Table of Contents

Here’s a list of the chapters for Spear Master and the Black Cat. The first five chapters are on Leecher Vamparis’ site.

Chapter 1-Supernatural Phenomenon

Chapter 2- Character Creation

Chapter 3- Surviving in a Different World

Chapter 4- Playing with Chains

Chapter 5- New Power and Determination (Part 1)

Chapter 5-New Power and a Determined Heart (Complete)

Chapter 6- Conversing in a Different World

Chapter 7-Mortal Combat, Black Beast’s Roar

Chapter 8- Volume Intermission- Achilles

Chapter 9- La Kerlada and the Black Cat

Chapter 10- Family Introduction

Chapter 11- Shisho

Chapter 12- With Goldiba, First Hunt

Chapter 13-Training Course

Chapter 14- Harvesting x Danger x Slide

Chapter 15- Distorted Mana Hand

Chapter 16- The Debonchitchi

Chapter 17- Dangerous Hunting and a Mysterious Experience

Chapter 18- Final Test

Chapter 19- Magic Spearman and Leaving Home

Chapter 20- Departure

Chapter 21- Arrival of the Savage Rabbit

Chapter 22- He that Fights and Runs May Live to Fight Another Day.

Chapter 23- The Smell of a Woman

Chapter 24- Master-less Land x Forest of Magic Fog x Assassin ※

Chapter 25- Black Violet

Chapter 26- New Followers x Information about Sebdola’s Spirit World

Chapter 27- Bath x Cooking

Chapter 28- Magic Documents

Chapter 29- Painful Parting

Chapter 30- Intermission-Yui Part 1

Chapter 30- Intermission-Yui Part 2

Chapter 31- Fort City Hector※

Chapter 32- Adventurer’s Guild

Chapter 33- Vallaida Insect Shrine

Chapter 34- I Want to Use the Lantern

Chapter 35- Blacksmith

Chapter 36- Alcohol, Information, Butterflies and Flowers

Chapter 37- First Party ※

Chapter 38- Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kents

Chapter 39- Item Box

Chapter 40- Peerless Henkai

Chapter 41- Clues & Spies

Chapter 42- Dark Guild & Vampire Hunter

Chapter 43- Zohedron Trap ※

Chapter 44- Infiltration

Chapter 45- Confronting Two Experts

Chapter 46- Sebdola’s Picture Scroll

Chapter 47- Item Box Feature

Chapter 48- Emergency Request

Chapter 49- Storm of the Crimson Tiger

Chapter 50- Pleasure of Cooperation

Chapter 51- Delta Zone of Captivation

Chapter 52- Wyvern Battle

Chapter 53- Witch of Sedia Wasteland ※

Chapter 54- Slave Market from the Expert Blacksmith (TL: I KNOW this doesn’t make sense)

Chapter 55- Evil Dragon King Subjugation Rally

Chapter 56- Third Griffon Corps Commanding Officer

Chapter 57- Fierce Battle ・ The Dragon King’s Fight to the Death

Chapter 58- Dragon Killers

Chapter 59- Dinner Party

Chapter 60- Precious Clue

Chapter 61- Truth, Mirror ※

Chapter 62- Happy Purchase, Happy Shopping

Chapter 63- Peru Hekarain Corridor

Chapter 64- Jellium Bone

Chapter 65- New Weapon and Armor, I, Become Purple Knight

Chapter 66- The Unwanted Child of Berutzemu Holy Church 

Chapter 67- Crimson Line Coiling the Wind (TL: Or something to that effect.)

Chapter 68- In One’s Mind Exists a Small Church

Chapter 69- Mysteries, Exceptionally Beautiful Adventurer

Chapter 70-  Ambush・Raid

Chapter 71- Magic Mark

Chapter 72- A Magic Doll’s Spirit

Chapter 73- Giant Magic Steel Dragonfly

Chapter 74- Magic Steel City Holkerbam

Chapter 75- The Whithered Giant Tree and The Priest With an Alien Face

A Link to the Raws

7 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. This story is okay, but it is far to slow.

    To go an inch, it takes an entire chapter which is 5k words +. Not to mention all of the irrelevant dialogue and internal thoughts of the protagonist. For example, the cat peeing or such.

    If the author could only cut out those parts, it would be an excellent story.

    Thanks for the translations, all the way to the point that I got fed up with the story.


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