 100,000 views. I want to give all the readers the highest possible quality translation I can. This means biting the bullet and recruiting an editor.

Editor Position

There are some requirements I want from those who will be editing this novel.

First is a willingness to ensure one chapter is posted a day. This is a goal I set for myself and I know most people cannot keep up with due to them having a life. I do not have one, thus I just translate. I am creating a backlog of translated chapters at the moment to give myself more flexibility in my schedule. Right now I have one or two translated chapters waiting to be posted at a time. I hope to increase this to three or four chapters in the near future. This should give an editor the flexibility to edit on their schedules and not have to make a daily investment.

Second, the ability to edit. This may be surprising to many, but I can actually write and use proper grammar. However, during the translating process I tend to focus on communicating the meaning more than ensuring what I said actually makes sense. This is an unfortunate habit. My virtually non-existent ability in Japanese does not help. Anyways, putting aside my excuses, I would like people to show proof of their ability before I taken them on. More on that later.

Third, be a nice person. I am delicate like a flower.

I am willing to take on more than one editor.

How to get the position.

To demonstrate your ability in editing I would like candidates to provide proof by editing one of the existing chapters. It is okay to choose one of the shorter chapters, I just want you to demonstrate a willingness to finish the whole thing.

After you finish editing the chapter leave a comment on that chapter and then contact me through my e-mail on the Contact page. You can send me the chapter as google document. I should contact you within 24 hours of receiving your edited chapter.


I hope this will satisfy people, and if anyone has any other recommendations about how to improve the sigh then please feel free to tell me.